15 Best Point-and-Click Games in 2022

By Sanam Nayab • Updated on November 24, 2022

Point-and-Click Games are Action-Adventure, Indie, and mystery games that are commonly played with the mouse. These are the games in which a player needs to control the character through a simple point-and-click manner by using a simple mouse or any other pointing device.

A player can navigate the maps, fight with the enemies, and explore the game elements on his device by using a mouse. Throughout the game, you will be provided with various tasks to complete a level and unlock new features.

What are Point-and-Click Games?

In Point-and-Click Games, players are assumed to be fulfilling the role of protagonists in exploring the various descriptive stories, puzzles, and riddles. This genre of the game provides its users a simple gameplay that will help them to complete the stages by reading the instructions from the story.


Such games are rich in narrative and the players have to visualize the surroundings around them to identify the clues in a particular stage of the games. They have to utilize the knowledge given in the instructions to pass different riddles and curies.

These games are usually of the First-Person genre, stretching from horror and mystery to create engaging gameplay that players will enjoy exploring. These games are popular because of their storyline and the quality of them varies from detailed work of art to the comical genre.


Also, you do not need any high-end PC to play these games. They are compatible with low-end desktop devices and android mobiles.

List of Point-and-Click Games

Point-and-Click games are popular among children and adults because of their plot and characters. These games sharpen your mind and analytical skill. These games serve in the best of comical, mysterious, and characteristic ways to get a realistic experience.

There are many Point-and-Click games available on the internet, this article presents you with the best point-and-click adventure games that truly serve the features of this genre.

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is an Indie, Survival Horror, Point-and-Click, Robotic, Dark, First-Person, and single-player video game developed and published by Scott Cawthon. This game is a brand new and upgraded version of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

In the game, you are assigned a role of a security guard where you have to keep an eye on the cameras to make sure that everything is going alright. A Freddy Fazbear head will accompany you to make your job easier. It is very keen on stopping the animatronic characters from entering the office.

Also, the old and new techniques of making and operating life-like robots are accompanied by a variety of new characters. These characters are enriched with facial recognition techniques and the protagonist is designated to present a safe and entertaining show for the kids and adults as well.


  • Animatronic Characters
  • Horror Experience
  • User-Friendly Genre

2. The Dig

The Dig is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Sci-Fi, Puzzle, Pixel Graphics, Point-and-Click, and Single-Player video game developed and published by LucasArts. It is the ultimate story of a man’s fight against an unavoidable evil.

Its story revolves around three characters who are on a mission to destroy an asteroid before it hits the earth. Boston Low is a NASA Veteran who is a space expert. Maggie Robbins is an Award-Winning Journalist who is a specialist in riding. Ludger Brink is an internationally well-known Geologist.

As the asteroid approaches the earth, they conduct an examination of the rocky surface. During this, they unknowingly trigger a mechanism because of which that asteroid got changed into a crystal-like spacecraft. After that, the whole team rush towards the planet which was about to be destroyed.


  • 200 Locations
  • Hundreds of Puzzles
  • Special Effects
  • Musical Tone

3. Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Comedy, Cartoony, Time Travel, Puzzle, and Point-and-Click video game developed and published by LucasArts. This game is considered to be the best fast-paced adventurous game that is an addition to the fanatic mansion of the genre.

The game is based on the exploration of a world where at every point you met some crazy scientists and their odd inventions. In it, there is a scientist named Dr. Fred that created a mixture and it was accidentally drunk by one of his inventions named Matzevot which is a tombstone standing erect.

After that, it gets transformed into a dangerous mutant who has a thirst to gain powers from all over the world. Dr. Fred decides to send a group of three fellows into the past to stop the invention of that sick or weird concoction.

This game is one of the best point-and-click games because of its twisted storyline and intuitive user interface.


  • Role Play Game
  • Sick Inventions
  • Alluring Musical Tone
  • Animatronic Characters

4. The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Role Playing, Point-and-Click, Female Protagonists, Story Rich, Sci-Fi, and Single-Player video game developed and published by Funcom. This game is considered to be the best classic adventure game by using a Point-and-click interface.

This game is an exciting graphical adventure of the classic genre, in which the player is assigned the role of a female protagonist named April Ryan. She explores the two parallel worlds and saves both of them using her powers.

Throughout her adventure, she faces many difficult riddles or mysteries to solve with her cognitive skills. She met new people, learn about their lifestyles, and grows in that world. She goes through combat with many terrifying monsters and wins the battle with her tentative approach.

Throughout the game, you can interact with the characters and locations of the two distinct worlds. You can customize the locations of the gameplay for a better experience and it has a game time of 40+ hours.


  • Locations And Characters
  • Interactive Gameplay
  • Cinematic Music
  • Character Customization

5. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is a 2D, Action-Adventure, Indie, Horror, Detective, Point-and-Click, Mystery, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed and published by Sierra On-Line. This game is considered to be the best horror adventure game of the Point-and-click genre.

The theme of the game is extracted from the life of a well-known horror author Jane Jenson in which Gabriel Knight, who was an Emerging novelist and the owner of a bookstore, has started to write a book on Voodoo and began to research the ongoing murders inside the city.

These murders were somehow related to voodoo. During his research, he got deeper into the story and came to know about his family and their connection with voodoo. In the end, he came to know that he was a successor to a German family who was indulged in criminal activities.

This game will captivate your attention because of its visuals, character-oriented plot, and suspense.


  • Neo-Gothic Novel Story
  • Horror Adventure
  • Role Play Genre
  • Alluring Musical Tone

6. Papers, Please

Papers, Please is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Story-Rich, Point-and-Click, Dystopian, Puzzle, and Single-Player video game developed by Lucas Pope and published by Lucas Pope 3909. This game is considered to be the best fictional logic game of the point-and-click genre.

The theme of the game lies in the story of an imaginary communist state known as Arstotzka. This state was at war with its neighboring state, Kolechia. After the ceasefire, the war is over, and the borders of both states are open and accessible for everyone.

When the game starts, you are selected for a role of an immigration inspector at the border of the Arstotkza. You are assigned the duty of checking and inspecting the immigrants of the neighboring country as there is a threat of entrance of the spies, terrorists, and smugglers among those immigrants.

You are provided with the documents of the Ministry of Grestin Border, and you have to locate those terrorists and spies among the immigrants. The task is very obligatory and difficult to achieve, but you have to complete it at any cost as you are destined to survive in the ministry.


  • Retro Graphics
  • Isometric Display
  • 2D Graphics
  • Old School Soundtrack
  • Easy to Control

7. Clock Tower

Clock Tower is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Survival Horror, Point-and-Click, Story-Rich, and Single-Player video game developed by Human Entertainment and published by ASCii Corporation. It is considered to be the best point-and-click adventure game with horror elements.

The theme of the game is set in the Clock Tower the explorative and cinematic events of the Barrows Castle. As a player, you will be given the role of a female protagonist named Helen Maxwell who was brought up by a young child named Jennifer Simpson.

Helen tried to help Jennifer to cope with the mystical events of the world. They came to know about the events of the world and the serial killer named Scissor-man. One day, they came to know that the serial killer has returned to the town to haunt innocent people.

Helen started her adventure to find that killer and to stop that murderer from hurting others. On her adventure, she met with the various mystic characters and coped with them with her tentative skills. While gathering information about that psychopath, she has to remain hidden from him.


  • Female Protagonist
  • Roleplay Game
  • Alluring Musical Tone
  • Easy to Control

8. Sam & Max Hit the Road

Sam & Max Hit the Road is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Cult Classic, Point-and-Click, Comedy, Puzzle, and Single-Player video game developed by Lucasfilm and Published by Lucasfilm Disney. This game is enriched with puzzling events and interesting characters.

The theme of the game is to pick the nightstick, shrill like a siren, and hit the road with the two given characters. Its story is about two police officers named Sam and Max, who are on a mission to accomplish the difficult task of catching criminals.

Sam is a detective dog, and Max is a Rabbit, and they are on an adventure to the animated world that was enriched with mystical and pathetic riddles. They have to accomplish their task and cross those hurdles or riddles with their tentative approach and cognitive skills.


  • Explore Animated World
  • Enjoy Edgy Animation
  • Interesting Plot

9. Sanitarium

Sanitarium is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Survival Horror, Point-and-Click, Retro, Story-Rich, Puzzle, and Single-Player video game developed and published by Dotemu. It has one of the best horror elements combined with suspenseful music and dark graphics.

The game is about a man named Max, who was facing a memory loss situation and ended up in an uncommon mental state. He was trying to get his memory back through the visuals of the dark world. In doing so, he played different roles in strange environments.

The gameplay provides the atmospheric cut-scenes, designed graphics, and logical puzzles as well as arcade elements that result in the improvement of your cognitive abilities and tentative approach.


  • Retro Graphics
  • Role Play Game
  • Easy to Control
  • Appealing Musical Tone

10. Broken Age

Broken Age is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Point-and-Click, Comedy, Kick-Starter, Story-Rich, Puzzle, and Single-Player video game developed and published by Double Fine Productions. This game is considered to be the best point-and-click adventure game enriched with puzzle elements.

The story of the game is about a young girl and a boy living parallel lives. The girl lived in a village with a horrible or cruel monster in it. The villagers presented her to the monster to be slaughtered. However, she fights back against that monster to survive, and save the village from the monster.

While the boy used to live in a spaceship under the observation of a motherly computerized system. Although his life is sorted and unscheduled but was leading a very good and punctual life and wanted to explore the world. He wished to go on adventures and lead a good life in the real world.


  • Role Play Game
  • Two Dimensional Gameplay
  • Apprehending Soundtrack
  • Enjoy Edgy Animation

11. Myst

Myst is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Mystery, Puzzle, Realistic, Multiple-Endings, Exploration, and First-Person video game developed and published by Cyan Worlds Inc. This game has one of the best classic first-person adventures enriched with multiple endings.

The story of the game is about a mysterious and stunning island that contains various dominant places called Ages. You are sent there and you begin your adventure to reveal the truths of that world.

On this sparkling adventure, you were playing the key role of the true adventurer. As you survive further in that adventure, you come to know that there are various tasks ahead to be solved. Thus resulting in many multiple unknown endings.

The deeper you dive into that game, the more you reveal the truths about this surreal age. Throughout the gameplay, you have to make choices that will affect you and the surreal world. This game can be played on both virtual reality and 3D displays.


  • VR And 2D Display
  • Role Play Game
  • Results in Multiple Endings
  • 3D Gameplay

12. Machinarium

Machinarium is a 2D, Action-Adventure, Story-Rich, Steampunk, Point-and-Click, Stylized, Puzzle, and single-player video game developed and published by Amanita Design. This game is an award-winning adventure game in the point-and-click genre.

The game revolves around the life of a little robot, Josef, who lived in a robotic world. He was sent to the backyard of the city where the modification of the scrap robots took place. On his return, he discovered that his girlfriend, Berta, was kidnapped by the brotherhood gang named Black Cap.

Now, you have to save his girlfriend from the curse of that gang. On your way to save her girlfriend, you have to fight with various sick robots of that gang. You have to solve numerous mysterious or mind-bending puzzles to save his girlfriend and his city.


  • 12 New Achievements
  • Additional Languages
  • Full Control Support
  • Alluring Soundtrack

13. The Neverhood

The Neverhood is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Mystery, Role Play, Point-and-Click, Puzzle, Story-Rich, and single-player video game developed by The Neverhood Inc and published by Xbox Games Studios. This game is a unique adventurous addition to the point-and-click genre.

The story of the game is about a celestial, plasticized hero who explores a unique big world enriched with mysterious, challenging, weird, and odd elements and puzzles. In the game, you are assigned the role of terrestrial hero to explore the cosmic world.

He had to solve mind-bending, and chronological riddles or puzzles to survive through the game. He had to visit the different places of this weird world, meet new people, and carry out different missions to get success. It contains an alluring music tone, interesting characters, and various puzzles.


  • Nice Graphics And Animations
  • Numerous Locations
  • Well-Made Soundtrack
  • Easy to Play

14. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is a 2D, Action-Adventure, Point-and-Click, Comedy, Classic, Retro Graphics, and single-player video game developed by LucasArts and published by the Lucasfilms, Disney. It is a continuation of Monkey’s Island that is filled with a point-and-click genre.

The game is set in the world of a monkey island and is about a brave pirate, Guybush Threepwood, who was in search of the lost treasure of the pirates. In it, you are assigned the role of a fearless pirate who got robbed at the very beginning and has to quest the lost treasure that is in the monkey island.

During that, you use old maps, solve the various puzzles or queries, and go through various obstacles to get success. On your adventure, you got interacted with one of the cruel enemies named LeChuck and he is in the shape of a deadly ghost who was there for the resurrection.


  • Direct Control
  • Object Highlighting
  • Behind The Scenes Art
  • Original Developer Commentary

15. Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango is an Action-Adventure, Cult-Classic, Story-Rich, Point-and-Click, Comedy, Puzzle, and single-player video game developed and published by LucasArts. This game serves the features of an adventure puzzler that is enriched in the point-and-click genre.

The action of the game lies in the world hereafter. Its story is about the afterlife, where you go after death and is given the role of a death agent.

You have to evaluate the newcomer’s achievements and deeds, and then after evaluation, send them to the hell or dungeon on the basis of their deeds. This game creates the scenario of the day of the judgment.

It is a unique point-and-click game with a different storyline that can act as an alternative to the conventional plot and graphics.


  • Unique 3D Graphics
  • 50 Plus Characters
  • Various Locations
  • Role Play Game
  • Intuitive Interface

Final Words

Overall, Point-and-Click Games are the best games available online. These games are very popular because of their versatile features enriched with mysterious, challenging, puzzle elements. These games serve the joy of happiness and peace for adults as well as children.

The mysterious and challenging nature of these games makes them very popular among the players. These games enhance the cognitive skills and tentative approach of the players and become a key to leading in the management skills. Such games are best to kill time because of their action-adventure nature and point-and-click genre.

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