20 Best Clicker Games or Incremental Games in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Masooma Batool • Updated on November 24, 2022

Idle games are most renowned in the current era. These are the games that allow the players to play without paying much attention or any interaction with the game because these games are self-played. Idle games can also be called Clicker games, Incremental games, or Offline games. Incremental games are video games that allow the player to perform simple tasks such as clicking on the screen repeatedly to gain rewards or money. With this reward, you can unlock many other features or purchase the items or gifts that increase the rate at which money accrues.

Are You Addicted to Idle/Incremental Games?

Idle games are those that can be played actively, or they can be left in the background and reward the player after coming back. Because such games do not need the player’s constant attention. In every game, it is dependent on the choice of players and how they want to play; however, the game is flexible enough to be played in any way. Idle games must allow for some mechanism to occur spontaneously, and while a player is not playing, without this mechanism, a game cannot be considered an idle game.

Idle games allow players to gain rewards and accrue things of love continuously. There is no actual loss for the player because, in return, every loss enables the players to purchase the items for accruing things faster. And only, for this reason, idle games are too much addictive as compared to other genres of games.


Is there any Difference between Idle and Incremental Games?

These can be differentiated based on mechanisms. Incremental games are those which proceed step by step gradually. Many incremental games have a series of promotions, and each of them needs to unlock. This is a new method of generating income or gaining rewards for boosting the game’s creativity. The action of unlocking or acquainting each promotion is the primary feedback loop of the game.

While the Idles games do not need continuous involvement from players to proceed the game, many idle games can be played in offline mode where the game calculates the time subsequently the player’s last interaction with the game and gives rewards as the player’s active participation for the whole time. Idle games, in general, need less attention from the player and can be played while the player is engaged in other tasks. Idle games do not penalize the player for idleness; therefore, leaving it running without input has no negative implications.


The incremental and idle game mechanisms are not entirely opposite, which means they can coexist in the same game. Active is the total opposite of idle, indicating that player input is necessary for progression. The notable thing is all the idle games are incremental, but not all incremental games are idle.

List of Best Incremental/Idle Games

If you are tired and bored after a long day at work, clicker games are a great way to relax, especially if you are looking for a peaceful and enjoyable activity. You can play these clicker games right now, including the latest idle games that have just been released. So, let’s take a look at the best idle games available.

1. Cookie Clicker

This is the first game in the genre of idle games. It is considered to be the most significant growth game in terms of promoting gender development. Cookie Clicker was developed in 2013 by Julien Orteil Thiennot, a French programmer. Initially, the user clicks on a giant cookie on the screen, generating one cookie per click. Buildings and other items can be purchased with cookies that are obtained by clicking on large cookies.

Upgrades can be used to get more cookies per click and even collect cookies themselves after a while. Even though this is not the first clicker game, it is currently the most popular. Many gamers who have never played a game like this before are attracted to its usual gameplay, which is both simple and sophisticated.

2. Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 by Game Hive Corp is a sequel to the first game in the Tap Titans series. As you cross the ground in this pointless action game, gather a detachment of heroes with different powers, such as Lance, Knight of Cobalt Steel, to fight the Sword Master when he fights any monster. Tap and tap with your heroes as you gain power with the strategy to navigate 14 hand-drawn kingdoms.

In this progressive action RPG, you can upgrade or build bespoke gear and gain unique hero skills. Trade in your sword with deadly weapons to deal prodigious damage to the Titan Lords in raids or tournaments. As you go through the event takeover and unlock amazing prizes, tap, tap, and tap to conquer your path. Join Sword Masters from around the world in this free clicker game or create a tribe.

3. Doge Miner

One of the most popular memes on the internet now has its own idle game. Everyone’s favorite Sheba Dog Mines for ‘dogecoin’ in Doge Miner. Billy Marks is the creator of dogecoin (doge minor). You start by mining a mound of rocks. You can quickly raise enough money to hire more Sheba Inu puppies to help with your mining efforts. It will show your DPS (dogecoin per second). You will earn more coins and eventually buy a rocket to take you to the moon.

If you enjoy weird things on the internet, Doge Miner will fulfill your desire to play. The game relies heavily on memes, and the purpose of finding dogecoin is to travel to the moon. As you click, words like “amaze” and “wow” appear on the screen. Doge Miner 2 is also available if you want a more up-to-date experience.

4. Idle Heroes

DHGAMES has released this game for fans of RPG games. If you want to play RPG games anytime then, this clicker game is the best choice. Unlike other RPG games, you don’t have to do much to win battles and missions. All you have to do is prepare the characters before entering the fight and then sit down and watch them fight. Then they will be able to take care of themselves during the war.

You have to choose which strategy to adopt, which weapon to buy, how to spend money effectively, and how to assemble a strong squad of heroes. It is all about strategic placement and analytical thinking in this idle game. Above all, it can run on both Android and iPhone.

5. Adventure Capitalist

Hyper Hippo Productions has created Adventure Capitalist as a free-to-play incremental video game. In 2014, it was launched for browsers and Android. In 2015, it was released for iOS, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. And in 2016, it was released for PlayStation 4. You play as a young entrepreneur trying to build your business in this PC incremental game.

You start your business with a lemonade stand in the parody of starting a business, but rapidly increasing the ranks, conquering every business plan you can. The services of managers are hired, and this is where ‘idle’ comes from. Even if your attention is diverted to the game, your managers keep making money for you.

6. AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a classic twist-based RPG with a wide range of modes to keep you busy. Lilith Games, Original Entertainment created AFK Arena, it is a free-to-play action card game. Players can customize and level up with the unique AFK Awards auto-farming system. Gather players from around the world on an imaginary adventure to save the realm of Esperia from an ancient evil. Equip your heroes and plan an excellent battle lineup to defeat your opponents.

Compared to other factions, each side has increased formation and group advantages. Fight the ancient evil Hypogeans as you will go through the game. In Kings Tower, run to the finish line. In PVP Arena mode, you have to fight against other players. When you log off, the war continues. Even if you are not online, you can increase your level and reap the benefits when you come back, which allows you to jump back into the adventure.


NGU stands for Numbers Go Up, a hilarious RPG-style idle game that puts you in the shoes of a dysfunctional amnesty that ends up in the gutter and fights multiple opponents to advance the plot. The game’s developer, 4G, walks you through the first few minutes in an adorable tutorial – the narrative approach is a reward in and of itself as you unlock additional features.

However, the ultimate reward is having those numbers rise. Training should be given, which starts with beating on a piece of scary fluff. Every second, energy is generated, which can be used to train attack and defense skills, becoming more open over time. When you gain power, you will progress through multiple bosses, and once you conquer them, you can battle them again in the adventure menu to gain gold and item levels.

8. Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes, released by Playsaurus, is a casual idle game. Along the way, you will encounter enemies and a variety of legendary animals. Earn gold, improve your heroes, and unlock new satisfying talent to help you kill monsters faster. You start with a single fighter, and each monster you click offers a point of loss. Soon, however, you will be able to add teammates who will automatically damage enemies.

Each member of your party can be leveled using coins dropped by defeated enemies, and each character has a variety of skills that can be purchased over time to make them more powerful. The most rewarding aspect of Clicker Heroes is that you can see the amount of damage to the snowball from single digits to big data. There is also a surprising amount of variety, as different characters’ strengths can be available at any time.

9. Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a multiplayer mobile game developed and released by Israeli game developer Plarium Games, and its PC port was launched in 2020. You can now play one of the most popular mobile RPGs for free on PC. Even experienced gamers will find that Raid’s turn-based combat and squad management require some careful thinking.

You need to tune in and improve your squad to get the most out of your character’s abilities, as there are over 300 heroes to collect in the game, each with their own stats and strengths. You can engage in online battles with other players by collaborating, making mistakes, making raids, or defeating their troops in fighting for important prizes.

10. Enchanted Heroes

YYZ Productions created the Enchanted Heroes game. Enchanted Heroes is a fun idle game with extra gameplay. You are in charge of a brave warrior who must defeat the endless wave of monsters and magical creatures. Your character attacks automatically, but you can also attack creatures to destroy them quickly. You earn coins for every creature you kill, which you can spend on various upgrades to increase your stats and losses.

There are three types of upgrades available: Hero, Skill, and Upgrade. Loss, HP, attack speed, and health regeneration are all improved with Hero Upgrade. You can use skill upgrades to eliminate a range of specific attacks that cause more damage. Ultimately, upgrades increase the amount of damage and healing you can get per click. As your character grows more substantial, you will be able to compete with larger animals that will pay you more for each killing.

11. Idle Breakout

Kodiqi presented Idle Breakout; beaks over a million bricks with several balls of varying strength, speed, and special skills. This colorful and entertaining game is based on the classic breakout game, which draws a lot from it. You must clear the board by destroying the numbered blocks (indicating how many times they should be hit). In Idle Breakout, click on the small squares to remove them from the board.

The value of each square is different depending on how many clicks it takes to remove it. You can spend the money earned on bouncing balls to help you clear the extra blocks. Each ball bounces in a unique way to make contact with the squares. For instance, a plasma ball costs $200 and damages nearby bricks with splash damage. Each variety of balls can be purchased in multiples.

12. Darts Idle

This is an excellent game for you if you enjoy darts. It takes simple but efficient game darts and adds many new elements. Darts Idle is created by ARAgames. Choosing your preferred mode is entirely up to you. You can select your dart color, name, and opponent with just one click.

Try to keep the dart as close to the center as possible. You will have three darts available. Try to become a champion by getting a high score. This will not be an easy task. Demonstrate your abilities by completing difficult levels. On one device, two players can play. Try to be as accurate as possible so that you can complete all the steps.

13. Tap Tycoon

World’s first country vs. country Incremental game was created by Worthy Propeller. Earn enough money to invest in your companies, tap to make money from thin air. Build and upgrade your businesses to build your multi-industrial empire. You will have the opportunity to invest in some incredible inventions such as the Integrity Fork, the Suitcase Shrink Beam, and the Holographic Window View. Armed with your multi-billion dollar empire, you will join forces with your compatriots to compete globally. Only the nations with the most powerful corporations will be awarded with beautiful medals and significant prizes every week. It is completely free to play.

14. Grow Defense

SoftCowGames is the producer of this game. Its 3D graphics are stunning and humorous, hinting at images of the Orcs Must Die and its branches. You start with a small gatehouse that is attacked by a game similar to Super Mario’s Gomba. To protect your castle, you must click. To shoot projectiles against the enemy, instead of clicking anywhere, you should click on them directly.

The game is divided into different rounds, for each of which you need to destroy a certain amount of opponents. You eventually move on to an immense fortress, which ends in a dominant fortress, where you have to fight fierce opponents. People who enjoy real-time strategy games such as Age of Empires and Stronghold will find much to enjoy in this idle game.

15. The Dark Room

The Dark Room is an open-source text-based role-playing game. Doublespeak Games, a Canadian indie studio, first released it in 2013 for web browsers. It was available in the App Store for iOS devices later this year. Darkroom is a text-based game that can make your day even more mysterious. In it, you wake up alone in a dark room and immediately start a fire to keep warm. But then you go into a mysterious meeting room, and things start to get weird.

You go on a quest for a text adventure game and optimization problem. It is a strangely disturbing and ambient environment, which is quite a feat given the limited visibility and gameplay scope of The Dark Room. This is a fantastic title because it seems to violate the conventions of this genre on the surface. It bears a striking resemblance to the storyline, a survival horror game. This style of hopping is a promising sign for future idle games.

16. Cow Clicker

CowClicker is an idle Facebook game that is accessible to almost everyone. The game, on the other hand, aims to make fun of social networking games such as FarmVille and others. Every six hours, you have to click on the cow. The author of the game has created it to explain how social media gaming is often exploited. Players can click on each other’s cows to make money displayed as ‘Mooney,’ which can be used to buy improvements and other items.

This game is great because it combines excellent gameplay with a robust social appraisal. Key features of designer Ian Bogost’s mindset during the construction of the game’s aspects were the exploitation of players for income rather than social media gameplay and game aesthetics.

17. Plantera

Plantera begins with a simple task: catch a butterfly in a net for a penny. You will have enough money to start a small patch of carrots. To make money, collect carrots for planting blueberry bushes. If you sell coffee, carrots, and blueberries, you can grow apple trees. You will soon have a lush garden full of delicious fruits and vegetables. As you grow, you will earn helpers who will automatically gather the ripe crops for you.

You also need to keep an eye on the scavengers like Magpies and Rabbits who want to benefit from your hard work. This is definitely a healthier idle game than a cookie clicker. Plantera, developed by VaragtP Studios, is one of the few games on this list that actually costs money ($ 2.99 on Steam), but the trade-off is that it looks like a full-fledged game with lots of options.

18. Bit City

NimbleBit developed Bit City, an incremental game and city-building game that was released in 2017 for iOS and Android. In Butt Metropolis, the player starts from a small town and gradually expands to a whole city by improving the infrastructure like firehouses, police stations, and other residences. Each of the different structures has an upgrade, and upgrading them will give you currency, which you can use to enhance other buildings. You will get power-ups like higher tax rates and the ability to build structures that produce more than usual. Buildings are not the only source of income. Things like DMV and toll highways affect automobile production.

19. Realm Grinder

Divine Games presented the Realm Grinder, in which you play as the ruler of a small fantasy kingdom. Just by clicking on your circle, you get coins, which you can spend on constructions that generate income for you automatically. Even when you are not online, buildings like inns and blacksmiths keep collecting cash. The freedom to choose the good or lousy route for your country is where Realm Grinder really makes its mark in the realm of idle games and especially clickers.

By selecting the one, you can combine different fantasy races and gain access to unique buildings and improvements. However, once you decide, you get stuck with it for the rest of the game. Realm Grinder manages to diversify significantly even though replay is not a common theme among clicker games.

20. Time Clickers

Proton Studios developed Time Clickers, a hybrid idol game/first-person shooter, in 2015 as a spin-off of Time Raiders. Time Clickers is a first-person shooter with a time limit. You click to destroy the coin-dropping cubes in this future game. The funds will be used to buy new guns that will automatically fire at you. Each weapon can be upgraded to increase its damage production, and advanced features can be purchased to damage it further.

The game is divided into “fields,” each with a boss at the end. Owners act as a kind of progress test for the player. They are bullet sponges with temporary engagements. If you fail, you will be sent to a lower level to grind weapons to upgrade. It is an addictive loop that turns the genre of clicker games into a future.

Final Words

So there you have it, a list of the best idle games available. Idle games can attract players who want to relax and let a short statement or game mechanism work for them. People’s escapism can be simple and enjoyable. Incremental games, as the list shows, have a bright future in the market. Undoubtedly, I can wholeheartedly endorse the style of these games.

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