10 Best VBScript Editor in 2022

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Scripting is considered frivolous and easy to learn Computer Programming Languages. Scripting is a programming language that is inferred. Scripting is often used for overall computer programs for short scripts, like Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. Scripting allows you to command a program that is created by someone else with code. This helps you make a program workable. With scripting, you can regulate other programs that are not yours.

What is the purpose of VBScript?

Microsoft develops VBScript (Visual Basic Script) intending to create dynamic Web Pages. If you want your webpage to be extra active and collaborative, you can integrate VBScript into your code.This is Microsoft Scripting Language that is connected to Visual Basic and Active Scripting, formerly known as ActiveX scripting.

VBScript is used to provide functionality and collaboration to Web Pages. It allows Microsoft Windows System Administrators to produce powerful tools for managing computers with error control, subroutines, and other advanced programming constructs.


VBScript is a light-weighted Microsoft Visual Basic. The syntax of VBS is significantly related to that of Visual Basic. VBScript is the most mutual scripting language on websites that use ASP (Active Server Pages). So, it cannot run its code automatically. It needs a more significant programming language to host.

VBScript can be run as client-side (Web Browser) that requires Microsoft’s IE or server-side (Webserver). On the client-side, the browser needs to support VBScript. On the server-side, the server needs to support it, and It involves the use of a Microsoft Web server such as Internet Information Server (IIS), or Personal Web Server (PWS), and packaging such as Active Server Pages (ASP).


List of Efficient VBScript Editor

The Microsoft Script Editor offers you to add Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) processes that respond to events created by items or form controls. You can run this in designer mode. If you can see the Originator tab, you are running it in developer mode. If a programmer chooses to use VBScript and looking for a VBScript Editor; then, the programmer must consider scripting skill level, needs, and budget. VBScript Editor has everything you need like Intellisense, syntax coloring, and code snippets. VBS Editor is also known as an HTA Editor and aWSF Editor.

It can be written using a austere text editor, such as Notepad. However, many expert editors provide features that can improve productivity. These editors can be free or budgeted, and it may be worth the programmer’s time to calculate VBScript Editor Options. You do not essentially need a special VBScript Editor to code in VBScript — you can just use a normal text editor. Even without admin rights, you can install it, and its evaluation version never expires. If you do not want to use a text editor, you can use these HTML / VBScript Editors.

1. SlickEdit

SlickEdit is previously known as Visual SlickEdit. It is a multi-platform commercial source code editor, text editor, and Integrated Development Environment developed by SlickEdit, Inc. This software is a multi-language code editor that provides programmers the ability to code in 60 languages on 9 platforms. It is considered the most powerful editor. This provides two editions;

  1. SlickEdit Standard
  2. SlickEdit Pro

Standard is great for single files concerned with operations and one-off scripts. Stuffing very large files is quick and effortless. It is best in constructing and debugging large or complex projects. Stay in sync with version control incorporated and powerful file segregation tools. All your project’s signs are tagged for quick and stress-free lookup, analysis, and steering. Both editions have paid and trial versions.

Its integrated debugging offers many debuggers a convenient and easy-to-use front-end. Set breakpoints, step, inspect the stack, view variables/members, all the features you expect from a debugger. It supports debugging for: GNU C/C++, Java, WinDbg, Clang C/C++ LLDB, Google Go, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, XCode, Scala, C# using Mono, Visual Basic using Mono, and Android JVM/NDK.

Key Features

  • You can even add the access member list, code navigation, and symbol referencing.
  • Extensive file editing is also accessible in this tool.
  • It also provides Beautify While Typing features to make coding beautiful and attractive.
  • Use the Surround existing lines of code with a new structure and try.
  • Function of third-party workspace and version control integration.
  • You can set the layouts, named layouts, and emulations.

2. Microsoft Script Editor

Microsoft Scripts Editor in Excel allows you to automate your day-to-day responsibilities. With the Action Recorder, you can record your Excel actions, which generates a TypeScript language script. With the Code Editor, you can also create and edit scripts. It offers you to tweak and customize scripts to fit your exact needs better. You can also add sense and functionality that is not directly reachable through the Excel UI, such as restrictive statements (if/else) and loops.

You can share scripts across your organization so your colleagues can also automate their workflow. This series of documents clarify how to use these tools. Introduce to the Action Recorder and see your frequent Excel actions recording. You are running in developer mode if you can see the Developer tab. Else, see Run in Developer Mode in Outlook to run in developer mode.

Key Features

  • Script Editor makes it easy to insert the template for an item event handler.
  • This Editor can move the insertion point to an exact line of code.
  • It is easy to debug the script when Microsoft Outlook reports an error at a specific location.
  • You can create script buttons in the workbook that runs the related script when selected.
  • It also shares the script with the workbook, so everyone with write permissions to the workbook can use your helpful automation.

3. Text Hawk

Text Hawk is considered a fast, multi-language code and text editor for Windows. Use Text Hawk to edit essential text files, programming source code, HTML, and more others. It provides Great looking color arrangement highlighting (C/C++, C#, Java, HTML, XML, Pascal, Basic, Perl, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, VBScript, Delphi). You can search and replace powerful regular expression-based.

This software has a sleek tabbed document interface, superior speed, and performance. You can open and edit documents of any dimension. If you purchase it, you get free top-notch Technical Support, including all slight version upgrades. Experience easy to control and power as you effortlessly edit plain text files, programming source code, and HTML with this editor. It is considered the perfect blend between usability and easiness because unlike other text editing programs that can be tremendously complex and provide unnecessary features that delay productivity.

Key Features

  • You can streamline the tabbed document interface, color syntax highlighting attractiveness, shortcut keys, multi-context menus customization.
  • Based on language scoping rules, you can configure auto-indentation.
  • You also have the tools like customizable font, optional line numbering, document bookmarks, and Repeat Command to save your time.
  • It also provides an unconditional 100% Money-Back Triple Guarantee for 30-day.
  • Product Key is available instantly and delivered via email.

4. VbsEdit

VBScript editor that intensely reduces the time you spend in writing VBS Scripts. Features of this tool include syntax coloring, auto-capitalize, auto-completion features (list object members, display parameters info, complete words), built-in debugger, code snippets, tons of samples scripts, object browser, vibrant help (press F1, help is provided for the under cursor word), WMI classes browser, and WMI code generator.

The software is committed to ensuring the development time, and it is greatly reduced by presenting users with friendly usable tools. It is an editor but also an HTA and WSF editor. It is a script editor available for the Windows platform. It also provides an interactive interface that comes with compiling skills, making it a one-stop tool.

Key Features

  • VbsEdit allows you to debug your scripts in the integrated debugger.
  • From our debug console, you can discover and alter variables and their content.
  • Compile scripts to Executable (VBS to EXE, HTA to EXE) in Console mode or Windows Mode.
  • It has Customize Icon and many samples.
  • It enables you to select the level of UAC.

5. Edit Plus

EditPlus is a text editor tool for Windows with built-in FTP, FTPS, and sftp capabilities. It can serve as a Notepad and offers many powerful features for authors Web-page and experts. It provides syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, CSS, ASP, Perl, C/C++, JavaScript, VBScript, Java, Python, and Ruby on Rails. Also, it can be protracted for other programming languages created on custom syntax files.

It allows a seamless Web browser for previewing FTP (also sftp and FTPS) and HTML pages for uploading local files to the FTP server. You can enjoy Hex Viewer, HTML toolbar, column selection, user tools, line number, auto-completion, ruler, URL highlighting, clip text, powerful search and replace, spell checker, customizable keyboard shortcuts, multiple undo/redo, and more. A clip text window is a group of text clips for rapid and informal access, customize them, and also generate your own clip text file. Document template suggests a quick start when you create a new document.

Key Features

  • You can view the files in Hex mode and go back and forth with one command between Hex and normal mode.
  • It has quick and appropriate indentation-based code folding to hide or display codes.
  • With the HTML toolbar, you can insert common tags and valuable tools.
  • The document selector proposes rapid mouse access to all document windows loaded currently.

6. Primal Script

Primal Script is considered the next generation of our industry-leading (USE) universal script environment. Like a system, database or network administrator, expert or client developer, you have to work with multiple languages, file formats, and technologies at an identical time. The ribbon interface has been prudently designed to provide virtually all functions on the Home tab. Create custom script templates to accelerate your ability to deliver solutions quicker.

It provides code signing as independent start-up code, Run-As, elevation, and many more options at your platform. It offers advanced options and platform collections to deliver solutions targeted at particular situations. To avoid illegal script implementation, you can limit it by domain, user, machine, MAC address, and platform. MSI database builder combines the ability to run custom deployment commands, enables you to adjust a solution speedily, pack it, download an installer for it and deploy it, all with every single tap.

Key Features

  • It has a powerful script editor, and Multiplatform support and debugger.
  • Provides Integrated console,
  • Enable you to Navigate your code, PrimalSense option, and Package and deploy your solutions.
  • The Restore point feature offers you an additional safety net if you are just testing a script. Merely roll back to where you started from or define your own precise milestones as you progress through development.

7. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free text editor for MS Windows that offers additional features not found in the ordinary Windows text editor. It was firstly introduced on November 24, 2003, by developer Dan Ho and is still in dynamic development. Notepad++ is specially developed for editing source code. You can use this tool to sort significant alterations to a text file anytime you need.

The ++ in the name mentions the increment operator in programming languages like C, C++, JavaScript, and Java. It supports several languages running in the MS Windows space, and GNU General Public License uses it. It is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL that ensures a higher execution speed and slighter program size. It helps you in organizing tabs, editing multiple files, line numbering, syntax highlighting, including HTML windows batch files, advanced find, replace, including macOS and Linux, with support for regular expressions.

By increasing as many routines as possible without losing user pleasantness, Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world’s carbon dioxide discharges. The PC can regulate and decrease power consumption when using less CPU power, resulting in a greener atmosphere.

Key Features

  • You can edit files limited to 2GB( maximum 58MB in Windows).
  • It also supports bookmarks and a plug-in system for adding features to the software.
  • You can also split-screen and view multi-files at one time.

8. HTML Kit

Chami.com develops HTML-Kit patented HTML editor for Microsoft Windows. The app is a full-functioned HTML editor designed to edit, format, preview, validate and publish web pages in HTML, XML, and XHTML languages. It is a free tool available with extra features at the cost of user registers. It is a complete package editor and a merged development domain created to help HTML, XHTML, XML, and scriptwriter to edit, format, validate, preview, lookup help, and publish Web pages.

Beginners to web page development can take benefit from its errors marked feature and provide suggestions to create compliant standards pages. Through this highly customizable and extensible editor, experts can save their time spent on usual tasks while keeping complete control over multiple file types, including HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSL, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, ASP, PHP, JSP, Python, Ruby, Java, Lisp, VB, C/C++, C#, Delphi / Pascal, and SQL. Build 292 supports Vista and adds a plug-in director.

When you are in need, you can use Code helpers, producers, and shortcuts containing Zen Coding. Built-in Tidy feature can point out invalid markup and recommend improvements. For instance, you edit HTML5, Markdown, LESS, and other file types, it saves time and catches errors rapidly by previewing, or with a single tap, you can access industry-standard W3C HTML/CSS Validators.

Key Features

  • You can Edit with full authority. .
  • Backups and out-of-the-box version control give you rapid access to revisions without having to configure servers.
  • You can Preview in the editor, in another window, on multiple monitors, in various browsers, and even through external devices.
  • Display color under each HTML color, highlighting equivalent block, instant viewing of matches, and searches within and optional plug-ins.
  • Retain multiple projects open at once.
  • create virtual files to logically organize files from various sources, access local/network/FTP files, and open files from native folders.

9. Exescript

ExeScript is considered a unique solution for advanced PC operators who have not learned any programming language. They can compile their executable files without scripting a single line of code. It is a program that adapts batch files (.bat), Visual Basic, and Java scripts to executable files (.exe) within 30 seconds. It also shields the contents of .bat, .vbs, and .js files from being reformed by other users unintentionally or deliberately.

In addition, it covers the contents of the files; thus, you can not view them. It means that all activities executed by batch files, Visual Basic, or Java scripts will remain unfamiliar and can not be used to reverse-engineer or crack the file. This program has many unique features, such as silent mode support – a stealth batch file feature that executes converted scripts invisible to other users. If you know, a little bit of programming like .exe contains a built-in .bat, .vbs, and .js file editor with syntax highlighting and editing files in a modest process.

Key Features

  • It can automate scheduled tasks execution.
  • The program can also help you create installation files and deployment segments.
  • It is compatible with Windows.

10. TextWrangler of Mac

TextWrangler is the powerful universal purpose text editor and Unix and server administrator’s tool. It is free and a leading proficient HTML and text editor. Features General-purpose text editor Programmer’s text editor Unix and server administrator’s tool, with high performance, ease of use, a rich feature set, and the ability to read its own release notes. TextWrangler is a well-known tool and free.

If you want to edit, search, and convert text and HTML, it is a well-organized and professionally designed machine. You have to look for another tool if you’re looking for a word processor. It has many developer-specific tools across multiple programming languages. Developers like the ability to make easy use of scripts, different and merged, text folding, and regex-based replacement.

Key Features

  • It has an updated interface and preferences.
  • It is enabled with a full-screen mode.
  • Equipped with iTunes-like document bar and more choices for syntax coloring.
  • It only supports OS X 10.6, and you can search compressed files inside the software.

Final Words

Many online VBScript Editor tools are available and you can choose the best editor tools readily available for free use. When selecting any script editor tool, ensure that the script editor tool supports multiple Operating Systems. That tool also offers a large line of features. And in last, that tool must be cost-effective and have numerous features that add up the competition.

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