10 Best RAM Checker Software in 2022

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The installed memory of your PC is often susceptible. If a person suspects a problem with the current memory, it becomes necessary to test it. The RAM test software can also be called Memory Test Software. These programs and software can perform a complete check on your PC and thoroughly analyze your system’s memory. It’s a lovely idea to check your waged RAM often if there is an error.

Random-access memory (RAM) is the main working memory of your computer. The operating system of your computer and apps are continuously reading information from memory and writing back to it. For instance, when a person loads a website, your PC’s web browser stores this data in its RAM for a short time while the person is reading it. When a PC game is launched on your computer, the game loads the data from a significantly slower memory system into very quicker RAM.

If your computer Ram is faulty, this can make problems for you. Your PC can store information to the RAM and explore numerous info when it reads out the RAM. This problem may lead to crashes of your applications. Your system can be frozen, or data can be corrupted. This is when you have to check the RAM by the software or any source. The software makes your work easier as compared to manual labor.


Why is RAM Drive Software essential in Computers?

The amount of RAM that you have installed is directly proportional to the speed and performance of your computer. If you have minimal RAM in your PC, it might be possible to work very slow and sluggishly. But on the contrary, side, if you have installed too much, it will not give you any extra benefit. If the PC needs more memory, you should buy a compatible memory for your PC. Commonly, the necessary components are created at high quality at the time of manufacture. But as we all know, technology is getting evolved.

There is an excellent reason for memory standardization that the makers need to know about. Many moduli prevent the users from inserting incompatible memory, and many apparent differences are standard over the memory manufacturing industry. The electrical parameters and shape of the memory are significant considerations that the industry has to keep in mind.


List of Best RAM Checker Software

There is much software working in the online market to clean your RAM. The software can analyze the fault present in your memory. You can easily detect the problem and secure your PC from getting crashed.

1. Primo RamDisk

This Ram checker software has ultra-Fast access. It is the second generation of Vsuite Ramdisk creation. It has the latest features and enhanced performance. This software contains a very user-friendly interface as this software provides a solution to speed up your PC’s performance. It permits you to compete with the physical memory.

Because physical memory has much more access speed than most types of storage. Primo Ramdisk has many powerful features and functions, maximizing its performance and applicability. This soft tool can support more than 128 virtual disks. You can format it with any of the windows funded file systems. Moreover, Primo Ramdisk permits you to customize file system settings if necessary.

Latest version: Version 6.5.0

Price: $49.95


  • This software can support hybrid disk and file disk.
  • It supports SCSI disk, Direct-IO disk.
  • It has the potential of a one-time virtual disk.
  • This soft tool can support up to 128 virtual disks.
  • It can support dynamic memory management.

2. AMD Radeon RAMDisk

RAMDisk software makes virtual energy using the available main memory (RAM) in your system. RAMDisk performs, in general, in orders of size quicker than other forms of storage media, such as an SSD and hard drive. The more RAM your computer has, the superior the RAMDisk you can generate. The freeware account of RAMDisk can utilize up to 4GB of your PC’s accessible RAM.

For people who have 8GB of RAM in their computer and would like to utilize that memory for RAMDisk. License keys are available for purchase at various increments up to 12GB, up to 24GB, up to 32GB, and up to 64GB. This software is for personal use only. You can pay a commercial authorization fee. A suitable commercial license should be obligatory if you would like to use this software for business/commercial use. The cataloging and payment of the commercial license fee are supported and made available through the official website.

Latest version: 1.0.4096

Price: $18.99


  • This software can be downloaded for free.
  • This is one of the best bug fixer software.
  • There are many video Tutorial Series to know about this tool.
  • It is a faster memory testing software.

3. MemTest86

MemTest86 is the original, free, stand-alone memory testing software for ARM and x86 systems. This software boots from a USB flash drive and examines the RAM in your PC for faults using a series of comprehensive algorithms and test patterns. Inadequate RAM is one of the most annoying computer issues as these indications are frequently random and hard to find. This fantastic software is often used by system builders, PC repair stores, overclockers & PC constructors.

MemTest86 can assist in identifying defective RAM. This is one of the leading and most demanding memory testing software. The latest version of MemTest86 has many latest features. It can completely detect the bugs and faults in your PC as this tool is written in C, so it is directly compatible with your BIOS system. It is almost compatible with all computers. You can effortlessly download it from the official website. You can also use its free version.

Latest version: 3.0

Price: $19.50


  • It supports up to 2 TB of RAM on X64 CPUs.
  • This software performs complete detection for memory supervisors.
  • It can perform CPU temperature reporting.
  • It has exceptional support for Intel “Sandy Bridge-E” CPUs.
  • This tool can quickly correct the bugs in your RAM and PC.

4. Rember

It is an excellent front-end memory testing software. This program allows the user to choose test loops digits. This software can also select the amount of memory to test. This program contains a Log tab that enables the user to screen the memory testing. You can also limit the output by toggling a verbose switch. You can also select to leave Locator and other apps as well.

Your computer can malfunction because of the defective memory and can confuse the user about the computer’s performance. There are many hardware test CDs available in the market. Many third-party utilities for Mac are also public. Remember that it is styled to simplify the diagnoses and test the memory issues. Its free version is also available. But if you want the professional one you have to pay for that. So go and download.

Latest Version: Not defined

Price: Free, Paid


  • It is a very easy-to-use testing support system.
  • This software contains a human-readable test report that summarizes test results.
  • It has a memory information window that displays DIMM status.
  • This program is covered under the GPL GNU.

5. Window Memory Diagnostic

WMD is a fantastic memory testing software. You can use it for free. It is easy to use and has a comprehensive memory testing utility. Your computer’s BIOS can examine your memory throughout the POST through this software. This test is no doubt elementary. You must review your memory with the Window Memory Diagnostic program if your RAM is not working correctly.

You can find the fault vary easily by using this specialized software. This program challenges you to test your RAM first with another program and then try this one. You will get some good benefits from this program. It is a fully-featured and compatible program that can make your device safer as any other software. Your data can also be retained by using this technical program.

Lastest Version: Not defined

Price: Free, Paid


  • It is very easy to use.
  • This software has a free version as well.
  • This program has improved features as compared to other utility software.
  • Its memory testing is entirely automatic.

6. RAMMon

It is an easy-to-use application. This program is specially designed for windows. This unique program allows the user to thoroughly detect and retrieve the serial presence data from the RAM of their PC. This software lets the users classify many attributes, including manufacturer and their DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, EPP, and XMP memory devices.

It can also detect the clock speed of your PC. This program uses system information SDK DDL and the SPD qualities from your device’s RAM and makes some operations on them. This whole data offers a snapshot of available information for every RAM module installed on your system.

Latest version: 1.1

Price: US$27.00


  • The software provides its information in an HTML help file.
  • It can display the stored value on the RAM module.
  • Other specific SPD data can also be retrieved through this software.
  • This is an easy to use and freeware software.

7. Nova Bench

Through this software, you can test your PC’s RAM. This is a benchmark app specially designed for windows. This app is the most convenient way to compare and test your system’s hardware. This program has many graphics capabilities. This software can test your RAM, hard disk, and 3D graphics. This program can compare your PC’s score and system module consequences to others. With this fantastic software, you can share and submit the proven scores on social networks and your profiles.

This software lets you examine the chief components of your PC rapidly. Through this software, your testing can take only one to two minutes. Every test can produce detailed data on your PC and provides you with a general system score. You can easily optimize, tune and repair your PC by using this fantastic application. So don’t wait for any other software. Just go and download.

Latest version: 4.0.9.

Price: ₹ 6,500


  • The software can test CPU’s floating-point arithmetic speed.
  • It can test your CPU’s integer arithmetic speed.
  • This tool can make a general CPU test.
  • The software can test RAM read and write speed of your PC.

8. Mem Test-RAM

Suppose you are looking for a more effective testing program for RAM. Then you are in the right place. It is one of the best software that can detect problems and faults in your memory. It achieves a wider variety of tests on your PC. The latest version of this software has many features. You can get many more features with the paid version of this program. This tool can quickly boot and scan your computer’s memory to retrieve it.

This software provides a USB image that you can move to use the USB drive. You only have to run the .exe file included in the download version, and you can provide a separate USB drive to create a bootable drive that you need. Hence, this fantastic software can keenly and professionally test your PC’s memory. You can download the free version as per your need. Or the paid version for professional use.

Latest Version: 9.4

Price: $44.00


  • It is the latest graphical standard for BIOS.
  • Doesn’t require any operating system to boot.
  • It has a graphical interface that supports 13 algorithms.
  • It can also boot with the Network (PXE).

9. AIDA64 Extreme

This software comes with a hardware detector engine. This program can provide detailed info about the installed program, diagnostic tasks, and overclocking provision as this software is a monitoring sensor in real-time. This program can collect accurate temperature, and fan speed readings as its diagnostic capabilities help detect and prevent hardware faults.

This software also offers a couple of standards for computing the performance of the separate hardware components of your computers. This program is compatible with all 32bit and 64bit Windows versions. This tool can perform the action on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Latest version: 6.60.5900

Price: $39.95


  • This software provides 50 pages of information.
  • It has the most precise hardware detection capabilities.
  • It uses a 64-bit multi-threaded stress testing system.
  • Can build a perfect custom panel for you.

10. PassMark

This software is developed into many of the benchmark results. With this software, you can compare your PC with millions of other computers worldwide with the researchable model catalog submitted by other performance Test users. It can execute complex mathematical calculations to test your PC’s RAM. This is one of the best memory testing software available on the market.

It has high-quality video cards that improve overall system performance for most computing activities, like software development and PC gaming. You can also do video editing with this software. Its newly introduced ATI video cards and graphics cards are standard for memory testing and other operations.

Latest version: V10.1

Price: $29


  • This software is specially designed for Windows, Linux, x86, and ARM.
  • It can stress test all the major subsystems of a computer for reliability.
  • It is a best value windows hardware tool.
  • This software has been an industry standard since 1998.

Final Words

If you are facing a problem with your computer’s RAM, then there are many solutions that you can prefer to use to maintain your PC. You can directly change your RAM and use some above-mentioned tools to resolve your issues regarding RAM. Much software are available in the online market to restore your faulty RAM. You can use the free versions of these software. But paid versions are also here for professional uses. These are hand-listed featured filled programs you can use spontaneously. You can quickly test your PC” s memory by these programs and detect the problem. So don’t wait for other solutions and try one of these software right now.

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