How to Get Truecaller Premium for Free?

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Truecaller is a mobile phone software that provides features such as caller identification, call blocking, flash messaging, call recording, chat, and voice. The account is created with the service by providing a normal cellular phone number. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Truecaller, established by True Software Scandinavia AB, is the world’s largest mobile network. Truecaller is a phone number detailing app that gives you details on any number you search in it. It is presently used by about 70-80 percent of smartphone users.

Truecaller blocks unnecessary calls and recognizes unknown callers. It shows the names and images of those callers even if they are not saved in your contacts list. It is one of the search services by which you can search phone number details without contacting the owner of that phone number.

Versions of Truecaller App

Truecaller is available in two versions; Standard and Premium. Its Standard version has access to only some features, while its premium version is incredible. The Premium version provides the complete details of any number search in the app and also gives information about private numbers.


Comparison between Truecaller Premium vs. Basic

  • The caller identification feature is available in both free and premium versions of the Truecaller app. Both versions can identify unknown numbers, spam, or calling agencies before making a call.
  • The functions of making Chat, SMS, and Calls and Blocking Spam are also included in both versions. Truecaller can also be used to manage your contacts.
  • The Standard version is free of cost, but the Premium version is paid.
  • While the main difference between these two versions is as; Truecaller Standard version does not have some premium features like Who Viewed my profile, Incognito Mode, No Ads, Premium Budget, Call Recording, and more.

For getting Truecaller Standard version without any cost, simply go to “Play Store,” search for this App and Download it. After downloading, Install it on your device, allow required permissions, log in with your phone number and enjoy. However, it has been noticed that the Truecaller app standard version shows an excessive number of advertisements.

Methods to Get Truecaller Premium Version For Free

Generally, when we talk about the premium versions of any software or application, we know they are paid. Likewise, if we talk about the premium version of the Truecaller app, like the premium version of the other applications, its users also need to pay Rs. 50 / – per month to get all the premium features like no ads, who sees my profile, call recording, etc.


How attractive is it when you know you can use this version without spending a penny? Here, in this article, you will learn different methods by which you can get the premium version with all the features absolutely free.

1. Free Trial of Truecaller Premium

The company is not currently offering free trials for its premium products. Many times, though, the company offers a free trial. To get great offers, you need to subscribe to notifications from the Truecaller website. You may be offered a free trial from time to time.

2. Truecaller Referral System

Truecaller introduced a referral program in 2018, in which users can enjoy a free premium subscription by sharing their specific links with their family and friends. Each install via their link will give them a free week of Truecaller Premium, in which they will have no limit to the number of free weeks. Just follow the instructions below to get the referral link:


Step 1: Open the TrueCaller app on your Android / iOS device. Select “Invite Friends” from the Navigation bar.

Step 2: Then, using the guide, invite your contacts who are not already on Truecaller.

Step 3: Finally, when your contacts install Truecaller and register with their phone number, you both get a week of Premium for free.

You may invite many people as you want and enjoy many weeks of Truecaller Premium for free.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a Google official app that allows you to conduct surveys and make money without sharing your bank or credit card information. The same amount can be used to buy premium apps on the Google Play Store. Many users around the world use this method. Let’s see the steps involved in this process.

Step 1: The first step is to go to the Google Play Store and download the Google Opinion Rewards App.

Step 2: After that, you must fill out some basic information about yourself to register for the program.

Step 3: This allows you to participate in all of the surveys once you have signed up.

The number of surveys is usually weekly, and you will receive questionnaires to complete every week. These surveys are mostly from user-oriented organizations and are simple to complete.

You can earn up to 32.5 rupees for every survey. You must complete all of the offered surveys in order to earn enough money to purchase Truecaller Premium for free. It is a simple and quick way to obtain a premium subscription.

Why You Should Prefer Truecaller Premium Version?

To answer this question, you must have a sight on the above-given comparison of Truecaller free and premium versions. The Truecaller Premium version’s main feature is the same as in the Standard version of the Truecaller app. The Premium version provided spam protection and caller ID as it identifies who is calling you. It helps to identify telemarketers, spam calls, blocking international numbers, and fraudsters. You can make it your default dialer and SMS. Further, a brief explanation of the feathers of the premium version is given below.

Call Recording: This is another feature of the Premium version. It can keep and record calls details.

Premium Badge: It signals the calling user that you are a verified caller, and users look Professional when they make calls.

Incognito Mode: It enables a user to view the Profiles of others without informing them. Now users can check out People they know, determine numbers, and get one of the most via this app.

Message protection: it provides spam protection for messages. It will put all the unnecessary messages in a separate folder.

Who Viewed Your Profile: This means when someone views your Truecaller Profile, this app will notify you. Get pleasure in checking out People You May Know, determining numbers, and getting one of the most from your Truecaller experience totally advertisement-free.

No More Ads: This feature makes the App so smooth; users with premium versions can use this app without any annoying Ad Banners.

More Contact Requests: It works as at the beginning of each month when you are a Truecaller premium user, and you will definitely get 30 contact requests. These contact requests can be used to contact someone with Truecaller. You will definitely receive an SMS message asking for their consent to view their contact information.

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