14 Best Apps Like Grandmastream in 2022

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Nowadays, people are crazy about different games like cricket, tennis, and football matches, but they would not get time to watch their favorite matches live on TV due to their heavy workload and jobs. For that purpose, many Apps like Grandmastream have been launched.

Grandmastream is an incredible online streaming platform with which people’s lives become easier, as they do not want to wait for so long for the match to be streamed on TVs. With this Grandmastreams app, you can watch any of your favorite sports matches in HD quality live worldwide.

With this app, you can get various features as you can stream multiple sports matches like American football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, etc., easily without wasting time. In addition to this, you can also watch any game by searching matches with mentioned teams, and if you have difficulty finding any event, you can search with the names of teams.


Sometimes you do not know when the match starts, and grandma steams app allows you to get the live streaming time. Moreover, you can also share live streaming of any sports on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Why Do You Need More Apps Like Grandmastream?

Grandmastream gives you amazing features like you do not have to log in or get registered to use this app. But sometimes, due to copyright issues, you can not open up this app and can’t see the matches on Grandmastreams. live. For that purpose, multiple Apps like Grandmastreams are developed.


Another issue with the Grandmastream app is that you can find only a digitalized version of this app that is not available with the original version. For this reason, people go towards other apps like Grandmastreams.

List of Outstanding Apps Like Grandmastream

Here we discuss some of the unique and high-quality Apps like Grandmastream to watch your favorite sports live without any issue. Let us discuss them in detail as they are mentioned below

1. Sportsurge

If you want to get the best other apps like Grandmastream, consider this Sportsurge app. This app allows you to watch any of your favorite matches worldwide. Compared to the Grandmastreams.live app, you can get a high-quality display of every live match on this app.

Moreover, you can get various options like Motorsports, Olympics, Baseball, etc. After selecting any of the games you desire, this app gives you complete details about game time, player names, location, and a link to watch a match. You can watch live streaming without advertisements or interruption by copying the link on the streaming section.

In addition to this, you can also get various other features with this app, like you can get highlights of previous matches. Moreover, this amazing app enables you to record matches to watch later. Furthermore, you can also zoom in and out at any point, allowing you to share live streams on social media platforms.

2. BuffStream

Among other Apps Like Grandmastream, many people consider it an amazing app because of its reliable interface. With this Buffstream app, you can watch every match of your desire within HD quality. Among other Grandmastreams NBA apps, you can also watch NFL, NBA, Soccer, WWE, etc., games on this app as well.

The major advantage of this app is that you can modify the time zone to know the exact schedule of the match you want to watch. In addition to this, many other functions that this app provides you are a screen rotation function, getting a landscape view, etc.

Moreover, you can add your favorite teams to a wishlist to get updates about their matches via pop-up notifications regularly. You can also connect this app with your LED or TV to get the best experience in HD quality. For your own ease, you can go to the NFL streaming sites and search for your favorite shows, if that is not available on Buffstream.


It is one of the amazing alternatives to the grandma steams app because of its multiple functions. With this VIPBoxTV app, you can watch any of your desire without buffering within a few seconds. This app gives you extensive categories of games like Tennis, Golf, Football/NFL, Basketball/NBA, Rugby, etc.

By selecting any of your favorite categories, you can get complete details like time and date, team names, location of the match, and a link to watch a game. Moreover, you can also get various other functions with this app, like it allows you to locate your favorite match within less time with their advance search option.

Furthermore, you can also watch highlights of your favorite match if you have missed it in the past. You can also get HD-quality videos like in other apps.

4. Stream2Watch

It is said to be a reliable online streaming app among other Apps Like Grandmastream. If you want to watch a match of your favorite team in HD quality, it is another app that allows you to watch any match along with the latest updates via a pop-up notification.

Like grandma streams ESPN app, this app also provides you a huge library of sports like Ice Hockey, tennis, Basketball, Ice hockey, ESPN sports, etc. You can get updates about time and date, location, team players, and relevant links by selecting the desired match.

Moreover, you can also get unlimited other functions with this app, like watching highlights of your favorite matches to download them or recording highlights with a screen recording function. Furthermore, you can also connect it with LED or TV by screen mirroring technology.

5. fuboTV

If you want to get other apps like Grandmastream, put fuboTV on your wishlist because of its incredible feature. This app allows you to watch your favorite live sports on your mobile phones, tablets, TV screens, etc. Moreover, it provides you with a vast library of sports like NFL, NHL, Football, soccer, etc. Among Grandmastreams.live app, this app gives you quite a different function.

Along with sports, you can also watch Tv shows, movies, or any live tv show. Coming forward, there are so many other websites through which you can stream your favorite shows, i.e. NHL streaming sites. Moreover, it allows you to navigate what to want to watch and when.

You can get an incredible collection of channels and among that channels 30 + channels stream live sports like FOX, NFL, NBA TV, Golf Channel, ESPN, etc. Also, it provides you updates about different mega sports events held nearby you. In addition to the other functions, you can get a free trial version, and later you have to pay for the subscription.

6. Youtube tv

It is said to be a famous app that is also a good alternative for Grandmastream. It allows you to watch your favorite stuff anytime without cable or wire. You can watch any show on big screens without any wire or cable. You can stream 60+ channels, including local sports or news channels, with this app. Among other apps like grandma streams ESPN, this app provides unlimited sports channels like ABC, NBC, ESPN, etc.

Moreover, the most important aspect of this app which is different from other apps like Grandmastream, is that it supports multiple platforms like smartphones, Apple TV, smart TV, etc. You can also get DVRs without limits, and the recorded stuff remains there for nine months.

Furthermore, you can stream any other stuff on this app like news, kid’s shows, entertainment shows, etc. This app also provides you the free trial version to watch your favorite sports channels and get updated about the latest match.

7. CBS Sports

It is one of the widely used platforms to watch sports of your desire. Among other apps like Grandmastream, this app allows you to watch live sports, get sports news, provide you with updates, and also enable you to watch analyses about sports and the result. The most important feature of this app is that it supports multiple platforms like iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems.

Moreover, you can also get updates about sports and provide 100% accurate information about games and events. Furthermore, you can also get a user-friendly interface with this app because of its advanced features.

You can get real-time scores of every game, cover all indoor and outdoor games like in Grandmastreams NBA, and cover NBA sports NFL sports, basketball, and many more. You can also get the latest updates about schedules and the results of previous matches.

8. Live Sports TV Listings Guide

If you want to get full coverage of matches like live scores, game stats, etc., then use Live Sports TV Listings Guide, among other Grandmastreams apps. With this app, you can get sports streamed from various platforms around the globe. It gives you complete guides about every match, like match schedules, services, and the date and time of the official broadcast.

In addition, to get live scores analysis, you can also get match commentaries, statics, news, and other stuff from your fingertips within seconds. Furthermore, you can also get the complete schedule of matches, local channel listings, league standings, lineups, etc. It is one of the bugs free app and also supports multiple languages. In addition to other features, it provides you with an easy-to-use interface.

9. Sports Flick

Another best app among other apps like Grandmastream presented you here in the form of Sports Flicks. With this amazing app, you can watch tending matches on your smartphones. But among other Grandmastream apps, you have to subscribe to this app to get the best features.

Moreover, you can modify this app according to your ease, like you can sort matches with categories, types, dates, or times and with the location’s name. Furthermore, it also gives you various distinctive features quite different from other apps. You can share live streaming match links with your friends or family by posting them on social media to give them quick updates.

In addition to all other features, this app also provides you with trending sports matches on the app’s home screen, and you can add them to a separate folder to watch them later. But to get all these features, you have to subscribe to this app.

10. Navscore

If you want to get an app for your Android smartphones to watch live matches, consider the Navscore app. Among other apps like Grandmastream, it gives you complete access to any of the sports channels of your desire with few taps. Moreover, you can get a simple interface as this app allows you to stream, set reminders about any favorite match, customize the app’s interface, etc.

Moreover, it supports multiple channels like the Grandmastream app supports grandma streams ESPN. It also supports football, NFL, Volleyball, Motor, etc. In addition to this, you can get multiple links of matches to stream on other links if one link is not accessible. You can download it from Google Play Strore.

11. FOX Sports Go

Another best Grandstream app with an easy-to-use interface and millions of people are using this app because of the live streaming function anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can easily watch any of your favorite sports on your mobile phone in HD quality.

Moreover, you can also get top highlights of the match and live streaming sports on your demand. Few people use this app to watch all matches of the FIFA Worldcup live in HD quality. You can also enjoy other events on this app from other platforms like FOX Sports, FOX Sports Regional Network, Big Ten Network, etc.

Furthermore, you can get live coverage of any sports like NBA, NCAA, MMA, UFC, etc. In addition to this, you can get different other functions with this app, like it provides you with highlights of previous matches and gives you a complete schedule of games. You can also search for the MMA Streaming sites to get entertained by your favorites sports.

12. Ten sports. com

If you want to get the famous and versatile app, among other apps like Grandmastream, to watch live matches in HD quality, then get Tensports.com, as it has a complete right to show cricket matches to everyone around the globe. You can get various features with this app as it enables you to watch any of your favorite matches live on your mobile devices.

Moreover, you can also access any function on your cell phone without logging in, and if you want to sign in, add your email address. You can get both free and paid versions. In the free version, you can watch matches in your country. But in paid version, you can watch games from around the globe.

Furthermore, it also provides you with information regarding top cricket teams and much other information related to matches. You can also be part of a fantasy league in which you can make your team and get scores to know how the players perform in a match.

13. iHA Sports TV

As the name suggests, this app is developed by IHA Dev and provides you with an easy user interface. Among other apps like Grandmastream, it is not a famous app as most people do not even know about this app. But the developer is trying to update this app and give more features to get the best space on the live streaming site. Like grandma streams ESPN, this app also includes 50 + live channels from around the globe like ESPN, Sky, etc., to get live sports of your desire.

Furthermore, this app does not provide you with extraordinary graphics and can be fit on all screen sizes of your Smartphones. This app also gives you the feature of syncing everything on the iHA cloud. In addition to the other functions, this app can be installed on your smartphone for free.

14. Star Sports

It is one of the best apps among other apps like Grandmastream that can be installed on iOS or Andriod smartphones for free. This app is popular among people around the globe to watch live sports of their desire. Moreover, you can also get everything that a live sports streaming app should have.

Thousands of people are using this app worldwide because it allows you to stream any of your favorite matches from around the globe for free. Various sports are included in this app, like cricket, Tennis, Football, etc. Moreover, you can also get updates regarding the match, and also it provides you complete coverage about the match like time, location, players, etc. Also, you can watch previous match highlights.

Final Words

If you are an avid sports lover and want to stream matches of your desire in HD quality, read this article and learn about different incredible apps like Grandmastream. You can watch any of your favorite sports without wasting time. Select one of these versatile apps and share it with others.

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