10 Best Pokemon Card Makers in 2022

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Everyone loves to watch cartoons in their childhood. And, everyone is obsessed with cartoon series, even there are some people who love them in their teens. Kids love to watch cartoons daily on TVs for enjoyment. Also, they watch cartoons because they love some of the characters in them. In childhood, kids wait for the cartoon series to watch for the whole day.

Some people love to watch Dragon Ball Z. Some loves to watch fairytales, some like Scooby-Doo types of cartoons, and most of us even, I guess everyone loves the pokemon series. Pokemon is one of the best cartoons to remember from your childhood. We all love a trainer like Ash, Misty, Brock, etc., catching different small creatures like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Metapod, etc. Type of creatures and use their abilities of the lightning rod, Flashfire, etc, to fight with enemies and wants to collect more and more pokemon from defeating enemies.

Pokemon is developed by well known Japanese franchise with more than 800+ creatures to collect from. Pokemon card makers have developed card games, and also many developers made a pokemon video game for playing with your favorite creature and defeating your opponent. Now with technological advancement, cartoons have become series as well. Almost everyone loves to play cards and defeat their opponent. The developer has made cartoon series into card games for people to enjoy.


Why Do You Need Custom Pokemon Card Makers?

It is a pokemon card makers game of counterattacks between two members with 60 ducks, and by shuffling the deck, you have to distribute 7 7 cards into members. Then by flipping the coin, decide who will attack first. After that, you have to see whether you have any basic cards from your seven cards. If not, shuffle 60 ducks again and take seven cards. If you win the toss by putting down your basic card, attacking other members, and knocking out all the cards of other members is the way to get the prize. The person whose card will be finished first will win the game

Pokemon card game is a source of joy for people to play. Cardmakers have created an option to customize your cards according to your needs and desires to make them more interesting. But here, the question is why you need a custom pokemon card. Pokemon card makers have made a limited set of pokemon included in them by customization, you can make interesting and more exciting cards according to your wish. Like, include more creatures in the card, more powers, etc.


List of Best Pokemon Card Makers

Let’s discuss here the list of Best Pokemon Card Makers with which you can make more exciting and amazing cards to make the game more interesting. Thus, it is the most enjoyable way to kill your free time and get entertained by playing these pokemon card games.

1.CardMaker for PKM

It is an amazing pokemon card-making app that PA Mobile Technology Company Limited makes. With this app, you can use your innovative ideas and creativity in making customized cards. This app helps you to learn how to play pokemon cards. Moreover, the Pokemon card makers app allows you to make exciting cards with good quality and design. It has easy to use interface with quite a decent and useful display. You have to plan the card layout and then prepare the desired design. This pokemon card maker will allow you to make the design quickly. You can also share your designed card with your friends or social media.


Platform: Andriod, iOS

Features of CardMaker for PKM

  • Enables you to update cards anytime by saving history.
  • Used by pokemon card makers to re-edit designs according to users’ needs and wants.
  • Has several stages of making cards like the basic, second card stage, and Ex cards.
  • Provides you with a variety of themes of a card to customize your cards.
  • Offers excessive design schemes to edit cards.

2.CardMaker Pokemon 2.0

It is a custom pokemon card makers app developed by Zerochee. One of the easy-to-use and simple Pokemon card-making apps with various design modification options. It enables you to edit cards’ evolution, weakness, powers, and attacks according to your desire. It has a built-in option of sharing with which you can share your creativity and your editing card designs with friends and family. It is one of the free apps. You have to plan the card’s format and design and then process your card as desired. It has a variety of customization options and various themes and designs.

Platform: Andriod

Features of CardMaker Pokemon 2.0

  • One of the bugs-free apps.
  • It has a variety of card types to design.
  • Does not require any copyright claim because it is a fan-made app.
  • Variety of themes colors to edit your card.
  • It has a unique interface.


It is an amazing pokemon card-making website that resembles other pokemon card maker apps that help you create unique pokemon cards from scratch. It allows you to customize your card, and also, you can make real cards that are too expensive to buy. It also permits you to make cards of your choice by giving you blank templates for making memes with which you can create more versatile designs, different from others, for sure.

It also enables you to bring more personality options to make the design more attractive and creative. But the only disadvantage is that it is an app with watermarks by default on your customized cards. But to remove those watermarks, you have to subscribe to this app.

Platform: Andriod

Features of ImgFlip

  • An app with no advertisements.
  • Variety of designs and themes to customize.
  • It has an option to show your creativity by making your unique card design.
  • Gives you a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Helps you to make more attractive designs and share that designs with others.


Another best and most versatile app among all the Pokemon card makers app which is, of course, distinctive from other pokemon card-making sites because it enables you unique and different features, is PokeCard.net. It provides you exact structure and themes of your design before making a card. Another aspect of the app is that the browser can use it without installing it.

It is a completely free website and does not require any subscription fee. One of the pretty simple apps that enables you to use a simple customization option to redesign, edit, apply themes on your cards, and many more. It helps you to change your name, stats, types, etc. It lets you make realistic cards quickly and easily.

Platform: Online site

Features of PokeCard.net

  • One of the sites without any advertisements.
  • With the help of URL, HP, Type, etc., of cards, you can visit the site.
  • Helps you in creating attractive and unique designs.
  • One of the free apps with exciting themes, colors, etc.
  • It has a unique and decent interface.


With this Pokemon card makers app, you can easily make the card of your choice. It has a unique and easy-to-use interface available as a pokemon card maker app. It has an excessive arrangement to choose from the drop-down menu. This site provides you with a form available on the website, and by filling that form, you can easily create cards of your choice.

You can also add character names and points of the hit for every character with these sites. Also, you can change the pokemon image with the user image from browsing and uploading. You can also customize attacks, weaknesses, resistance, etc. It helps you to design thrilling and attractive pokemon cards.


Platform: Andriod

Features of MyPokeCard

  • Supports pictures in JPEG format.
  • The image will be cropped or resized automatically according to the system of MyPokeCard when uploaded.
  • The interesting fact of this site is that you can see the layout of your card on the screen before processing the card.
  • Has a variety of designs for making perfect cards.
  • An app without a bug and advertisements.


It is the top best pokemon card-making site which is well organized and is an all-in-one app. It is a trainer pokemon site that enables you to make the right and accurate cards according to your desire. It is one of the attractive sites for avid pokemon lovers because it gives you a well-organized interface. It gives you the features of getting all the desired features on the search bar without navigation. You just have to show your creativity by making colorful and unique cards.

It is an app that can be used as a trainer card maker to invite friends, create profiles, names, etc. It also helps you save your data. You can view your custom cards anytime because they would not get wasted. The online drawback is that it has default watermarks on every card.

Platform: Online site

Features of PokCharms

  • It enables you to insert your creativity online.
  • It helps you make customized designs with pictures with just a few clicks.
  • You can share your creativity and designs with friends and even on social media.
  • Helps you to fix designed cards again online.
  • You do not have to be irritated by Ads because it is one of the Ads free apps.

7. Pokemon Card

Another pokemon card maker designing a site with various options to customize your cards is Pokemon Card. It has a form in which you have to fill in all the details of your cards like Evolves, Attackers, Weaknesses, etc. One of the distinctive parts of this site is that it provides you an option that your designed cards will be online visible on the website for just 24 hours. It lets you save your cards by clicking on the image and selecting save image.

After completing a captcha image or answering a simple question, you can design cards. Your cards will be generated by using your images, inserted. It does not offer many unique features but only provides a limited feature to edit your cards. It is one of the quick apps you can use quickly to make the desired card.

Platform: iOS,Andriod

Features of Pokemon Card

  • It offers you a variety of features like themes, designs, colors, etc.
  • Provide you unique interface.
  • An app without bugs, and you can edit your cards without any problem.
  • Provides you an option to secure your cards as no one can let you save your cards because they will display for 24 hours.
  • You can add pictures to your card to make it more attractive.


Another one of the versatile apps to make unique pokemon cards designs is ThatPokemon. You can easily make cards according to your desire quite efficiently and fastly. With this app, you can make customized cards by just filling the form in which you have to give details about your desired card layout, and by selecting the desired image, you have to put it on cards, click ok, and your desired card will appear on the screen.

Before saving your desired card, you can also easily see the preview of your customized cards and make a change if required. For beginners, it is one of the best sites to create cards easily. It was one of the authentic and super easy apps for everyone to use.


Platform: Andriod

Features of ThatPokemon

  • It enables you to reset all the details if you want to change the image of the cards.
  • Helps you in saving customized cards designs in your gallery.
  • An app that does not contain any extra advertisements.
  • Provides you with different designs, themes, and colors to customize your cards.

9. Magic Card Maker

It is another best choice for pokemon card makers which Macros Alan Gonzalez Schtulmann develops. The name suggests that this app helps you make magical or colorful pokemon cards according to your wish. An app that will help you to remember your name as well. It allows you to make cards of your desired high quality. It is the best app that enables you to make cards with high resolution. Moreover, it is best to enjoy making cards without bugs or advertisements.

Platform: Andriod, iOS

Features of Magic Card Maker

  • It helps you create designs using different enchantments, artifacts, tokens, creatures, etc.
  • Gives you two basic frame designs like modern and vintage.
  • Enables you to change the card’s powers or development symbols.
  • It has a mode with which you can save battery life easily.
  • Has a variety of customization items like colors, mixed-colored or colorless cards.
  • Enables you to save and share your customized designs with others.

10. Poke Pics

Another Pokemon card makers app made by Magnamoose, LLC. An app that will help you make customized cards easily and more quickly and helps you share designs with friends or on social media. One of the app’s features is that it enables you to create designs with the themes you want to apply on cards because it is a flexible card maker app. You can use any image of your choice for your cards, and this app will select the desired image from the gallery and exchange cards variety. Permit you to customize the name, powers, attacks, and description of cards. Also, allow you to save cards for later use while playing. The only drawback of this app is that it does not have stage 1 or stage 2 cards.

Platform: iOS

Features of Poker Pics

  • Free of cost app that helps you make designs quickly.
  • Provides you with continuous updates to add more designs for you.
  • You can also use your image on cards.
  • Helps you in viewing cards in 3D mode.
  • One of the coolest pokemon card maker apps.
  • Let you make flexible cards without any Ads or bugs.

Final Words

If you are a pokemon lover and love to watch the pokemon series, play videos games, and want to play pokemon cards games but are bored with the default 60 cards and want something new, then you are in the right place. In this context, we have shared various apps with which you can easily make customized cards of your desire for more excitement and thrill in the game. You can also put your images on cards as well with these apps. So select one of your choices and enjoy making exciting cards. We gave you complete details about apps’ features there platform.

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