10 Best Roof Design Software in 2022

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Truss is an integral part of Roof Designing. Do You Know Why is Truss important in Roof Designing? The main reason for its importance is that it is a cheap and easy way to build roofs. Also, Truss Designing is more accessible and more dynamic to use and it adds spectacular look to your Buildings and Houses. Truss is a type of design, based on the vertical pieces creating triangles to back a load for the roofs. The pieces of the triangles are under stress or encryption but do not form a curve. Roof trusses are constructed by the efficient utilization of construction materials such as timber and steel.

The actual length of a Truss is normally higher than the length of the robust beam. There are three types of load on the Roof Truss, that are:

  • Dead load
  • Live load
  • Wind load

Roof Truss Design Software

Truss designs or forms are used to create bridges, frames of the roof, etc. If you also wish to create a truss with precise dimensions and no additional hassle, consider this guide. To create a truss structure, there are many Roof Design Software that use the following methods:

  • Input Parameters
  • Manual Structure Development

Using Input Parameter, the creator has to verify the attributes of the truss such as truss size, truss elevation, number of cuts, stick out, etc. As per this method, the software provides the end results based on the attributes that you enter. In contrast, the Manual Structure Development method permits designers to choose the nodes by hand to create the structure of the roof.

List of Roof Design Software You Should Try

There is a list of Roof Design Software available in the market that can create the Roof Truss for you. Through these software, you can create the design for domestic and also for commercial use. In this guide, we are providing the best Roof Truss Design Software that are easy to comprehend and available to use. To get the best fitting software go through the list mentioned below.


1. Cedreo Roof Design Software

Cedreo Roof Design Software is among the best 3D Roof Design Creating Software for builders, interior designers, and recreating professionals. It is an easy and quick solution to help you in enhancing your skills and making the best Roof Designs possible. This Software only requires one hour to simulate the 3D plan for your roofs. Through this, you can create your own Home Designing Plans. Through this tool, you can master in the primary home decorating in minimum time. You can save the previous patterns to use them in the future.


  • Free: $0 for Your Home Design.
  • Personal: $119 / One project with full design capabilities.
  • Professional: $119 / Monthly rendering credits and unlimited projects.
  • Enterprise: $149 / User/Month with Advanced features to fit team needs.


  • Quick-Track Support and 2D and 3D designing.
  • Picture graphic 3D furnish, Flooring, and above-ground sort.
  • Make content within 2 hours.
  • Create pattern alteration on the spot.
  • Projects sharing with team fellows.
  • Retain previous projects as templates.
  • Create and alter on a single platform.

2. Exact Roofing

Exact Roofing is among the most usable Roof Design Software for Roof Trussing. It is a new innovation in roof citation and approximation. It requires time and skill to get the estimate of the roof cost. An accurate roof plan completely connects all the sides of the roof citation, material cost, and labor.

It calculates the cost by using the model presented in the PC. The results of this software are faster and more accurate. The results having the cost estimation also 2D and 3D designs. With this Software, you can create professional quotes without any query from the customer side about the quotes. This tool also links customer feedback with 2D modeling.


  • Free: 7 days Trial version.
  • In-app Purchases: Based on the features.


  • Visual pictures creator as an optional Marketing Ability.
  • Colors and Quality can be checked to the Roof, Walls, etc.
  • Inserting Logos and Letterheads, Watermarks, also fix laps.
  • Big Languages are used to create reports providing massive elasticity.
  • Inserts professional quote and clear 90% of all conflict about the quote.
  • Restrict with Groups, Alter Source Sheets, Add/Remove Source Sheets, and Realign Sheets opening Point.
  • Calculates the number of wall panels and removes panels that are optimized if needed.

3. Roof Snap Max

Roof Snap Max is another Roof Design Software that offers quick and straight roofing calculations, persuasive reports and text files, and professional approximation designed to provide your consumer options.

It is the most powerful Roof Trussing tool in the category. It assists in creating the roof of every size, allows a suit full of tools, retains roofs for time, and carries uniformity in their processes. It provides calculation tools, form-able documents, sign-able contracts, and more. It also offers to handle the company projects get low priced sale experience.


  • Monthly: Per User, $99 /Month per user, Billed Annually.
  • Starter: 2 Users,$74 /Month per user, Billed Annually.
  • Pro: 5 Users, $58 /Month per user, Billed Annually.
  • Enterprise: 10 Users, $49 /Month per user, Billed Annually.


  • Connected estimation ordering Service and HD imagination tool
  • Insert tools for modulation and blueprint with label review notes and pictures.
  • Inked approximation generator with handy templates estimation.
  • Tailored List and Pricing of the goods and logo creating a feature for you.
  • Digital signature, pre-lunch, Contracts and Installable Document Mutuality with customers.
  • Send Material query to supplier and project attached with Users in Your Account.
  • Numerous Offices Per Account and free Grooming and Online assistance center.

4. SketchUp

SketchUp is among the best 3D modeling PC tool with a variety of designs and apps having architectural, inner design, engineering, and goods development. Also, it provides scenery architecture, civil and motorized engineering, cinema, movie, and video game development. The tool is under the head of Trimble Inc. The tool is presently available as a web app. This tool contains drawing designs, features exterior versions in various styles, and allows the location of its models within Google Earth.


  • Personal: Free,
  • Shop: $119USD/Year Model personal projects, Pro: $299USD/Year Create professional work.
  • Professional: Shop $119 USD/Year Model personal projects, Pro $299 USD/Year Create professional work, Studio: $699 USD/Year for Advanced workflows.
  • Educational: Students $55USD/Year, Educators: $55USD/Year, University: Available at tiered pricing.
  • School: Free with a G Suite or Microsoft Education Account.


  • Generate digitalized ideas from the mind and get competence to your team and the 3D town.
  • Modify your 3D workstation and describe the entire story.
  • A lot of professionally created allowances at your tips.
  • Develop 3D designs, file in 2D, and make work easy.
  • Describe efficiency for the 21st era and get experience with a new viewpoint.
  • Join and be enthused and show your skill to the world.

5. Cadvilla

Cadvilla is also among the best Truss pattern-creating Roof Design Software. You can create and apply the designing projects with numerous styles using this tool. This tool provides to use of state-of-the-art 3D modeling with the future-oriented 32/64-bit program tool. You can create the 2D model, and this tool creates the 3D model automatically in real-time. It is the 3D design tool that links the biggest use with specialized features and the edge of better-value visuals.


  • Basic: € 29,95 for the Beginners.
  • Basic Plus: € 49,95 for the Learners.
  • Professional: € 124,95 for the Professionals.
  • Professional Plus: € 219,00 for the Developers.


  • Software in over 10 languages, 32 BIT and 64 BIT and construct separate floors in diverse coats.
  • Generate 2D Floor strategies and shade simulation.
  • Floor design making for novel building, renovation, and alteration.
  • Aid of DIN and ISO principles and diverse quantity schemes and items.
  • Numerous designs and numerous floors in one plan.
  • Wide catalogs with 2D symbols, 3D objects, touches, and resources.
  • 3D digitization with genuine-picture versions.

6. SEMA Software

SEMA Software is one of the best and good Roof Design Software with extra features to perform in the category of timber. It can step design, also for the metallic sheet work. It is also assumed to be the leading tool in the sector and is available in 11 numerous languages. They are growing with the passage of time by reinvesting some amount back on the software to stay compatible with new technology. Through this, you can get fresh and novel truss designing solutions.


  • Free: Trial version.
  • In-app Purchases: Based on the features.


  • Automatically link with posts, stamping with complexity, face dispensation in threads, cut cord mortise in tramp.
  • Transfer the project to the Lumion digital program.
  • Accurate purpose of the lining, optimize the panel forecasts.
  • Main data arrow, boosts CAD text, turning of polygon limits.
  • CAD coat, grouping command measurement line-dimension point, tacking floor
  • Lodging, cross-walls on the roof in 3D modeling.

7. ArchiTouch 3D for Mac

Archi Touch 3D is also among the most use-able Roof Design Software and is specially designed for the Mac series. It provides original Construction with ArchiTouch 3D. It provides the 3D modeling in less time with the Architecture app. If you are a Mac user, this app is for you having advanced features and is easy to use and comprehend. It digitally shapes your rough idea. It offers an easy editing option at any point.

Quick and easy mode changing from 2D to 3D is the special function of this tool. Somehow it is the software with all possible features and functions that a professional wants in the designing tool. This tool is there for all apple and iSeries and allows you to store your plans on iCloud.


  • Floor Plan: Free for Personal.
  • 30 days: $ 17,99 for the Professionals.
  • 90 days: $ 44,99 to Commercial use.
  • 1 year: $ 139,99 for the Developers.


  • Full pack of features and easy-to-use also can form your plans.
  • Every alteration is quick and simple at any point in time.
  • Quick steering among 2D and 3D and provides digital architectural strategies.
  • With ArchiTouch 3D, projects are available at any place.
  • Instant design maker provides more creativity with share plans with all other participants.
  • You can simply adjust your plans according to every customer.

8. Ashampoo Home Designer

Ashampoo Home Designer is also one of the best Roof Design Software for you. Home decoration and face-lifting are complex processes until you have the best-suited tool for this work. By using this tool, you can easily change your home or flat style. It also provides the plans to select the furniture according to the place. You do not have to pay any designing expert if you have this tool in your hands.

It also provides the 3D designing and modeling function. It is a good and easy to comprehend and use tool for designing, but it provides the fun to create the 3D model. It provides the professional results of your designed model. You can edit or modify your model at any point.


  • Trial Period: 30 days (10 days + 20 days after Email Registration).
  • In-app Purchases: Based on the features.


  • Simple and easy interface to easily.
  • A lot of viewpoint options too use.
  • Accurate purpose of the lining, optimize the panel forecasts.
  • Generates lists of used items for better user experience.
  • Contains customer unit for professional decoration schemes.
  • Items gathering is complex to browse.
  • Items lists do not have a price list.

9. DreamPlan

DreamPlan Home Design is a powerful and in-built Roof Design Software that allows users to make comprehensive architectural and remodeling strategies within a 3D atmosphere. You may use this tool as a professional or learner; the features and the tool are highly intuitive. You have to keep in mind that the free version is only for personal use.

It is a complete package app you can use to make your location a digital model. It is free for any features due to its simple UI and provides the option, like others, to switch from 2D to 3D modeling. It also provides the option of graphics and designing according to the situation. It provides complete home modeling like the number of rooms, furniture type, also water system verification. It also provides the trace option to its users, and it can save all your plans.


  • Free: Trial version.
  • In-app Purchases: Based on the features.


  • Fixed wizards shorten design procedures.
  • 3D versions are reinforced.
  • Corporeal plans can be traced and uploaded.
  • Restricted number of items are there.
  • The basic app is prepared with a single-house design.
  • Light/shadow measurements with obstruction.

10. myHouse

myHouse is also the last in this list but good and the best Home Modeling app. Through this, you can make alterations in your model at any time without paying any extra cost. It provides various perspectives that you can apply and preview which perspective best suits the location. It is compatible with Windows and is a point-and-click tool for modeling. In-built icons direct you through scary tasks such as you have a degree in architecture.

Interior, external, indoors, or outdoors designs, it offers you a project or renews it all. This tool sets the dream house or adding you have continuously required right at your tips. Also, if you have never created any line or viewed any blueprint, this tool can create models by clicking and pointing to the things that you can imagine.


  • Free: Trial version.
  • In-app Purchases: Based on the features.


  • Insert SketchUp mockups and primary-person camera film creator tool.
  • Separate wall designing function and also, have a pillar modeling tab.
  • Surface alteration options like saturation, brightness, contrast, and gamma alteration.
  • Consistency charting in 3D and facilitating Print to PDF type.
  • Daylight contact image and film creator role in 3D.
  • Achieve several buildings in one project file.

Final Words

There are a lot of Roof Design Software on the Internet that you can select and use. But these are the Best Roof Truss Designing Software that we pick due to their very advanced features and low pricing. These are extremely easy to use and comprehend. As they have the graphical UI, you can use these with very little effort even if you had never drawn a line. You can use one or more software from the above list according to your requirement for the design. Also, you can share this guide with others to help them in designing their houses.

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