How to Fix Kodi Genesis?

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We are all familiar with many media players. On the other hand, these media players provide us with a variety of services that we desire. Each media player has its own set of features. Some of them can give you easy access to audio, while others can provide you with access to video and much more. We need to change some media players to meet our needs. Before we get to the point where Kodi Genesis doesn’t work, let’s dig a little further and learn more about Kodi.

We all come from diverse backgrounds and enjoy a variety in our daily lives. As a result, we watch movies, watch TV, or listen to music to find that peace. However, due to our strict schedule, we have been unable to do so several times. But what if this media package is brought together and made available to anyone, anywhere?

Kodi is software that is an open-source media player that is full of fun and entertainment. We all want to have fun in our lives, and when we do, it improves our quality of life. Kodi was born out of the need for a media hub that would bring together all the digital content in one place. Cody, on the other hand, does not provide media. It allows users to play movies, TV shows, music, music videos, and other digital media via local and network storage devices, as well as the Internet.


What are Kodi’s add-ons?

Kodi add-on is a simple and minor program that enhances the functionality of the software. Inside Cody, there are thousands of add-ons that can be installed to convert this Media Center software into an Internet streaming program. Although Cody lists add-ons, and these add-ons are available in Kodi’s repository, there are thousands of add-ons available on the Internet from a variety of sources.

When using Kodi on a regular basis, we sometimes encounter a number of problems, which can prevent us from implementing Kodi’s abilities. The most common error is receiving an error message stating, “Failed to install the dependency.” This problem is very easy to fix. You should carefully follow the procedure below:


“Check the name of the dependency that failed to install.”

Once you find a dependency name, search for it on the Internet. You will find a different source from which you can get it.

What is Genesis on Kodi?

Genesis is a Kodi add-on with a straightforward UI and a wide range of content types. It used to be a very famous add-on, but it went out of service for some time. Now that it has regained its reputation, it is back. Both Real Debrid and Trakt.tv are accessible by this add-on. It has also been reported to work well with Amazon Fire TV.

Methods to Fix Kodi Genesis

There are a few methods for resolving this issue. Try each one to see which one works best for you.

1. Fix Kodi Genesis via Restarting Kodi Program

If you’ve recently installed the Genesis add-on and it is not working when you try to access it, restarting the Kodi program might be the answer.

2. Fix Kodi Genesis via Clearing the Cache and Providers of the Add-on

When Android apps cease operating or show errors, this is frequently done. A cache is a temporary storage space for such data that aids in the loading of information fast. Clearing the cache of add-ons can help with buffering, errors, and other difficulties. By following the instructions below, you can clear Genesis’ cache and providers:

Step 1: Go to the ‘My Add-ons’ from the option ‘Add-ons’ on the main screen of Kodi.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Video Add-ons’ and click the ‘Genesis.’

Step 3: It will take toward many options, and you just click on Tools.

Step 4: Press the “Enter” button after putting the cursor on “Clear Cache” from the available options, and click on Yes.

Step 5: Click on ‘Clear Providers’ from the same list and select ‘Yes.’

Step 6: Now check the Kodi Genesis; if it is working properly, it means your problem is solved.

3. Fix Kodi Genesis via Updating the add-on

When add-ons aren’t updated, they frequently fail to operate. As a result, make sure you have the most recent version of the Genesis add-on. If it isn’t, then it needs to be updated. This can be accomplished by removing the add-on and then reinstalling the new version. Check if you are still getting the same error after that. If the error persists, follow the next method. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy your favorite show.

4. Fix Kodi Genesis via Using a VPN

You might be experiencing Genesis not operating due to geo-blocking. Many services and sources are frequently geo-blocked by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), which prevents add-ons from working. To get around this, set up a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) hides your IP address, allowing you to connect to servers from all over the world. If your Genesis isn’t responding due to geo-blocking, then try a VPN to fix the issue and access it again.

5. Fix Kodi Genesis via Updating Graphics Card Driver

An outdated graphics card driver is another common reason for this issue. However, you can only employ this method if you are using Kodi on a Windows PC. Go to the next method if you have it installed on your Fire TV, Roku TV, or any other Smart TV or smartphone. If you’re running Kodi on a Windows PC, you can upgrade your graphics card driver by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open ‘Device Manager’ and click on the ‘Display Adapters.’

Step 2: A list of options will show. Click on ‘Display Adapters’ from the available list of options.

Step 3: It will show the “Graphics Card” installed on your PC. Right-click on it and tap on ‘Update Driver.’

Step 4: Click on the ‘Search Automatically’ for updated Driver Software. If there is an update available, tap to Update Driver.

Step 5: If Windows is not capable of finding an update, you can look for one on the device manufacturer’s site.

6. Fix Kodi Genesis via Installing the Add-on from a Different Repository

If you persistently experience the issue of a bug in the Genesis add-on. If the repository from where you downloaded the add-on does not have an updated version, you can try this procedure. If that doesn’t work, try installing it from a different repository. This may enable you to receive a Genesis add-on that is bug-free and has recently been updated. Confirm if the Genesis add-on works by downloading it from any of the repositories you haven’t used previously. The Genesis add-on is available in the “KodiUKTV Repository, Super Repository, and Kodil Repository” repositories.

7. Fix Kodi Genesis via Updating or reinstalling the Kodi app

The Kodi program itself might sometimes be the source of all problems. So, if all other approaches fail, this would be the last resort for resolving the issue. If the app is not up to date, update it and see if the problem has been rectified. If this is not the case, uninstall the program and reinstall it. You can also clear the app’s data by heading to the app’s settings and selecting Reset. You’ll have to reinstall all of your add-ons, repositories, and skins if you opt to reset the Kodi software.

Final Words

The solutions presented here have been thoroughly tested and have proved to be effective. If you want to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, try at least one of these simple solutions to your ‘Kodi Genesis Not Working’ issue. Similar techniques can be used to correct the recurring problems of Kodi Genesis. I hope this advice will help you to use Cody without any mistakes. Enjoy the streaming!

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