15 Best Frog Design Alternatives in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Muhammad Massab Khan • Updated on November 24, 2022

Frog design is the leading global creative and design service company that helps businesses in increasing their experience with new products, services, and designs. It is a global design consultancy that is founded in 1969 by Hartmut Esslinger in Germany and its current headquarter is located in San Francisco, California.

It is a product strategy and design tool that helps businesses in providing strategic advising and long-term planning services. It mostly offers the services of marketing, brand creation, engineering, and many more. Frog is basically an innovation firm that allows its users to understand the market trends with rich analytics.

It helps organizations improve their trust and working relationships with customers and brands. It is a reliable platform that can bring businesses to the upper level in the market with better design, bolder choices, strong team capabilities, and better products.


Why Do Users Want Frog Design Alternatives?

Frog Design is the best in class and authentic strategy as it includes multiple benefits. It helps businesses to experience new products, services, and designs for the organization. It allows its users to enhance the digital experience with rich collaboration and most organizations use this to grow their sales by attracting new customers.

The main focus of this design is to build better products, stronger teams, and make bolder choices. Along with the advantages, some shortfalls also exist here as their management and leadership are so poor across the board. Companies are also insecure about the new design and strategies they propose and whether those plans will work or not.


List of Frog Design Alternatives

Frog Design includes a number of benefits like it being a great place to grow the business, having a good team, and offering an interesting variety of work. It offers the best management consultancy, makes bolder choices, builds better products, and many more.

In regard to these best functionalities, the following Frog Design Alternatives are selected and explained thoroughly along with their structure and working techniques. An explicit comparison is also provided which helps the audience in choosing the best possible alternatives for Frog Design.

1. Pentagram

Pentagram is one of the largest design consultancies that helps to enhance digital transformation by using an unparalleled approach. It provides the services of identity graphics, advertising, digital and communications products, etc.

It allows its users to deliver great design with intelligence, personal communication, and passion. By using this platform, organizations will be able to create a collaborative group of designers that are working together in an independent design firm.

It includes 499 employees and its power structure is simple containing no hierarchy. It is basically a multi-disciplinary and independently own design studio. By using this strategy, clients will be able to work with partners for designing processes, personal commitment, and intelligence.


  • Product and Interior Design
  • Digital Installation Design
  • Website Interfaces


  • Good Graphic Designs
  • Excellent Team Collaboration
  • Support Multiple Locations


  • Risky Design
  • Problematic Senior Team Mates
  • Unexpected Result

2. Cooper

Cooper is the lead-design consultancy firm that is helpful in creating high-tech products. It is a strategic design that allows its users to streamline their methodology according to the right design and user’s experience. It is helpful in delivering the right content to the business to engage all of its customers.

By using it, users will be able to grow their businesses with the right products, services, and systems. It is a digital and automated partner for companies and brings more opportunities to lead the product in the right direction. It has now become a part of Designit which is famous for its Wipro Digital’s strategic design arm and innovation capabilities.


  • Digital and Service Design
  • UX Design
  • Brand and Business Strategies


  • Compatible Responsive Design
  • Flexible Framework


  • Issues in Designer Usability
  • Focuses on Trending Aesthetics

3. Forty

Forty is a digital service provider platform that is providing digital product design and improves user experience. It is helpful in making better product lead along with its customer involvement. It provides advanced digital strategy, web development, and digital support services which are best in designing the methodology of the product.

It supports DXP integration that creates opportunities for personalization, content, and eCommerce to enhance the customer experience beyond the traditional websites. It plays a vital role in delivering the best customer experience with product showcase, new channels, and interactions. Forty is now acquired by Crowd Favorite.


  • Content Management System
  • Custom Web Development
  • Web Design Interaction
  • WordPress Enterprise Integration


  • Easy Methodology
  • Open Source Web Development
  • Conditional Content Pro


  • Issues in Integration
  • Problems in Designing
  • Slow Process

4. Huge

Huge is a user-experience design service platform that allows its customers to transform their businesses and engage their customers according to the new technological solutions. It is helpful in syncing their businesses with the track of success along with the right digital growth. It has exceptional properties of usability testing and rapid prototyping.

These properties make it different from other alternatives. To use this service, simply choose the strategy that is best for business, making innovations, data science, research, business consultancy, and then branding it with multiple products. Also, it is facilitating in making better customer relationships and more product loyalty.


  • Full Transparency
  • Amplifying Audio
  • Rebel Innovation


  • Usability Testing
  • Unified Brand Experience
  • Better Customer Relation
  • Product Loyalty


  • Difficult Valuation
  • Demand Cutback on Services
  • Limited Features
  • Issues in Integration

5. Foolproof

Foolproof is a design company that is providing the best digital experience to businesses with more valuable connections with customers. It supports rich products in design and has excellent features for organizations in bringing digital revolutionary. It has advanced tools that help organizations to make better strategies for development.

To use this platform, simply first plan the strategy and then focus on the vision of the business according to the requirement. It is basically designed to make the customer experience valuable. It is famous for providing experience strategy, experience design, experience Engineering, and experience data.


  • Digital Revolution
  • Direct Connection with Customer
  • Experience Engineering


  • Provides Experience Data
  • Offers Excellent Strategy
  • Optimized Culture


  • Issues in Strategy
  • Paid Subscription
  • Problems in Mapping


IDEO is a design and consulting firm that uses a design thinking approach to design products, services, and the environment. It is helpful in tackling some of the biggest challenges that are being faced by businesses and society. It is a global designing platform that has been used by UI/UX professionals to design human-centered approaches.

This platform helps everyone to be more creative and become smarter in work. It provides a systematic approach against the challenges such as education, food, mobility, and many more. It is helpful in making things easier with its centered products, services spaces, and advanced technology.


  • Flat Hierarchy
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Business Design
  • Food Science


  • Help Business Grow
  • Become Smarter in Work
  • Positive Impact on Customers


  • Food Challenges
  • Limited Centered Products
  • Issues in Adopting Technology
  • Expensive Paid Subscription

7. Artefact

Artefact is an international service platform that is famous for its future-proof UX responsible design. It is a new generation data service company that is specialized in digital and data marketing. It is helpful in transforming data according to business values and impact.

It offers data-driven solutions based on the demands of clients and business needs. It supports extensive integration that makes it up to the mark in delivering well cohesive, effective, and efficient care experiences.

It is also helpful in streamlining the way of communication, connecting, and learning. It is helpful in providing fixed solutions with designing that smoothen the way of collective, future, society, and customers. It offers a resilience system for the healthcare of children in order to generate digital ways to manage serious illness.


  • Generative Research
  • Evaluation Research
  • Experience Design
  • Brand Expression
  • Digital Solution


  • Data Accessible to Everyone
  • Provides Efficient Care
  • Support Extensive Integration


  • Paid Subscription
  • Limited Integration
  • Issues in Generating Research

8. Spotless

Spotless is a service provider platform that helps businesses in getting the required results. It offers the services of UX Design, Optimization, and many more. Its responsive design and system are valuable for automated workflow.

It helps businesses to streamline their actions and moves blazingly. It provides a user-driven solution in mapping customer journeys over a wide range of touch-points in order to place all relevant data in one place.

It offers consultancy services that help the organization in remaining at the top in the market. It supports podcasts, service design toolbox, user experience insight, and spotless trends. An array of services is provided by this as UX strategy, conversion rate optimization, and US design.


  • Service Design
  • Business Innovation
  • Design Research
  • Experience Strategy


  • Includes Professional Tools
  • Automated Workflow
  • User-Driven Solution
  • Good Consultancy


  • High Subscription Fee
  • Issues in Automation
  • Limited Design Features


AKTA is an all-in-one digital experience platform that helps its clients in finding new business opportunities. It gives a competitive edge to the businesses in generating more sales by focusing on the right customer needs.

Ultimately, it helps in getting higher revenue from the businesses each year. This platform is continuously linked with the new product and marketing campaigns that will surely enhance the user experience with its innovative digital design.

It is helpful in salesforce automation, improved marketing, and enhancing support for eCommerce stores. Its free trial is easily available from the website and its starting fee is $25.00 per month. It is helpful in increasing business efficiency and driving growth.


  • Process Automation
  • Improved Marketing
  • Design Research


  • Service Excellence
  • 360-Degree Customer View
  • Supports Ecommerce Store
  • Customizable Reports
  • AppExchange


  • Confusing Design
  • Limited Free Trial Features
  • Paid Subscription

10. Ziba

Ziba is an innovative design solution provider that helps businesses in making better brands and attracts new customers with their product marketing. It uses a business’s transparent visibility in order to automate the workflow along with its services and applications. It is helpful in creating a valuable relationship with the customer at the time of digital transformation.

It does not provide rich collaboration among the teams of the company. It is capable of delivering services to brands either in retail, connected spaces, designing languages, packaging systems, and many more. It provides reliable brand experience, customer experience, service innovation, and product innovation.


  • Brand Design
  • Digital Design
  • Design Language
  • Front End Innovation
  • Service Design


  • Helps in Product Marketing
  • Automate Workflow
  • Service Innovation
  • Product Innovation


  • Limited Workflow
  • Issues in Packaging Systems
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Problems in Designing

11. MetaLab

MetaLab is the development platform that helps companies in delivering excellent services, products, and apps. It supports integration with Giant platforms such as Google, Uber, Slack, Coinbase, and Amazon. It is an excellent platform to enhance the productivity of the business with minimal effort.

It helps the businesses to stay at the top in the market along with its right testing, development, and learning environment. It is mostly used by world-class developers and experienced app developers. Its free trial is available for a limited span of time but to use it further subscription fee has to be paid.


  • Intuitive Design
  • Design Prototyping
  • Automation Workflow


  • Third-Party Integration
  • Digital Innovation
  • Enhance Productivity of Business
  • Support Giant Platform


  • Limited Free Trial Features
  • Paid Subscription
  • Issues in Integration

12. Smart Design

Smart Design is the leading and extensive platform that helps the consultancy in making strategic design and innovation. It provides exceptional digital services of getting leads, smarter, and better workflow. It supports sustainability with the right utilization of different resources in order to move the business on the track of productivity.

It performs marketing with its emerging marketing campaigns and offers a simple solution that is independent of the problem’s complexity. It uses the tool of Smart Design’s flexible product development to support automation in the system. It is helpful in hatching new businesses, tapping emerging technologies, and unlocking unseen potential.


  • Virtual Saloon
  • Front-End Innovation
  • Research Design
  • Digital Transformation
  • Better Workflow


  • Support Multiple Integration
  • Sustainability
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Good Customer Support


  • Issues in Integration
  • Time Consuming
  • Limited Products

13. Ramotion

Ramotion is an all-in-one product designing platform that is helpful in taking the digital experience to the next level. It supports brand identity, marketing websites, and UI/UX design in both of its platforms of web and mobile apps.

It has a user-friendly interface that is helpful in automating the workflow with ease of access to each function. It includes the best level of choreography that is helpful in making its brand unique. It supports rich marketing content that increases its customer engagement to its peak.

It allows its users to enhance UI development in place. It is helpful in managing the development process and is able to deliver the mobile application with excellent design. It also includes various types of individual projects that support full-stack solutions for web and mobile.


  • App Development
  • Web Design
  • UI and UX
  • Design Systems


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Rapid Prototyping for Usability
  • Brand Identifying Facility
  • Automating Workflow


  • Issues in UI Development
  • Problems in Redesigning
  • Limited Micro-Interactions
  • High Subscription Fee

14. Macadamian

Macadamian is the leading software design and development platform that employs new digital products in order to streamline it to healthcare functionalities. It allows its user to transform their businesses in such a way it helps healthcare in getting sustainability level.

It works as a full-service software design that helps organizations in combining business intelligence, insights, and cutting-edge technologies. Its main advantage is that it supports data integration in order to gather, deliver usage, diagnostic and patient data to its backend HER system.

It also provides design-led solutions in order to help its users to navigate product development from napkin sketches to market-ready products. It enables its users to deliver those innovative and user-focused products that pay attention to the lives across the continuum of care.


  • UX Research and Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Innovation


  • Streamline Healthcare Functionalities
  • Sustainable System
  • Support Data Integration


  • Issues in Integration
  • Paid Subscription
  • Limited Free Trial Features

15. Bluetext

Bluetext is the leading digital marketing service provider platform that provides multiple ways to develop and improve the marketing capabilities of the business. It offers a reliable approach in making a marketing campaign that will be helpful in streamlining the selling process and strengthening public relations.

It provides the services of Advertising, Branding, Content Marketing, Crisis Communications, Drupal Development, and many more. It is mostly used for Health Care Marketing, Financial Services, Public Sector, Government Contractors and Cybersecurity, etc.

It helps the business to remain top in the competitive market with its expert strategy, website development, powerful creativeness, and much more. It is more valuable and reliable because of its intuitive design interface, service agility, and sustainability in design.


  • Content Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Public Relations
  • Website Designing
  • WordPress Development


  • Streamlined Selling Process
  • Supports Integration
  • Intuitive Design Interface
  • Design Sustainability


  • Paid Subscription
  • Issues in B2B Marketing
  • Limited Integrations
  • Limited Services

Final Words

In this article, frog design is discussed in detail. Frog design is the leading global creative and design Service Company that helps businesses in advancing their experience with new products, services, and design. It includes a number of benefits as it helps the businesses to experience new products, services, and designs for the organization.

It allows its users to enhance the digital experience with rich collaboration and most organizations use this to grow their sales by attracting new customers. The main focus of this design is to build better products, stronger teams, and make bolder choices.

Along with the advantages, some shortfalls also exist here as their management and leadership are so poor across the board. Insecurity is also available here about the new design and new strategies of the company and whether this plan will work or not.

To overcome such issues many of the alternatives are available in the market. Some of them are discussed here along with their features, pros, and cons. After discussing the article it is concluded that Artefact and IDEO are best to use than others because of their extensive feature.

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