17 Best Games like Risk - Strategy Board Games in 2022

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Risk is a Multiplayer Tactical Board Game about diplomacy, conflict, and victory. The traditional version includes playing on a board in which the World’s political map is divided into 42 regions and 6 continents. Players take turns controlling the pieces of the game in an attempt to gain territories from other players, and the dice rules determine the outcome. Throughout the game, players can form and dissolve alliances. The goal of the game is to capture the entire area of ​​the board and eliminate other players in the process. The game can take time from a few hours to several days to complete.

Each player has a specific “Secret Mission” goal in the European Version, which shortens the game. Risk was created in 1957 by a French filmmaker, Albert Lamorisse, and has since become one of the most popular Board Games in history. It attracts adults as well as children and families due to its complex relationships despite its simple rules. Hasbro continues to develop it in tandem with various editions and popular media themes and rules, including PC Software, Video Games, and Mobile Applications.

Risk is a turn-based game of World domination that was released first for Microsoft Windows and then for macOS. It is currently advertised that “Now on iOS, Risk is a turn-based game that dominates the World.” Defeat computer opponents or compete with up to 6 Real-World Multiplayer opponents.


Risk – Gameplay

Risk also has a personal component and key principles, such as the addition of forces based on territorial control, tactics for a systematic attack on enemy territory, and the protection of three strikes and two battlefields, summarize a wide range of conflicts. Its popularity and relative simplicity seem to have spawned many successors and prequels. Unlike other popular board game spin-offs, such as Monopoly, Risk games often add at least a few new elements to affect gameplay dramatically.

Risk and its successors got the Meeple Mountain Top 6, as there is still a lot to choose from about the basic threat experience, and some versions are out of the way to try something new, so Risk and its descendants deserve the Meeple Mountain Top 6. They also make small changes while living in the house.


In Risk, the more territory you get, the more support you will get at the start of your turn. If you control the whole continent, you will get extra troops. When you attack an area that is close to you, you turn three dice. Your opponent can only defend with a maximum of two dice if there is only one unit in its area. So, it is just a simple dice rolling mechanism to attack and defend. Of course, there are strategies in Risk, but because of the dice rolling method, there is also a lot of luck. You may find yourself in a situation where your army of 30 battalions is invading the territory occupied by five troops, and you lose due to bad dice rolling luck. This can be really annoying.

List of Games like Risk

Risk is a game for friends and family who have gathered around the table for decades to test their friendship and expertise in the classic game of Global domination. Fortunately, there are many other games that allow you to delete your friends from the map in fresh and exciting ways. To help you add a little global dominance to your next Game Night, we’ve compiled a list of our top 17 strategy games like Risk (not in any particular order).

1. Axis & Allies

Developer: Beamdog

Publisher: Beamdog

Operating System: Windows, macOS, SteamOS, Linux

When it comes to games like Risk that have a bit more history and heritage, Axis and Allies are another great alternatives. The game was first released in 1981, and there are currently about 20 different versions to choose from, so it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; you’ll find it. We recommend starting with the Axis and Allies 1941 edition as it is a little less complicated than some other selections. One thing to keep in mind when playing Axis and Allies is that the rules are far more complex than the Risk rules. It will take some time for you to master this game. If you can wrap your head around it, however, you will be able to spend many hours testing your tactics and combat skills.

2. Rise of Nations

Developer: Big Huge Games, Westlake Interactive

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios, MacSoft

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, OS X

Developer Brian Reynolds’ strategy game began almost a decade ago. It has been described as a combination of traditional twist strategy with real-time aspects. You can win this award by demonstrating your military prowess or using diplomacy. This newcomer to our Style Games features a history of over 6,000 years. You will be able to build new cities and develop their infrastructure by expanding the borders of your country. If you want to use military force, you will also be given cannons like tanks, slings, musketeers, and nuclear missiles. There is even a high-speed multiplayer option, and a comprehensive Conquer the World narrative is offered for good measurement.

3. Lux Delux

Developer: Sillysoft Games

Publisher: Sillysoft Games

Operating System: iPhone, Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Classic Mac OS

Lux Deluxe is also a prominent game in this list like Risk. The call for weapons here is for Universal domination. You can command a terrible army, conquer different countries, and maintain a strategic grip on the World. According to the creator, the goal is to “capture the entire planet.” there are over 800 maps in total, as well as 11 different computer AI figures with varying levels of difficulty. In addition, it takes just two clicks to enter online multiplayer mode. With the integrated map editor tool, you can also create your own maps. In addition to being compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, a free iOS version is also available.

4. Eclipse

Developer: Microsoft Studios, Limited Run Games

Publisher: Humble Hearts

Operating System: Linux, macOS, Windows

The game incorporates the tactics and battles that fans of Risk game enjoy in the new setting of the future. The galaxy is struggling to maintain peace during Lunar Eclipses, as discontent and tensions between different species on Earth increase. Old alliances are falling apart, and it’s up to you to make a difference in the World. During the Lunar Eclipse game, you are in charge of a large galaxy civilization, and you are up against numerous rivals to dominate the planet.

You will have the unique opportunity to discover the vast majority of solar systems, learn new technologies, and even build warships with which to fight later. The attractive part of the game is that there are different ways to win, depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the species you choose.

5. Dust

Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier

Publisher: Ubisoft

Operating System: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, PlayStation 4, iOS, Nintendo Switch

Another game similar to Risk but better, is Dust. “Premium” and “Epic” are two settings (and thus two rule books) that come with Dust. The “APEC” rules are designed for games that last 4 to 6 hours. However, if you use the “Premium” principle, the game will take almost as long as the Risk game. Participants will compete for Global dominance in the same way they do in Risk. They can buy units at a different price for each.

The small plastic figures that make up your armies, such as tanks, motorized armor units, fighters, and bombers, are well-designed and long-lasting. Each player receives approximately 130 units. The board itself is attractive and is made up of six interconnected pieces. Each participant must make a card and display it simultaneously during each round. It will explain the types of moves that players will make and the unique powers that they will be able to use during their turn.

6. Supremacy

Developer: Bytro Labs

Publisher: Bytro Labs

Operating System: Android, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating Systems

Superiority is a great board game if you are looking for Risk-like games. It has one of the longest active play times on this list. This game, called “Superpowers Game,” maybe one of the best Risk games on this list. Supremacy, like a threat, pitted the World’s leading superpowers (such as the United States and China) against each other in order to find out who would win. To win this long and wide game, you will need to use strategy, diplomacy, military capability, and negotiation. This game is ideal for people 12 years of age and older, with about four to five hours (often more) of gameplay and space for two to six people.

7. A Game of Thrones

Developer: Dire Wolf Digital

Publisher: Asmodee Digital

Operating System: Windows, macOS

If you haven’t heard of HBO’s George R. R. Martin’s a Song of Ice and Fire trilogy, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past decade. While the TV Show was very successful, it also influenced the Board Game that brings the show’s political themes into your room. The board rearranges the events of the first few novels in the game series when Robert Bartholomew is dead, and many kings are fighting for control of the thrones. To play and win this game, you will need a strategy, as in Risk, because “when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die,” as everyone knows.

8. Twilight Imperium

Developer: Christian T. Petersen

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Operating System: Windows, macOS

Twilight Imperium is a great alternative to Risk that is easily available on the market. Twilight Imperium is a game of interplanetary warfare and diplomacy in which each player seeks to expand his or her galaxy empire through diplomacy, technology and military. A great feature of the Twilight Imperium is that there are many different tactics to help players win the game. In the game, there are 17 different races, each with its own advantages, such as the financially minded Emeritus of Hellcan or the brutal evil necrovirus. While there are learning curves, if you are willing to persevere, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable evening.

9. War of the Ring

Developer: Liquid Entertainment

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

Operating System: Microsoft Windows

War of the Rings is a Risk-like game in which one player controls the Free People while the other controls the Shadow Armies (SA). Free People’s Nations are initially reluctant to take up arms against Sauron, so they must attack through convincing Gandalf or other comrades before they can properly fight: Representation is through the political track, which indicates whether there is a nation or not. Ready to fight in the color war.

Each turn of gaming focuses on the role of the action dice: each dye represents an action that a player can perform during his turn. Different actions are possible based on each dying face (moving troops, role, army recruitment, advancing the political path). You can also use Action Dice to draw or play event cards. Event cards are used to symbolize plot-specific events (or events that may or may not have happened) that cannot be shown through regular gameplay. Each event card can also turn the game around by allowing certain actions or changing battle outcomes.

10. Scythe

Developer: Jakub Różalski

Publisher: Stonemaier Games

Operating System: Windows, macOS

Scythe is a turn-based, board game with basic elements like 3-dimensional animation, straightforward controls, dramatic soundtracks, countless unique avatars, fantastic battlefields, material architectural aspects, stunning real-time effects, and excellent graphics quality. In the game sequence, your goal is to return as a faction commander in World War I.

So you allow to form alliances with soldiers, gladiators and other special characters, and to defeat opponents when you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, methods and devastating attacks. Manage conflicts against five tribes while playing, take their heads with your swords or any other means, get incredible rewards after every successful contest, introduce your strategy, and complete the victory.

11. Diplomacy

Developer: Allan B. Calhamer

Publisher: Avalon Hill Games, Inc., Wizards of the Coast

Operating System: Windows, iOS

Diplomacy has a good name and fame when looking at games like Risk to play in your spare time. The popular game was released in 1959, almost at the same time as Risk. In addition, the board of this game looks very similar to the board of Risk. The action of this game takes place before the outbreak of World War II. The purpose of this game is to teach you how to communicate with other players as diplomatically as possible. There is no dice to roll and no element of opportunity.

Players who represent the major countries of the game spend each era cheating and allying with other players. During your negotiations, you may make deals with other players or completely cheat the deals made with them. Diplomacy is one of those games when your true personality is revealed to your peers.

12. Dominion

Developer: Temple Gates Games

Publisher: Temple Gates Games

Operating System: Microsoft Windows

Dominion is an exciting and powerful strategy board game that challenges you to test your kingdom abilities. It is a game of cards in which two to four players compete to get the most valuable cards from the deck of cards. The gameplay of the game is different from other collecting card games. It includes a variety of cards that are divided into several categories, such as Chris Cards, Action Cards, Treasure Cards, and Victory Cards, each with its own set of skills, names, types, and actions.

Each player can perform a specific action with their card. The player with the most winning points is the winner. Some cards have other positions, such as an attack card that hurts the opponent, which is a great way to win the game. Dominion is a wonderful and fun game to play.

13. Fortress America

Developer: Michael Gray

Publisher: Milton Bradley

Operating System: Microsoft Windows

Fortress America is a great alternative if you are interested in the combat aspect of strategy sports like Risk. The game is also quite long and complex, and it is guaranteed that anyone looking for something similar to the danger is different enough to spice up their game nights. The idea of ​​the game is that it will take place in the United States in the near future, and the country is defending itself against foreign attacks.

In the end, in order to win the game, players must defend their sides using aspects of military strategy. We don’t have a fast game, like the others on this list, with an average runtime of two to three hours. It has a capacity of two to four players and is suitable for people 12 years of age and older.

14. Small World

Developer: Miguel Coimbra, Cyrille Daujean

Publisher: Days of Wonder

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, macOS

Small World is an imaginary strategy game where each generation struggles to survive in a World that is too small to help everyone. Players choose between groups including Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, Amazons, and more. The only way to ensure that there is enough space on our small planet is to wipe out everything else. As a threat, diversions are made in an attempt to seize more land and destroy weaker troops along the way. The fact that each race has its own strengths and the game-winning plan adds to the game’s plot. While some races, such as dwarfs, prefer to live underground and protect their landmines, others, such as the Amazons, prefer to demonstrate their power by direct force.

15. Victor’s United

Developer: Prospect Interactive Inc.

Publisher: Prospect Interactive Inc.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad,iOS

The free-to-play beta edition is ideal for anyone interested in trying out an online Multiplayer turn-based strategy game. You can still find this virtual platform and compete with other audiences via the Internet, regardless of your geographical location. If you feel you need to practice before confronting human opponents, the creator has added a single player mode. And, like other Risk alternatives in our database, it offers an iOS title that can be downloaded for free from iTunes. The title enters the situation with the phrase “Challenge, anyone, play anywhere, be a winner.”

16. Europa Universalize III

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Operating System: MS Windows

Europa Universalis III Grand Strategy Game, which includes Napoleon’s Ambition and Innomon Expansion Pack, as well as Hair to the Throne and Divine Wind Expansion Packs, which add depth to the game and extend its longer game duration. Players start the game by choosing when they want to start their campaign and which country they want to represent. Players can shape their country in different ways after entering the game. Empires, republics, theocracy, and tribal administrations are among the different forms of government.

The game is available in more than 300 countries, including Ming China, regional heavyweights such as Bohemia and Kazan, and smaller states such as the Maldives. A total of 1,700 provinces and marine zones are included on the world map. Players can set goals for themselves in the absence of clear winning conditions, such as highlighting a small city-state globally.

17. Blood & Honor

Developer: Jorge Lorenzon

Publisher: Redbox Editora

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad, iOS

Blood and Honor is a game of Global domination that is easy to lift but difficult to keep down. It combines basic threat and victory board game action with a unique set of additional cards that give you access to airstrikes, nuclear weapons, assassins, and more. With numerous maps, game modes, and options, as well as opportunities to play Multiplayer games, Blood & Honor will keep you busy for hours.

You can choose from seven different maps and play up to six players in a World-dominated game. It also has features like real-time online multiplayer and passes and play. There are three AI difficulties, as well as automatic save / resume and well-designed maps. For about $2, you can get this app from the Apple App Store.

Final Words

Games that have intrigued many people over the years can now be fully utilized through PCs, Consoles and even Mobile devices. It is not uncommon to hear Classic Board Games such as Monopoly, Game of Life, and Ludo translated into the Virtual World. Similarly, in 1988, an inner treasure, such as the one in Spotlight, had a profound effect on the virtual landscape. If you have completed all the games in the series, you can now move on to the games mentioned above, like Risk, to continue your strategy quest.

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