10 Best DIAWI Alternative in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Muhammad Massab Khan • Updated on November 24, 2022

DIAWI is basically a tool used by app developers in order to install development and in-house applications directly to the devices. The word DIAWI stands for “Development and in-house Apps Wireless Installation”

There are many advantages of using this platform as it includes simple drag and drop steps. It is user-friendly and it gets connected by one-click installation on the link that is provided by the developer. That can easily be sent to users, bloggers, and testers for testing purposes.

DIAWI is mainly used by iOS 4+ and Android 2+ devices. Other apps like ad-hoc, development, and in-house builds can be connected wirelessly to it with a single tap. Its installation process is so simple that developers put their iOS or Android app link on their website simply go there and get the link.


By clicking on the link user or tester will be able to install this on their mobile browser. The link which was shared by the developer is private that includes no search and no index facility. Its provided link are strictly followed by Apple’s security rules and can be password protected with provisioning profiles and UDIDs.

The link which is provided by the developer of Diawi can be removed from the website after a definite interval of time. It can easily be used and configured by anyone because of its simple dashboard. Also, it has the ability to connect with other devices that are available in the market.


Why Do Users Want DIAWI Alternative?

DIAWI has many benefits, but along with them, it has some limitations as well. It is not available on Play Store and only deploys the applications for iOS and Android platforms. On the operating system of iOS, it allows only signed apps of Ad-Hoc, development, and In-house build while on the Android devices it only accepts the signed apps.

Any kind of application which is suspicious and harmful will be deleted by the DIAWI without any notification and the uploader cannot access the platform again. Almost 7000 uploads and 30,000 installations have been done by this every day and due to this users will not be able to see new updated features.

Also, it is neither a storage device nor a backup facility and users will not be able to see the updated rules about the expiration of the App. That’s the reason users want its alternatives for the better operation of iOS and Android devices.

List of DIAWI Alternative

DIAWI is the best in its field and performs better in iOS 4+ and Android 2+ apps and devices. Its offers four pricing plans; free account, Starter Plan, Premium Plan, and Enterprise Plan. Its facilities will increase from its free account plan to the Enterprise plan. It includes the features of One Tap Installation, Device Compatibility, Private Link Protection, etc.

In regard to these best functionalities, the following DIAWI alternatives are selected and explained thoroughly along with their structure and working techniques in this article. An explicit comparison is also provided which helps the audience in choosing the best possible alternative of DIAWI.

1. Install On Air

Install on Air is considered to be the most popular alternative to DIAWI for testing purposes. It is mainly used for the distribution of iOS and Android applications by installing it on the air. It provides the facility of testing solutions that help the users to improve their ways of testing.

It is popular among new users because of its simplest design. This alternative of DIAWI endorses the distribution methodologies of both the Android and iOS platforms. Google play is included in Android operating systems upon which the application is already published.

In the case of iOS, the application is published in their required app store. In iOS simple app store is not enough for all the published applications just like Android operating systems. Software distribution is possible in this alternative, unlike Diawi which does not support the distribution.


  • Monitoring Tools
  • Mobile App Distribution
  • Software Distribution
  • Customer Feedback


  • Free Service
  • 15 Days Link Uptime
  • Support IPA Large Files
  • Easy to Use


  • Poor Customer Support
  • Slow Down during Updates
  • Issues In Installation

2. TestApp.io

TestApp.io is a tool that is used by both the owner and mobile developer in order to share their apps with one another to get feedback. All of this is done before the publication of the app on Google and the app store.

It offers a fasted platform to distribute your apps and consider to be the best addition to the app development field. It is freely available on the internet and its supporting platforms are Android, iOS, and Browser. By using this app the issue of distribution is solved.

TestApp.io always supports its production with Apple and Google stores and uses development mode for the releasing of their application. In the case of iOS, this alternative only accepts non-production profiles like ad-Hoc and Development while in Android only signed apps will be accepted.

It does not allow integration with the SDK as they do not collect the analytics. The popularity of testapp.io is less than DIAWI in the case of monitoring tools, development tools, mobile app distribution, and customer feedback.


  • Cloud-based Solution
  • Data Export and Import
  • Portal to Manage Tasks
  • Cross-device Compatible
  • QA Script Review


  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Support for Automatic Update.
  • Stability Improvement and Bug Fixes
  • Positive Brand Impression


  • Precise Report
  • Reporting Duplicate Bugs
  • Limited Use of Free Version

3. TestFlight

TestFlight is a modern tool that is mostly used by testers. It plays an important role in the beta testing of the applications. By using this app there is no need to keep the track of UDIDs or provisioning profiles. The monitoring tool of TestFlight is much better than DIAWI.

It does not support the operating system of Android as it only supports the operating system of iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, and TV OS, etc. It is basically developed by Apple Inc. for the purpose of testing mobile applications. The beta testing power of Diawi is greater than that of Testflight.

Mostly, it is used to invite the members to test the app and collect valuable feedback from the users before releasing it on the App store. Its approval mostly takes 24 to 48 hours. Once, the account is approved confirmation email has been sent to your mail address in order to start external testing.


  • Remote Logging
  • In-App Questions
  • Crash Reports
  • Checkpoints
  • In-App Updates


  • Easy to Invite Testers
  • Supports 100+ Devices
  • Beta Build with Orange Dots
  • Easy to Manage


  • Problems in Monitoring
  • Issues in Downloading
  • Only Supports iOS 8+
  • Largest Processing Time

4. TestFairy

TestFairy is an innovative application that is mainly used for mobile beta testing. It is also useful for native beta testing apps like React Native or Xamarin. To enable the feature of crash report Testfairy needs to be integrated with SDK.

One of its main features of it is that it supports video recording while testing the application and also supports API access to integrate with the tools of a third party. It proved to be the best for the agencies and companies that work on both the operating systems.

For the purpose of bug tracking, continuous integration, and communication TestFairy has the ability to integrate with popular tools like Okta, Google, and Onelogin. The TestFairy is not available for free on the internet and user have to pay for it.


  • Remote Support
  • In-app Bug Reporting
  • App Distribution
  • Crash Reporting
  • Remote Logging
  • Real Device Cloud


  • Video Recording
  • Support for SAML and LDAP
  • Compatible with SSO Services
  • Integrate with Jira
  • View Crashes Performance
  • Less Battery Usage App


  • High Subscription Fee
  • Enough Information for Testers
  • Poor Customer Support

5. Appaloosa

Appaloosa is another alternative of Diawi that is used for the beta distribution of iOS and Android operating systems. It has its own App Store that is used by the testers to upload and distribute their beta builds. It has direct access to the App store through a link that can be forwarded by email and can send feedback on its pages.

Just like TestFlight it also operates over-the-air with the additional feature of bug reporting and app feedback. It has the maximum size of customer feedback and it will work only when the application goes live on the internet. It can easily be integrated with bug tracking, continuous integration, communication, and SSO.


  • Android Development
  • App Distribution
  • Continuous Integration
  • Crowd Sourced
  • Auto-Updating
  • Bug Reporting


  • SSO Authentication
  • Auto-Updating Apps
  • Tester Groups


  • Restricted to Enterprise Plan
  • No Crash Reporting Capability
  • No Smaller Teams Support

6. AppHost

AppHost distributes the applications to Android and iOS and is considered to be the fast and quick way to distribute the application for testing and internal user. For the applications of iOS, it automatically generates manifest files and has the ability to reorient iOS users to Testflight beta URL.

It provides the facility of Auto-Direct for downloaders and is available free on the internet. It will also protect automatically generating download links that work on iOS devices for the installation of an over-the-air app.

It contains the files of Android and iOS just like Diawi with the difference that DIAWI installs these files directly to the phone while Apphost installs these files for enterprise and mobile apps. In the case of Monitoring tools, Developer tools, customer feedback, and beta testing DIAWI is better than the App host.

AppHost sometimes is trickier to install on over-the-air apps rather than using other app stores. In AppHost user’s language is automatically detected and it offers the instructions in English, French, and Spanish.


  • App Distribution
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Android Development


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Bug Reporting
  • Links do Not Expire
  • Ad-Free Service


  • Consumed Large Memory
  • No App Beta Support
  • Supports Multiple Builds at Time

7. FlyBuild

FlyBuild is an application that is used by developers to share the mobile app by using their personal cloud. This can be done by clicking on their shared link or by directing their mobile to a QR code. The shared link is last for a long time and it is also used by both android and iOS.

By using Flybuild, android, and iOS in-development builds can be shared with other testers and developers. It provides the facility of sharing and storing builds on the personal cloud and it can be accessible at any time.

URL and QR codes can be used by developers in order to upload their builds on the personal cloud. Flybuild does provide the facility of Beta Testing unlike DIAWI and Flybuild is better than DIAWI in the case of Analytics.


  • Bug Reporting
  • App Distribution
  • Continuous Integration
  • Android Development


  • Quick Feedback Communication
  • Cloud Space to Upload Builds
  • Access Files by Personal Cloud


  • Limited Third-Party Integration
  • Less Efficient Monitoring Tools
  • No Mobile App Distribution Support

8. Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is an alternative to DIAWI that uses the cloud-based platform to test web and mobile applications. It has the ability to test web or mobile apps across 700+ platforms. It is mostly used by Enterprises and the Computer Software industry and is famous for its simple and competitive solutions.

It provides a better website and automated testing facility rather than Diawi while on the other hand, DIAWI offers a better Mobile app and monitoring tools facility than Sauce Labs. Sauce Labs Sauce Labs supports the platforms of Windows, Linux, Mac, Self-Hosted, google chrome, and Amazon Web services.

Sauce Labs provides the data of running 500 million tests on their cloud and is also used to secure the data of those customers that range from 500 companies to small businesses. It is an open-source project that is available free on the internet.


  • Website and Browsing Testing
  • Automated Checkup
  • Selenium Examing


  • Record Virtual Test Runs
  • Fast Access to Operating System
  • Automated and Manual Testing Facility
  • Supports Real and Virtual Devices


  • No Tests Recording
  • Slow Response Time
  • No HD Gameplay Support

9. Applivery

Applivery is the most powerful Mobile App Distribution System that has full control over mobile apps and devices. This system is used to bring together all the facilities of Mobile App Management, Mobile Development Management, Feedback and Bug Reporting, Continuous Integration, and Deployment.

This system provides the support to speed up Mobile App Development, Management, and Distribution. Any type of Android base device just as watches, television, and industrial devices can be measured by using Applivery.

It supports the operating system of Android, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, SaaS, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Mac. It is available free from the internet and provides the facility of creating a fully customized Enterprise App Store upon which company employees will have access to all corporate Apps.


  • Bug Reporting
  • App Distribution
  • Feedback Reporting
  • Auto Update
  • Android Development


  • User-friendly Design
  • Good Performance
  • Compatible with Any Device
  • Free to Use


  • Slow Response
  • No Developers Tools Support
  • Limited Beta Testing Ability

10. Visual Studio App Centre

Visual Studio App Centre is an alternative to DIAWI that provides the continuous build, release, test and monitor app facility to every platform. It is mainly used to connect with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and is mostly developed to build the app in the cloud.

It includes the features of automatically running unit tests and is also available to test user interfaces on real devices. Microsoft helps them to do integration into their solution of continuous integration. It provides the facility of finding bugs before releasing the app and is also used to automate the process of release.

Once Beta is done candidate is used to promote this directly to Google Play, App store connects, and Intune. This visual studio app center is used to track the build at the time of release. App center provides the facility of IDE, Analytics, and Text Editor, unlike DIAWI.


  • Android Development
  • Software Development
  • Auto Update
  • App Distribution
  • Continuous Deployment and Integration


  • Automated Testing Tools
  • Excellent Support and Layout
  • Powerful Crash Reporter
  • Good Performance
  • Free of Cost


  • Slow Boot-up Process
  • Slow Build Time
  • Increased CRU Usage
  • Memory Hog

Final Words

In the article, we have discussed Diawi and its alternatives. DIAWI helps the developers to install the app directly to their phones. In the case of OS and utilities, it includes the facility of the website for further use. Almost, 10 of the Diawi alternatives are discussed there all are performing well relating to their platforms.

DIAWI has the feature of a software installer while the visual studio app center provides the facility o software development. Some of the alternatives of DIAWI are used for app distribution while others are used for app development. Every alternative has its own advantages and disadvantages but all of them perform well using their own operating systems.

From the discussion, it is clear that the Visual Studio App center alternative is performing well than other alternatives of DIAWI as it performs a continuous build, test, and release functionality for every platform. Visual Studio App Center is also available free of cost and is used as a software developer.

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