11 Best Beyond Compare Alternatives in 2022

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Beyond compare is a manifold platform facility that joins directory and file compare tasks in a single package. It can compare files as well as directories of FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and archives.

It can run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems, and the option for download is present on the official website. Till now, four versions of this software have emerged. All three versions are also available with the new version (4th version).

The fourth version of this software is considered better than the previous three versions because of some features like new home view, three-way merging folder, editing of file formats, image compare, and many others.


A unique feature of this software is that it is formulated as Difftool and Mergetool of the version control system, such as Git. Beyond Compare has been providing the best service to its users since 2009, therefore, CNET has given four out of five stars.

A combination of predefined rules is added in this software for the comparison of files, for example, C++source code, XML, and HTML files.


As far as the up-gradation of this software is concerned, it is also a simple process. A user has to click on the install option and it will be upgraded. If the previous three versions of this software are present on the user’s PC, they will not be affected by the installation of the fourth version.

Computer settings can also be transferred during the up-gradation. A person should go to the import settings for this purpose. License key is issued with the up-gradation of version, but it will be different for all four versions.

This process manifests that it is safe to use. Beyond Compare is available at a fixed price of $60. This software has a strong relationship with its users, for example, queries are solved through the e-mail system. It can be used easily because video lectures are present on the website for the facility of users.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has the ability for comparing files, folders at a fast speed, making changes from two versions of files simultaneously, synchronize folders, and access data anywhere.

Moreover, it also has a multi-threaded interface, many windows with tabs for comparison, the safety of compared files, automatic safety of files when they are closed, text editor, drag and drop system, command-line interface, and many others.

These features lead towards some benefits like comparison of the folder, pdf files, texts, and a few others.

Why users want Beyond Compare Alternatives?

Although Beyond Compare is providing the best services for comparing different files and turning them into a single package, yet, it has some loopholes.

This software has differences in highlights, navigation, more cloud formats, difficulty in making large font size, removal of extra data, no procedure to switch between the sheets, absence of strong interaction with IDEs, no syntax highlighting, or other similar fruitful tools, and other drawbacks.

This software is not available to free as other similar software and payment is expensive ($60). If a free version was available for a specific period of time, it would consider better to some extent.

While on the other hand, its alternatives like Kompare, gvimdiff, P4merge, UltraCompare, KDiff3, Mergely, Diff Doc, Exam Diff Pro, Code Compare, Compare It, Dir Equal, and others are providing better services. These are listed below in detail.

List of Beyond Compare Alternatives

No doubt the services of Beyond Compare are best, for example, speedy comparison of files, synchronization of files, and many others, yet there are some loopholes that are vital for the users. So, some best Beyond Compare alternatives are given below that can complete the demands of people.

1. Kompare

Kompare is a GUI (Graphic User Interface) front-end software that makes differences between source files to visualize and combine them. Like Beyond Compare, it is also fruitful in comparing differences in files, folders, and supporting a number of different formats.

It can be installed easily on Linux and Snap Store. If a user wants any sort of guidance, he should read the Kompare handbook which is available on the official website. A person can get it after purchasing a proper license, but registration is vital for this process.

If the features of this software are discussed, it can compare differences of files and folders, make patches, and many other options to customize the information. These features lead towards many benefits like the safety of motor trade insurance and a few others.


  • Comparing Of Different Files and Folders
  • Customization Of Information
  • Make and Implement Patches


  • Safety Of Motor Trade Insurance


  • Startup Time Can Be Slow

2. Gvimdiff

Gvimdiff is software like Beyond Compare whose function is also comparing files and merging them in one unit. Every file runs in its own window. If there is a difference between the files, it is also updated.

It is a perfect procedure to examine alteration and to move alteration from one version to another one of the same files. The operating system of this computer application consists of two to four files. Each window is opened in a segregate file.

If there is a need for editing these files, then the option of vim command is present. This software is also helpful in finding the differences and solving contradictions between the different versions of files.

Usage of this software is very simple due to the presence of video lectures on the official website. A user can switch between the files after pressing Ctrl +W and arrow key.


  • File Management
  • Merge Tool
  • Code Allocation System


  • Online Help System
  • Text Editing
  • Start In Multiple Modes
  • Initiate In Quick-fix Mode


  • Debugging During Command
  • No Modification

3. P4Merge

P4Merge is software like Beyond Compare which manifests differences between the file versions and assists its users to solve conflicts and unite them in one unit. It is one of the most vital tools for web developers and designers.

This software can be downloaded easily from the official website. A DOC is also present on the official website for the guidance of users. There is a strong system of interaction with users. If a user has any queries, he will be responded through e-mail.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has a visualization of merged files, revealed history, and compares images. These features are resulted in highlighting and editing text file differences, termination of files that cannot be altered, overlapping of images, and many other benefits.

This software can run on windows. It is available in both free and paid versions.


  • Visualization Of Merged Files
  • Reveal History
  • Compare Images


  • Identified And Edit Files
  • Filter Files By Name And Size
  • Compare Images Of JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, And Others


  • Two Different Directories Cannot Be Compared

4. UltraCompare

UltraCompare is a software that compares files, PDF folders, word Docs, and spreadsheets like Beyond Compare. A user can download this application in Mac and Linux versions. UltraCompare can be used in ZIP, java, RAR, and JAR.

It can be used free for a period of 30 days. After this, users will have to pay for it. For this purpose, a license will be issued whose up-gradation is necessary with the passage of time. If there is no need for backup files, then they can be deleted at the time of need.

An option of “Duplicate Finder” is also present to find out the same data present in two files. This software is cleaned without losing vital data. Moreover, the hard disk space of the computer remains safe due to this software.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has different themes, can compare over FTP, word, excel, pdf, and a few others.


  • Multiple Themes
  • Compare FTP, Word, Excel, Pdf, Zip, And Others
  • 4k UHD Support
  • Multi-platform


  • Easy To Use
  • Print Compared Outcomes
  • Save Compared Results
  • Show Compared Files Vertically and Horizontally


  • Flaky Interface

5. KDiff3

KDiff3 is a computer application like Beyond Comparison which is helpful in comparing or merging two or more files or directories. The differences of the lines of files are manifested in lines. It can be downloaded from the official website after paying a fee.

A buyer cannot share this software with another person without permission. Besides this, it has a strong relationship with its users, because the questions of users are answered properly.

Moreover, the news section has all information about any change or update. If the features of this software are discussed, it has triple diff, a perfect merging of two or three input files, quick navigation through buttons, summary column.

It also features copy and paste options, explanations about the alteration and conflicts, adjustable Tab size, network transparency, and few others.


  • AMD Processor
  • All-flash Array
  • Back up For Virtualization


  • Quick Navigation Through Buttons
  • Adjustable Tab Siz
  • Network Transparency
  • Word-wrap For Vast Lines
  • Support For Right To Left Language


  • Absence Of Proper Editing
  • No Efficient Support For macOS
  • Confusing Graphical User Interface
  • Becomes Slow For Larger Files

6. Mergely

Mergely is an online software for observing and merging changes between documents. It is written in Javascript. The difference between this software others is, it supports an online procedure to track the files. Mergely allows its users to make changes in their content through online procedures.

Components of HTML5 are present in this software, so there is a dire need for an HTML5 browser. Therefore, it is aided by many other browsers like Firefox 2+, any version of chrome, internet explorer 9+, Safari 3+, and Opera 9+.

If a user has knowledge about the use of diff, then using this tool will be easy for him. Moreover, compared documents are saved in the browser of a computer. Later these documents can be shared through e-mail.


  • Javascript/ HTML5
  • Online Procedure
  • Online Changes Directly From The Browser


  • Quick Working
  • Both For Personal And Commercial Use


  • Delete Account Cannot Be Recovered
  • Involve A Third Party To Collect Information

7. Araxis Merge

Araxis Merge is software like Beyond Compare that is fruitful in comparing, merging, and synchronizing files and folders. The design of the interface of this software presents a beautiful picture.

There are some buttons on the upper part of the window which can be used for different actions, while many files can be opened on the lower part to compare them in a tab-like visual. Written material is also present on the official website for the guidance of users.

Nowadays, this software is popular with programmers, quality control managers, and other related professionals.

If the features of this computer application are discussed, it has proper Graphic User Interface Layout, identification of resemblance and difference between different files, HTML comparison, Merge texts, and many others.

Moreover, a new version of this software has been announced in 2021 which also has some unique features like, trial on window 11, timely updates, amelioration of services, and a few others.


  • Best Graphic User Interface
  • Similarity And Difference Identification Of Files
  • HTML Comparison
  • Merge Texts
  • Run-on Window 11


  • Easy Usage
  • Fast Comparison Of Files
  • Proper Licensing
  • Two And Three-way Text Comparison And Merging


  • Becomes Slow For Large Files
  • No Comparison Of Files Simultaneously

8. Diff Doc

Diff Doc is a software that is helpful in the comparison of files and identification of manifested differences like Beyond Compare. It is a simple tool that can be used easily. The main screen is divided into two sections to enable its users to compare the files easily.

Besides this, many shortcut buttons are present on this software for the completion of different actions. User Interface of Diff Doc is customizable which is helpful in viewing opened windows in a cascade shape. Moreover, toolbars can be manifested or vanished.

The size of the font is also changed due to the User Interface.

This software is multilinguistic which supports English, Chinese, Hungarian, German and French. Different types of files like DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, RTF, and others are compared easily through this computer application. These files are not only compared but also saved on the hard drive of the computer.


  • Document Comparison
  • Files Comparer
  • Soft Interface


  • Can Run On All Windows
  • Many Options In Comparing Files
  • Free Notes And Notepad
  • File Splitter And Joiner


  • Buggy Interface

9. ExamDiff Pro

ExamDiff Pro is a software whose functions have similarities in features with Beyond Compare like comparison and identification of changes of different files and documents. It can compare files and documents as well as share printed reports.

When a user starts the comparison of files or documents, a built-in Shell Extension is used which is helpful in choosing relevant files. If there is a need for side-by-side comparison, then a double-pane view is also present. All similarities and differences can also be seen in this way.

This computer application can create and compare folder snapshots. If there is a need to compare new documents, the ‘File’ menu will be opened.

If the attributes of this software are discussed, it has syntax highlighting, word wrapping, automatic identification of changes, regular expression filters, named sessions, drag and drop system, and full Unicode support.


  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Word Wrapping
  • Automatic Identification Of Alteration Of Files
  • Regular Expression Filters
  • Named Sessions
  • Drag And Drop System
  • Unicode Support


  • Can Run On Windows
  • A Quick Comparison Of Files
  • Updates About The Changes
  • Fruitful In Large Files Comparison


  • No Change In The File Name
  • Becomes Slow For Large Files Comparison

10. Code Compare

Code Compare is a free software to compare and merge files and folders like Beyond Compare. This software consists of all famous source control systems like TFS, SVN, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. It also has a standalone file diff tool and a Visual Studio extension.

If other features of this software are discussed, it has structural code comparison, visual studio integration, manifold monitor experience, code review support, and many others. This software performs different functions that are listed below with explanation.

Because of interaction with Visual Studio editing and all tasks can be performed easily in one project context. While on the other hand, a standalone version of code comparison enables the users of this software to work with other sources without pre-installations.

Files can develop and merge collectively. Besides this, code compare can work as a comparison and merge tool with the assistance of the command line.


  • Text Comparison And Merging
  • Structural Code Comparison
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Code Review Support


  • Fast Editing Of Files
  • Shortcut Merging Of Files
  • Files Merging Through The Mouse


  • Slow Software
  • Only Show Difference After Some time

11. Compare It

Compare It is a computer application for the comparison and merging of files like Beyond Compare. A user can easily compare, merge files, and easily take print of the work without any hurdle. This software shows two files side by side in the presence of colored differences sections to manifest their analysis. An option of ‘Overview’ is available to show all changes in the pictures of files. The new version of this software is available with more speed, Unicode files, and many other advantages.

Alteration and editing in the files can be done with a single click of a mouse or joystick. This software has regular expression to easily transfer XML tags from the original file to compare XML. Compare It can run almost on all windows.

Moreover, merged or edited files are saved automatically and can be accessed at the time of need. It can be downloaded easily from the official website.


  • Automatic Rules
  • New Editing Engine
  • Moved Sections


  • Safety Of Data
  • Presence Of Registry Files
  • Quick Procession
  • Printed Work


  • Sometimes Becomes Slow
  • Text Of The File Cannot Be Marked Properly
  • Strive For Finding Compared Files

Final Words

Beyond Compare is software for the comparison of files and merging them into a single unit. Different directories of FTP, STP, and others can be compared with this tool.

There are some features of this software like its formulation as Difftool and Mergetool of the version control system, the ability for comparing files and folders at fast speed, making changes from two versions of files simultaneously, synchronizing folders, and accessing data anywhere and many others.

It has also some disadvantages, for example, this software has navigation, more cloud formats, difficulty in making large font size, removal of extra data, no procedure to switch between the sheets, absence of strong interaction with IDEs, no syntax highlighting, or other similar fruitful tools, and other drawbacks.

Therefore, its users are looking for its alternatives then Kompare, Gvimdiff, P4Merge, UltraCompare, KDiff3, Mergely, Diff Doc, Code Compare are prominent ones.

These software are also present with some advantages, for example, easy usage, the safety of data, quick procession, printed work, fast editing, file merging, online procedure, and a few others.

While on the other hand, some loopholes like slow versions, confusing Graphical User Interface, and others are present in this software. So all these software are present with some pros and cons.

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