Windows vs. macOS – Which is Better?

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With the advancement in technology, the use of Laptops and PCs is increasing day by day. The Operating System is part of every computer, and that system is of two types, Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. PCs’ performance, security, and specific tasks are linked with the best Operating System.

The debate over the best Operating System continues till now. For some people, the best system is macOS. For others, Microsoft Windows is the best. What do you think, which one is the best? It isn’t easy to decide which one is better. In an Operating System, many attributes should be considered to run your PCs smoothly, like the fastest performance, security, user-friendly interface, and many more and for selecting system, you have to keep those attributes in mind.

Before proceeding towards which one is the best Operating System, let us study the advantages and disadvantages of these two systems.


Windows – It Just Works

It is an exclusive graphical Operating System that Microsoft launched in 1985. It manages most of the activities of computers and offers a way of playing video games and streaming different websites smoothly and quickly. With the invention of the Internet, Microsoft chip got faster processing, but this debate continues that the which Windows Operating System is best like Windows 7,8, etc.

Most people had a viewpoint that Windows 7 is famous among people and others think Windows 10 and so on. The first Operating System is MS-Doc, which is developed by Microsoft. It gives you a simple and easy-to-use interface. The new version of Microsoft Windows has in-built MS-DOS as a utility because MS-DOS is used in different tasks and activities like making folders, creating files, installing plugins in Software, etc.


Are there any Applications offered by Windows? It provides a wide range of very useful applications, and you can open most of these applications with just a single click on the Start button and then click the icon of users. Windows use these applications in Web browsers, Productivity, and Settings.

  • Microsoft Windows offers a web browser that is an Internet Explorer and is used by everyone because of the GUI, and most common web browser features include your favorite bookmarking pages.
  • It has wide productive features like handling e-mails, following directions, organizing notes, etc.
  • You can control or change your setting through Control Panel like you can change passwords of your computers, change themes, increase or decrease brightness, and many more.

Advantages of Windows

Now let’s move towards the advantages of this system, which is distinguished from other Operating Systems.

  • Wide Range of Software

Microsoft Windows has a vast range of Software like browsing the Internet, managing your Calendars, shopping for Music, etc. There is a chance there can be a Windows version somewhere if you are looking for a suitable application for a business need, and it is because of the Microsoft Dominance of the World Market for laptops, PCs, and office software.

  • Easy to Use

Modern PCs include an easy-to-use interface for people to use quickly and efficiently. It has a virtual and standardized look and is almost easy for everyone to operate all the programs included in Windows.

  • Rapid and Useful Updates

For most of the years, Microsoft Windows has been continuously updating their systems like Windows 7,8,10, etc., with a vast range of features that aren’t available on the last version of Microsoft Windows. The new version also provides better performance, security, and an easily used interface.

  • Plug and Play

In Microsoft Windows, most hardware can automatically detect Plug and Play features, and you don’t need to install the hardware. Still, you easily use that features like web camera, keyboard, mouse, other mobile devices, etc.

  • Games

If you want the latest gaming technology, then Microsoft Windows is the best choice because it offers you a wide range of games, increasing in the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Games are also included in Linux and Mac, but there is no comparison because it offers widely different games from other Operating Systems.

  • Backward Compatibility

Some of the features and attributes you all like in the old Window version, you also need some extra features for your business need, and you want to both these options in the latest version, there would be a massive chance that you can also found that old features in the new version as well.

  • Desktop and Touchscreen

As far as the new versions are launched, you can find that that version will also offer you touch screen and Desktop both interface which is smooth to use whether Desktop or touchscreen.

Disadvantages of Windows

It has a wide range of disadvantages like,

  • Virus Exposure

It is usually regarded as the most encountered problem in Microsoft Windows. The exposure to the virus will increase with an increase in features. The hackers can easily attack Windows privacy, which is very dangerous from a security point of view, and also viruses can attack your system. You can lose your whole data in your device. That is why antivirus is installed on every PC to secure your devices.

  • High Resource Necessity

Sometimes you want more advanced features to run your systems fast and easily. For that, you have wanted a high Ram or hardware to get a better performance or more advanced features with a faster processor, internal memory, and performance. If you want extra features like graphic cards, high memory, etc., you need, it would be considered additional features demanded by you and essential for your PCs.

  • Closed Sources

If you understand the problem o issue in your PCs, you can easily fix that issue. But this direct access is only in Microsoft windows of source code of its Software, and you no longer can create log files its users can are left to try to overcome what was the cause by trial and error alone.

  • High Prices

Microsoft Windows has some extra features for which you have to pay, like MS Office, MS Excel, etc., which is essential for the everyday need of jobholders or business needs.

  • Technical Issues

It is one of the significant issues which Windows users face. If any technical fault occurs, only large enterprises will get this issue resolved by the support team, and ordinary users have to search for mediums to get rid of that issues.

  • Rebooting your Systems

A commonly arises issue for every user with which your system gets slowed. These issues occur due to loading many files simultaneously, But the only solution is that you have to reboot your system, which takes a lot of time.

  • Power Support for Old Hardware

Microsoft Windows will not allow you to claim power support if you use an older version because Microsoft claims that you need new hardware with more technological advancement.

macOS – Think Different

The first-ever Operating System with a graphical interface and mouse was launched by Apple and is also called OSX because it comes from the UNIX Operating System. Apple is a famous company due to frequently used Apple Smartphones, Laptops, ipads, and many more gadgets. But, it is not very much common among few other societies as it is expensive. Some features are exciting and new in macOS, which is quite different from Windows.

Advantages of macOS

macOS offers a wide range of features which is different from Microsoft Windows like:

  • Fewer Virus Attacks

It has a low chance of virus exposure because every individual does not use this Operating System, and there are fewer chances of the virus. It is because it has a secure relationship with UNIX.

  • Excellent Performance

The performance level of Apple phones is quite efficient and effective because it makes both hardware and software give you the best performance. macOS computers also have a larger life span than ten other Operating Systems.

  • Lesser Security Issues

macOS is one of the best software that is very secure that no one can even open it without the permission of its users. It is impossible to hack this Operating System because it offers you much more privacy than another system. Even if your Apple phone is lost, you can also block it easily, and no one can open it without your permission, and your data remain secure.

  • Default Applications

It is one powerful app that does not affect your performance and system. It has some installed applications like photos and movie, which will work smoothly to edit your photos and videos.

  • Good Customer Support

If any technical issue arise in macOS operating system, Apple provides you with experts to get rid of your issues or to resolve your problems

Disadvantages of macOS

macOS has some disadvantages as well. Let us discuss them in detail here,

  • Expensive Operating System

macOS gives you a wide range of features not available on other Operating Systems, so it is very expensive for few people.

  • No Customization Option

You can change your hardware parts like graphic cards, etc., in other Operating Systems. But macOS has an inbuilt processor or graphic card, which you can not customize according to you.

  • No Gaming Options

It is one of the best systems, but if you are a game lover, you do not prefer macOS because it gives fewer games or maybe low graphics to run games.

  • Non-Expandable Gadgets

While purchasing macOS, you have to decide the processor you want, RAM, and disk storage. You have to use an external disk to get more storage. Because after buying it, you would not be able to get other gadgets if your need varies over time.

  • File Transfer Issues

It has an Operating System that will not support Windows devices, so it isn’t easy to transfer files from Apple to other devices.

Comparison of Windows and macOS

macOS is designed by Apple corporation, whereas Microsoft Corporation developed Windows. macOS Operating System was launched in 2001, whereas Windows was the first Operating System established in 1985. Microsoft Windows has a current stable Windows 11, while macOS has 12.0.1.

Microsoft Windows is a cheaper Operating System than macOS. macOS is an Operating System with fewer games, but recently in new models, there has been an option to install games from Playstore. At the same time, Windows has a vast range of games, and its hardware is specially designed by keeping in mind the gaming purposes.

macOS supports a Multilanguage Interface, whereas, in Windows, you must purchase different OS versions to get multiple languages. macOS only supports UNIX, whereas Microsoft Windows supports Linux, etc. Microsoft supported file systems like UDF,HFS+ ,FATX ,etc, while macOS supported APFS,HFS,UFS,AFP ,FTP,ZFS and many more.

macOS has intel processors, Apple Silicon M1, whereas Windows has Intel and AMD processor. macOS has a limited choice of programs and Apps, whereas Microsoft Windows has excessive choices.

macOS supports Internet Browsers like Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and Tor, whereas Microsoft Windows does not support Safari. For massaging, macOS uses internal features like iMessages, Google Talk, etc., whereas Microsoft Windows offers Skype, Facebook, and Twitter for massaging. macOS deals with native APIs like Java, Cocoa, Carbon BSD-POSIX. In comparison, Windows deals with WIN32 and NT API.

Final Words

As discussed above, both Operating Systems are best in their functionalities. If you are an iOS lover, you will definitely like macOS, whereas if you are a PC lover, you will like the Microsoft Windows Operating System more. Microsoft Windows is easily accessible because it is cheaper, whereas macOS is difficult to consider for few people because of its high rates. Microsoft Windows is an all-rounder system, so it is best for almost everyone, in my opinion. But, you can choose which ever is more feasible for you.

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