13 Best Magnifying Glass Apps for Android in 2022

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Magnifying Glass is a type of lens that is used to view things at enlarged perspective, so you can see them better. This glass comprises of a piece of convex shaped glass or plastic. This glass usually comes with a metal handle and a frame. To use this glass, you have to hold it in the right place and direction. Previously, actual Magnifying glass was necessary to view things enlarged, but now there are many apps on the Internet you can use for this purpose.

If you are facing any kind of difficulty in reading and viewing tiny things, Magnifying Glass Apps is the option you can use. These are the apps that are designed to help you in reading and viewing things through your handy device.

List of Recommended Magnifying Glass Apps

To use these apps, the first thing you have to do is turn on your device camera, in advanced options enable zoom in options and click a picture to view a small text. Some of the best Magnifying Glass Apps are given below that can assist you in reading the small texts and looking at images for in-depth details.


1. Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight is a good and open-to-use app for iOS and Android gadgets. The app shows exactly what is shown on display through the device camera. You can read and view minor text easily. Also, it permits you to zoom in and out by scrolling your finger up and down.

This app automatically activates the built-in flashlight. The brightness of the light is adjustable through a left-side slider. On the other side, the screen brightness can change with your scrolling. Through, this you can read restaurant menus, medical prescriptions, bottle labels, and serial numbers from the back of the device.


Developer: RV AppStudios

Price: Free, Offers In-App Purchases


  • Highly divergence Mode is available.
  • Enlarge Zoom from 1.0x – 5.0x dimension.
  • Protect Taken Pictures In the gallery.
  • Inbuilt flashlight compatibility.
  • Permit attention locking.
  • Easy-to-use one or two-hand mode.

2. Magnifier + Flashlight

Magnifier + Flashlight is another famous Magnifier for Androids. It is an incredible app with a magnifying outcome and many functions to perform this duty. The interface of this app is very modest and well-comprehensive. It has agreeable colorful images as an alternative to usual signs. This app is also updated regularly.

This app also uses your device camera to magnify the things or text you want to read. It is suitable for things that are not clear to read. You can attach the tiny components and surface mount device through this.

Developer: App2U

Price: Free, Offers In-App Purchases


  • Flashlight mode is available.
  • Provides capture option to use.
  • Offers the Invert mode to use many options.
  • Can be tested on any android device.
  • Huge and obvious options.
  • Protect magnified pictures on your device.

3. SuperVision + Magnifier

SuperVision + Magnifier is among the best and the only Magnifier app in the market that provides ultimate live image steadiness skills. Extremely magnified pictures are usually blur or pixelated. It is an issue, particularly for older people. This app provides clear and read-able preview of the text. This app is a big name in the industry, and it is good for blind and visually abnormal people.

This app is for you to visualize things clearly and make them easy and better to read and visualize. It is the app you can use to read the prints that are not clear from a specific distance. To use this, you just have to hold your mobile camera near the item you want to read or view. It also can be used as a microscope. You can see the small things that are far away from the human eye to visualize.

Developer: Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Price: Free version (Ads)


  • Simple to start. You just have to click the screen and drag.
  • Allows using stabilize option vertically, permitting horizontal interpretation.
  • Exploit the display by double-clicking to the hide option.
  • Restrict pictures at high dimensions to check facts.
  • Mark target for attention and coverage control.
  • Photos can be protected and retrieved.
  • Black and white image converter mode.

4. Magnifying Glass by Pony Mobile

Magnifying Glass through Pony Mobile is a good app for people who want to use a magnifier tool with more features. This app is not limited to just a magnifier; it is a multi-task app. This app also works like a microscope if you need to view things that are not clear through the magnifier. If you are doing a job of this type, this app is best for you to use. You can use this to view the instructions on the prescription.

The capacity of this app to zoom is 1X to 10X. This app provides the Freeze option. Through this, you can restrict the pictures and magnify them. You can hold the exposure and other options to manage the view results. You can change the settings of the app according to your will. This app asks for the camera permission to magnify things.

Developer: Pony Mobile

Price: Free version (Ads)


  • With freezing, you can see the exaggerated pictures in more detail.
  • With a flashlight, you can view things clear in night mode.
  • Search protected pictures and share or delete them.
  • A diversity of filter effects to save your eyes.
  • You can alter or set the brightness of the display according to you.
  • You can modify the formation of the tool according to your needs.

5. Magnifier Microscope

Magnifier Microscope is also among the good apps for Android users. This app is more than a magnifier. It has special specifications, and you can use it as a microscope if things are not clear with a magnifier. This app contains a list of rare features and options that can help you in magnifying things more clearly. The microscopic function is also having multiple options for your ease. If it is your job to wire tiny things that are unable to be viewed with a human eye, use this tool.

Developer: Hantorm

Price: Free version (Ads)


  • It provides a freezing picture option in a better way and takes screen captures with volume buttons.
  • You can freeze the screen to view pictures firmly.
  • It is easy to navigate due to a device app and microscope zoom is about (x2, x4) mode.
  • It also has a zooming menu bar and is helpful to make a memo.
  • Picture Effects have the options (Negative, Sepia, Mono).
  • LED Flashlight option control with volume buttons.

6. Smart Magnifier

Smart Magnifier is an app that provides you with the zoom feature. It is also a good app you can use to view things more appropriately. This can change your smart device into a magnifier glass using the device camera with a flashlight. It is an easy-to-use app with a friendly interface. This app has the camera on option and a digital zooming option to clear things 5x more.

This app provides many options that you can use when you need them. In addition, it has the main auto-focusing feature that blurs the background and just enhances the main area. Like others, this app also provides freezing options for pictures and screens. This app is easy to use and understand.

Developer: Smart Tools co.

Price: Free version (Ads)


  • Provides LED light option that uses a flashlight.
  • Take screenshots and screen recordings.
  • Has the screen freezing option.
  • Offers camera zoom and (5x) digital zoom.
  • Allows rotating camera to view.
  • Have an Auto-focusing option.

7. Reading Glasses Magnifier

Reading Glasses is the crucial and all-in-one app to view things bigger. It is the Digital Magnifier Glass to help you in viewing things and text. This app also magnifies things with the light option that turns on the flashlight of your device camera. It is a free app that is available on the internet to use and enjoy. It provides limited options to use due to free access.

Use this digital app to view the objects and text that is difficult to read with the human eye. You can use this app to read the book with more focus and clear enlarge things. It also offers a shooting option to capture the screen and freeze the screen. No other fee to access it, available with similar options to everyone.

Developer: Roca Software Applications

Price: Free version (Ads)


  • Have the camera zoom function.
  • Automatically allows auto-focus and uses LED flashlight at night.
  • Provide cost-free approach magnifier glass.
  • Different reading glasses option.
  • Have Zoom in/out with volume buttons.
  • Extra magnify compared to other apps.

8. Mega Zoom Real Magnifier Camera – HD

Telescope Mega Zoom HD Camera app that is also among the best Magnifier Apps. It is a newly designed app that improves the camera quality to capture things. It is particularly designed by the team of professionals to make sure that it works with a built-in camera device. It also provides all the features that are needed for the workers of this field. If the text and things are not clear with a magnifier, you can turn it into a telescope.

It also provides the night mode of a telescope to view pictures and objects with the recent technologies. It can zoom the things by using the in-build device camera, which offers to capture the things from the long-distance with a background blur option. This app can also be used in Binocular, Monocular, Microscope, and Magnifier modes. It has used many algorithms to enhance the quality of your device camera.

Developer: Techer

Price: Free version (Ads)


  • Too easy to easy and comprehend and a modest UI atmosphere for you.
  • Convenient zoom drag with visual and ordinal options and brightness and contrast hold.
  • Offers night mode shooting option in every mode.
  • Have HD Photo and Video quality and allow all settings.
  • Provides auto and manual focus settings.
  • Offers the light function to use device flashlight.

9. Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO

Magnifying Glass Flashlight Pro is also one of the best app to read unclear text. This app provides you the much clear perspective of things, objects, and text to understand. You do not have to hold the actual Magnifying Glass to view the things. This app also has screen zoom and light setting options. You can use the flashlight of devices to get more clear results.

It is a perfect handy tool that assists you to zoom in or out text, pictures, and objects. Like others, this app also uses your device camera to magnify objects. It also helps you in your daily routine matters. If you are doing jobs related to this work, then it is the best choice for you. You can use this to read the business cards, serial numbers, menus, and prescriptions. With light, you can use it at night time also.

Developer: BilaApps

Price: Free version (Ads)


  • Provides magnifying capacity from 1x to 7x and offers high focus skills.
  • Have a freezing option to view the stability of objects.
  • Modifiable screen illumination.
  • Numerous pictures filters to use.
  • Allows the auto-focus to enhance the quality and great magnification aspect.
  • Provides negative mode for you and excessive image brightness.

10. Magnifying Glass With Light

Magnifying Glass With Light is an app for iOS gadgets. This is the app that permits you to use view things from every angle. It is among the best apps that you can use to view things bigger and clear. As the name indicates, this app is also having the light option to use in low light situations or at night. The results of this app are also different from other apps.

Its output is very clear and in different modes. Due to the use of the latest technology, its picture quality is extraordinarily good without any blur and issue; you can clearly read the text. You can hide the different options bar on the screen and enjoy the full-screen view. As this app is free with ads, they can pop up at any time and interrupt you.

Developer: Falcon In Motion LLC

Price: Free, Offers In-App Purchases


  • Offers light level control and has the option to image capture.
  • Permits the auto-focus lock and widespread App for both iSeries.
  • Allows both sketch and vertical capturing and squeeze to zoom in/out.
  • Auto light turns on option in low light.
  • Move to hide/show all control options and provides a full-screen user interface.
  • Allow front camera access and zoom objects from 1.0X – 5.0X.

11. BigMagnify Free

BigMagnify Free is a robust, more powerful, and specially designed for iSeries. It is a high-rated iSeries app due to its special zoom features. This app has a special zoom feature for sight disorder people with its micro size zoom function. In addition, this is a multi-tasking program having all the latest technology in its features.

Low lighting or night reading is not much difficult now; use the inbuilt light function, turn it on and view things or text more clearly. It also offers the sharing option for zoom things and text as this app connects with numerous other sites and apps. This app contains ads that ads pop up and hesitate you. To avoid this, you can use its premium feature.

Developer: Dave Cheng

Price: Free, Offers In-App Purchases


  • Provides full-screen view results and magnify till 8x zoom level.
  • Built-in zoom and gesture option and save the picture with one click.
  • Offers three types of focus modes.
  • Advance functions to enhance the quality of objects.
  • Offers image balancing options and modifiable viewing in low-light conditions.
  • Click-and-grasp to focus the things.

12. Pocket Magnifier with LED

Pocket Magnifier with LED is assumed to be a good and useful app. Like others, this app also has a built-in light feature. This app is more easy to use and comprehend and related to specific goals. But it is not having the latest technology that is the reason it provides the blur results.

This app can only view things in a black and white theme with auto-focus. The focus option can view things bitterly. It can just magnify the things that do not work as the telescope.

Developer: EXA Tools

Price: Free version (Ads)


  • Provides Zoom x2 x3 x4 x8
  • Enhance and highlight the Reading text option.
  • View objects in a Negative color.
  • Offers Auto-focus to view things.
  • Take pictures/screenshots of the zoomed picture.

13. Magnifier Digital Magnifying Glass

Telescope app with a Magnifying Glass and digital magnifier is a good live camera and picture magnifier which can zoom objects with up to 10x more zooming functions. It has numerous functions in this digital app. It comprises the functions that use built-in device features like a camera and flashlight. This also provides the pocket mirror and magnifier.

The pocket mirror is perfect to use during makeup. It also offers an HD quality mirror, and you can use this app to view objects 10x more zoom. With the zooming effect, you can view things more clearly. If the zooming effect is not appropriate, use its telescopic mode.

Developer: Tornado Apps

Price: Contains Ads


  • Offers excessive high magnification.
  • Set zoom with gestures option.
  • Have the light option for low light.
  • Share Freeze, and Save pictures.
  • Grand image visuals.

Final Words

There are lot of Magnifying Glass Apps on the Internet that you can use to zoom in and zoom out different images and texts. These apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Most of the apps are free in this list and provides many extra options and features to use. Also, there are paid apps that are also not much costly and professionals can use these apps for their jobs. These paid apps are also not much complex to use. Based on your need and work requirements, you can easily select one or more than one apps from the above-mentioned list. You can share these apps with your friends and relatives.

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