18 Best PPSSPP Games in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Maria Saman • Updated on May 26, 2023

PPSSPP can make your life full of fun. You can run these amazing PPSSPP games on your PC in complete HD resolution and play your favorite games on Android as well. You can play these fascinating games on your Android phones with high definition and high solutions with extra features. PPSSPP is the innovative and best PSP emulator for Android phones. This Platform can run a lot of games, but it depends on the capacity of your mobile phone or any other device because all devices might not run at high speed. Thus, this is the only platform that can run your games.

With this platform, you cannot have any pre-installed games, but you have to download the games separately. You can use your own actual PSP games and crack them into ISO or CSO files or you can play free homebrew games which are accessible online. You can keep these games on your device storage card or in any USB storage. It is a free version that you can easily use. If you want to support upcoming development, please download PPSSPP and enjoy the exciting games!

PPSSPP Games – PlayStation Portable Emulator Suitable for Playing Portably

PPSSPP is an official abbreviation, and it stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. It is free for all PlayStation Portable emulators, allowing many PlayStation games to be played on smartphones and computers. If you like to play games, you can follow this platform with intense observation. Here, you can get simple recommendations on downloading, installing, and tackling the PSP emulator PPSSPP on your Android and other devices.


If you effectively downloaded and installed the PPSSPP application on your Android or PC, then you can be capable of mainly playing games, accessible on the PSP. Over the years, gaming systems and platforms have become much more efficient in their quality and capacity because of the arrival of mobile phones, which seem to include a diversity of structures, constructers of mobile phones, and games. Just like SONY, the designer of PlayStation has planned new paths to make games available on PC and mobile platforms.

List of PPSSPP Games You must Try

There are many platforms gamers are using to play games on their PlayStation. These websites and media have a friendly and interactive user interface. These websites contain many exciting and thrilling games. If you want to play horror games, you can access them on these platforms. Most of these platforms are free to play. But some sites have paid games. These games can be your fantastic time pass! But these games are great and full of fun.


1. God of War – Ghost of Sparta

This game is the sixth chapter of the God of War succession. This game was initially released on the PlayStation Portable and the PSP Go. Later it was released along with God of War: Chains of Olympus on the PlayStation 3. It was considered as part of the God of War: Origins Collection. The story was combined from God of War and God of War II. A significant part of Kratos visits the long-lost City of Atlantis. He gets more details about his past, which he pursues to untie, and learns that his lost mother and brother Deimos are alive. He found his family there, which is an exciting part of this game. So, do you want to help Kratos in finding his family? Then, what are you waiting for, go and download this amazing game.

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3


  • Lead your military of callous Viking soldiers and rage through the land.
  • Command militaries of loyal Caballeros for the ultimate conquest.
  • A character can fight in classic fights against a prehistoric evil for the fantasy land.
  • Rule the City and stand with the mythical Spartans.

2. God of War: Chains of Olympus

This game is impressive in its features. As we all know, Kratos is the main character in the God of War series. He uses both arms and mystic influences and spells to fight his enemies. Most of the enemies are from ancients of Greek myth. Throughout the game, Kratos finds some horrible experiences in this game, which makes him make his new weapons and magic spell influences. Two other characters in this game, Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers improve thier health and magic rhythms.

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3


  • Gamers can experience histrionic camera angles and epic set pieces.
  • This game proves the Gamer an experience of 10 years of servitude.
  • Utilize new vicious combat moves with your favorite combo assaults.
  • All the creatures are from Greek Mythology that is battling with each other.

3. EmuParadise

EmuParadise is a fantastic gaming platform. Their users have come together to create game lists, which are equally beneficial for every gamer in the gaming industry. In this section, you can get the best features of this platform. Here, you can check out these games and play them. You can also take a trip down the memory path. For instance, you are done, then you can join in the fun and create your game list here. You have to log in with the EPForums account and click on the “+ Add to List” control on any game page to generate your game lists.

Platforms: Android, Windows, and PlayStation.


  • This platform contains some horror games as well.
  • The games are majorly about crafting and creating.
  • The illustrations of the games are elegant and refined.
  • The overall platform is very interactive and has high-speed games.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Vice City, a massive urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, is one of the most varied, complete, and alive digital cities ever created. By combining open-world gameplay with a character-driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with delights and degradation. A story of one man’s rise to the top of the criminal pile comes from the decade of big hair, and pastel suits. You are allowed to take it over as you choose.

Platforms: Android and PC.


  • This Platform contains beautifully updated graphics and lighting effects.
  • The user can get precisely tailored firing and targeting options.
  • The site has custom controls with a completely customizable layout.
  • Contains a massive campaign with countless hours of gameplay.

5. Freedoms

Everyone wants to know why many people love this website. Here is a reason for this question, it is easy to direct and easy to download games. If you want to download any PSP game, it has a very wild download link that will let you download any of the PPSSPP games that you want. It doesn’t take much time. Freedom is one of the best websites to download PPSSPP games. It is one of the excellent Platforms for downloading PPSSPP games. Through this Platform, you can download any PSP games. You can also download games for other servers on it. In addition, you can also find games for PS2 Nintendo. Hence, it is one of the best platforms to play PSP games.

Platforms: Android and PC


  • It is a web-based platform with 3000+ ROM files.
  • It is a reliable platform that lets users get the ROM files in the desired manner.
  • Besides ROMs, this website is excellent for entrance for best game emulators.
  • On this website, detailed instructions and gameplays are available.

6. 8Daxter

This website is a fantastic gaming platform. You can discover the immense catalog of games through this Platform. Here you can play at the PlayStation network and PS plus. It has fantastic games with attractive features. This website has an elegant and excellent user interface. You will enjoy searching for fun on this website. You can find many games and gold cards on this Platform in the XBOX Live tab. If you get bored, you can switch your fun to new ones. This Platform contains many exciting games that you can play and enjoy. The games available on this site have very colorful graphics visuals. Excellent illustrations make this Platform a heavy traffic place. So, you can download some of the games here and enjoy your day!

Platforms: Windows all versions, Android, PC


  • These games belong to fiction-level stories.
  • The Gamer can explore many cities.
  • All the games on this Platform are high speed and user interactive.
  • The overall visual of this website is very cool.

7. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This is an action and turn-based RPG game. It has a stream of fast shots. It creates the impression of a real-time fight. The Gamer can select movements from a given menu, magic, featuring attack, special attack, and item selections. A vital feature of this game is the Digital Mind Wave (DMW), which is a unique attack slot machine-like display in the upper left corner of your game. Pictures of soldiers and scores constantly scroll in each of the three slots. There is a combination of sevens that lead to unusual status effects. At the same time, this game contains duplicate characters, which makes this game more interesting. These mixtures of characters and numbers will permit the Gamer to level up the character Zack, influence the Material, or accomplish unusual moves and order in the modulating phase.

Platforms: Windows and Android.


  • The Crisis Core uses a real-time combat system.
  • The Player can move Zack around, initiate attacks, special abilities, and spells.
  • Zack’s abilities in battle are set by what material he currently has equipped.
  • The overall Platform contains excellent adventures and thrills.

8. Killzone: Liberation

The game contains an exclusive third-person camera which is showing you the whole game. This latest camera system provides gamers with the best overview to capture intense action. This shot enables the player to make strategic assessments before getting into a firefight. There are new and Returning Characters. The Gamer repeats the tasks of the battle very hard to win the game as he has to save ISA prisoners taken enslaved by the bad General Metric. The Player has to become a frontrunner in the fight to achieve the liberty of Southern Vekta. The player must daze all of the latest Helghast adversaries counting guards and trained killer hounds. The Player has a mission. He has to fight against the new arena. The overall environment of the game is unique to the Gamer.

Platforms: Android and PC


  • This game contains a top-down isometric view.
  • The resultant game can be a mixture of a shooter and a dungeon crawler or a top-down contra-type game.
  • The missions are presented in groups that can be chosen in any order by the player.
  • If you complete a mission, it will everlasting affect your performance.

9. Pokemon Stadium

This is the first game that has shown Pokemon in 3-D. In this game, N64 fans get a chance to see their teams diversely. In addition to providing an exclusive 3-D battle practice, gamers can also play their Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Yellow games directly on the TV. Everyone can watch how you fight through Kanto when going to Elite four. If you are getting bored and want to do something new, you can spend some time with many of the mini-games on this Platform.

Platforms: Android, PlayStation3, Windows


  • The Pokemon battle system comes up with improved visuals and echoes.
  • This Platform lets you enjoy your Game Boy Pokémon game on the Nintendo 64.
  • This site can operate data on your Game Boy Pokémon game.
  • These are multiplayer games.

10. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

The game is based on a real-life storyline. In 1974 in Costa Rica, an unknown well-equipped army took over the country. The soldiers were also armed with a nuclear warhead. Many actions can be done when two of the enemies are confronted. This game has many features that can be loved by the player. The character can emit fire from his hand when moving. Other actions that can be performed in this game are holding and closing doors, sharing items, performing CPR.

Platforms: Android, Windows, PlayStation


  • The player can find a balance of defense, stealth, weapons, and inventory available in multiple camouflage patterns.
  • The player’s suit lets players move without making foot noises.
  • In this game, many players are playing against you.
  • Players who are in Tuxedo can bring many items with them, including weapons.

11. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

This game is the sixth and the last chapter of Naruto PlayStation Portable. The game contains many deep missions and more than 100 exclusive fights. Here, you can experience more than eight levels and 25 custom-planned missions. The game comprises a card collection, as well. You can collect more than 300 character cards. You can also create combinations with cards to empower a unique character. In this game, the Player can experience sole training. Players can kill at least one and a maximum of 1000 gangs of adversaries. But this task can only be done by a single Player. In this exclusive game, the Battle opponent ninja crowds together with friends in Tag Battle mode. Do you want to defeat ninja? Come and join the game!

Platforms: PlayStation, Windows, Android


  • The Platform contains stimulating games.
  • All the games include high graphic visuals.
  • The site has many fighting games.
  • Gamer cab experiences many ancient war scenes in these games

12. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This game contains more exciting missions, kits, types of equipment, and freaks than Monster Hunter Freedom 2. This game has a new Felyne combatant to support the gamer on their journeys. There are 9 or 10 shields and arms were added to the game. Now, players can handle almost 99 items together in their boxes. You can store up to 20 toolsets. In addition, you can get ten kit pages instead of six pages. There is a new kind of quest that you will experience in this game. Here is the “Epic Hunting Mission” presented by the game environment; this quest allows the player to take on up to four different monsters in one quest, one by one.

Platforms: iOS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita


  • Characters have New hairstyles.
  • The character can change clothes with the provided bookshelf.
  • The character Trenya can now be sent 1500 Points.
  • Contains more than 410 Quests.

13. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

This game is the annual chapter of the series, and it is one of the crazy rides of all games in the series. WWE games have been working in the online market for a very long time. E is known as a very creative type of game. These games are just like the actual WWE events. It is not like your usual “sport.” There are many things in this game shown in factual circumstances. These games were styled out yearly like most of the other games, so there was not much time to add more features to improve it a lot.

Platfrms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3


  • It was initially an action arcade wrestling game.
  • The player can run anywhere in the streets, which is impressive.
  • The game contains a massive list of unlocked characters.
  • It is the most exciting addition because of its new competition.

14. Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Ben 10: Protector of Earth is an exclusive game. The levels of this game contain puzzles to be solved, which is an exciting part of this game. These puzzles are found where the Player has to fight with the enemy. The Gamer controls Ben and aids him so that Ben can travel into five different areas to discover and collect all the DNA samples that were stolen by the opponent Vilgax, who always wanted to use these samples to destroy the whole world. Ben also has permission to access the Omnitrix; this gesture of the game permits Ben to change himself into numerous alien types with many capabilities that Ben can use for the fight and solving puzzles, etc.

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Wii, Nintendo DS


  • Many vibrant moves are here to welcome the Player
  • The game graphics are amazing to play.
  • Many frightening strategies are here that gamers can experience.
  • Many of the diverse creatures are part of this game.

15. Ghostbusters: The Video Game

The fantastic Ghostbusters: The Video game is back. You can now enjoy the outstanding features of this latest version. Now, you can also be a part of the Ghostbusters team. You have to fight with the monsters and evil creatures in this game. You have to search for the objects that can benefit and point. Furthermore, you have to prevent the environment from basting objects. This is a single-player video game. This game has a mysterious storyline. The writers of the original film pen this story. You will enjoy the actual scenes of the movie during your gameplay.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable


  • The Video Game has exclusive bonus content to make the game happy.
  • This game contains many new challenges like the fighting environment.
  • The killing of thrilling and exciting creatures is waiting for the player in this game.
  • The overall user interface is elegant, and gamers can enjoy the game because of the color schemes.

16. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

This is an action-adventure game set in an open-world location. This game is played from a third-person’s perspective. This game has core gameplay which is based on a third-person shooter. It is a thrilling and stimulating game for professional battle gamers. The player’s character can walk, run, swim, jump. The player can drive a variety of vehicles, as well. The character can use arms and shoot the opponents.

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP-E1000


  • The Player has to control the criminal and has to complete the missions.
  • Tommy has to meet many of the various gangs and protect the land.
  • Various thrilling levels are here with different adventures.
  • In this game, the Player can win many rewards and prizes.

17. Silent Hill: Origins

The fantastic Silent Hill Origins has a very nice storyline. This PSP game needs the player to guide Travis as he has to move through Silent Hill searching for a girl. The game is played according to the third-person perspective. The Player’s focus is on exploring the hills and downtown. Travis has various powers and gadgets like screwdrivers, hammers, toolboxes, toasters, and much more. Another main addition to the game is the grapple system, quick-time event, and super camera system.

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2


  • The main thing of this game is to guide the Player’s character.
  • Many of the adventures are there at every level of the game.
  • Travis has to collect a range of weapons throughout the town.
  • The player has to defeat the monsters and evil creatures, which is stunning.

18. The Warriors

This game is unique and interesting to play for game lovers. The game is, actually based on the street warfares. This game is a ballet of conventional violence. The characters in these games do not seem to be accurate. They all are imaginary. The environment provided in the game is also unreal. It will be better if you won’t believe in the game titles. But the game cannot be said as an action game, as well. The overall game environment is super engaging for the Player. You only need to search for the main objective of the game and collect the weapons.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Xbox


  • Players can win many trophies.
  • It is a shared play and remote play activity.
  • It is an action-adventure survival game.
  • The Player can choose to help the public in Coney Island.

Final Words

You can play many online and offline games in your free time. The upper mentioned games are PPSSPP games for Android. These games can also be said as PPSSPP games for PC. These games are based on actions and adventures. The player has to wander through the town or the hills and jungles. He has to survive himself from the evil creatures. The Player has to collect the precious objects and give him some points to win the game. These games are very thrilling and challenging. So what are you waiting for? Go and download these games and enjoy the game environment.

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