Best Google Secret or Hidden Games [2022]

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Do you want to bring excitement to your life with Games? In a world full of stress, workload, hustle, and bustle, everyone wants something exciting in their lives to reduce their everyday stress, anxiety, and workload with different interests. Nearly everyone has played a game at some point in their lives. Some like to play games in their leisure time, some love to read novels, and some also love net surfing, etc. Games occupy a strange place in our cultural consciousness. Games are rarely discussed with the same reverence as other media like films or books despite that ubiquity.

Do you like playing Mystery Games? As I told you earlier, Games are a source of joy for everyone. Games are of various types. Different people love to play different games according to their hobbies or desires, like Puzzles, Video games, Thrilling games, and Mystery games. Clue’s mystery game has been a hit family game for decades, introducing generations to suspicious characters like Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard. Games like Clue are loved by families, teaching kids and adults alike how to use logic to find the answer.

List of Google Secret or Hidden Games

How can we find hidden games in Google search? Google has hidden several excellent games. Google is one of the most creative and ingenious world-renowned software developers. It is also a great innovation company embedding exciting features and games into its various products. We can also play every game on google easily by just searching a few strings on google. It is quite interesting that you do not need to install and download your games. Mentioned below is a compiled list of Google Secret Hidden Games online, which can be played on various Google services. Let us start with the list.


1. T-Rex

The absence of the Internet while playing games is sometimes annoying, and Google knows that. T-Rex is known as one of the most influential and frightening dinosaurs. A favorite among dino lovers, this fearsome creature needs your help in surviving the elements of the Jurassic environment.

The game is quite exciting and Challenging; once you go past certain levels. The objective of the game is to defeat all five bosses. The more you play, the more the Dino grows and gets stronger. Loaded with super fun sounds for great gaming excitement.


Designer: Sebastien Garbriel, Alan Bettes, and Edward Jung

Modes: Single-player mode.

Characteristics of T-Rex

  • It is one-tap gameplay.
  • It provides you with plenty of challenges and actions.
  • This game also comes with a pixel art style.
  • It also provides you with the 8 bit sound effect.
  • You can install it quickly because it provides you with small installations.

2. Minesweeper

Minesweeper is another game all of us loved to play as kids and is available in the Google search results. Like its name, it involves navigating through mines in a puzzle-like game. In this game, skills, and luck both are needed. Luck is involved in composition because you can’t decide what numbers of mine you will have and skills are involved while learning how to play it. This game provides you with several modifications now.

Designer: Curt Johnson

Modes: Single Player.

Characteristics of Minesweeper

  • It provides many variants, but most seem to enjoy the 2D style.
  • This game has varying board sizes and difficulties.
  • It offers you funky and awesome sound effects.
  • It gives you a simple game interface to make it easier for you to play minesweeper.
  • It also helps you with basic instructions about how to play.

3. Quick Draw

Doodling is one of the best ways to pass the time. You have to draw an object in a limited time. The quick draw is one of the hidden games which allow you to try your hands-on art. It was initially started as an AI experiment by a search giant. It asks the users to draw something on the page, and the Google network tries to identify the doodling. While drawing, google will keep on guessing the doodles, and it was fun to watch.

Designer: Jonas Jongejan, Henry Rowley, Takashi Kawashima, Jongmin Kim, Ruben Thomson, Nick Fox-Gieg

Modes: Single-player mode.

Characteristics of Quick Draw

  • It has a variety of formats.
  • It also provides you with a simplified version.
  • It is a win-win game for everyone means that no one can lose.
  • It is an open-sourced game for everyone.
  • It also allows you to take guesses in real-time for your help.

4. Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the most exciting games everyone plays when they are kids. The Solitaire manages a shuffled deck of cards and organizes them into four suit stacks ascending from Ace to King. You need to pile a 52 deck of cards in this game, alternately using red and black colors. You have to search for “Solitaire,” which will let you play the game at the top of the search results. You can also choose the difficulty level as well.

Designer: Susan Kare

Modes: One-player game.

Characteristics of Solitaire

  • It provides you with a hint.
  • It also keeps a record of your Win/Loss situations.
  • It is easy to start a new game.
  • Rules are automatically enforced while playing online.
  • It also customizes your game to make it more appealing.
  • This game is available in online and offline versions.

5. Champion Island Games

Champion Island Games is Google’s latest interactive Doodle, Japan-based, a temporary alteration to the logo on Google homepages that we typically see rolled out to commemorate holidays, historical figures, or events. It is one of the role-playing games with an element of sports games.

You control the cat around the island with seven regions such as bamboo forest and mountains. By beating all seven champions and earning their scrolls, the player will be called Island Champion.

Designer: Google Studio 4°C

Mode: Singleplayer

Characteristics of Champion Island Games

  • There are seven mini-games inside Champion Island Games like a marathon, climbing, skateboarding, etc.
  • It provides you with 2D gorgeous animation sprinkled throughout the retro-looking gameplay.
  • They also help you with an online leaderboard and multiple teams to align with games.
  • It is an open-sourced game.

6. Atari Breakout

It is an updated version of the legendry Breakout game by Atari, which is played to bat the ball at the colored blocks until there are none left while ensuring the ball does not pass your paddle. You have to finish all the blocks using the ball.

Enjoy this classic game with powerups to boost you to the next level. These powerups can be collected and range from increasing the number of balls in play to creating a wider hitting area. Lives will be displayed in the bottom left of the screen, and if you run out of the lives, you will have to start a new game. The difficult part of this is lining yourself up to avoid missing it.

Designers: Nolan Bushnell, Steve Bristow, Steve Wozniak

Modes: Two or more players mode in alternating turns.

Characteristics of Atari Breakout

  • You can increase the size of your paddle.
  • It provides you with simple game controls.
  • It offers you fast actions.
  • This game has three difficulty levels.
  • You can also make the ball Heavy smash blocks easily.

7. Tic-Tac-Toe

That basic game we had played in our childhood is an ultimate time-killing game. Google had made this game to play online, so now you do not need a pen or paper to play this game. You can search it easily on google by simply typing Tic-Tac-Toe, and it will present you the board right inside the search.

You can also choose difficulty levels like easy medium hard. Knock on the next cubicle top start playing the game. There are some outcomes of this game, and you can reach the point where no one can win or lose. But it is an easy way to waste some time and solve some disputes.

Designers: George Cooper, John Rogers Thomas

Mode: Two players mode.

Characteristics of Tic-Tac-Toe

  • It provides you with a simple interface.
  • It also helps you to use unique graphics.
  • You can easily alter the graphics and sounds.
  • It is an open-sourced game.
  • It also offers you funny sound effects.


GoSkills Is one of the hidden games by Google, which is also a learning platform that helps you to learn essential business skills to reach your full potential. It integrated exciting gameplay elements into our award-winning courses to make learning a more fun and engaging experience. They picked up experts who are passionate and brilliant teachers.

They have rubies, sapphire, emeralds, and diamonds for you in this game. These precious stones will be given to you according to your skills. The more coin you earn, the higher your status becomes. You have to simply grow your skills net worth with coins when you achieve certain milestones in your courses.

Designers: Kgosi Kekana

Modes: Multiplayer

Characteristics Of GoSkills

  • It makes learning exciting and engaging.
  • It provides you with real-time feedback.
  • It also enables your social learning.
  • It facilitates learner motivation.
  • It gives you unlimited access to all courses.

9. Garden Gnomes Google Hidden Game

It is one of the games released on June 10 to celebrate Garden day. This game is like Angry Bird(If you ever played this); you can easily play Garden gnomes. You need to launch the catapult to make the gnomes reach as far as possible in the garden.

You have to plant as many flowers as possible to become a top scorer in this game. It is a beautiful game, and you will enjoy this game. Doodle will start this game, but now Doodle is gone, and you can play this game on the Google Doodle archive whenever you want to play.

Designer: Gerben Steenks

Modes: Single-player mode.

Characteristics of Garden Gnomes

  • It provides you with a simple setup.
  • You can quickly end up this game which will consume less time.
  • It comes with a high-quality interface.
  • It also provides you with good sound effects.
  • It is an open-sourced game.

10. Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Google has launched a great new playable game to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor. You can join this game by simply going to google. Google-made this arcade game in Crystal Castle style with which you can play the game using a blocky little avatar of any of the Doctor. You have to move between boards, collect the letters, dodge Daleks, and get reborn like other Doctor avatars. It seems that working on doodles inspires a level of passion, and it is one that Cruickshank shares, even though it’s his full-time job.

Designer: fan Matt Cruickshank

Modes: Single-player mode

Characteristics of Doctor Whos 50th anniversary

  • It provides you with an 8-bit graphics interface.
  • It is a pretty neat little game to waste some time with.
  • You can imagine yourself in the place of a doctor in this game.
  • It also provides you with the best sound quality.
  • It also has a simple interface.

11. Text Adventure

Have you ever wanted to cheer up your favorite character in a moment of sadness or loss? A text adventure is one of the old times for games and comes on every platform, including mobiles. It is one of the unusual and unexpected games. This game is also called the game of Words, a puzzle game where you have to search for the letter from the official Google logo.

The goal of this game is to make it home without dying. You can do several different things to make your rigorous journey more enjoyable, such as fishing rather than hunting or crafting a walking stick so you can make the trip faster and much more! You may also have to stumble across a village where you can ransack it or trade with the villagers along your journey.

Designer: Colossal Cave Adventure

Modes: Single-player mode

Characteristics of Text Adventure

  • It is a different and unique approach, that helps you to gain more knowledge.
  • It provides you with a simple interface that can be easily understood.
  • The game mechanism is very ambitious and hard to implement.
  • This game comes with a modern interface with which you can have a conversation with unique and charming characters.
  • It is fully handcrafted with no use of any text generation algorithm.

12. Google Clouds

Google Cloud is a fun game that can be found on Google. It was designed to engage people while traveling without an active Internet connection. This is a helpful game on those long flights, where you can not manage to sleep due to a baby crying in the seat next to you! Open the app put your phone on Airplane mode. Now search for anything.

You will see search results with a round icon with a cloud man waving cheerfully at you. Tap to launch the game. Google cloud gaming will provide you with a huge set of the list to play one of them is Flappy bird. This game is like a Flappy bird; click on it to start playing it. Avoid obstacles and ensure that the chirpy cloud icon is on air and does not fall. Remember, the birds here are not your friends, so avoid them.

Designer: cloud.google.com

Mode: Singleplayer mode.

Characteristics of Google Clouds

  • It can access multiple cloud games on your Android phone.
  • You can play games anywhere, anytime.
  • This game provides you with quality graphics.
  • This game can also be played without a net.
  • This game is meant for Andriod phones.
  • This game is huge fun when you are traveling.

13. Google Basketball

Playing Basketball physical is real-time fun and keeps you fit. But in 2012, Google had made an online basketball game that acts as a suitable break between work and studies. This game is released to celebrate summer games. To access this game, go to the homepage of Google basketball and click on the Start button. You will see a blue basketball player appears in a basketball stadium. You are all set to shoot the hoops with a mouse or space bar.

Designer: James Naismith

Modes: Multiple player modes

Characteristics of Google Basketball

  • It provides you with realistic 3D graphics.
  • It is easy to pick up and to challenge to master.
  • It helps you to unlock 50+ basketballs.
  • You are free to play this game.
  • It gives you thousands of unique looks.


Google SmartyPins is an online game designed to test your knowledge on the maps. You will be given a clue, and you have to pin on the map the close location as possible in this game. It is a great tool to use when teaching your students about Geography. You will be asked about different geography, entertainment, sports, games, etc. These games are location-based, so you have to drop a pin on the correct location, which is your answer to the question.

Designer: Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen

Modes: Single-player mode

Characteristics of SmartyPin

  • It is an online application.
  • It provides you with a hint.
  • It offers Zoom in and Zooms out map characteristics.
  • You have to play on a webpage.
  • You gain a bonus point when you answer in 15 seconds.

15. Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth is a built-in simulator that lets you travel worldwide using a plane. If you have one, you can even choose whether to fly an SR22 or F16 jet and play using a joystick. Download this game, open it and press Ctrl+Alt+A to launch the simulator. By picking a location, and now you can fly to that place. Don’t crash it, though. Here is a depth guide. Note that the flight simulator only works on the desktop.

Designer: Mark Caswell-Daniels

Mode: Multiple Player.

Characteristics of Earth Flight Simulator

  • It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • It supports Joystick.
  • It provides you with a 10-meter global image.
  • It also gives you global high resolution.
  • You can play this game anywhere in the world.

16. Google Feud

It is an online web game where you have to answer given questions. You will start playing by choosing a category, reading questions, and answering what words are most searched on google. There are ten answers for each question, and you have three guesses which you can use in the game. If you are looking for a competition with friends and want to show them who the search engine expert is, this game is best.

Designer: Justin Hook

Modes: Multiple player modes

Characteristics of Google Feud

  • It is one of the great games to play with friends and family.
  • It provides you with four categories.
  • You can play it easily, but it is tricky to guess all ten correctly.
  • It also offers you an autocorrect option.
  • Hints are also there for your help.

17. Snake Game

One of the best games reminds you of your childhood memories. It was the last game comes on our phones. Nokia phones had this game, and we played with buttons. Google brought this game online. You have to search the Snake game in google and play the game with all visuals, controls, and sound. Designer: Taneli Armanto

Mode: Multiplayer mode

Characteristics of Snake Games

  • The game automatically restarts once a game is over.
  • It is free to download and play.
  • It provides you with high-quality graphics.
  • It also gives high-quality sound effects.

18. Pac Man

We all are grown up playing these classic games. Google has made this version of the game for you, You just need to type Pac-Man on Google, and the game will be visible on your screen for you to enjoy and play. You will travel on an exciting journey with experience of various maze designs with new obstacles and powerups to eat the dots and avoid Ghost Gang.

Designer- Toru Lwatani

Modes -Single player

Characteristics of Pac Man

  • You can customize your new arcade cabinets.
  • It gives you new powerups that supercharge your gameplay.
  • It provides you with customized skins.
  • It gives you a classic 8-bit Arcade edition.
  • It offers you weekly tournament challenges.

19. Zerg Rush

It is one of the cool games that are challenging and easy. You will have several balls that start dropping from the corner on the screen. The balls don’t have to touch the search results by clicking on the balls. If it happens, the links will start disappearing. Remember, there will be several balls from all corners.

Designer: Toru Lwatani

Mode: Single Player Mode

Characteristics of Zerg Rush

  • It is one of the simple games.
  • It provides you with the best quality.
  • It is a very exciting game that can be played in your free time.
  • It also provides you with high-quality sound.
  • You can play it free of cost.

Final Words

Google is a huge multinational platform of tech products, with many hidden features and games. We have provided you with the most interesting google games that you can play in your free time in this content. Next time you are with your gang of friends, introduce them to these hidden google games. You can play Google games of your choice with this list of games.

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