15 Best WinMiner Alternatives in 2023

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WinMiner is generally defined as software through which its users give their extra computing power to other people and earn money. The whole process is done through data mining in which CPU and GPU are utilized.

There is no need for manual adjustments for users because this software has automatic procession. Even when a user has a powerful gaming rig, he can transfer it to others and earn money.

The currency will also be according to the wish of the seller and buyer. This application is available in free mode that remains functional all the time. Usually, WinMiner is ready to use after making an online account, but the same task can also be performed through the security systems.


The user interface of this tool displays the processor and graphic cards, and a person can choose one of them. After selecting one option, you only need to click the start button to initiate the proceeding. Its dashboard enables users to observe their earned money daily.

This money can be withdrawn anytime by using options of PayPal, Amazon, or iTunes account. If the features of this software are discussed, it has compatibility with ASIC, GPU, and FPGA and is supported on Mac, Windows, Linux, and open-source software.


These features provide benefits like easy usage, earning platform, no user input, quick payment, and many others. So, it will be fruitful for the users to either avail these features or sell their computing power to other users.

Why Users want WinMiner Alternatives?

Although WinMiner software provides multiple advantages to its users, yet it has some loopholes. These can be explained as sometimes it becomes slow, delay in getting a membership, expensive and some others.

On the other hand, alternatives include NiceHash, MINEPRIZE, MinerGate, Digital Coin Generation, GamerHash, Kryptex, T-Rex Miner, StartMiner, etc. Honeyminer, Cudo Miner, MultiMiner, and they are providing comparatively best services.

List of WinMiner Alternatives

Nowadays, a single software cannot complete the needs of an organization. Therefore, there is a dire need for some other relevant software. Shortcomings of WinMiner can be overcome by using some of the best alternatives in the market.

So, a list of some alternatives of WinMiner is discussed below for better guidance of users. Their features, pros, and cons will facilitate you to make a better choice. A user can select any one of them according to his need.

1. Nice Hash

Nice Hash is software like WinMiner that works as a cryptocurrency platform for data mining and trading. It works like an open marketplace through which power sellers and purchasers come close due to a sharing economic approach.

Earning through this application is initiated by connecting GPU and CPU. A free demo about the use of this software is available on the official website for the guidance of users.

An option for checking your current income is present on the official website. Pricing plans of this application are mentioned for the assistance of users and a free trial of this software is also available.

It lets people for earning in more than 50 cryptocurrencies. If there is a need for any update, it will be shared with the users. There is no need for manual calculations for profit earning because an automatic calculator is available for this purpose.


  • API
  • Crypto Countdown
  • Buyers Affiliation


  • Profit Calculator
  • Live Market Place
  • Proper Help and Support System


  • Errors in Auto-Switching of Coins
  • Problems in Withdrawal of Payment


MINEPRIZE is an application like WinMiner that pays its users for unused computing power. Its procession is easy than other relevant software because all procession is done without any struggle of the users.

Before the use of this software, a user has to register himself and $10 will be added to his account at the time of registration. A free demo about the use of this software is present on the official website to facilitate new users.

If you need any information about the use of this software, then click on ‘Get more Information’. After signing up, load a special web page and get money. This software is operational on the computer having only a Web Browser, and it can be used on more than one computer simultaneously.


  • Procession Through Servers
  • Multiple Prizes
  • Run-on Multiple Computers


  • Easy to Use
  • Operate on Web Browser
  • Free Trial


  • Limited Earning
  • System becomes Slow
  • High Minimum Withdrawal Amount

3. MinerGate

MinerGate is an application like WinMiner that allows its users for cryptocurrency mining without expensive hardware. It is multicurrency software; therefore, it is used by many people worldwide.

This software can be downloaded easily from the official website. Usage will be started just after the downloading. It has 99.97% best and effective terms and conditions. If the features of MinerGate are discussed, it has benchmarks, translating options, and a few others.

Withdrawal of money is an easy process because 0.01 coin directly goes into the wallet of users. For the increase in profit, auto mine coins play a vital role. All information of the users that are collected at the time of the registration is kept confidential due to a proper privacy policy.


  • Benchmarks
  • Translating Options
  • CryptoNight ASIC Pool


  • Help Center
  • Free Trial
  • Proper Privacy Policy


  • Issues in Dashboard
  • Problems of Chat Option
  • Delay in Withdrawal

4. Digital Coin Generation

Digital Coin Generation is a software like WinMiner that plays a vital role in income growth by using a personal computer. There is no need to download this software as it can start working simply after registration. For this purpose, a user has to provide some personal information.

These are kept confidential due to a strict privacy policy. It supports five types of payment procession as Payza, Egopay, Perfect Money, Paxum, and credit card. A user can use one of them by sending a request to the administration.

If there is an issue in the working of this software, some frequently asked questions are answered on the official website for the assistance of people. Besides this, the Tickets option can also perform the same task.


  • Two Level Referral Program
  • Instant Payment System
  • Autopilot Earning


  • Easy to Use
  • No Special Requirements
  • Free Trial


  • Storage and Infrastructure Problems
  • Sometimes becomes Slow

5. GamerHash

GamerHash is a tool like WinMiner that is fruitful for sharing computing power and earning money. It also works through an automatic process like the previously described software. This software is most popular among gamers because they enjoy a unique experience on it.

It working is easy, i.e., installation, earning, and withdrawing the money. Gamer coin is fruitful for the users because it gives different dedicated events and special offers. These coins are earned through cryptocurrency mining or gaming.

A demo comprehensively describes the use of this application. Users can join this software after entering personal information. This software is preferred due to some reasons such as user-friendly interface, profit optimization, best support system, and many others.


  • Work on 7+ Windows
  • Profit Optimization
  • Crypto Exchange Account


  • No IT Skill is Needed
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Profitability Calculation


  • Only Functional on Window Version
  • Daily Money Deduction
  • No Commission for New Users

6. Kryptex

Kryptex is a Windows software that gives you payment on the transfer of computing power of the user’s personal computer like WinMiner. This software is functional on many computers simultaneously.

There is no need to wait after applying for registration because a user can start its usage just after the registration. Download option is also available on the official website for this purpose.

It has replaced the mining cryptocurrency due to difficult procession. Kryptex just works in the background of the computer, and all money is transferred to the users. Earning depends upon two factors, the working power of a computer and luck.

Withdrawal of money is also an easy task that can be done anytime through bank cards. Moreover, video tutorials about the use of this software are available on YouTube.


  • Profitable Coin
  • Real-time Statistics
  • Convenient Payouts


  • Timely Updates
  • Easy to Operate
  • All in One Place


  • Difficult to Manage Power Consumption
  • Low Profitability
  • Not Operational on Lite Version GPU

7. MQL 5 Cloud Network

MQL 5 Cloud Network is a software like WinMiner that allows its users to earn money by sharing their computing power. There is no need for the extra hard work of the users because the work of sharing computing power is done automatically.

It can be downloaded from the official website. Besides downloading, the direct proceeding is also available on the website. Moreover, a free trial about the usage of this software is also helpful in checking its performance.

A user can create his own distributed computing task by applying the same algorithm to different data inputs. It provides the best privacy policy to protect the personal data of the members. Moreover, bank cards and the option of web money are used for payments.


  • Cloud Computing
  • MQL5 Programming Language
  • MetaTrader 5 Platform


  • Multilinguistic Platform
  • Help Center
  • Simple Downloading


  • Issues in Using Advanced Tools
  • Complex Program Language
  • Problems of Exchanging Money

8. T-Rex Miner

T-Rex Miner is a computer application like WinMiner that is fruitful in earning through the sharing of computing power. It works through multiple optimization techniques. Modern NVIDIA graphic cards are its proof.

It supports suitable power consumption; therefore, it has become popular among many people. Like other relevant software, T-Rex Miner also works automatically.

This is a fast and stable software that increases your income on a daily basis. It has affordable pricing plans, and only 1% of the mining time is charged. If the value of the coin you mine decreases, then the option of another profitable algorithm is also available.

You can control this software through the browser, and there is no need to look at the console. The web page of the miner is always accessible in the local network.


  • Advanced API
  • Control and Monitoring Page
  • Supports Popular Algorithm


  • Quick and Stable
  • Best Customer Support
  • Affordable Pricing Plans


  • Not Operational on macOS
  • Issues of NVIDIA Maxwell GPU

9. StartMiner

StartMiner is an automatic Bitcoin miner like WinMiner. You can directly start your earning just after the registration on the official website. There is no need for extra struggle in the use of this software because the computer performs mining by itself.

Moreover, if there is a need for switching on an upgraded version, this option is also present. Through an affiliated program, a user can invite his friends and get a 20% commission each time they upgrade this software.

Payments are received through Bitcoin Wallet that can be made through the option of Blockchain.info. Withdrawal of money is possible through both manual and online procedures. A free version, Start Miner v1.0, of this software is available on the website that can assist the users.


  • Affiliated Programs
  • Cryptocurrency Management Tool
  • Portfolio Tracking


  • Free Availability
  • Easy Switching to Other Version
  • Help Center


  • No Timely Response
  • Complex Withdrawal System

10. Honeyminer

Honeyminer is a software like WinMiner that is helpful in earning through sharing computing power. It favors an easy way of earning because you only have to remain online on your computer. It gets downloaded in less than a minute, and a valid e-mail address is demanded this purpose.

All mined coins are automatically changed into Bitcoin that increases your balance. It is used for both investment and selling purposes, and it depends upon the will of users. The proprietary algorithm of Honeyminer will assist the user in observing the profitable coins anytime.

As far as the earning through this software is concerned, it relates with the performance of computer and the overall situation of the market. Honeyminer is the best option for small, mid, and major business entities. A person who knows how to read and speak the English language can easily use it.


  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Compatible on Multiple Programs
  • Manifold Earning Processes


  • 24/7 Support System
  • Online Procession
  • Proper Documentation


  • Only Supports the English Language
  • Issues in the Mining of Coin

11. Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is an application like WinMiner through which Bitcoin and Crypto mining is done. Sign-in is vital before the use of this software. Download option is also available on the official website to start the work. It is supported by operating systems like Windows and macOS.

This forum runs on the automatic procession that decreases the manual procedure. GPU, CPU, and ASICs have web consoles for the observation and remote management of all connected devices.

Cudo Miner v1.0 is the latest version of it that provides better services than previous versions. It provides complete control of the software to the users, which is possible due to its best user interface. Moreover, a complete article about the use of this software is given for the guidance of users.


  • Automatic Coin Switching
  • GPU, CPU, and ASIC Mining
  • Auto-Updating


  • Free Downloading
  • Active Dashboards
  • Can Run Command Line Interface


  • Low Commission Rates
  • High Limit of Withdrawal Amount
  • Limited Payment Methods

12. MultiMiner

MultiMiner is a graphical software through which crypto-coin mining is done like WinMiner. It can run on Windows, OSX, and Linux. This software integrates with other applications like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The underlying mining engine identifies the available mining devices and shows a user interface for choosing the coins according to the wish of users. It supports only the English language for the assistance of users. Pool Tabs of MultiMiner are helpful in connecting with many other mining pools.

Documentation is available on the official website that clearly describes the usage of MultiMiner. An active dashboard presents your whole day’s earnings. Automatic working removes the hard work because it can run efficiently in the background.


  • MultiMiner Remoting
  • Underlying Mining Engine


  • Easy to Use
  • Integration with Other Application
  • Multiple Cryptocurrency Mining Method


  • Deduction of Profit
  • Only Supports the English Language

13. MiningPoolHub

MiningPoolHub is an application through which money is earned after sharing computing power. Before the use of this software, a user has to register himself, and some personal information is given for this purpose.

Auto switches option is also available for the assistance of users. You can also integrate your miner with a proper algorithm port. This software works with proper terms and conditions, and both users and the company are bound to comply with them.

The mining hardware of this software consists of CPU, GPU, and ASIC. A user can mine many coins in a single algorithm. For this purpose, only the setting of a port number is vital. The option of wallet describes all information about the earning of the whole day.


  • Auto Switches
  • Dash Pool


  • Quick Procession
  • Wallet Page
  • Proper Terms and Conditions
  • Automatic Payment Transfer


  • Supports Only Two Language
  • High Pricing Plans

14. Prohashing

Prohashing is a forum through which its users perform mining pools through their computer like WinMiner. It can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. An active dashboard on the screen of the official website presents all vital information.

Before the use, a user has to register himself. Next time it will be operational after log-in. Pool charts enable the users to know about their profit. You need to visit the Explorer tool to select a coin and start earning.

When a user needs any sort of help, the support center will provide assistance for 24 hours. Besides this, some articles about the use of this software are available in the documentation.

The privacy policy of Prohashing makes sure the safety of the personal information of the members. It works according to terms and conditions whose abidance is vital for customers and company.


  • Enterprise Mining Services
  • Proswitching
  • Profit Reports


  • Transparency
  • High-End Security
  • Availability


  • No Merged Mining Options
  • Absence of Smart Mining
  • Expensive Mining Equipment

15. Coinimp

Coinimp is a software like WinMiner that is fruitful in earning through sharing computing power. It has a free JavaScript Mining Browser. It is ready for use after a registration process in which personal information is added.

Documentation is available that informs about the use of this application. When there is a need for any update, it will be shared with the members. Besides this, direct mining can also be started whose option is manifested on the official website.

Moreover, Coinimp does not share the personal information of the customers; that is proof of the best privacy policy. This application can be used with proper terms and conditions, and both customer and Software companies are bound to comply with them.


  • Anonymity
  • Tradable
  • Limitless Forum


  • Transparency
  • Fast Money Transaction
  • Easy to Use


  • No Smart Contracts
  • Expensive Pricing Plans
  • No Automatic Calculation

Final Words

WinMiner is a computer application that is helpful in earning money after sharing computing power with others and supports automatic background procession. It has multiple features, but a single software cannot complete the demands of all users; therefore, its alternatives can be selected.

These can be categorized as NiceHash, MINEPRIZE, MinerGate, Digital Coin Generation, GamerHash, Kryptex, and a few others. All software work on the basis of CPU and GPU.

If the overall features of this software are discussed, these are anonymity, profit reports, pro switching, enterprise mining services, API, Crypto countdown, buyers affiliation, and many others. Users can gain some benefits like transparency, easy usage, fast transactions, and a secure wallet.

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