10 Fake WhatsApp Chat Generators in 2022

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In this modern era of internet surfing, people mostly lost their sense of communication in society. Everyone is busy in social media conversations and rapid messaging to keep themselves updated and active. Over time, all of us need some entertainment in our routine life. Everyone wants a life that is full of fun. That is why everyone sends virtual messages to friends and family through social media. There is a fun that is very famous these days. Sending fake social media chats to friends and family is very common these days.

The sharing conversations could be from WhatsApp and Facebook as well. Mostly friends used to share funny fake chats. Pretending that these chats are honest and people make fun with friends by doing this. Many web developers are working to make fake conversation-generated apps, which is a complete fun, undoubtedly. These fake chat generators are being used to prank friends and family about fake chats and messages. Millions of people are using these apps to have fun in their lives.

Have Some Fun with these Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

Every detail of your WhatsApp can be changed with the fake chat generators. For example, delivery status, time, and much more. You only have to set an option, and you can have your WhatsApp chat in the form of a picture. It is very easy to create funny discussions with these fake chat generators. You can try this anytime and anywhere.


These apps are made to simulate real chat conversations for you. The snapshot of your chat will be just like that it is your chat from your WhatsApp. With most of these apps, you can change the background of your chat as well. You only have to download these fantastic apps and try fun with your friends and family.

List of Best Free Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

There is a massive list of free Fake WhatsApp Chat Generators. But there are some easy-to-use applications that you can download and use freely. These chats can be used to create chats that are full of fun. You can prank your friends and family by using these applications. This is a cute fun with friends that most people use to do. You can also try it out by generating some funny chats and showing them to your friends or loved ones. Let us discuss some of the applications and their features in detail.


1. Fake Chat Conversations

This is not an actual chat application. You can use this fake chat generator to have fun with your friends. Many fake chats can be created through this application. You can also create WhatsApp stories to prank your friends. This app lets you talk with your imaginary friends and have a funny discussion with them. You can create as many conversations as you want with this single app. These conversations and chats can also be sent to your friends to make them jealous. So this app can be great fun for you.


  • The conversations are easily editable and mutable.
  • There is an option to select the side of fake messages.
  • There are many fake search features as well.
  • Every detail can be edited through this application.
  • There is new emoji support for your chat.

2. Fake Chat Maker

Make a prank with your friends by using this funny fake chat generator. These applications are only made for prank purposes. These apps are affiliated with any other applications, so these are entirely for fun. Through this application, you can create realistic chats and funny messages. You can share these messages with your friends to have some fun. By using this application, you can make fake calls as well. The user can chat with this app, take screenshots, and share them with friends and family.


  • This application can create fake profiles.
  • Through this application, users can send fake conversations.
  • Complete emoji support is here.
  • This app can control image, video, and audio control.
  • This app can also create a fake call.

3. Yazzy Simulator

With this fantastic application, you can make fun of your friends. This is the ideal application to create jokes and funny chats. Yazzy Simulator can create faithful and original but fake chats. Yazzy Simulator is a very easy-to-use and simple application. With the Yazzy Simulator, you can create a static image of your chat. The user can share these images to anyone and anywhere on social media to make fun. You can also create interactive and actual screens to suit your device. This app is fantastic for having fun in your life.


  • This application can generate fake Facebook status screens and their comments.
  • The app can generate photos with likes and comments.
  • With this app, Fake Tweets with Hashtags can also be generated.
  • This application can create fake translations as well.
  • The app can generate fake Instagram photos.

4. WhatsFake

This application can create chat screenshots that look real. You can generate ultimate prank fake chats for WhatsApp. You can create fake chats with anyone in the world. In addition, you can make mirror images through this application. This app is very amazing in its features. The user can get control on both sides of the conversations. You can send these conversations to your friends to make them laugh. You can also make your friends jealous by this fake chatting.


  • This app can edit, read, deliver, and send statuses.
  • This application is super easy to make your ex jealous.
  • Allows you to edit last seen, typing, and online status.
  • It makes you able to send and receive messages.
  • Through this app, users can send media messages.

5. The Prank Chat & Prank SMS

This application is beneficial in creating fake SMS and fake Chat to fool your beloved friends or your girlfriend. This application can simulate chats on your mobile phone. This is the best chat application that you use to generate fake chats. To make your friends fool, use this app and create funny conversations. You only have to choose the fake sender’s name, picture, phone number, and your task is done. So don’t wait, go and download this funny app to fool your friends.


  • This is free to use application.
  • The app is updated regularly.
  • Can generate fake SMS and chats to share with your friends.
  • Can generate fake chats and prank SMS.
  • Includes an option to save your data to use it again.

6. iOS7Text

iOS7Text can create originally fake messages. It is the most advanced and modern online Text generator. You only have to upload images to the iPhone text converter and get the results. You can save your created chats and images to use them again. Moreover, you can make your friend mug by using this application. This is undoubtedly very amazing and very quick application. The app is very amazing to make your friends and family fool. So please don’t waste your time having fun with them without using this app .


  • This is a safe application to use.
  • This application is free to use.
  • The app doesn’t offer any adult content.
  • It is the best text generator online.
  • This app initially stores the content in an HTML file.

7. Foxsash

The application can generate fake messages to show your friends. With this fantastic app, you can find excellent fun in your life. You will enjoy this app with its automatic messages and funny chats. This app contains emojis like WhatsApp and Facebook. Users can make any message through this app. You can prank your friends with this fun-generating application. You only have to do one thing, select a background and make some random chat, and your work is over. Go and download the app!


  • Can create curated iPhone conversations.
  • Offers a lot of features to experiment with.
  • This app is the best in its dealings and customizations.
  • Allows the user to change the phone type as well.
  • This app makes you customize the color of your chat.

8. FakeWhats

This application provides a huge security gap in sending messages via WhatsApp messaging application. The app offers an online generator for non-original messages and WhatsApp chat. The user is able to create any type of chat. You can create a sender number and send these fake-generated messages to anyone that you want to make fun with. This app is really amazing to make fun with your friends by showing them fake messages and funny chats.


  • Can change every detail about your message before sending it.
  • This app only demands to set your options and get your results.
  • Generates real chats and reals like human talk.
  • Can generate as many chats as you want.
  • The app works so quickly that there is no gap between you and your fun.

9. Prank Conversation

This app is a fake chat generator. The application can create jokes, memes, and stories as well. You can make WhatsApp or messenger chats with this chat generator. Although this is not a real chat app, it can be fun for you. By using this tool, you can make funny chats. If you are looking to find the best online funny chat generator, you are in the right place. This application is undoubtedly endless fun. With this app, you can talk with your imaginary friends.


  • This app can create unlimited messages.
  • Stickers are also available with chats.
  • The application is very simple to use.
  • Every detail of your message and meme can be altered.
  • The app takes minimal storage usage.

10. Fake Video Call – Random Chat

This is the most popular app for prank video calls. You can make your girlfriend fool. This application is complete entertainment. The app can provide you with a self-call when you feel bored. The app only demands two steps to register yourself for fake video calling. You can make many new fake friends by making fake calls. This app can turn your boredom into happy moments. Users can show these calls and messages to their friends to make fun.


  • This application is free to use.
  • The app is easy to use.
  • This application can connect you with a direct call.
  • It makes you able to make a prank video call.
  • This app is fantastic for making fake video calls to jealous your girlfriend.

Final Words

Many apps are working online to create random and fake chats. These chats can be sent to your friends and family to make some funny moments in your life. You can enjoy fake video calls through these apps. These apps can change your messaging details as well. So no one can identify you and your fake chat generator messages. These apps are the best tools to make fun with your friends. You can generate funny messages with these apps and make your friends laugh with that content. So do not wait for any other fun; download these apps.

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