15 Best Games Like Spore in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Mehwish Javed • Updated on November 24, 2022

Nowadays, people are busy with everyday work, and for most of the extra activities, they cannot find time like driving, to perform multiple jobs simultaneously. For this purpose, they have to get trained. Games were the best training source as people can get complete knowledge and practice performing multiple works simultaneously. Shooting games help people to remain focused and active as they have to perform different tasks like shooting, creating an entire world, supervising people, running, etc.

Moreover, games can help you improve your physical and mental health. Most games require different strategies and complete concentration, just like games where you supervise nations, games that allow you to make entire Worlds. Few games will enable you to create complete environments and produce everything at a microscopic level, just like Spore and different other games like Spore.

Spore is a game developed by Maxis and gives you a genre of simulation, RTS video game. This game aims to form your intelligent spore creatures or monitor creatures until they become smart. After complete training, when your creatures can make their community, then make different strategies to create huge civilization by inhabiting other planets. Moreover, you can get graphics of old times, but it was quite impressive.


Moreover, you can get five stages for creation. The first one is cells; after that, creatures come into being, making different groups. After that, the entire civilization comes into being, and the last space stages come. You have to control and transform the game world on a larger scale.

Why Do You Want More Games Like Spore?

Sometimes if you continuously play one game, it is quite exhausting for you, and you all will get bored immediately. In that case, you want more games like Spore. Another reason is also quite simple. Most people want to explore new games daily; they want more games like Spore.


List of Outstanding Games like Spore

In the gaming world, people want innovation, and there are various games like Spore that can be played and enjoyed for an unlimited time. Let us discuss the famous games below in detail.

1. Thrive

One of the best games, among other games like Spore, provides you with quite a unique interface. In this game, you have to control the organisms, start the campaign with LUCA, and grow your species. You can adapt species by adding transformations. Moreover, you are in a fight against other species for your survival.

You can consider it an open-ended game because mutation and species are random. In addition to other aspects, you can control dynamic simulation to grow the population. You have to transform in-game through various stages, like beginning with a nucleus, then a cell, becoming sentient, creating a society, and managing the empire.

Release Date: November 26, 2021

Developer: Revolutionary Games Studio

Publisher: Revolutionary Games Studio

Characteristics of Thrive

  • You can access this game anytime because it is free.
  • You can also give suggestions and ideas about the game, and developers will listen to what you say as they want to make the game better.
  • The graphics of the games are amazing.
  • Allow you to customize your organisms.

2. Katamari Damacy

It is said to be a unique game among other games like Spore, which has a simple interface, as you are a prince and you have to go to the earth to collect materials to create moon and stars. The story behind why you have to collect material is that the king of the cosmos is involved in a drunken act of stupidity and destroys the moon and sun.

Moreover, you can move things that you attach from little Katamari. Furthermore, people say it to be an addictive game with unique graphics, as you were nothing, and ultimately, you grab sufficient stuff to make the moon and stars. You can get amazing graphics and can play on a full HD display. In this game, the more fastly you collect the minerals, the more you have a chance to create the moon and stars to win the game.

Release Date: March 18, 2004

Developer: Namco

Publisher: Namco

Characteristics of Katamari Damacy

  • Provide you with beautiful graphics.
  • Offers you amazing design and soundtrack.
  • Gives you complete access to control.
  • Gives you an option of replay and with many other collectibles.

3. No Man’s Sky

It is said to be another best game among other games like Spore that give you a science-fiction experience. You have to explore the galaxy full of planets and danger in this game. You have to consider that every star is the light of the distinctive sun, and planets are filled with life.

You have to fly across space without any limitations and discover unique places and creatures that can be seen by other players playing this game. Moreover, you can get quite an interesting experience of space, moon, and stars with this game. Furthermore, you have to protect yourself from dangerous organisms that can destroy you.

Release Date: August 9, 2016

Developer: Hello Games

Publisher: Hello Games

Characteristics of No Man’s Sky

  • Provide you with major updates regularly.
  • You have to face hostile creatures, and for your survival, you have to upgrade ships, weapons, and suits.
  • Allows you to upgrade your ship for speed and more weapons.
  • Enables you to share your discoveries with others on the map, and also, you can see the results of other people as your own.

4. Endless Space

If you want to get a pretty engaging game among games like Spore, then yes, Endless Space is quite interesting within which you have to imagine futures and make different strategies according to that. You have been transferred into different galaxies, and in that galaxy, you were a leader of different groups, and by using different strategies, you can grow more and more in the game.


You have to select from the nine civilizations and get different cultures in Endless Space. Moreover, you can get unlimited offers like military expansion, formation, etc., with which you can feel like a real hero conquering the world. As you were a leader, you had a major responsibility of protecting space from enemies.

Release Date: 2012

Developer: Amplitude Studios

Publisher: Iceberg Interactive (formerly), Sega (current)

Characteristics of Endless Space

  • Based on full of choices, select the civilization of your desire.
  • Provide you with realistic graphics and effects.
  • The subscription to the game is quite reasonable.
  • Provides you with regular updates.

5. Creature Sim

The game that lets gamers play with eco-system and genetics is Creature Sim. You have to create your World and experiment with species of different plants and animals. You have customizable options with which you can change the environment and suggest how it looks. Moreover, you have to create new species for both plants and animals.

People said it to be engaging because you can become a creator in real life. Moreover, this game aims to educate people regarding the evolution of life. Furthermore, you can also explore different environments to know how species mutate according to the environment.

Release Date: 1992

Developer: Maxis

Publisher: Maxis, Mindscape, Mini Bucket

Characteristics of Creature sim

  • Provides you with customization options to change anything that has to be replaced.
  • Helps you in getting knowledge about genetic development and the evolution of life.
  • Offers you HD graphics to make your gaming experience remarkable.
  • Provides you with regular updates.

6. Biogenesis

It is an interesting game identical to other games like Spore because it also involves how organisms grow and increase in space. The concept of this game is the same as space and species in which creatures or organisms are represented with colorful segments and grow in a 2D environment.

The basic part of this game is evolving in ancient life, where you can easily study how a huge variety of creatures grow, their life and behavior, etc. You can play in different environments to know how creatures transform them according to the environment.

Release Date: February 24, 2019

Developer: Joan Queralt Molina

Publisher: Joan Queralt Molina

Characteristics of Biogenesis

  • You can get the translation in various languages.
  • Gives you quite amusing gameplay.
  • Can play on multiple platforms.
  • You can gain a huge level of knowledge about how organisms mutate.

7. Amoeba

If you are a huge fan of Pac-Man, you would love the Amoeba game because it resembles Pac-Man. If we talk about the gameplay, it has simple and easy gameplay, like a growing game in which one single nucleus grows into more cells. The genre of this game is an evolution-based game in which you have to control the increasing number of creatures.

If you want to increase the number of single nuclei, then you have to collect nuclei and disperse your enemy by continuous development. Moreover, you can collect glucose cells to move your Amoeba and avoid green viruses that can affect your Amoeba. This game simulates how to survive in virus affected environment.

Release Date: 2019

Developer: Terry Paton

Publisher: IDW Games, Peliko/Martinex Oy

Characteristics of Amoeba

  • You can increase your power-ups by increasing the size of the Amoeba.
  • Allows you to learn how to avoid enemies and grow fast.
  • Get an interesting storyline.
  • Provides you with amazing graphics.

8. Galaxy

It is said to be another amazing game with galaxy-like graphics in which you are in space and find two unicolor spacecraft, and you aim to shoot each other in space where you are in between stars, and you have to navigate a 2D plane. Somehow this game resembles games like a spore in which you have to set against the backdrop of a starfield.

You have to take command of one aircraft, and by avoiding obstacles like stars, you have to fire on other aircraft. You can get gravitational pull when you come close to the star but risk misjudging the route and falling into the star. You can use the panic button to avoid the enemy. It also enables you to relocate the spacecraft to another position on the screens.

Release Date: September 1, 1971

Developer: inferno

Publisher: inferno

Characteristics of Galaxy

  • Provides you with unique gameplay.
  • Get power-ups to shoot enemies.
  • Give you 3D graphics.
  • You can also change your spacecraft whenever you want.

9. Endless Space 2

It is the second version of Endless Space in which you have eight civilizations in the Galaxy, and you have to increase that 8 to 12 by different strategies. All eight groups have their strategy and visual designs like Sophos, cravers, etc.

You can have the two civilizations, on one side of your find peaceful aliens group based on science fiction, and by applying different strategies, they can grow their research technologies. On the other side, you found Cravers, who are very aggressive and merged machine and insects bodies under a store live control system to manipulate planets and populations. You can explore the massive galaxy, and your focus is on creating groups in the space world.

Release Date: May 18, 2017

Developer: Amplitude Studios

Publisher: Sega

Characteristics of Endless Space 2

  • Get an amazing storyline.
  • Get nine major factions, each with its gameplay.
  • Digital soundtrack.
  • Get new technologies, new heroes.

10. Kerbal Space Program

Another best game among games like Spore with an amazing graphical interface is the Kerbal Space Program which allows you to make your spacecraft and manage the race of creatures. That is why this game is known as Kerbal. Moreover, you will get updates regularly, and you will always find yourself maintaining or making ships for space war.

You have to make the team know what is happening in the galaxy. Furthermore, you can get three modes of gameplay: career mode, science mode, and sandbox mode. In addition to all that, you have found unlimited upgrades to increase your group’s power and many customization options to make your game more expressive.

Release Date: 2011

Developer: Private Division

Publisher: 2K Games

Characteristics of Kerbal Space Program

  • You can create a lot of spacecraft in this game according to your desire.
  • You can learn the law of physics and thermodynamics thorugh this game.
  • Enables you to apply your skills in the game.
  • You have to give more attention and focus on winning the game.

11. Eufloria

One of the german-based games with a real-time strategy mode is called Eufloria. The aim of this game is that a tree has grown on an asteroid mysteriously, and you have to raise them to create seeds. After sometimes you will be grown up, unlimited trees and space became a forest in which you will be floating around.

You can get the simulation, strategy, and combat genres in this game. You have to make trees and protect them from harmful particles that can destroy the garden. Some people think that the gameplay is superficial, but you can get amazing graphics in this game. The more your tree is grown, there will be more chances of winning the game.

Release Date: October 21, 2009

Developer: Headup Games

Publisher: Omni Systems

Characteristics of Eufloria

  • Get 25 levels in story mode.
  • Provides you with a relaxing mode to enjoy more.
  • Offers you levels that can be played again and again.
  • For more styling and challenge, it provides you with dark mode.
  • Gives you the original soundtrack.

12. Flow

It is another game with a flash game-like mode that can be played on PlayStation 3. You have to manage the worms like organisms in an aquatic environment in this game. But according to most people, you have a 2D plane that is fixed vertically with each other so that you find a creature blurry below that point, and that becomes clear to you when it comes closer.

Your creature has to eat up those other creatures to increase the pieces on your creatures after eating up other creatures. Moreover, you can get DDA integrated design to get more skill levels to play the game with more strength.

Release Date: April 14, 2006

Developer: Thatgamecompany

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Characteristics of Flow

  • Compatible with PSN and PSP games.
  • Provide you an option of 5 fantastic creatures.
  • Get an impressive aquatic environment.
  • Gives you an amazing soundtrack.

13. Sins of a Solar Empire

It is another game based on science fiction lovers in which you have to fight in space with other space ships to gain more power. You can explore new spaceships, military forces, and aircraft in this game. You have to focus on your skills and make different strategies to conquer the universe.

Moreover, you can use ships, economy, and diplomacy to get a victory. The basic aim of this game is to increase your area to get the victory. This game is all about a future in which you imagined technologies and space. Moreover, you can also get rewards after completing each mission in the game.

Release Date: February 4, 2008

Developer: Ironclad Games

Publisher: Stardock

Characteristics of Sins of a Solar Empire

  • You have to pay your full attention because the game is quite interesting.
  • Based on unique imagination.
  • Can learn the skills to manage the economy.
  • Boost up your patience.
  • Explore the 3D set of planets and solar system.

14. Osmos

It is said to be another similar game among other games like Spore with a 2D graphical interface. This game aims to navigate artistically in the 2D plane, which generally means that you are floating on a planet, and you have to absorb asteroids, space junks, and slowly your planets grow in size and take over the whole solar system.

Now you are thinking about how it is similar to the Spore. In Spore, you have to start small organisms and make them big and intelligent, and in this game, you have to start as a small spec and make them a huge planet.

Release Date: August 17, 2009

Developer: Hemisphere Games

Publisher: Hemisphere Games, Xbox Game Studios

Characteristics of Osmos

  • Get 72 levels in 8 distinct worlds.
  • Provide you with multiple player modes.
  • Gives you an incredible soundtrack.
  • Offers you Arcade mode to play any random level in a replay.
  • Provide you with incredible multi-touch control.
  • You can sync your progress via iCloud.

15. Evolva

It is said to be the best game among other games like Spore, in which you have to take control over your team like mastered genetic engineers. You have to modify warriors and direct them by inspiring the world. That warrior can adjust to any condition by transforming according to the situation. Moreover, you can explore new weapons and abilities that DNA requires.

Furthermore, you have to explore 12 worlds and various weapons, including fire breath, giant claws, necrocytes, etc. Moreover, you can also play in multiple layer mode to know which one is the best warrior. This game aims to fight against the aliens and save the planet.

Release Date: 2000

Developer: Computer Artworks

Publisher: Interplay Entertainment, Virgin Interactive

Characteristics of Evolva

  • Get amazing sceneries in this game.
  • You can explore 12 different worlds to beat enemies.
  • To boost up your team, you have to transform your organism frequently.
  • You have to focus on the evolution of 4 squads.
  • Provides you with amazing graphics.
  • Enable you to customize your controls, your squad, etc.

Final Words

Above, we have discussed all the games you can enjoy with a coffee mug on your couch. If you want to learn more about those games, you can read the details of the games in this article. If you get to know about Spore and games like Spore, keep track of the games we have discussed and play them in your leisure time. Also, share your favorite games of yours with others.

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