15 Best Sandboxie Alternatives in 2022

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A sandbox is a great tool that keeps your windows safe and sound from viruses. This tool can provide an isolated environment to your windows operating system. Sandboxie makes your window able to download software and application and protect it from harmful malware, as well. If you want to find the Sandboxie Alternatives, you are ready to read this article. Here some best software are mentioned in detail. You can read them as per your ease and demand.

Here are some of the best alternatives of Sandboxie that provide the same functions and features. These features you will not find in many of the visual software. Software components are very harmful if downloaded directly without any antivirus software. Famous browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, many productive applications like Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader have been sandboxed to verify their degrees.

As the whole world is filled with many complicated components, Sandboxies provide comfort in software usage. Many of the major sandboxes are working in the field of software security. It is essential to use them if you are using numerous software. Sandboxes and Sandboxie alternatives have been in usage for decades.


Why Should You Use Sandboxie and its Alternatives?

According to the scholars of software protection, if you are not using any malware-protecting tool, your System is at stake. For instance, when a user opens up an Adobe Reader file on a PC, there are chances of theft of personal data. But if you open these individual files in Sandboxes, there are fewer chances of attackers ruining your files. Many big companies use this type of software to secure their official content.

List of Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Many Sandboxie Alternatives are easily available on the internet to secure your Operating System. Your files can get secured if you open them with sandboxes. This kind of software can isolate your PC to install or check any application free from malware and viruses. So let us discuss these utilities in detail.


1. Cameyo

Platforms: All versions of Windows.

Cameyo has been serving for many years for its users to fulfill their needs and demands. It doesn’t harm your Computer but protects it from crashing. Every application can be tested before getting installed on your PC. So you can safely explore the features of this utility in an isolated environment. Its working is quite simple. You can convert a normal program into a portable utility. It doesn’t require any kind of installation on your Operating System.

Suppose you want to run it. You only have to double click on the specific file, and it is done. This utility keeps your device safe and creates an accessible version of any application or software you will install. For some good reason, Cameyo is becoming a favorite virtualization utility. The features provided by Cameyo are very easy to use. It has a simple user interface. This program is very lightweight and compatible with many of the applications. Try to use this Sandboxie Alternative as your safety program.

2. Shadow Defender

Platforms: All famous versions of Windows especially Windows 10.

It is not only a strong Sandbox Alternative but also keeps your PC safe from malware. It works on the same premises as the virtualization utility equality by running a virtual environment. The isolated environment in which your software is getting checked is Shadow Mode. It provides actions in any untrusted application. With the help of this tool, you can define which folder you want to store forever in an isolated environment.

As a result, every necessary file for you can be saved. If you’re going to try some latest applications but are afraid of crashing your System, then Shadow Defender is here to serve you in this case. It not only provides you protection against malware and viruses but also permits you to make your surfing very easy and safe. Make sure that this software has no free addition, but its amazing features.

3. Shade Sandbox

Platforms: All versions of Windows.

This software can protect your system from viruses and malware. Any program may execute by using this software in an isolated environment. This software provides you peace of mind even when using a trustworthy or untrusted application or software. It can prevent the Operating System from crashing. This amazing software highlights natural protection in contrast to virus threats.

You can easily make your PC secure by using this utility to your computer system. You can use the drag and drop tool in this software to make your System safe. You only have to drag and drop the shortcuts you want to launch and protect. Don’t worry about anything that you are lying in a confined place. You can use this software very easily with the amazing features.

4. BufferZone

Platforms: All versions of Windows.

You can browse safely with the buffer zone. This Sandboxie alternative isolates the web browser to protect your System from hazards and viruses. The Virtual Containers, Email attachments, web browsers, and other components can be separated to secure your data and applications. By using this utility software, you can feel your mind be very relaxed because it will give your System a complete sense of protection. This software is rapidly placed in a virtual environment whenever you start your web browser.

The program contains green walls, but it would show you a red borderline if you planned to launch it. The buffer zone of this software allows you to read the data unless you write it. Your System is protected from endangering if you access the rogue web. So this software seems to be complicated, but it is very simple and easy to use in actuality.

5. Cuckoo Sandbox

Platforms: All versions of Windows.

This is an open source and free utility software that can provide you with many features about controlling your PC from damage and crash of your operating systems. It can do a very good analysis of malfunctions and malware software. You can instantly delete suspicious files from your computer. This software can create an isolated environment where the user can learn more and more about the program and the malfunctioning.

Such as how this program can work in an isolated situation of your Computer. If the user is disconnected from the main System, it can be said that the System is entirely protected. This software can detect harmful files and monitor network traffic, and it can be considered an excellent Sandboxie Alternative. The program can also track API calls.

6. Enigma Virtual Box

Platforms: All latest versions of Windows.

It is a pure virtualization tool designed for Windows operating systems. This software provides satisfactory assistance to save your System from cashing. Your System will be safe from the attacks of outsiders for theft. This utility can help you consolidate applications to convert them into executable files. Through this, you can use this software without extracting them into a disc drive. This utility is an amazing freebie before installing any app or software on your PC.

With this software, you may also virtualize any untrusted program as well. Your files will remain secure using Enigma Virtual Box as a Sandboxie Alternative. This software can also compress your virtual files in a smaller size to make them compatible with your system. With its simple-to-use interface, you can easily do your task.

7. Firejail

Platforms: All latest versions of Windows and Linux Operating System.

For Linux users, Firejail provides a very good way to protect your system. The software is programmed into C language. So it is more compatible with your Linux Operating System to keep it safe and sound. The tool provides your system with an isolated environment so you can safely run new apps and software. You can easily download, install and check the application in that isolated environment. This tool also allows apps to process the graphical applications as well.

This tool contains user logins and servers as well. Furthermore, the software provides you with a security profile that can support Chrome, Firefox, VLC, and many other search engines and programs. It is also a lightweight tool and has many capable features that you haven’t tried before. Its simple and user-friendly interface offers easy-to-use configuration. This software can be a great experience for new users.

8. Deep Freeze

Platforms: All versions of Windows.

Faronics designed this software. It is an excellent solution for your System to secure your data. You can also make your PC safe from any suspicious activities or viruses. This third-party application allows you to make changes that come due to malware. You only have to reboot your system, and your data will be safe easily. If you are contemplating how this software works, it is very simple in its workings.

Suppose a user tried to use your organizational files, Deep Freeze can take notes of every activity and change. The only thing you need here is to set the administrative files. This utility works in a very diverse method as a Sandboxie alternative. The software also permits you to save your system from changes and malware. Using this software, you can be protected from many suspicious people and activities.

9. Spoon

Platforms: Latest versions of Windows and Mac PC.

You can evaluate any kind of program to download and install it in your system through this software. It is a virtualization technology-based program that can be an alternative to Sandboxie. Moreover, Spoon lets you check any software or application before installing it on your computer. This software app is available in three main versions. These diverse versions are called Spoon Browse Sandbox, Spoon SQL Sandbox, and Selenium Sandbox. Spoon Browser Sandbox version lets you test the leading web browsers in an online environment.

Unlimited automatic testing can be done through the Spoon Selenium Sandbox. The third version, Spoon SQL Sandbox, permits the user to run many SQL files on the server. This program allows you to run the applications side by side without adjustments and dependencies. This tool is an excellent mixture of Web-based delivery systems. It can be executed locally as well. So it is very safe to use this software.

10. Shelter

Platforms: All latest versions of Windows

This is an open source and free-to-use software. It leverages your “work profile” many features of Android to make an isolated environment so you can easily install clones or applications to your system. There is no add-in to this program, nor does it contain any statistical things. It is up to your Android system’s implementations to manage your work profile. Some Custom ROMs have broken performance that can cause crashes and can harm the device.

Although this program is not a complete Sandbox implementation. This tool can run applications inside the program to check whether it is safe from malware or not. So your data cannot be stolen if you run your apps into this program. This is a safety provider software. You can also install Clone apps toy our Computer to use two apps simultaneously.

11. Any.Run

Platforms: Latest versions of Windows especially Window 10.

This software makes an isolated interactive environment that provides the user to handle the suspicious activities running on any PC. The software can efficiently analyze the malware in your PC. The program also allows you to interact with your operating system during work in isolation. It is very easy to use the cloud-based Sandbox. You only have to sign up for your mailing address your password and get ready for the services.

With plenty of information hidden in the task button, you can start a new analysis. This Sandboxie alternative gives you the good news that you can use this software for free but only for personal use. But if anyone wants to use many more features, you can use a purchased version of this tool.

12. Windows Sandbox

Platforms: All latest versions of Windows.

Windows Sandbox is a virtual computer-generated Metaverse. Where users can play and build many virtual experiences. With this software, users can monetize the practices as well. This software empowers the user and creator to make an isolated platform to work with. It is open source participation for everyone who wants to experience many applications installed on a PC. The program provides a lightweight desktop environment to run your app safely in isolation.

The software you installed under this utility remained Sandboxed, and it will run separately from the host machine. This Sandbox provides you with a new instance whenever you open an application. This program can delete all the previous files for the sake of your file security. Hence this program is very secure to use.

13. Bitbox

Platforms: Linux and Windows.

Bitbox is specially styled for web browsing in an isolated environment. Shortly, you can say it as “Browse in Box.” This tool can efficiently work in Chrome and Firefox, and it is a very fine Virtualbox for Linux as well. This software is slightly memory demanding, so make sure to manage your system first if you want to use this software to get system security. This software has a sufficient capability to download many files to your PC from the internet to maintain the records and settings.

So it is up to you whether you want to happen this with your device or not. But you can make appropriate changes with your data by using the utility software. This software takes many crucial precautions. It can disable the microphones of the system. The software can easily monitor all the interactions of Bitbox. This software makes your work very easy to be said as a solid and secure choice for your PC.

14. Evalaze

Platforms: All popular versions of Windows

Evalaze can easily install your required applications. It can also create additional entries in the Windows registry, which might be left behind after uninstalling the application. Furthermore, the user can encounter many other limitations. Evalaze comes with an excellent alternative to the table. It allows you to virtualize your application. Resultantly registry entries can be firmed at one place. The user will be able to run these registries from convenient memory devices.

This software can run multiple illustrations of the same application or install many versions of the same app. The tool is free to use, but if the user wants more amazing features, you can purchase a commercial license. It is not necessary to install this tool in your system. You only have to extract an executable file from a ZIP archive and run it on your system.

15. Island

Platforms: Windows 10

This program mostly works for the clone selected applications and isolates the app from your private data outside the Sandbox. It includes your contacts, call logs, your photos, etc. It is possible to access the device-bound data as well. On-demand isolated applications can be frozen. But you have to use a launcher icon to vanish the app, and the background behavior can be completely blocked. Firstly all apps need to clone on the island.

After that, the clone can run these apps side by side with the original one. The program can completely freeze the app to block its background effects. The software also can hide the app for various reasons. Users can sign in with different accounts. The program is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Hence you can use it freely.

Final Words

Many alternatives for Sandbox are here on the internet. But these are the selected ones that can completely isolate your operating system from the application under check and installation. Many Sandboxie alternative Android are also available to make your mobile data secure. You do not even need to install these sandboxes on your PC. This type of software provides your system with great security. Many software works as Sandboxie alternatives Windows 10 as well. You can use them to make your PC safe and sound

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