12 Best Beauty Camera Apps in 2022

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Despite the high quality of Android cameras, users want to download and install Beauty Camera Apps on their Android devices. Beauty Camera Apps are highly demanding because people always want to take a perfect picture. By using these Apps you can add more drama to your pictures and videos. These bewildering Apps have more filters and features than the original Android cameras.

These outstanding Apps come up with basic photo editing features with many beauty filters and tools. There are AR filters providing Snapchat or Instagram-style face elements. By applying these tools and effects to photos, you can adjust the face shape, skin tone, and hair color. You can also create fun while using differently-themed and funny stickers.

Beauty Camera Apps can also record videos and also allow you to edit them. You can use a filter to a whole video in a single touch and record GIFs directly from your Camera. Some of the apps also let you create your own filters. These Apps are easily available on Android App Store. You just need to download these apps and start using them without any difficulty.


Are you getting tired of using the original camera? Then Beauty Camera Apps are the best option for Android users. Because these Apps can do more than the original camera. You can get a perfect look by editing your pictures using different effects and features. Editing tools in Beauty Camera Apps contain more than 200+ beauty makeup styles, photo filters, and 1,000+ themed backgrounds and stickers.

Got No Time to Get Ready But Want Good Pictures?

Sometimes, there come sudden plans when you, usually get no time to get ready and you have to reach to the party ASAP. While talking about any event, you must want to get some beautiful pictures as well, for which you have to get ready but because of short time, you couldn’t get yourself primed. Well, there is no need to worry about that thing now. You can still look stunning in the pictures without doing any makeup. And, for that sake, you will get to know here some amazing Beauty Camera Apps, which got your back and make you look gorgeous in your pictures.


List of Beauty Camera Apps

Android Apps have become so advanced that it becomes completely difficult to spot changes while using Beauty Camera Apps. You can edit and click perfect pictures using different tools available in those Apps. Here is the list of Best Beauty Camera Apps for Android.

1. B612

B612 is one of the Best Beauty Camera Apps for Android users. B612 is a top-rated and easy-to-use Beauty Camera App. It has a wide range of features while offering you the various beauty tools. All the filters are applicable in real-time or after taking the pictures and videos. Users can create their filters as well. This beautiful App is available on Android App Store.

B612 is the best option for everyone. With the help of the B612 Camera, you can edit photos, edit videos, and instantly apply filters and effects to the videos. In this App, you can cut, crop, rotate and also add stickers, text, filters to photos and videos. Along with the beauty filters, this Beauty Camera App also has an AR Makeup feature that lets users adjust face shape and other elements of the face before and after taking a picture. GIFs can be directly recorded in this App.

2. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is the Best Beauty and Selfie photo editor App on the Play Store for Android users. It has 7 million active users every day as it is a fast, simple, and trustable App out of all in this list. Your pictures will look stunning and natural in just one tap using Candy Camera. This App has a wide range of filters and effects. This Beauty Camera App also has advanced beautifying features like filters for selfies, beauty functions, silent Cameras, stickers, and collage.

You can add stickers for every season, occasion, and trend. Additional editing tools for the perfect Selfie include slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. You can take selfies with Candy Camera’s collage mode, as well. You will feel like you are in a photo booth while using the filters and features of this Beauty Camera App

3. Camera360

Taking pictures has never been so easy. Camera360 lets you be, who you want to be. Millions of users worldwide consider it one of the best Beauty Camera App on Android. With over a dozen of beauty features and filters in this Beauty Camera App, you can pick and choose how your face and skin look with just one tap. Camera360 has many exciting features for those who love to take a perfect picture.


This Beauty App provides you with different effects and options as per your need. It has the best HD Camera with rich details to take amazing pictures. You can stylize your photos with beauty filters and share or post your photographs with just one tap. You can create fun for your pictures by using stickers and cartoon effects and also take photos like the 70s, 80s, and 90s by using vintage effects. Camera 360 is easily available on Android App Store.

4. Retrica

Like Candy Camera, Retrica is also one of the Best Beauty Camera App for Android. Retrica is even better when it comes to picture editing. You have to take a selfie and leave the rest to this unique App. Retrica is consistently providing quality. You can create a standard photo, a collage, a Gif, and videos with all applicable filters in Retrica.

This Beauty Camera App fulfills all the needs of a user. You can quickly start or bookmark a specific filter for later use. There is a filter manual that helps and explains filters in the App. There are additional features such as blurring, cropping photos, cutting the unwanted regions, vintage filters and preparing images that switch in different colors. You can share and post your pictures on Social Media without any error and also set a timer before taking photographs.

5. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie is a fantastic photo editor and Beauty Camera App which works as a professional camera. If you want all functions and features in one photo editor and want to take selfies easily, then Sweet Selfie Beauty Camera App is a great option. This Selfie Camera App has various selfie effects, photo filters, and attractive or trendy photo stickers. Your photos will become more artistic with all catchy trends.

Sweet Selfie is very easy to use; you can choose the auto beauty option and make your picture looks perfect. This Beauty Camera App has many other engaging features to create style, icon, and logo. You can also use all kinds of visual effects, excellent filters, and stickers. Artistic photos, grid framing, adding stickers, and collage-making. This all can be done easily by this App to make your pictures look good.

6. Bestie

Bestie Beauty Camera is an app that lets you take perfect photos of yourself using many great options of filters and effects that help you to get the perfect selfie possible. You can take many photos of your liking with the best results you have ever seen. There are many extensive tools to personalize your pictures and be creative. You can install this amazing app from Android App Store.

The features in Bestie App are unique. In this App, you will have real-time skin beautifying effects. You can design and create self-portraits scenarios and also take a picture on a night camera mood to get a perfect shot in the dark. This App has an intelligent Beauty Editor who will auto-detect face features, removing acne, blemishes & pimples and make a flawless selfie easily.

7. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is another Best Beauty Camera App for Android users. By using advanced retouching tools of this App you can instantly make skin smoother, brighter, gorgeous, and also change the shape of facial features, and many more. Some features of YouCam Makeup have options to save photos and share them to your Social Media sites without any error.

In this App, there is an option that lets you take sweet selfies and get creative by making photos into masterpieces. You can also cut out the photo’s subject, then give it a fine new background of your amazing pictures. By using hairstyling options you can get a trending haircut or hair dye. This App has an advanced option of live streaming makeup tutorials in which you can ask questions about makeup and get beauty tips & tricks.

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best and most famous Beauty Camera App. It is a competent Beauty Camera App that comes with amazing features, tools, and adjusting options. Snapchat is also a multimedia messaging App through which you can chat with your friends, share or view live stories, and use charming filters. Snapchat is available for Android users and can be downloaded from Android App Store.

There are many fascinating features of Snapchat. You can create, save and share your memories with your friends. You can have fun by playing with animated faces with the background music. You can see the stories of the Snapchat Community of your interest. There is a video chat option through which you can chat with more than 16 friends at once and also use lenses or filters while chatting. Snapchat regularly adds new filters and stickers to the default panel.

9. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best selfie photo editor and Beauty Camera App for Android users. You can find all the selfie effects, photo editing tricks, and beautifying tools that are needed to create a perfect picture. A wide selection of face retouching tools, filters, frames, animated effects, templates, stickers, and many more can be found in this App. By using this amazing app you can create beautiful memories and share them with everyone.

YouCam Perfect is fun and easy to use because it has many incredible features. By highlighting or hiding things with blur effects, your picture will look amazing. You can instantly try on live streaming filters or animated effects to take snaps or record videos in one tap and also share them with friends and family. You can stylize your pictures with collages, frames, filters and show your creativity with the magic brush, blender, and layers. You can also cut or erase unwanted background objects or people with intelligent object removal tools.

10. BeautyPlus

If you are looking for the Best Beauty Camera App for perfect pictures, BeautyPlus App is the best replacement option for Android users. BeautyPlus is an easy yet powerful photo editor. This App is feature-packed and comes with excellent tools. You can easily download and install this Beauty Camera App on any Android device. There are stunning editing skill options, many useful and enchanting features available that will make your picture look perfect.

You can explore over 30 easy-to-use editing tools. This App has many interesting features, such as a skin editor, perfect eyes, perfect smile, and live auto retouch. BeautyPlus automatically retouch options to create natural and beautiful photos and selfies. You can add, remove, cut, and adjust stickers to decorate your pictures. This App helps to fulfill your desires without the cost or complications of skilled photo editing.

11. Sweet Snap Camera

Sweet Snap Camera is one of the Best Beauty Camera App for Android users. This App comes with 2800 unique filters, including animated filters, funny face filters, and many more. There is a makeup camera option, which allows you to add makeup effects and beauty to your selfies. Sweet Snap Camera is free to use and available on Android App Store.

This App has many outstanding features. By adding funny stickers you can bring more fun to your pictures. In this sweet Snap Camera App, you can click a photo with beautiful angel effects, princess effects, or other funny beauty effects. This App gives you an automatically retouch option. By sharing pictures with friends and family, you can create closer bonding.

12. Bloom Camera

Bloom Camera is a selfie app specially designed to make your look perfect. This Beauty Camera App helps users shoot like a pro while using tools, filters, and effects. Bloom Camera uses a unique recognition tool to help users make funny animated GIFs and take perfect selfies or photos with trending stickers and filters. To edit personal photos and create Gifs for social media sites, you can use features like auto retouch, makeup tools, and watermark.

With interesting funny filters, you can add more fun while taking pictures and videos. This App is available on Android App Store. It has a natural Beauty Camera that will help you to look flawless. You can use funny stickers to create more fun, like Korean, Japanese, retro movie styles, thus all beauty effects are available. You can save and share your moments with time and location watermarks.

Final Words

Beauty Camera Apps for Android have made your way easy in getting beautiful and perfect pictures. You can take pictures, edit them very quickly, and share them with your close ones. You can add more fun to pictures and experiment with different tools, features, and effects to make your photos look perfect with the help of these Apps.

Above mentioned apps are readily available on Android devices. If you are not comfortable taking pictures with the original Camera of your Android set then this list of Beauty Camera Apps will be helpful to you. You can easily download any Beauty App of your liking.

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