15 Best Reading Eggs Alternatives in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Ahmad Hassan • Updated on November 24, 2022

Reading Eggs is an online education application that allows parents to teach their kid’s alphabet and basic math numbers. It provides many mini-games for kids to learn in a free and joyful environment. This application is practical and helpful for two to seven-year-old kids with multiple options.

This platform provides different steps and levels for children that help them to read and increase their learning ability. It contains fun games that teach your kids with learning to read plus entertainment. This application gains more interest with Interesting and attractive talking cartoons.

Some cartoons are look-alike animals and other characters such as fruits, vegetables, and many more. The characters come up with the talking and teaching feature that helps them learn in a reliable and fast way. The cartoon characters repeat alphabetical words, and kids also say words.


It is the best way to teach your kids in a more delightful way with easy-to-understand games. Reading Eggs app provides children with games that keep attached children with this program, and parents are happy to watch their kids learn and repeat the alphabetical and mathematical words.

Many schools and parents appreciate the developer of this fantastic application, and it won many awards for its creative work. This Australian learning platform offers a free trial and has two subscription pricing plans for monthly billing, and yearly billing, and pricing starts at 13.99 AUS Dollars.


Why Do Users Want Reading Eggs Alternatives?

Reading Eggs is an online teaching application that helps parents to teach their kids to understand and read alphabetic words with multiple fun games. This platform provides a different learning platform for children of different ages, such as Reading Eggspress for 7 to 13 age kids.

Although this application is beneficial for kids to learn simple ABCs, some parents and teachers prefer other online learning platforms. The foremost reason is it is an addictive app and kids do not show interest in physical activities as they get hooked with mobile or tablet technology.

List of Reading Eggs Alternatives

Reading Eggs is an excellent application for teachers and parents to teach their students and kids alphabetical words in an entertaining way. It works online and is highly compatible with leading technology platforms, such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Android Tablet, etc.

Nowadays, a single application cannot complete all parents’ and teachers’ professional and individual needs. Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of this learning platform, the best alternatives of this program are selected and thoroughly explained with their functionalities.

1. Study Island

Study Island is an online learning platform and an academy that helps students in different subjects, such as Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, and more. It allows students to learn their subjects in multiple standards that increase their knowledge day by day in a flexible way.

This platform is helpful for school-age students and provides them with tasks and reports on their progress. It offers many services for students, master essential standards, grade-level, and access towards proficiency. This application helps them to build their confidence in learning.

Students practice independently, which builds their retention with multiple tools and study features such as teacher toolkit, writing assignments, class manager, and many more. This application has two subscription pricing plans, Monthly and Year Plan. The monthly plan starts at 15 US Dollars.


  • Test Builder
  • Group Sessions
  • Building Level Reporting
  • Trusted Standards Alignment


  • Built on States Standards
  • Engaging Games For Students
  • Effective For Teacher and Students


  • No Free Trial
  • User Interface Not Reliable
  • High Pricing Plans

2. EducationCity

EducationCity is an online comprehensive and robust teaching technology software that helps teachers to teach their students with a reliable learning program. It helps students in learning with educational games, 2D 3D physics, sandbox games, building blocks, and in-game trading.

This program provides core subject planning, actionable reporting, curriculum coverage, detailed assessment, and professional development. Its core subjects are Math, English, and Science, and it provides reports on progress and is helpful for distance learning with the class session.

It is a program for three to twelve-year-old students that comes up with many remarkable learning features for students, such as educational games, content filtering, game development, and many more. It works online and is accessible on Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and more.


  • Built-In Level Editor
  • Content Filtering
  • Lua Scripting
  • In-Game Chat


  • Massive Multiplayer
  • Multiple Account Support
  • Paypal Integration
  • Social Media Integration


  • Free Trial Not Helpful
  • Hard to Use
  • Slow Uploading

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is an online studying platform that helps the student to learn challenging subjects in an easy way with games and tasks. It generates reports on students’ progress and gives lessons to them to complete, which is helpful for them in learning and enables study from home, anywhere, or anytime.

It gives detailed explanations verified by many experts on your questions and issues that you can easily understand and deploy on your work. It has many subjects for students, such as Arts and Humanities, Languages, Math, Science, Social Science, Social Studies, and many more topics.

This platform enables users to schedule their studying time such as early morning, all night, or whenever they want. It has a built-In learning assistant that helps the student to find content for their work. It offers a free trial and has a year subscription pricing plan that starts at 11.99 Euro.


  • Assessment Management
  • Built-In Course Authoring
  • Progress Reports
  • Interactive Content
  • Synchronous Learning


  • Multilingual Support
  • Online Education
  • Social Learning
  • Web-Based Platform
  • Fast and Secure Program


  • Limited Free Trial Features
  • Ads Distraction
  • High Rates for Teacher Material

4. Brainscape

Brainscape is a cloud-based microlearning software that helps organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to manage fast learning with multi-languages support. It makes better flashcards, syncs between more devices, shares and secures your cards, tracks better metrics, and more.

It comes up with many amazing and unique features for studying and learning, such as learning management, content library, built-in course authoring, progress tracking, self-learning, and more. It works online on multiple leading operating systems, Windows, Android, iPhone, etc.

It helps students in multiple subjects with multiple languages for different states. It allows you to share your flashcard with classmates as it offers a unique study method and is customizable and easy to use. Users can purchase study content through the application or make their flashcards.


  • Flashcard Learning
  • Educational Games
  • Online Education
  • Language Learning


  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Learning Management System
  • Dictionary Access
  • Customizable Platform


  • Fewer Features Availability
  • Pricey Pre-Made Content
  • Time Consuming Flashcard Making

5. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is a helping platform that provides many study flashcards for students to help them out in exams and individual studies. It offers free flashcards for the student to jump into the study. It allows you to rent, buy, read, return and sell books online with significant networking.

Flashcards give a piece of detailed information about anything that you are looking for. It provides flashcards that users can trust, make their own, or study from others made flashcards. Students can study from home, on vacation, anywhere, and anytime with robust functionalities.

This platform provides flashcards on accounting, allied health, anthropology, biology, business, marketing, communication and journalism, finance, history, and many more. It works online and is highly compatible with multiple platforms, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android Tablet, etc.


  • Educational Management
  • Online Education
  • Math Solutions
  • Learning Management


  • Social Networks
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Reliable Platform
  • Effective Publishing Options


  • Subscription Content is Pricey
  • Not Good Customer Support
  • High Books Prices

6. Shmoop

Shmoop is an online study library that provides help student in their complex subject with 24/7 service. It provides fun and entertainment in learning by changing tough topics into easy tasks and games. Users can easily understand and learn the abilities to handle complicated solutions and issues.

This platform is built with practice tests, diagnostics, and in-depth answer explanations with drills and videos. It is built for learning, focusing on retention more than just memorization. It comes up with over four hundred customizable courses for all devices, core subjects, and course creation.

This program is helpful for students, teachers, parents, and districts with its wide range of incredible features and learning toolkits. It provides credit recovery, plug-and-play, and many more services. It has an essay lab, Shakespeare stuff, match shacks with flashcards, and a grade calculator.


  • eBook Reader
  • Growth Hacking
  • Learning Management
  • Practice Exams
  • Diagnostic Exams


  • Readability Integration
  • Non-Intrusive
  • All Core Subjects
  • For All Devices


  • Not Reliable Platform
  • Limited Access
  • Not Easy to Use

7. Cram

Cram is an online and offline educational source that enables a wide selection of flashcards for students to read, memorize, test on themselves, and increases their learning ability. It is a web-based platform with ad-free which means students can study without disturbance and interruptions.

This platform comes up with the most unique and incredible features for users, such as works offline, portable, cloud sync, ad-free, educational games, and many more. It gives flashcards on marketing, accounting, health, business, finance, history, communication, and many more.

It contains popular documents, an analysis of only daughter by Sandra Cisneros, and many more. It is accessible on leading operating systems such as Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. Users can study on their mobile and access thousands of essays and flashcards submitted by students.


  • Online Education
  • Learning Management
  • Language Learning
  • Note-Taking
  • LaTeX Math


  • Offline Work
  • Open Source
  • Customizable Configuration


  • No Long-Term Retention
  • Consumes Uploading Time
  • Lower Test Scores

8. Newsela

Newsela is a professional learning platform that helps users and students with the most comprehensive standards-aligned content. It provides innovative practices for modern schools as it offers distance learning, access and equity, anti-bias and racism, and implementation tips.

This platform contains philosophy, guidelines, and partners’ content. It uplifts students’ curriculum with authentic and accessible content. It aligns all content to ELA, social studies, or science state standards, and it is flexible enough to support users districts unique curriculum.

It works online and is highly compatible with famous leading systems such as iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, etc. This program provides fast and reliable network speed with understandable subjects that are thoroughly explained by experts and valuable study flashcards.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter Integration
  • News Aggregator
  • Social Networks


  • IFTTT Integration
  • Multilingual Support
  • Offline Reading
  • Dark Mode
  • Customizing Options


  • Not Feature-Rich
  • Expensive Rates

9. Course Hero

Course Hero is a program that helps students with many resources such as school, textbooks, literature titles, and subjects. It is a helpful program for students to share their documents online, design a session room to study together, and provide many books with practical explanations.

This platform contains textbook support which guides students through the questions in their textbook, and it gives new textbooks for all students every week. It provides study documents for all students’ classes, and students can enter in school, course, or class by using this program.

It contains several but robust features for users, such as online study, social networks, learning management, and many more. It is easy to use with the guidance of expert tutors and gives fast answers with step-by-step explanations as it works online on Waze, Android, iPad, and iPhone.


  • Audio Books
  • Document Sharing
  • Educational Management


  • Expert Tutors
  • Live Homework Help
  • Detailed Explanation


  • Limited Features Availability
  • High Pricing Premium Membership
  • Low Pay For Tutors

10. Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning is an educational platform for kids to learn and read easily with forward-thinking education solutions. It provides core curriculum, virtual school services, social and emotional learning, assessment with professional development, career support, technical education, etc.

Students can access it to study from anywhere with high-performing features. It allows them to share documents online with secure programming and helps with detailed and valuable explanations in multiple subjects like Maths, Science, Technology, Engineering, and others.

This platform provides many remarkable services with customizable configurations and helpful features for all students. It supports online with webinars, funding and resources, and excellent customer support. It is highly beneficial for students who want to be experts in complex subjects.


  • Learning Management
  • Efficacy Research
  • Foundational Research
  • Spanish Language Arts


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Math Learning Games
  • Engaging Content For Students
  • Adaptive Program


  • No Windows Support
  • Login Process Difficult
  • Hard to Use

11. eSpark

eSpark is robust and comprehensive learning software that runs and manages online teaching classes through a reliable network. It allows remote learning so that students can attend online class sessions from anywhere. It is a cloud-based educational platform that offers quiz-based placement.

It provides independent work time to help small educational groups to manage their remote learning lessons with coaching, assessments, and K-5. It accesses API with an activity dashboard and provides alerts and notifications, monitoring, progress reports, and many more.

This platform contains valuable and remarkable features for users, such as activity tracking, assessment management, blended learning, class scheduling, video support, and many more. It includes different games and activities for kids to learn faster than ever with progress reports.


  • Communication Management
  • Interactive Learning
  • Skills Assessment
  • Student Group Management


  • Offers Free Trial Version
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Interactive Learning
  • Valuable Content


  • No Android Support
  • Only For Small Groups
  • High Pricing Rates

12. DreamBox

DreamBox is an accelerating learning program for students that provides many services, such as digital math and reading solutions with advanced research. It is highly beneficial for students and kids and facilitates each student with effective math games and other learning activities.

It has intelligent adaptive learning that helps students get over their weaknesses in the study and builds confidence. It contains curriculum and standard alignment, and a functional time screen. It integrates with famous social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube.

It allows distance learning that students can access from anywhere with tutor experts and provides detailed explanations for every solution. It works online and is highly compatible with famous platforms and leading systems, such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and many more.


  • Learning Management
  • Professional Development
  • Endless Gameplay


  • Fourteen Day Free Trial
  • Intelligent Learning Platform
  • Enhances Learning Skills


  • Limited Free Trial Version
  • Expensive Pricing Plans

13. Studypool

Studypool is an online comprehensive learning source that facilitates students with programming and helpful engaged content. It gives students and users a secure and safe networking platform to post questions and get reliable, detailed, and easy-to-understand answers from experts.

It has vetted tutors for subject expertise and holds degrees such as Master, Bachelor, and PHDs. It provides detailed solutions in different subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, Business, Programming, Humanities, Writing, Rocket Science, Chemical Engineering, and many more.

This platform provides 24/7 support with verified tutors from anywhere with a fast and reliable network. It comes up with many valuable and unique features for users, such as learning management, professional development, Document Sharing, and many more.


  • Foreign Languages
  • Online Education
  • Remote Learning
  • Math Solutions


  • Easy to Use
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Wide Range of Subjects


  • Charges Commission From Tutors
  • Slow Initial Process
  • High Subscription Fee

14. GoConqr

GoConqr is a powerful institutional platform that delivers easy-to-understand content for students to solve their study problems. It offers better digital learning experiences by creating, discovering, and sharing relevant learning material and engages content in a reliable way for students.

This program has a library solution and privately shares learning resources in worldwide distribution communities. It has many valuable tools to build knowledge of students, such as flashcards, mind maps, notes, quizzes, slides, flowcharts, and course builders with effective remote learning.

Users can understand and learn the abilities to handle complicated solutions and issues. It allows sharing and getting opinions and feedback and provides good services, ease in building schemes, adding pictures, writing text, etc. It comes up with excellent customer support for all students.


  • Learning Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Remote Learning
  • Single Sign-On


  • Classroom Monitoring
  • User-Created Resources
  • Customizable Content
  • Screen Sharing
  • Team Collaboration


  • Inability to Move Images
  • No Live Support

15. Magoosh

Magoosh is a worldwide preparation, study, and learning platform for students with many educational tools and options. It offers online preparation tests for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, LSAT, Praxis, SAT, and ACT. It is the most powerful solution for online studying with subject expertise.

It comes up with many remarkable and valuable features for users, such as gamification, interactive content, mobile access, progress tracking, self-learning, and notifications. It provides thousands of timed practice questions, video lessons, vocab flashcards, and verbal practices.

This platform contains many mathematical games and activities that children love to play and learn. It offers a free trial for seven days and has test-wise subscription pricing plans such as GRE. Score pricing starts at 129 USD per month and GMAT Score starts at 149 US Dollars per month.


  • Activity Tracking
  • Assessment Management
  • Content Library
  • Learning Management


  • Progress Reports
  • Self-Paced Courses
  • Instructor-Led Courses
  • Effective Interface Design


  • Limited Free Trial Version
  • No API Access
  • Expensive Subscription Fee

Final Words

Reading Eggs is an online learning service provider that provides many activities and fun games to teach children mathematical and alphabetical words. It works online and is highly compatible with worldwide leading operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Therefore, according to Reading Eggs’ functionalities and working structure, the best fifteen alternatives selected, such as Magoosh, GoConqr, Imagine Learning, Course Hero, Studypool, Study Island, StudyBlue, and others, are thoroughly explained along with their features, pros, and cons.

There are many other alternatives available that perform betters than Reading Eggs and cover all the issues of this platform. It will help customers to choose the best option for their personal and individual needs. You can select the best prospect among these alternatives if you have other resources.

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