How Old is Nezuko - The Reality of the Character Nezuko from Demon Slayer in 2022

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Do you know about Demon Slayer? Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba is the story of Japanese manga (anime characters). It was first released in 2016 by Koyoharu Gotou (a Japanese comic artist) from Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. She received the Noma Prize in 2020 and the Tezuka Osama Cultural Award in 2021 for her famous anime series Demon Slayer. This story has 23 volumes and is based on the two main characters Tanjiro and his younger sister Nezuko.

This story beings with the death of the father of Tanjiro, who is a younger boy. After the death of his father, he has the responsibility of his family, and he struggles to fulfill the needs of his family. He travels to the nearby town to sell charcoal with his family for their survival. One day, his family became the prey of a demon which killed all his family except him and his younger sister Nezuko.

Under the shock of this attack, her sister becomes a demon. While the Tanjiro secretly joins a covert organization that is involved in killing monsters at night. The Demon Slayer Corps is a group of individuals that uses the sword against the demons. But not all its members are using the sword. Like the Stone Hashira and Gyomei Himejima have a weapon similar to the “Kusarigama” instead of the sword.


The weapon looks like an ax attached to a spike flap by an extended chain. In the story, Tanjiro has an amazing and unique technique of breathing in the water while Nezuko activates his inner demonic ability called Exploding Blood. An exciting and fascinating part of this story begins when Tanjiro realizes his sister’s strange behavior and tries to bring her back to normal life.

What is the Character- Nezuko?

The protagonist character “Nezuko” is a young girl with a fair complexion, strange pink eyes, and paler pink irises. She wears a dark brown haori (a long Japanese Coat) that covers her light pink kimono (traditional Japanese dress). She also has pink shoes and appears to be biting down on bamboo. Her black hair with pink ribbons look more stunning. She was very caring and softhearted before her transformation into a demon.


After her conversion into a demon, she gets offered blood from her companion, Wind Hashira and Sanemi Shinazugawa, with the aim to enhance her willpower. All the weird demons do this to show others that a demon has a craving for human blood. However, it is a fact that a demon has avid hunger for human blood, but Nezuko has strong control power through which she controls her craving for blood.

She seldom tries to speak but stutters too much. It is possible that this debility is due to both her silence and her shock. But in her demonic state, she becomes the strongest girl, which is reflected in the vein that appears on her forehead.

What is the Age of Tanjiro?

At the beginning of the story, the main character of the story, “Tanjiro Kamado,” is 13 years old when his family is attacked by Muzan. And when he becomes a Demon Slayer, he is 15 years old. This age dominates the rest of the story for 200 episodes, and in episode 204, he becomes a 16-17 year old young hero.

What is the Age of Nezuko?

The character – Nezuko is the youngest one in this story. At the start of this story, Nezuko is only 12 years old. Her weight is 45 kg with a height of 5 feet. When Tanjiro joins the demon slayer corps, he leaves Nezuko at the side of his Guardian Sakunji. She sleeps until her brother returns from his training as if she was in a coma. When he returned, she was at the age of 14. There is no explanation for Nezuko’s long sleep, including why or how she was able to control her mental state.

Why does Nezuko live in a Box?

It is a famous myth of ancient times that Demons hate the sun. There is a belief that the sunlight is fatal for demons, and it is a big weakness of all demons. But its fatal effectiveness varies with the strength and power of demons. Like the other demons, Nezuko is also vulnerable to sun exposure.

That is why she hides herself in a box. She has the ability to squeeze herself according to the size of the box. However, the later episodes of this story display that Nezuko develops an ability to face the sun without having any burn.

What are the Specific Demon Traits of Nezuku?

Although Nezuko is a little girl but she has all the traits similar to demons, and some of them are similar to Upper Moon Devil.

Body Size Transformation: She can change her body size and height. The story goes that she squeezes her body to fit in a box to protect her from the sun. And when she fights other demons, she regains her size.

General Strength Elevation: Unlike her brother Tanjiro, she builds her strength without any training. She does not intake human flesh as other demons do to increase their power. She has no special fighting skills and techniques other than her physical strength. She has an easy way to fight, and she kills the demon by kicking him in the neck. Because the neck area is weak and a favorite part of any devil’s attack, later, her power becomes equal to that of the Upper Moon Devil.

Hyper-regeneration: Healing faster than the common person is an extraordinary quality of demons. But Nezuko has this trait to the next level, just like the Upper Moon Devil. She has the ability to regenerate her amputated limbs at an incredible speed.

Demonic Conversion: When Nezuko feels that her life and that of her brother are in danger, she converts into a horrific demon personality. She becomes weird, her body becomes gigantic, and many peaks appear all over her body in the form of green veins. A horn-like peak appears on the right side of her forehead. This appearance enhances her strength and ability to fight.

Protection against the Sun: The distinct trait of Nezuko is to withstand sunlight. Like the other devils, Nezuko is too weak to get exposed to the sun at the beginning of the series. But after the battle with the Upper Moon Devil, she becomes stronger and more powerful. She is able to withstand the sun without turning into burnt ashes. This unique ability is not found in all other demons.

Blood Demon Skills: These are techniques or tactics that many higher-level demons are capable of using. It is no wonder that Nezuko can boast of this because her strength and other traits are comparable to those of an upper moon demon. Her unique skill enables her to conjure pinkish demonic flames made from her own blood. Other demons are killed by these flames, but normal humans are unharmed.

Exploding Blood is another name for Nezuko’s blood demon skill. However, as the story progresses, her ability appears to become more complicated. Her flames have the ability to change Tanjiro’s Nichirin blade from black to crimson, which is one such advancement. This improves the weapon’s efficiency against higher-level demons and allows him to perform the Dance of the Fire God methods more effectively.

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