13 Best Macro Recorders in 2022

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Now there is no need to perform similar tasks twice or repetitively. Stop bothering or exhausting yourself now by doing the same actions again and again. Don’t be surprised as you can do it easily with a reliable alternative way. In this era, we are living in a mechanist and modernized world and use a systematic way for things to perform. Likewise, you can Record your mouse macro and keyboard actions for countless replay times. There is a wide collection of Macro Recorder Software which are available on the internet for this purpose.

What is the Use of Macro Recorder?

A Macro Recorder can capture your mouse actions and keystrokes similar to a tape recorder and let you automate repetitive and tedious tasks on your computer. These recorders record your mouse moves, clicks, and keyboard input and include a built-in macro editor that permits you even to review all your recordings, reorganize the actions, revolute pauses or edit the keyboard inputs, and much more. Furthermore, with the help of these recorders, you also can repeat your keycode recordings as habitually as desired, can adjust playback speed, make fluent to the jittery mouse movements.

Without wasting a single minute, go ahead and explore the wide range of Macro Recorders whether you are a smartphone user and need a macro recorder for android, or a PC user and require a macro recorder for windows or particularly for windows 10, or even if you want a fabulous macro writer for mac device. You will find any of them from here.


List of Best Macro Recorder

In this article, we compile a complete list with all available ranges of macro recorders in the marketplace. In fact, all the listed software are open-source and lie under the category of macro recorder free. So, let’s start the discussion on the following best macro recorders for your ease.

1. AutoHotKey

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10


AutoHotKey allows you to grip and tackle some repetitive tasks proficiently. These tasks may include typing a home address or scrolling through diverse web pages, and more. It is an open source and free-to-use software that lets users write their own macro while utilizing their hands or by means of the macro recorder.

It has the capacity to create hotkeys for organized devices, such as a mouse, remote controls, keyboards, and pointing devices like a joystick, etc. In fact, it can alter any type of key into a hotkey. In addition, this cool functionality helps any short form to expand automatically. Besides, it has the ability to regulate volume, renovate a keypad or joystick to the mouse function, and adapt the windows to keep them constant to the “always-on-top” mode. It also makes it possible to transform its shape and assembles the menu components and icons according to the desired choice as well.

2. AutoIt

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

This application is also freeware macro mechanization that is designed specifically for Windows but supports many other Operating Systems as well. It helps users to speed up their effectiveness and consequently enables them to finish their tasks much faster. The program also refers to a firm script file that allows it to carry out a lot of functions, such as administrating DOS command or Windows applications. Additionally, it automatically sets the mouse shuffles and keystrokes and operates several windows activities, including stimulating, minimizing, thrashing tasks, etc.

It includes many advanced functions like automating clipboard tasks, plain text, and more. It also has the capacity to adjust the registry entries and take out trouble-free string operations. Besides, the greatest component of this program is the comprehensive range of automation options that are available and offered by this wonderful tool. Moreover, it’s extremely convenient to utilize and is significantly a lightweight application.

3. Easy Click Macros

Compatibility: Windows 7

Easy Click Macros is considered the best and most powerful dynamic macro recorder tool. It allows you to generate macros quickly and easily so that you can then carry out a task immediately after one key hit. Moreover, the software also supports making sufficient keyboard shortcuts keys so that you can easily create one of your own if your keyboard does not possess those keys. Additionally, you can do it by indicating the fasten key for the operation, tag on by selecting the input buttons to be brought into play as a shortcut.

It is ready to use in a moment by immediately unzipping the files. It lets you apply multiple macros to the equivalent key and yet fix the regularity of replication and the calculation of every step of the macro effortlessly. In fact, it offers you all the macros collectively at your fingertips that permit you to get some scripting code with no kind of complexity. Additionally, you can also create shortcuts for your Macros in less time and amend them as you want.

4. Pulover’s Macro Creator

Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

It is first-rate automation and script-writing freeware that comprise a built-in recorder that has the ability to record insertions inside its interface and has an extensive array of automation commands. It provides full control to users who either consent to the macros to be conceded out from the app itself. Besides, you can acquire them in excess of their own format known as AutoHotkey Script.

This fabulous inventor precedes your constant keystrokes and mouse procedures. It also routes full control of its users, to each function, including looking up pictures, files, windows, filament, and more. In addition, it also generates If/else codes to standardize the Macros movement. Moreover, it’s an easy-to-use program that consumes very low memory of your device.

5. MouseKey Recorder

Compatibility: Windows 10

MoseKey Recorder is the modest and most innate macro recorder on the marketplace. It is the best and most effective resolution to optimize and systematize all repetitive processes implemented on your PC Windows. Through this, you can easily record your macro and easily activate the programs you want to perform. While using this software, you don’t need to navigate with intricate menus and settings, and you can swiftly record the mouse and keyboard. Moreover, you can open the program, easily Tap on REC and also record ALL events or activities you want.

It has an excellent program with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It is the most functional and fabulous solution for generating macros and programming mouse and keyboard operations. Also, it facilitates users for real-time recording of their mouse moves and keyboard actions. They also can compose the macro through optimal numeral repetitions. Besides, they can set the Play speed to execute actions faster, and, in fact, it allows you to set the time and date when they want to start the play as well.

6. Automate.io

Compatibility: Windows

Automate.io is also lying under the category of an open-source and user-friendly workflow automation tool. It allows you to join all the web apps that are useable for you on a daily basis. You can badge data through them and systematize repetitive jobs without taking to code or relying on inventors. This tool is most commonly useable by Small Businesses organizations running under 1-50 employees max plus the Marketing & Advertising industry. Moreover, you can create simple one-to-one automation workflows or just sync data between two apps.

It lets you create integrations by expanding only the drag & drop interface visually. You can connect up to 200 cloud applications together through it. In addition, it also provides Webhooks / Rest API options to connect other apps as well.

The software can schedule your performances like data formation, adding restrictive logic, or time interval into your workflows. In fact, you can create or share those workflows with your team. Besides, it includes a feature of automation transversely in your organization, provides data encryption at respite and passage, grip data maintenance controls and appraisal logs, and much more while using this application.

7. Macro Toolworks

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2000, and their server versions.

It is an inclusive program that is accessible in the three diverse versions for free. It is perfectly standardized for professional users. This robust and comprehensive macro recorder software deals with a broad collection of macro prompts and commands. These all include browsing an image on the screen, retaining windows, variables, transferring FTPs, emails, and more. Conversely, its free version provides full access to all the primary macro commands like recording mouse actions and keyboard inputs.

This software allows users to generate macros working in any sort of Windows application and initiate the macro by using a custom toolbar. They can also easily perform demarcated mouse tasks or schedules and route the macro at a definite time or once a specific event occurs. Apart, it includes a scheduler, hotkeys, 300 plus macro commands, and many more. Inclusively, the free version is the most powerful and compatible software featuring the simplest and a state-of-the-art interface with the convenience of its users.

8. Tiny Tasks

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista

It is an astonishingly trifling-sized application that contains only 33KB of storage space. So, it is also known as the tiniest macro recorder software online. The graphical interface of the plug-in is also very small. Its measures include only 137 x 48 pixels for displays that have a high resolution. Additionally, TinyTask is a flawless and effective macro recorder application that is perfectly made for rudimentary PCs. In fact, it allows those PC users to automate their repetitive tasks to avoid headaches.

The software includes the two major exclusive functions that are exceptional, i.e, recording and playback at the same time. That’s not enough, and it even features a specific key for each function. These keys allow you to easily perform the desired function on a single tap. You can now record files, save them, and also play them straightforwardly when you want.

It also has a compiling tool that allows you to accumulate the macro in a detached executable organizer and the tools option. Moreover, you will be able to modify the playback speed, modify hotkeys, can generate exe. files, open and close lists and programs, switch among tabs while browsing, inscribe on a notepad, and a lot of other actions with a single click.

9. Mouse Recorder Premium

Compatibility: Windows Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10

Mouse Recorder Premium is an open source, free macro recorder software. It is a specialized, proficient, and professional macro recorder tool supporting automated repetitive tasks. It enables users to set their mouse as an auto-clicker and facilitates them with automation functions for software tasks.

They can record their keystrokes plus mouse clicks as well for unlimited playback, reformation of anxious mouse movements, or boosting timings to seize the macro recordings step-by-step similar to a tape recorder. When using this robust macro editor, you can enjoy a lot of programs offered by this wonderful program.

The software provides you full privacy control and takes care of your confidentiality. It allows users to track specific mouse movements displayed on your screen. It helps you to arrange macros in a folder array for convenient analysis renovate the place of the windows of the recorded programs. Additionally, it can register or record your mouse keys and clicks for countless playbacks.

10. Mini Mouse Macro

Compatibility: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit/10

It is exclusive macro automation software that is free and also portable. It supports record macros for the mouse and keyboard actions or inputs and then provides them even a fluent and efficient playback as well. Furthermore, it has an intuitive interface that defines it as a quite easy and useful application, even for starters. As a portable app, it does not require to be installed. Additionally, you can modestly add the executable file in a selected locality on the hard disk and track it from there.

It lets its users save this package in a media storage device similar to a USB flash disk. By doing this, it can be processed on any processer with no earlier installers, in fact in less possible efforts. The application does not link renewed entries toward the Start menu key or the Windows registry. Anyhow it does not leave any traces when it’s removed, so there is no need to worry about it.

The software can remain hidden because it does not make icons when it is launched on the system tray. The interface vestiges overhead the Windows by default so that you can possess a watch on all keystrokes and mouse moves and on all the actions that are getting indexed on the interface. Here, you can watch the time, coordinate, and organize all the actions.

Moreover, it lets you path mouse clicks, also can view the animation while the macro is played, etc. This application allows you to save the shortcuts and key codes to a file and even boost your speed and craft scripts. Mini Mouse Macro takes a very little part of your device memory and retorts really fast.

11. Perfect Automation

Compatibility: 2000/XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7/8/10

Perhaps Perfect Automation is one of the best and most robust macro recorder software, which helps save your time with amplified productivity. Useful for both beginners and experts, this plug-in can be used as a launcher, a recorder for mouse and keyboard, a solid cursive editor, and a scheduler. The best thing about this software is that it does not need to install for running, and all the applications are merged together to form one single program.

The interface of this software is to be used for all utilities in such manners that it can make it modest and easy-to-use software. The automation of this application is a cake-walk that supports records with no time limitation. It also contains Gentee programming language, making it more convenient for the programmers to mark their personal commands. Additionally, it records the mouse movements on a dynamic window. You also can even have been shuffled to a diverse plug on the screen. You will also find hundreds of pre-developed scripts in the handwritten editor that supports automated functions

12. Robotask

Compatibility: Windows, 32-bit, and 64-bit versions

RoboTask allows you to systematize monotonous tasks on your Windows PC, fluctuating from merely launching applications to inspection email, stirring or backing up files to uploading or copying, sending email, and much more. The program lets you easily create modest tasks with highly multifaceted automation, encompassing conditional IF/ELSE declarations, loops, convention variables, and other progressive options.

Through this application, you can run multiple tools and open documents at the same time. It can shut down Windows and controls off your PC, triggered by any key that you choose. It also helps you process files and folders, copies, transfers, renames, or removes data. You can cope with automatic backups, find alerts for any changes that are occurring in your folders, and much more.

13. Shark Auto Clicker

This software is a full-fledged repetitive auto clicker plug-in created to recognize screenshots. It was launched specifically for online casinos, games players, and word credit or recognitions. It can plug text fields with script in auto mode. Users can also record a numeral of mouse Clicks and Right Clicks. It allows you to save, load projects, and run Non-stop. The maximum of records possible is 30 in single a made project.

It is a very fast and easy-to-organize powerful application that can replicate and execute mouse clicks. Also, it is able to record numerable user-defined actions as well. It is mainly designed to perform windows specific task records and lets you configure manifold parameters. All of the parameters are premeditated to improve or develop the final processes. Besides all that, you can auto-fill text arenas with multiple text colors. In fact, you can record several tasks, DBClicks, and many other Right Clicks with the help of this macro recorder.

Final Words

We tried our best to provide you with the best ever macro recorder software. We also mentioned their compatibility so that you can easily pick the one that is required for you. All the major features and functions of enlisted software are also described so that you can freely select the best one. Now, we hope that all this will be beneficial for you, and the article has proved a great help to meet you with the right solution to remove your complaint about getting bored by performing the repetitive actions again and again.

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