15 Best Tattoo My Photo Apps in 2022

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If we talk about the origin of Tattoos, the concept came from the old philosophy and cosmology of yin yang tattoos. This concept first arrived in the 3rd century BC from a Chinese yin yang school. This iconic symbol and Tattoo have significant meanings hidden in it. This Tattoo has two colors and has a profound sense of these colors. Like Western belief, the white color in this Tattoo resembles good, and the black color is for evil. The yin yang tattoo supports that these two colors and characters have a balance in every field of life. According to this philosophy, opposites are always attracted to each other, and it is necessary to achieve an optimum level of balance in them.

A tattoo is not only just a simple drawing on your body, but it is a much broader term depicting all your thoughts and those of a tattoo maker. Every Tattoo has a deep and concealed meaning. A Tattoo might be a symbolized memory from your life or about any World history. You can make many types of tattoos to express your contemplation and thoughts. However, some tattoos are inappropriate and can embarrass other people, so try to avoid them putting on your body.

Why Do You Want to Tattoo Your Photo?

In this modern era, tattoo making is becoming more common in every society. This is because tattoos are becoming more trendy and the artists are becoming more and more experimental to make tattoos. Tattoo making is not only fun but also a statement-making face of photography. Every Tattoo artist has his type of tattoo art that he can design to express his thinking.


Tattoo is not a thing that will last for some minutes, instead these tattoos will remain on your body for many years. So don’t be emotional before having a tattoo on your skin. Yes, this is a callous decision: which kind of Tattoo you should put on. For this purpose, many simple smartphone applications can make your work easy. You can make your pictures as tattoos by using these applications.

List of Outstanding Tattoo My Photo Apps

You can make tattoos of your photos. There are many applications available on the Internet as Tattoo My Photo Apps. This application has many updated features and many latest functions as well. Most of them are free to use. So try to create your favorite types of tattoos with this application. There is 15 application through which you can easily create the tattoos of your photos in this list. Let us them in detail.


1. Tattoodo

Platform: Android

Every artist is unique, so his tattoos are. You can easily share your idea about your Tattoo by using this free application. This application provides you to find the best artists for your tattoos. You have to click and here you go with a fine tattoo. It doesn’t matter how much budget you have, any idea, or any style you have. This application helps you to find a perfect local tattoo maker.

You can easily share details and photos of your required tattoos to make them yours. After selecting the artist, the application will send you some suggestions, from which you have to choose what you love the most. The app will let you connect directly with the artist. Now you can easily discuss your design.


  • Get free tattoos
  • Choose your artist
  • Get a 30-day free trial
  • Premium profile placement
  • Save time when communicating with clients

2. Tattoodo Inked

Platform: Android

Some applications are complete groups of making and designing enthusiastic tattoos. Tattoodo is one of them that provides you with many artists, professionals, and many tattoo master shops. You can pick many tattoos from these online shops. Using this application, you can create many styles and designs you like to make. There is a lot of work and many beautiful tattoos to inspire you. You can also show your own drawings to the whole world.

You only have to share your own Tattoo with the community of this application and here you go. In this community, there are most talented artists available that can help you out regarding making the tattoos. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for any new audience or new customers; you can easily do it here.


  • Get the latest news, trends, and videos on what’s new in the tattoo industry.
  • Save your favorite tattoo design until you are ready to get inked.
  • Available on Android and iOS devices.
  • Ability to find you a professional tattoo artist at the drop of your location.

3. InkHunter

Platform: Android

InkHunter provides you with virtual tattoos with Augmented Reality. Earlier it is inked forever. The application can be made any design of a tattoo. You can make these tattoos on any part of your body. Self-created tattoo designs can also be tried here. You can choose tattoos from the gallery as well.

Your Tattoo can be checked from different angles. It is very easy to make it real through this application because the application contains an advanced photo editor in it. And don’t forget to tell your friends about this app. The app is very easy to use and has many more features.


  • Find the perfect Tattoo artist.
  • Explore inspiration for your next Tattoo.
  • Provides you with many expert-level ideas.
  • Get themed and unique tattoos.

4. Tattoo You

Platform: Android and iOS

This is a fantastic photo editing tool. It allows its user to impose tattoos like real life. This process is done digitally. Whether someone demands you to make a heart on the shoulder or a tribal design on their back, this app contains artwork of more than 3 hundred unique pieces. From which 22 are offered immediately when the user downloads the app. At the same time, the remainder is provided when you purchase the application. This app is specially designed for entertainment.

The app contains a very intuitive user interface. It places, moves, and seizes tattoo graphics throughout the saved pictures. This process is so quick and easy that even beginners can feel no trouble when using it. Users can browse the photos from their library as well. When the user finishes editing the pictures, the pictures can be shared on any social media website like Twitter or Facebook. You can also email these photos to your friends. The overall procedure can be done in minutes.


  • Universal App optimized for iOS 8 and full retina graphics.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Load photos from kept albums or take new photos to use.
  • Browse tattoos and place them anywhere on your photos.
  • Control the size, rotation, and placement of the Tattoo.

5. PhotoLift

Platform: Android

This application allows you to edit your face and body shape. You can also create your tattoo design by trying the trendy beard styles and hair colors. You can also add tattoos, glasses, hats, and many other objects that you want to add. It is a magical photo editor which can amazingly reshape your body tone without any exercise. Using this application, your body can look so perfect, and your waistline looks slimmer than actual.

They reshape your body curves by removing your belly fats. Creating your desired look in seconds with the Photolift body editor is very easy. The app offers a simple and enjoyable user interface. The application is continuously transformed and established face and body stickers.


  • Ability to have realistic muscles with a few touches,
  • Various hair and beard styles to apply,
  • Selection from hundreds of tattoo styles.
  • Various crop options for social media and wallpapers.
  • Professional photo filters and adjustment options.

6. Procreate

Platform: Android and iPad

Procreate offer its users more than 100 handmade brushes. The app contains many advanced tools and an advanced system layer as well. The application also includes a lightning-fast graphic engine. This tool has everything in it that you need. You can easily create expressive sketches, gorgeous illustrations, rich paintings, and beautiful animations. You can use this app on your couch, on a train, or wait in line for coffee, and it is that easy.

This app is a comprehensive art studio that you can take anywhere. The app is packed with deep and powerful features and many more things that you need. It has ultra-high definition canvases up to 16k by 8k on friendly iPad Pros. The app has a revolutionary QuickShape feature for perfect designs. So this application is enriched with features and many more functions.


  • 3D Painting with Lighting Studio and Animated Export.
  • Powered by Valkyrie: the fastest 64-bit painting engine for iPad.
  • Connect a keyboard to use shortcuts.
  • Create art in stunning 64-bit color.
  • Continuous auto-save — never lose work again.

7. Medibang

Platform: Android

This application contains many excellent creative tools for graphics and comic book artists. It is free to use digital lightweight painting and funny maker utility program. It comes with many brushes, pre-made backgrounds, fonts, and many other resources are here to create tattoos. This application uses a saving method in the cloud and allows the user to easily transfer the work to many platforms. Its Android version permits the graphics to draw anywhere they want.

You can find numerous brushes, backgrounds, and screen tones. So you can register on the Medibang site for free. The site provides its users access to cloud storage. So users can easily manage to share their work and keep their backups. Hence this application is fantastic for you to create many tattoos.


  • Create comic panels easily
  • Hide In-app Advertisements
  • Custom export function
  • Unlimited number of team members
  • Unlimited version control functions
  • Additional cloud storage capacity

8. Photoshop

Platform: Android and iOS

This application allows you to make many photo banners and any type of photo editing. With the help of a photoshop, you can not only make tattoos of your photos. You can tap into your creativity with the Photoshop app and express your fun. This app is swift and easy to use. Picture editing is very easy and perfect in this application. The app provides you with one-touch transformation and photo editing as well. Millions of creative individuals are using the app.

You can easily make pro-looking pictures with this easy-to-use digital studio on your mobile phone. This application provides you with a complete spectrum of effects and tools at your place. So try to personalize your experience of editing and enjoy your work. You can easily create collages and generate memes as well.


  • Enhance your photo with many new Overlays
  • Remove any unwanted elements from your photos
  • Explore Color Temperature, Vibrance, and other effects
  • Remove fog with Dehaze for clear, detail-rich scenery.

9. Illustrator Draw

Platform: Android

Illustrator Draw can create unique vector artwork with pictures and layers of many types of drawings. These drawings can be quickly sent to your accounts on social media and on the cloud, which is very interesting about this app. This application is the popular version of Adobe’s vector-based drawing application made exclusively for touchscreen devices. This application provides you with a wide range of tools. This app contains all the options you ask for in a good drawing app.

You can find several types of drawing brushes as well. You can customize the size of your brushes as well. If something is done wrong by mistake, there are also red and undo options. You can quickly post your work on your Facebook account to get feedback. You can also take a look at the work of other people. You can easily create many professional compositions through this.


  • Zoom up to 64x to apply finer details.
  • Sketch with different pen tips with adjustable opacity.
  • Work with multiple images and drawing layers.
  • Rename, duplicate, merge and adjust each layer.
  • Insert basic shape stencils and new vector shapes from Capture.

10. Tattoo Designs

Platform: Android

Want the best and free tattoo design application? Then you are in the right place. Tattoo Design provides you with creative tattoo ideas and styles. These tattoo designs will fall in love with them. The application contains more than 5000 tattoo patterns. The app allows you to pick one of these patterns and keep it your favorite Tattoo.

With this tool, you can easily browse your favorite artists and tattoos. Many categories are here to choose from, for instance, Buddha, Yin yang, Nature, Vampire, and many more types. You can select as many tattoos from these patterns no matter your preference. So try to find the best Tattoo to be inked into your skin.


  • Easy-to-use tattoo design app.
  • All tattoo images on tattoo design HD are in high resolution.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • The app updates its catalog every week.
  • Choose and download the desired tattoo design to get inked

11. Tattoo Planet

Platform: Android

Here on this platform, you can find many amazing tattoos, Artists, and shops to create your tattoos. You can easily express your thinking in your tattoos. It is very hard to discover an application that brings you enthusiastic tattoos and artists in one place. But this case is no longer the Tattoo Planet provides you all these things at your place with your device. You only have to fill out a consent form before using the application. You can easily browse any type of tattoo creation by artists all over the globe.

Tattoo lovers can freely connect with the top-notch local tattoo shops. Many independent artists can help you find your interest. The pap also provides tattoo artists to promote their shops. The artists can track the upcoming appointments as well. The application gives you reminders and notifications about your activities.


  • Book appointments through the app.
  • Receive payments from customers.
  • Offer digital consent forms.
  • Many enthusiastic tattoos are available.
  • Artists from all over the world make happy tattoos.

12. Tattoo Font Designer

Platform: Android

Are you looking for a proper drawing app? Then you are at the right place. In this application, there is no need to install extra fonts. The unique calligraphy is already in your hand. The application lets you make many unique graphics sketches with fonts for tattoo calligraphy. With this fantastic application, you can easily paint the word art as calligraphy. You can easily make oil paintings with the help of this app.

The app provides a font maker made by artists for every artist. The app has many features, like unlocking all fonts. The app has offline usage as well. You can easily remove the ads with the pro version of this application. The app contains more than 301 build-in tattoo fonts and more than 500 tattoo images. It does not show you any kind of watermark after saving y our work.


  • Search tattoo ideas and tattoo drawings.
  • Become a painter who can make an oil painting.
  • Paint and draw with your phone.
  • Design text art using fonts.
  • Find unlimited word art.

13. Tattoo Maker

Platform: Android

By using the application, you can be the best tattoo maker. The app allows you to draw a tattoo on your photo as well. Do you want a fantastic tattoo? Jut use this application to fulfill your wishes about creating tattoos as per your thoughts and imaginations. The app makes you a professional tattoo editor so you can create your themes about tattoos. Suppose you are a true tattoo lover, then you will definitely like this platform to be a professional.

You can get many types of tattoo designs here from all over the world. You can use your idea to make your art personalized. To have a smooth experience, you have to download the app and use it for a few days. This is a feature-filled application specially designed for mobile phones. So don’t wait for any other app. Just download it and enjoy your tattoo-making activity.


  • Apply tattoos on your photo, and it gives a tattoo look.
  • Excellent Tattoo Designs photos.
  • Get inspired by Amazing Ink.
  • Contains many art styles Fantasy, Butterfly, and many more.

14. Skin Motion

Platform: Android

Skin Motion app provides you with a different way to produce tattoos on your mobile phone through sound waves. You can record a message from the loved one and wear your lyrics. This app takes 30 seconds to turn your sound into a tattoo. You can watch the demo of these tattoos in videos on the official website. You can see how they play back yourself using this application. The app allows you to create tattoos with the sound of your pet or your favorite song as well.

This is a patent-pending augmented reality application. The app will enable you to play and watch the soundwave tattoos. By using this application, you can easily find a licensed tattoo artist who is adequately trained to create sound wave tattoos in this application. You can join the directory of this pap for free. Share your work with your friends on social media where ever you want.


  • Improved Camera resolution
  • Optimized Camera aspect ratio
  • Optimized Soundwave Tattoo playback
  • Easy to use application.

15. InkSquad

Platform: Android

It is the best photo app for tattoo artists. Inksquad is an amazing tool specially designed for tattoo lovers. This application is intended to solve a critical problem of users to ink their skin. You can find the best tattoo artist to execute your choice here with this application. Searching for a perfect tattoo maker is not that easy, but this app helps you do so. The search for a tattooer is free and very easy. Especially when you are not much familiar with tattoos, this application allows you to start your Tattoo making carrier.

You can create your work and post these pictures to your social media accounts to get fantastic feedback from your friends and family. Inksquad offers you a complete section of tattoo artists, so you have to choose carefully according to your needs and demand. This app develops many technical and artistic skills in you after using this app for some time. Hence download the app and enjoy your Tattoo making journey.


  • Use your profile to post news creations, increasing your followers.
  • Highlight your qualities and let Inksquad increase your works and profile visibility.
  • Let your style and location be clear and valuable for possible clients.
  • Collect positive feedback and new clients.

Final Words

Many tattoo-making applications are available in the online market, but these tattoo apps for Androids are unique in their features and functions. You can easily use them. Most of the apps are free to use, but you have to pay some charges online for some of them. But these applications can make you an expert in making professional tattoos. You can create 3D tattoo photo apps through these applications. Tattoo Artists can boost their business using these apps. Many trained artists can be found here on this platform to make tattoo lovers happy. So go and check out the latest features of these apps and create your designs.

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