A Guide To The Next Tarkov Wipe in 2022

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When we talk about Escape From Tarkov, the fans are always intrigued to know when its Next Wipe is Coming Out. Why do people always wait desperately for its next Wipe? To catch all the reasons behind it, take a start by getting some basics about this game.

What is an Escape From Tarkov Wipe?

An Escape From Tarkov wipe is a full reset of the game in which the advancement of every player is tapped from craftworks, commodities, missions, and stats. These wipes usually transpire every six months or so, and usually on a Thursday. This keeps the game fresh, as it puts every player, including many who have already gathered substantial wealth and powerful gear, back on the same playing pitch.

What do you mean by Reset Tarkov Wipe?

As mentioned above, we discussed Escape From Tarkov Wipe as a complete reset; it is meant to reset every player’s quest progress, skills, and inventory. Fundamentally, this starts everyone from zero, although experienced players will often swiftly gain a position.


How it is Beneficial for You?

  1. After a wipe, new gamers who initially start from scrape just like the others, can endure for much longer throughout a raid and get a much-needed opportunity to boost their skills for any expedition in which they wish to contribute. They also get to discover new maps deeply and learn about the delicate distinctions among them.
  2. Even experienced person Escape From Tarkov gamers get to benefit from these proceedings as they now have to depend only on their competency to win at quests and raids. They cannot use the advanced gear and level-upgrades they had collected to earn easy kills.
  3. Furthermore, most EFT resets to the title are highlighted in the latest updates. Gamers are required to get back to the grind by trying out the new items and features launched in the update by starting from a blank slate.
  4. It is helpful when players have to use their most powerful tools and avoid low-tiered items.
  5. They also remain more engaged as they crack the new tasks and challenges.

Recent Updates on the Game

July 1, 2021, | BSG has released the Wipe with patch 0.12.11. They have also exposed the Escape from Tarkov 0.12.11 patch notes and provided some exciting patch 0.12.10 statistics.

The substantial additions include the much-awaited Factory expansion, the introduction of Killa’s brother Tagilla as a new scav boss, a weapons fault system, scav karma repute points, Weapon Conservation, and Troubleshooting as new skills, and many more.


You would not be able to run when moving through the border on any map now. Getting access to the louse market will oblige you to hit level 20 at the least, and The Punisher Part 4 cannot be accomplished without a scav vest.

June 29, 2021, | Battle-state Games assured that a wipe is coming with patch 0.12.11 for surefire. The company also left a provoking hint about the exact Tarkov reset date that was primarily expected last Thursday.

June 26, 2021, | In a Twitch interview Nikita Buyanov, COO Battle-state Games and Escape from Tarkov game director, was questioned about the next Tarkov wipe. He replied, “I can’t tell you.” The statement has originated the question of the imminent Escape from Tarkov wipe date among the players.

Have you ever heard about Wipe Thursday Meme?

This is actually an EFT meme promoted by Pestily. While they have occasionally happened on a Thursday, this meme was taking place in response to a large number of users in his Twitch chat inquiring when it will occur, as shown here from his Twitch clips and his own Twitter.

So, this mystery came into existence due to an official declaration via a tweet shared in-game letter from the UNTAR International Contingent High Command demanding demobilization and extraction of private military forces by June 30, 10 am TLT.

Even veteran Escape From Tarkov gamers benefits from these events as they now have to depend on their proficiency to win at quests and raids. They can not use the advanced gear and level-upgrades they had accumulated to earn easy kills.

When is the next Tarkov Wipe Date be expected?

The Battle-state team never exposes the method it uses to plan the schedule of these revitalizations. No one can know with complete certainty about upcoming updates. We can only provide you with a general estimation of the wipe date by inferring from the historical data about the earlier ones. Anticipating is a probability-based science at best, and when it derives to gaming, individuals should always take it with plenty of strong suspicions.

However, if you are profound on following the fascinating rumor-mill about the topic, you must engross in the various forums, including those on Twitter and Reddit, for more info. Moreover, the latest teasers posted to social media suggest every latest update about the Next Wipe Escape from Tarkov.

Final Words

Battle-state initially intended to stop these resets after the title’s full release. However, gamers and forecasters who gamble Escape From Tarkov will follow other well-known multiplayer FPS and RPG games that make new resets with every innovative season. Gamers play with a specific character one season while picking a non-season character after the other Wipe. Thus, their progress is wiped away, and the playing field is leveled. Secure ampules don’t offer any advantage once you have lost your life due to this.

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