Free vs. Paid Web Hosting – Which is Better?

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People are moving towards the internet in the modern world and do not think about living without the internet. Net surfing is increasing widely in our country that even for small work we need fast internet connections. Nowadays, everywhere is fast internet connections like in hotels, the house, even in business, and on jobs for people ease. While using the internet, you will see that many web pages or sites are made for your ease.

It is basically a collection of web pages with the same domain names if you want to search any software on the search bar there is a huge set of links with the same name for your ease. But here is a question how can we post our websites or webpages on the internet?

Many of you have just listened to Word Web Hosting. Web hosting is a technique or service with which individuals can post different websites or web pages on the internet. Web hosting is buying or renting web pages or sites on the internet. Web pages or sites are connected to the server to be viewed online. The server is a computer that connects users to your sites from anywhere in the world. Like any other term, the Service provider provides services needed by web pages to view on the internet.


Web hosting plays a vital role in operating websites because, without web hosting, there would not be any websites shown on the internet for you. To create your sites’ online presence, you need the best web host. Various web hosts provide free and expensive services to the users. Web hosting has many plans, and the plans you have to select will depend on the budget you have for the host. To run your websites quickly and view your websites by most people, you need a good web hosting plan. Web hosting is free and paid, and here is another question: which type of hosting is better. Let us discuss both of them in detail. Then we will come to know about the better choice.

Free Web Hosting

Sometimes it is very challenging to pay expensive web hosting rates but if you want to practice blogging with limited earnings, use Free Web hosting services. Free web hosting has many benefits and drawbacks as well. Let us discuss them in detail here.


Advantages of Free Web Hosting

There is a large number of advantages of free web hosting. Below is the list of benefits.

  • No extra cost

One of the best benefits of this service is that it does not offer you any additional charges. Even some of the sites give free trial versions, but you have to pay for subscriptions after that. With free web hosting, you do not need to pay extra fees.

  • Learn entire site setup

It enables you to learn how to design a site or web page without fees. It is a good choice as it allows you to practice and learn how to design a site easily if you do not know much about technical facets for creating any site.

  • Great for beginners sites

Free web hosting has an advantage because it is fully helpful to beginner’s sites. It is suitable for beginners who do not know how to monetize or boost up their sites views on small budgets. If you want to launch new sites or pages, you can use a free web hosting site to integrate free web hosting with CMS.

  • Help regarding Updated knowledge

Free web hosting assists you with updated knowledge about other factors like File uploading, File management, maintenance of websites, monitoring websites, and many more. It is very useful for small sites to share information without any extra cost.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

As free web hosting has many advantages, in the very same manner it has many disadvantages which are mentioned below

  • May Place Ads

It has a lot of Ads, but Ads will appear on their location on your websites and do not affect the readability of your site. It disappoints some users because they have to pay their costs by putting their banners on the sites. If your sites are full of Ads, customers would take it very irritating and do not visit them again.

  • Limited Disk space and bandwidth

Some of the free sites offer limited disk space to upload selected media and non-media content. It also has limited bandwidth, which will affect your sites’ overall performance and load time because high bandwidth will enable you with the best performance.

  • Limited Customer Support

Free web hosting does not help you with immediate support in case of any error or issues in your sites. For example, if you have any issues regarding your website’s creation, you need to wait for customer support to resolve issues. But you can reach out via email to contact customer service supporters.

  • No access to Cpanel

It does not allow you to access Cpanel from where you have to manage your .htaccess files and other tools. As it is important for any site to be managed properly, it would not attract customers, and rankings of your sites would not increase.

  • Limited Pages

To increase the ranking of your sites, you need more pages for giving better knowledge and products to customers. Some web hosting sites offer a limited number of pages to create. It supports those with a basic plan who want to create a single page or site, but if you want to create multiple pages, you will need the ability to grow.

Paid Web Hosting

Here’s the fact that you have to pay for web hosting if you have free web hosting. But besides this, the reality is that if you want to start a blog, then free web hosting is best for you but if you’re going to run a business where you want to buy and sell products, you need paid web hosting that will completely depend on your website’s goals.

Advantages of Paid Web Hosting

Let us discuss the advantages of Paid web hosting.

  • No Advertisements

One of the best phases of paying for web hosting is not requiring any advertisement. It simply means that users will not respond even if they get irritated by Ads on websites. As Ads will look unprofessional on your sites, Paid Web hosting is best. It also enables you to show Ads and get money, but it is up to the choice of site developer.

  • Better Customer Services

You will also get strong customer support if you pay for web hosting. It enables you to have support 24/7, which means if you have any problem or issue raised at night or day, you can easily contact customer support and resolve the issues frequently.

  • Control Over Domain Name

A domain name helps you rank higher on searches and help you get rid of Ads. In Paid web hosting, you can get access to customize your domain name. It means that you can select your domain name without getting worried that any page can also use the same domain name.

  • More Disk Space and Bandwidth

You will get unlimited disk space in paid hosting, as space is important for your sites. It enables you to make your sites more creative, add more images, links, and customizable options. It also allows you with bandwidth to have more access to your site in a month.

  • Better SEO

It is one of the best services to get more traffic on your sites. Because with paid web hosting, users will get plugins option to help with SEO. It will enable you to boost your website traffic and get more money. Also, it will increase the chances of more visitors to your sites, and with more visitors, you will have more customers.

  • It is not much expensive as you Think

Paid hosting is as well not much expensive. You do not need to pay hundreds of dollars for your sites. It also offers you less costly packages with full advantages.

Disadvantages of Paid Web Hosting

With advantages, there are also many disadvantages mentioned below

  • Unexpected Hikes

It means those people who come to your site because of fewer rates by keeping aside other best sites they were using, and suddenly your sites rates were also increased and web hosting features that were provided by other sites on the cheaper rate. It will create a bad effect on the reputation and trust of the company.

  • Lack of free features

Many people join paid hosting for many versatile features on sites. But it is in the case of using top paid web hosting sites. But things were different when you were using new or second-grade sites because they have all features, but you have to pay for them to activate.

  • Time-Consuming Technical support

The advantage of paid web hosting is that it provides 24/7 technical support, but some sites do not have frequent technical support. It took more time to resolve issues, like 48 hours which is a huge time.

  • Add-on Services

It enables you with a variety of Add-ons services in the paid version that was new and still in developing mode, which is, of course, a major drawback.

  • Unexpected Shutdown

One of the major drawbacks is that an online business can shut down at any point, which is not in the case of free web hosting. And if this hosting company shuts down, you will have to get another hosting server.

  • Websites monitoring and maintenance is not in your hand

In paid hosting, your sites will be monitored by web hosting administrators so that others can check your data.

Comparison between Free and Paid Web Hosting

It is a general fact that everyone needs websites to get information on a large scale. But here the question arises: which one is a better option for you. Either Paid Web hosting is better, or free hosting is much better. Let us discuss the comparison of both of them to know which one is better.

  • Reliability

It was said that free web hosting does not provide you with the same infrastructure. Websites require a proper server or infrastructure to provide good uptime and speed on your websites. Using free web hosting might not handle traffic or spikes on your sites because the business needs customer satisfaction and convenience.

On the other hand, people say that paid Web hosting helps you by giving 99% reliability on speed and uptime of the sites.

  • Search Engine Ranking

It is the fact that everyone wants websites that are free of irritating Ads, and websites developers want a higher ranking of their sites on the web. But in free web hosting, there would be various Ads shown on your sites that affect the status of your sites. It also affects the search engine ranking.

But on the other hand, paid web hosting services helps you to boost your ranking because it does not provide you with frequent Ads on their sites.

  • Bandwidth and storage space

A professional web hosting service provides you with the best bandwidth and storage space to upload your desired files on sites. It has an option to select your preferred package of storage space and bandwidth. But this facility is not available on Free web hosting as it provides you with limited storage space and bandwidth. Free hosting is good for the beginning sites, but it becomes very difficult if you want to push rank and add extra files like images and media into your sites.

But in the case of paid web hosting, you would get better bandwidth and storage space to easily upload your desired images, photos, or media into the sites.

  • Support and Assistance

Free web hosting does not provide immediate technical support as technical support is an important part of running any website. Because the absence of technical issues immediately will enable you to deal the whole time with a technical problem and avoid focusing on your exact work.

But in the case of Paid Web Hosting, you will get 24/7 technical support to resolve your issues immediately.

  • Customized Error

Free web hosting requires a large variety of errors. Error in any page did not allow you to open the exact site. Sometimes you have a wrong URL and are searching again and again with that URL and will get errors while loading the page. It will badly affect your web pages because customers wouldn’t get the right page, and they become confused and leave that page.

But in paid web hosting, you have complete control over your sites. It means that you can customize your page and assist anyone using the Wrong URL. It also shows you the right direction towards the desired page.

  • Websites Speed

Web speed is one of the facets of any website. Every customer needs a website that will be loaded easily and quickly without interruption. But with free web hosting, you do not have complete functions, and your sites will be slow, and if visitors try to search for something, it will take time to load, which is irritating.

But, the case of Paid Web Hosting enables you with good speed to instantly load any page of your desire.

  • Websites Buildings

You can create websites for free as well as Paid Web Hosting services. In the case of free web hosting services. You would have restrictions to basic attributes of websites and have a large set of limitations in creating any sites like image or media uploading, etc.

On the other hand, for paid web hosting, you come with a wide variety of tools to design any site with perfect SEO and without any limitations.

  • Web Security

For any website, small or big, web security is vital. As in our world, hacking is increasing day by day. In the case of free web hosting, there were chances that companies would not be responsible for web securities with which you can also lose your whole data.

But to secure your sites, you need the best security given by paid web hosting. Some of the websites also have a backup option with which your all data is secured.

  • Free Web hosting would not last forever

With free web hosting, you do not have control over your page to remove inappropriate Ads. If you would not pay for your account, the provider will surely get money by putting Ads on your sites. Your site’s reputation will go down and down, and customers will automatically move towards professional sites.

Final Words

To create the best websites, you need a free or paid web hosting server to create any website. The above mentioned is the comparison between Paid and Free Web Hosting services. From our point of view, Paid Web Hosting is best because it enables you to run your sites without any interruption and increases your site’s ranking. But in case you are a beginner and need to launch a new site, then Free Web Hosting is also a good choice because it is free of cost and provides you with many other facilities.

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