Best Gloud Games for PC, iOS, and Android in 2022

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Whenever we talk about Gaming, we all mostly hear the term Cloud Games but have you ever heard about Gloud Games? If this is new for you so don’t get bothered. Here we will explain to you everything about Gloud Gaming. Let’s start and collect all the info you want to know about it.

What is Gloud Games?

Gloud Games is an incredible gaming platform that makes it possible to play almost any game from the comfort of your Android device, no matter whether it was released for computers or consoles. These Games have servers where you can remotely play any game you want. Although Gloud Games only offers thirty-minute sessions, you can permanently save your progress and start a new session.

Origin of Gloud Games

The Game originated in China, but since English is an international language, the Gloud English version’s demand is higher. Gloud Games is a Cloud Game platform established by 51ias. Gloud Games App is a Chinese Game and is only available in China. When you takeoff the App from outside of China, you will get an error message from developers.


Do you know? Cloud technology is a big Android game developer providing you Gloud Gaming. It was established in 2018, but there are only 2 game categories in this app. The first one is “Gloud Games free to play 200+ AAA games”, and the other one is “Gloud Games Deluxe Edition.” Both of the games are in the action category.

Features of Gloud Games

  1. You can control it from your screen.
  2. The games are stored into categories.
  3. You are allowed to record videos. The games also provide the functions.
  4. You will get support from online gaming.
  5. Now minimum operating system requirement is Android 4.3 or higher.
  6. If you use the free version, you have to see ads.
  7. The present size of this game is 8 MB.

Here are some Advantages of Gloud Games for you:

  1. At the moment, one active player can play with a single computer.
  2. These games allow playing from anywhere in the world.
  3. All the games of Gloud are highly optimized, so you don’t need to change your graphic card.
  4. As a player, you can build your team with your local friends. You can also record your games and submit them to YouTube.

Are These Free-to-Play?

You are allowed to play these games free. But, it is for a limited period. Gloud offers a two-week trial period free of cost and with no payment commitment. Games’ slogan is like a good option before investing a single penny.

Some Required Permissions

The most exciting thing about these games is that they are available for Gloud PC, Mac, Android, and iOS as well. As we know, each game requires some permissions, like that it also requires some permissions to access which are described below.

Camera: Gloud takes permission to capture video and takes pictures.

Microphone: For recording Audio.

Telephone: To know your status and identity, it also takes permission by telephone.

Storage: It takes permission to modify, read and delete contents of your SD card.

These games are highly secure that is why they also needs other special permission:

  • Gloud pair with your Bluetooth device.
  • It can change your Audio setting.
  • Gloud APK changes network connectivity.
  • It also retrieves the running Apps.
  • Gloud collects data from the internet, preventing the phone from sleeping.
  • It also has a connection with Google Play Billing Service.

System Requirements

  • CPU: AMD FX or higher. Intel Core Duo or higher
  • Hard disk space: 100 MB
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics card: Nvidia, AMD, or Intel. The size gives a resolution of 1280×720 to 32 bpp (bit by pixel).


Gloud PC

  • OS: Windows 7, 32 bits or higher.


  • Mac OS: OS x 10.11 and 10.12 (The Captain and Saw) or higher.

Gloud iOS

  • iPhone 5s or higher.
  • The software version should be at least 9.0.

Top Best Gloud Games

Some of the top best games are enlisted below for your reference. If you want to play, you can pick among them without any difficulty.

1. Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is the most reliable and exciting game and is road-tested over 80,00000 miles by the DIRT community. It captures the spirit of what makes rally solely like no other game. It is the final test of a driver’s talent in great danger, and high reward gameplay.


Dirt Rally sorts a bulk quantity of vehicles in an extensive range of classes and 16 constructors. It contains cars from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, Group B, Group A, Group R, 2000s and 2010s updated rally, Rallycross and Pikes Peak, with cars having up to 10 liveries as well. In terms of image quality, a full 1080p resolution is carried on both PS4 and Xbox One, with post-process anti-aliasing and matching art and effects work.

In contrast, the PC version includes Steam Workshop that consists of preset setups made from each vehicle by users that help benefit races from different terrains from different tracks. However, the game holds up to 100 mods as subscribing to more than 100 mods will not function.

2. Rise of the Tomb Raider

This video game is the sequel to 2013. It is a video game developed by Crystal Dynamics. In 2015, the game was launched by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Square Enix brought the game for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in 2016.


Rise of the Tomb Raider included in the 20 Year collaboration of the content from the different seasons. The seasons include five classic variations of Lara Croft to play as in Expedition mode, Extreme Survivor ultra-hard difficulty for the core campaign, new story chapter, new zombie chapter, new co-op endurance mode, and PlayStation VR support. If you pre-order the special edition, you also develop an art book.

3. Mad Max Fury Road

This communicating game was released for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One in September 2016. It is a video game based on the Mad Max franchise. Avalanche Studios developed this game as an action-adventure-based game.


The Mad Max franchise introduced such unique features in the game, which has not been seen in any new installment in 30 years. The developer returns to his treasure-able narrative in fantastic form. The compiled Fury Road is included as the main element, which we think is what makes Mad Max: the unique, successful, innovative, and mind-blowing game.

4. Lego Batman 3

Lego Batman 3 is a Lego-themed video game developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. The third portion of the Lego Batman video game series is an outcome to Lego Batman: The Videogame and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. A port was unconfined to mobile phones, without the numeral in the title.


The game structure include voice acting and semi-open world environments and focuses on a large cast of characters from the whole DC Universe. The story of the game itself is a more exciting and attractive feature. Brainiac attacks the Earth, planning to shrink the planet and add it to his assortment, which services the Justice League and the Legion of Doom to form an implausible pact to stop him.

5. Grid Autosport

Code-masters develop the Grid Autosport. It is a racing video game and is the 9th in the TOCA series. It is accessible for Microsoft Linux, iOS, macOS, Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The designers thus presented significant changes to the conducted model and built a lean, race-first oriented design for this title.


GRID Autosport features an enormous career, advanced rival driver AI, the return of in-car view & the most exciting high-performance racing cars. Plenty of multiplayer options include clan-style Racing Clubs for online team competition, new challenges every week powered by RaceNet, plus 2 players split-screen racing.

Stats and Facts

Cloud gaming service has become very widely held at the present age. The rating of Gloud Games is quite high on Google play. According to July 2019, it has reached 74 thousand reviews and 5 million-plus downloads. In fact, some users of this game want to give a 6-star rating. Generally, people like to get the Gloud Game APK mod for Android phones.

Recent Updates (2022)

  • Gloud has improved SVIP privileges so that you can play unlimited times.
  • The queue is also unique.
  • It offers a steadfast server.

Final Words

In this article, we explained almost each and everything about Gloud Games. You can now enjoy these games without any interruption. Let’s try these games without any hesitation. Hope so it will prove as a great help for you.

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