14 Best Flight Booking Software in 2022

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Flight booking software is generally defined as a computer application that lets its users to sale their seats online. Proper schedule, rent, reservation status, and other vital information are shared with the customers which facilitate them in selecting the optimum seat.

This software creates a direct link with the customers. The first flight booking software was used by American Airlines in 1946 that was known as Electromechanical Reservisor. Now, almost every airline company is using this software for the increase in profit and providing proper information to the customers.

What is Flight Booking Software?

Flight booking software is through which its users can sell the tickets of their airline and it has become a vital need for travel agencies. There are different types of flight booking software like passenger service systems of modular, open-platform, and web applications.


The conventional way of airline ticket booking has been replaced with this software. Different flight booking software is present in the market like Rezdy, TrekkSoft, OTRAMS, Avochato, PHPTRAVELS, TravelPerk, aReservation, Hero Ticketing, BizAway, and a few others.

There are different pricing plans and attributes of these software. If the features of this software are discussed, it has B2B and B2C travel portal, searching options for domestic and international flights, real-time flight booking, presence of calendar, filters for flight search.


List of Flight Booking Software

These booking software includes a travel management system, ticketing barcode scan, XML integration, sorting by flight duration and fare, and many others. These features provide some benefits, i.e., best user interface, fully customized, real-time update, cancellation of booking, refunding, and 24 hours support system.

Nowadays, a single software cannot complete the demands of an organization; therefore, there is a dire need for more than one software. So, a list of flight booking software is discussed below for the guidance of the users. Each one has different attributes and a user can choose one of them.

1. Rezdy

Rezdy is a software that enables its users to book seats online for recreational and official tours. It is fruitful for the staff and owners of the air companies because of the attributes of time safety, strong and close integration with clients, rebuilding, and increase in the business activities.

End-to-end tour management solution supports achievements of more booking, automation of the process, best client experience, marketing of the business. Users prefer this software due to some features like an independent and unbiased forum, staying in full control, proper privacy policy, flexibility, and freedom.

This software is known as an easy way to book airline tickets because of the availability of all vital tools and handling of the procession. Resellers can also take advantage of this software that also becomes the cause of business expansion.


  • Independent and Unbiased Forum
  • Stay in Connected
  • Booking Flexibility
  • Process Automation


  • Get more Booking Orders
  • Proper Privacy Policy
  • 24 Hours Support System


  • Issues in Reporting System
  • Problems in Customer Service
  • Complex Dashboard

2. TrekkSoft

TrekkSoft is a computer application that is used for the booking of tickets of air companies. Mostly, flight booking software operates online, but this software can work offline. It is fruitful for direct sales, best management operations, and increase in business activities.

All these options are available on the official website, and a user has to click on them. There is no need for e-mail, phone calls, and spreadsheets management with this software because of the automation feature.

Strong integration with the customers can be made through this software that is the proof of best customer services. A free demo about the use of this software is available for the facility of users. If the features of this software are discussed, it has calendar sync, automation process, resource manager, and a few others.


  • Calendar Sync
  • Multiple Flight Automation
  • Resource Management


  • Point of Sale Desk
  • Best User Interface


  • Limited Functions
  • Payment Issues
  • No Timely Response System


OTRAMS is software that provides the best digital travel booking system to travel companies. It is the best forum for the development of air companies’ business due to a comprehensive travel reservation system. Blogs are also available which guide the customers about the increase in business activities.

Clients of a travel agency book their tickets through an online procedure. Travel wholesalers and another third party can also maintain contact between the travel agency and the clients. Clients of this software share their experiences about the usage of this software on the official website that is beneficial for the new visitors.

It is multilinguistic software; therefore, it can be used by a large number of people. If the features of this software are discussed, it has dynamic package software, flight reservation system, robust system architecture, and many others.


  • Dynamic Package Software
  • Flight Reservation System
  • Robust System Architecture


  • Multilinguistic
  • Supported in All Currencies
  • Proper Terms and Conditions


  • Complicated Transfer Module
  • Issues in API Performance
  • Problems in Graphic Visual


PHPTRAVELS is a computer application through which passengers book their tours. A free demo about the usage of this software is available on the official website of this software. This software is beneficial because it also provides the facility of hotel and vehicle booking to the customers on tour.

Users can use a free trial of this software for seven days, but there will be limited services. Pricing plans of web Applications, Android App, and iOS APP are different. If the main features of this software are discussed, it has the best scalability, suitable user interface, supports all windows and Mac versions.

When there is a need for any update, it will be shared with the clients on the official website. This software can be used on the mobile app, and users can access it anywhere. Besides this, PHPTRAVELS is also supported on the desktop app.


  • Scalability
  • Best User Interface
  • Support in All Operating Systems


  • Quick Procession
  • Use On Manifold PCs
  • Social Connections


  • Limited Tourism Related Features
  • Sometimes becomes Slow
  • Issues in Support System

5. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is software that manages all functions of a travel agency. Timely updates are shared with the clients before and during the tour. Tours can be canceled anytime, and the client will receive 80% money back.

Dashboards reveal all information about expenses and reports. During the tour, a user can book hotels and vehicles through this software. It is also supported in mobile app and can be accessed anytime. There is no fee for the subscription to this software, and money is only paid at the time of travel.

Response time is unique because users are responded in fifteen seconds. This facility is available for 24 hours. Besides this, customers share their experiences about the usage of this software on the official website that are beneficial for the new visitors.


  • Cost Accounting
  • Budget Cost Tracking
  • Ecommerce Booking Management


  • User Friendly
  • Best Customer Support
  • Affordable Travel Fares


  • Not Able to Filter Search Results
  • Bugs in Support System

6. aReservation

aReservation is a SaaS reservation management software that is helpful in the online booking of the tickets of travel companies. It shares weather broadcasting of every place on the dashboard, which enables its users to arrange their tours accordingly.

Moreover, the company’s administration can send texts to the clients about their schedules. Planned events can be canceled, and clients will get money back through this software. It creates two-way communication between the crew of the Airline Company and customers that results in the best customer engagement.

Clients are also facilitated with gift cards and discount coupons. This software stops overbooking and lets the users manage multiple events. If the features of this software are discussed, it has automated cancellation, access control, communication management, reminders, reporting, and a few others.


  • Communication Management
  • Access Control
  • Flights Reminders


  • Easy to Use
  • Mobile Support
  • Improved System


  • Issues in Change of Reservation
  • Limited Feature
  • No Live Support

7. Hero Ticketing

Hero Ticketing is software that allows its users the book airline tickets for upcoming events. This software is fruitful for the increase in turnover, efficiencies, and best customer experience. Tickets can be taken from the official website. When tours are canceled, complete money is not transferred back to the clients.

Timely updates are also shared with the users for their facility. For the subscription, a user has to provide some personal information that is kept confidential. Users can use this software through proper terms and conditions. A user can ask a query anytime through e-mail and the support team will respond in 24 hours.


  • API Integration
  • Active Dashboards
  • Booking Management


  • Online Booking
  • East to Manage
  • Electronic Payment


  • Problematic Premium Service Booking
  • Complicated Commission Structure
  • Issues of Searching

8. BizAway

BizAway is a software that books and manages the travel of its users. A free demo about the use of this software is available on the official website. It is preferred by the people due to the online booking that also increases the profit of travel agencies.

Lack of business expenses and unnecessary internal communication becomes the cause of saving of money and time of both users and Airline Company. This software provides the best tools through which clients can book their desired destination, and managers manifest the policies of the business.

BizAway is supported on every device; therefore, it can be accessed at any time. Customization and flexibility also attract clients. A user can contact the management through landline numbers and online chat. If the features of this software are discussed, these are innovative, intuitive, updating, and many others.


  • Process Customization
  • Booking Flexibility
  • Innovative and Intuitive


  • Supported on All Device
  • Easy Management
  • Multilinguistic Platform


  • No Channel Management
  • Absence of Hotel Booking
  • Issues in Customer Relationship Management

9. Egenica Suite

Egenica Suite is an application that is helpful in travel management. It is also beneficial in managing travel risks, striving for the welfare of clients, and increasing ROI in the tour plans of the people. More than sixty countries of the world trust the Egenica Suite.

Users like this application due to its easy usage and best business management. Moreover, a team of experts also guides the users at the time of an issue. A user can also contact the management through e-mail, and there will be a timely response.

Besides this, a demo about the usage of this software also provides help to the users, but registration is vital for this purpose. When there is a need for the decrease in the pricing plan of the business tour, requests can be sent to the management, and users will be facilitated.


  • Expense Reports
  • Travel Management
  • Access Management


  • Single Travel Management System
  • Easy to Use
  • Timely Updates


  • Comparatively Expensive
  • No Live Customer Support
  • Problems of Schedule Board

10. Technoheaven TMS

Technoheaven TMS is a software that enables its users to manage their tours. The staff of the travel agencies can respond effectively to their customers through this software. It is an end-to-end online application for the booking of tickets, vehicles, and hotels for travelers.

Highly advanced tools of this software assist the staff of travel agencies in observing the demands of clients and marketing of the business. A free demo about the usage of this software is available on the official website.

Moreover, a client can contact management through WhatsApp, e-mail, and online chat. If the features of this software are discussed, it has flight quotation, active dashboards, itinerary creation, and a few others. These features provide some advantages, for example, easy interface, multilinguistic forum, online booking, and many others.


  • Flight Quotation
  • Active Dashboards
  • Itinerary Creation


  • Easy to Use
  • Multilinguistic Platform
  • Digital Booking


  • Continous Varying Pricing
  • No Android Mobile Support

11. Dolphin CRM

Dolphin CRM is a cloud-based booking management tool for travel companies. This software is blessed with CRM, reservation, back-office systems, and B2B, B2C booking systems. The back-office system provides help to the users in searching and booking travel product suppliers and streamlining admin work.

Before the start of this software, a client has to provide some personal information that is kept confidential. Users can ask a query through landline numbers, e-mail, and online chat. If the features of this software are discussed, it has client management, tasks booking, dynamic content, pricing management, and a few others.


  • Client Management
  • Task Booking
  • Dynamic Content


  • Easy to Use
  • Reliability
  • Best Customer Service


  • Issues in Itinerary Creation
  • No Offline Version

12. Routespring

Routespring is a travel management tool that also provides real-time approvals and central billing. A person can download it on App Store and Google Play. Experiences of the customers with this software are shared on the official website that is fruitful for the new visitors.

A free trial of this software is available, but there will be limited attributes. Premium is the paid version of Routespring with all the facilities. Some personal information is collected from the clients that are kept confidential. Moreover, it can be used through proper terms and conditions.

Travel booking can be made by using iOS and Android Apps. Users can ask a query anytime, and they will be responded to within 60 seconds. Travel agencies empower their team members with automated booking through this software.


  • Real-time Approval Process
  • Approval Process Control
  • Booking Management
  • Expense Tracking


  • Searching options
  • Automated Approval Process
  • Easy to Start


  • Limited Hotel Booking Options
  • No API
  • Absence of Receipt Management

13. Tourwriter

Tourwriter is a software for the tour management of its users. It has a drag and drop system, automated pricing plans, and instant supplier booking. Different destinations are published on a dashboard, and a user has to select one of them.

A free trial of this software is available on the official website, but there will be limited services. This software can be connected on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. If the features of this software are discussed, it has API, a central reservation system, reservation management, and many others.

Designer and expert are the paid versions of this software, and they have all features. Tour operators and other staff can manage their functions online through this software. A user can take any help through e-mail, landline numbers, and online chat.


  • API Integration
  • Central Reservation System
  • Reservation Management


  • Quick Procession
  • Best Visibility
  • Increase the Sales


  • Absence of Reporting System
  • Issues in Support System
  • No Third-party Booking

14. Regiondo

Regiondo is an online booking software for recreational and business tours. It is the quick forum that makes sure the booking of tickets in five minutes. A free demo about the use of this software is available on the official website, but a user has to register himself.

A wide range of tourism options is presented, and a user has to select one of them. There is no need for the technical skills for the booking of tickets because of its easy way of use. If the features of this software are discussed, it has a channel manager, POS solution, automated payment gateway, and many others.

Calendar of Regiondo lets people book their tours online or mobile phone. For the facility of users, a free trial of this application is also present for thirty days. Starter, advance, and enterprise are the paid versions of this software.


  • Channel Manager
  • POS Solution
  • Automated Payment Gateway


  • Increase Business activities
  • Quick Procession of Tour Booking
  • All Task Managing Platform


  • Sometimes becomes Slow
  • No Invoice List

Final Words

Flight booking software is described as the application through which tours can be managed. It has changed the conventional way of management of travel agencies and ticket booking online. Many tourism industries are managing their tasks through this software.

There are many relevant software, for example, Rezdy, TrekkSoft, OTRAMS, Avochato, PHPTRAVELS, TravelPerk, aReservation, Hero Ticketing, BizAway, and a few others. These software have different pricing plans and attributes.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has flexibility, automation, channel management, POS solution, automated payment gateway, API, central reservation system. It also includes a real-time approval process, booking management, expense tracking, and a few others.

Later, these features provide some advantages like an increase in business activities, a quick procession of tour booking, best visibility, searching options, easy usage, and many others. So, flight booking software will be fruitful for the users.

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