15 Best Games Like Tribal Wars 2 in 2022

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Tribal Wars 2 is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, City Building, and Single-player video game published by Inno GmBH. The theme of this edition is to become the leader of your clan, start building the cities and villages and make sure to become the powerful rules as well.

During the gameplay, you have to manage the empire, introduce new reforms, and go with your instincts to develop the strategies and defeat the rivals while playing. There are different options such as creating a large army, building the tactics, and planning to demolish other states, choosing to become the master of artillery, and destroying the bases of your enemies.

Tribal Wars 2 Overview

This edition brings intense challenges to you in which your job would be to confront the enemies and make sure to try out your policies and defeat the rival in combat. Throughout the challenges, it’s also the job in which you may construct the cities full of amazing items, boosters, and a great number of enemies.


Complete multiple challenges that include the best strategic play and making of the strongest empire in order to destroy the strongholds of the rivals, and bring some exposure of battles as well.

In the line of adventure, you must choose the best policies as the fate of your town is in your hand, make sure to survive against all the odds, and protect your people from the enemies that are lurking to take over your lands.


There are multiple facts, that you may choose either side, build any walls around the forts, and can manage the great number of battles against the mightiest of the bosses, and get the amazing rewards as well as play time-trial versions and ultimate missions.

In addition to this quest, you also are able to create the best army in the game, recruit people with special skills, and try not to give up against the brutal bosses of battle. During the gameplay, manage your striking forces, make allies, and run a whole government, dissolve your skills into bravery and conquer all the maps.

List of Games Like Tribal Wars 2

There are not fewer games that have similar gameplay to tribal wars 2 but with the help of gaming theme, interface, and other factors, the selection is made. The games are inclusive of various fighting scenes, an opportunity to build the empire, play the role of the emperor who can manage all the scenarios in fights, and in peaceful situations.

All through the games, you must choose the best strategies in order to make the rivals pay, build the forces, and introduce a new army of knights as well. Also, there are uniquely challenging stages that may conclude the battles with a great number of rewards, and changeable wars are also part of the gameplay in upcoming editions.

The main objectives are to be the master of all clans, show mercy to the people, and protect all of them from the invaders, attackers, and other Vikings as well as provide them better facilities to live, and to eat. Following is a list of the best possible alternative games to Tribal Wars 2.

1. Empire

Empire is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Strategy, and Single-player video game developed and published by Clecota studio. The theme-play has the greatest theme in which you are to make sure to create the army of the freedom fighters, choose the best strategies, and try to bring the enemies down to their knees.

Try out several policies, and recruit a number of allied forces, introduce new plans, and execute them into the wars. During the gameplay, wait for the turn and choose the battle forces against the brutal bosses, confront the danger and simulate the best character of the emperor.

Develop the walls higher than anyone in the town, attack various types of enemies, and test their power and ability to survive. Embark on the quests, and encounter the war scenarios, chase the storyline, and conquer all the maps provided to you. There are unravel the complex storyline, use various equipment, and also bring side-quests into consideration while playing.


  • Multiple Missions
  • Hundreds of Side-quests
  • Similar gameplay to Final Fantasy 7
  • Combat Tools
  • 20-30 Hours of gameplay

Download: Empire for Windows

2. Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall: Age of War is a Strategy, Action-Adventure, Online, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed to play in Browsers. Throughout the gameplay, you are to become the boss of the Darkshine lands and try to develop the city, make arrangements to develop the city, towns, and other ruined places, and try to regain the glory.

All through the season, your job would be to become part of unique battles against the mighty bosses and face the danger while playing. Also, there are different battles in which there are dozens of missions to complete, hundreds of mini objectives, and thrilling combats to take place.

Different numbers of commanders are also available, that can test you in multiple challenges, online multiple gamers, and AI bosses are also part of this season. In other hallmarks you may choose from various maps, thousands of unlockable stages, and leagues along with tournaments are added to it as well.


  • Real-Time Strategy Missions
  • City Building Factor
  • War-Rich Scenarios
  • Dozens of Avatars
  • Various Game Modes including Online campaign

3. Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Combat, Strategy, Single-player, and Massively Multiplayer Online game. In the line of adventure, you have to choose the best clan and take the lead to guide it through a number of victories.

Also get the chance to become the master of all factions, and try not to get eliminated, take over the lands of neighbors and build stronger walls as well as defeat the enemies.

Also, make sure to play the role in saving the community from brutal attacks, and remain survived in the whole gameplay. There are several challenges in which your job would be to get the invaders by surprise, make arrangements and take over the situations being provided during the gameplay.

Show the power to battle bosses, choose the best tactics, get exposure to fight by the side of the allied army and conquer different maps as well as proceed further.


  • Isometric Top-Down View
  • Online Multiplayer Missions
  • Discoveries Option
  • Hundreds of Resources To Collect
  • Treasure Hunting Opportunity

4. Imperia Online

Imperia Online is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, MMO, and Single-player video game published to be played online. The theme-play of this season is to step into the main role, try to beat the opponents by making strategies, and defend the palace, forts, and the whole empire.

Try to reduce the neighboring enemies by eliminating and defeating them in battles, and take over their lands, and resources, add their territories to yours and conquer the greater area of the empire.

In the long play, it’s your job to indulge in player vs player combats, approach various encounters, and overcome all the obstacles and the strongholds of the opponents.

Establish your kingdom, become the master of the faction, participate in the PVE challenges and decide to run the government, indulge in boss battles, and hinder the path of the invaders. Create the tactics, lead your army and enlarge the states, expand the territories and decide to go against the online friends in the multiplayer mode.


  • Point-and-Point
  • Assault the Enemy Option
  • Different Characters
  • Extreme Competitions
  • Global Enemies
  • Choice-Making Gameplay

Download: Imperia Online for Windows | Android | iOS

5. The Third Age

The Third Age is a Role-Playing, Action-Adventure, Co-operative, Turn-Based Strategy, and Single-player video game Electronic Arts. Here in the line of context, you have to opt for one of the clans, and start ruling over it, make sure to become part of epic battles against the rivals and complete the missions.

During the gameplay, you have hundreds of challenges in which you need to develop the army, build the tactics, and create a large empire, show power and use various types of resources as well.

Embark on the quests, and confront over a dozen enemies, wait for the turn and utilize the great war tools, and weapons, and share all the resources with the allied forces.

Takedown the enemies, overcome all the obstacles and hurdles, play the lead role, and explore the whole city. In the long play, there are a variety of random battles, various abilities to use in the battles, and plenty of monstrous enemies are also part of this gameplay.


  • Fantasy World
  • 3-Dimensional Characters
  • Third-Person Perspective
  • Colorful World to Explore
  • Easy to Play Controls

6. Travian

Travian is an Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, Online, Role-Playing, Real-Time Strategy, and Single-player video game offered to play in Browsers. This edition is to set up the role of a leader who has to command the forces, and try their power in the upcoming battles, move the mercenaries into the war, and take over the enemies.

While playing, indulge in the side-quests, and hundreds of main missions against the online rivals, experience the great fight scenes, and explore all the world.

Also, use various resources, introducing hundreds of new skills, and embark on the journey to beat the rivals. Complete the challenge throughout the long run, get different numbers of rewards, update the army, accessories, and proceed further with all the missions.

In the gameplay, different characters including the kings, knights, and a variety of tribes such as Romans, Teutons, and Gauls are playable, while Huns, and Egyptians are also added to this edition as well.


  • Regular Updates
  • Different Non-Playing Characters
  • Exploring Village
  • Hundreds of Resources
  • 22 Buildings to Build

7. The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is a Role-Playing, Strategy, MMORPG, Browser Based, and Single-player video game developed and published by Ubisoft. This edition brings new campaigns in which your job would be to get into main characters, choose the best strategies, and conquer all the maps.

During the long run, you have to opt for the best ever tactics in the given scenarios, include your friendly forces in your plans, and take over the enemies that are lurking to attack you.

Construct the walls higher than ever, try to stop the rivals before they reach you, hinder the attacks and start countering back as well as experience great battles against the battle bosses.

There are a variety of missions in which you have to take over online competitors, build the empire, and defend it against all the odds. To do so, use various weapons craft different types of equipment, and conquer their lands, and become the legend.


  • Point-and-Click Controls
  • Thrilling Soundtracks
  • Fantasy World
  • Exploration
  • Isometric Top-Down Behavior

Download: The Settlers Online for Windows

8. Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Strategy, and Single-player video game produced by Plarium LLC. The gameplay has unique aspects in which your job would be to become the leader of an army in the war scenarios, and take control over the mercenaries and defeat the rivals in head-to-head wars.

Throughout the gameplay, manage all the activities around the corner, become the peaceful leader if needed but show the power in the battles against the invaders, and attackers. Protect the people, use various resources, and complete several quests, and missions while playing the PVP challenges.

In the long run, there are hundreds of mini-games and brutal bosses that may test your combatant abilities, tactical skills and can take over the empire that you have built. In the line of context, feel free to make allied forces, get their help in the time of need, and conquer the wanted lands.


  • Updates in Regular Intervals
  • Colorful Difficult Journey
  • In-Game Purchases
  • Create the Resources
  • Use of Weapons

Download: Throne: Kingdom at War for Android | iOS

9. AD2460

AD2460 is a Strategy, Role-playing, Massively Multiplayer, Online, and Single-player video game created to play in Browsers. The game has a specially built theme wherein you must find out the enemies, and drag them towards hell by beating them in the battles.

Make arrangements to defeat them in Player vs Player combat mode, and defend the places that you are possessing. Throughout the scenario, there are hundreds of enemies including the giant war monsters, legion leaders, knights, and online pro players are going to simulate them in the gameplay.

Your job would be to attack the neighboring states, meet unique rivals in each battle and confront the danger thoroughly. Also, navigate in the greatest maps, use the forces including the horse riders, pedestrian gladiators, and use the canon carriages as well to give them a clean death.


  • Galaxy to Conquer
  • Animated Characters
  • Thrilling Sound System
  • Battle Mode
  • Side-Quests
  • Alluring Graphics

10. Ultimate Pirates

Ultimate Pirates is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Massively Multiplayer, Strategy, and Single-player online video game. In the line of adventures, you have to play the lead pirate’s role and try to construct your own empire, meet various types of enemies, and conquer their lands.

During the long play, manage to beat the opponents in online multiplayer battles, confront several war-driven histories, and try not to fall on the knees, choose the best strategies and indulge in the fierce battles as well as win each and every situation.

There are hundreds of characters to opt including the playable and non-player ones, real-time PVP competitions to test the tactics, and combatant abilities of the friends, and thousands of resourceful weapons are also part of this edition.

Explore a great number of locations, places, and maps such as Wide Seas, Dense Forests, Islands, and make the arrangements for the whole community, defend the places that you have built and take over the lands that are in possession of the opponents.


  • Colorful Graphics
  • Exploration
  • Role-Playing Scenarios
  • PVE, PVP Battles
  • Hundreds of Challenging Missions

Download: Ultimate Pirates for Android

11. Tentlan

Tentlan is a Role-Playing, Strategy, Action-Adventure, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Lionoon UG. The theme-play of this edition has a special impact on all the challenges as you must have to conquer the maps while playing and defeating the rivals.

In the meantime, choose the best tactics, and policies, take control over the war scenarios and complete all the levels in order to earn the points. Become the good emperor and provide your people with basic facilities of food and shelter, help them emerge their power, and train them to be brave.

Follow the steps while following the storyline, make sure to bring the best strategy into action, and try to explore the whole world by defeating the pro-players. In online multiplayer mode, you can have the allies and get the help to conquer the lands, build the empire, and defend it all through the game.


  • Intuitive Controls
  • Easy to Understand Theme
  • Story-Rich Gameplay
  • PVP and PVE Challenges
  • Exploration
  • Fantasy Colorful World

Download: Tentlan for Windows

12. StarColony

StarColony is a Strategy, Browser Based, Action-Adventure, Single-player, and MMORPG video game created to play online. Here in this edition, you are to become part of a thrilling battling state who has to fight against all the odds and make sure of its survival.

Meanwhile, your job is to become part of the thrilling combatant side, and choose to be the best king, confront hundreds of battles, and fierce enemies, make arrangements for the fellows and try not to be bent before the rivals.

During the gameplay, there are a variety of places to discover, hundreds of locations to visit and several maps are added to this game in order to explore the whole world.

Take over the enemies by creating the tactical plans, and execute the plans while playing, defeat the rivals, and overcome the danger threatening you. In other words, you have to keep yourself alive, protect the clans, and try to prevent the empire from a number of invaders, and attackers.


  • Space Colonies
  • Galactic War
  • Strategical Warfare
  • Science Fiction Environment
  • Point-and-Click Controls

13. Siegelord

Siegelord is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, MMORPG, Management, and Single-player video game ready to play online. The storyline sets you in the fantasy world in which your job is to make the strategies and confront the battlers in a real-time frame.

To introduce the new policies, you have to make sure that your forces are ready to attack, change the tricks and throw traps in the way of invaders. Build the walls, and try to gather the army including multiple people having great skills, and capabilities.

Train them hard, let them grow their bodies according to the harsh conditions, and conquer the lands of enemies while playing. In the long run, become the commanding officer, and directly attack the rivals, choose the finest resources and outsmart them with tactical moves.


  • Hundreds of Resources
  • PVP Challenges
  • Isometric View
  • Graphical Display
  • Different Gladiators

14. Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor is a Role-Playing, Real-Time Strategy, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game developed for browsers. Throughout the season, you have to construct a whole city, manage all the resources such as living, food, Shelter, and defense, make choices against the great conditions, and try out your strategies to defeat the enemies.

Create the army of gladiators including the giant ones, make sure of the use of weapons, and craft the basic tools to defeat the rivals. In the gameplay, it’s the requirement that you reshape the city, explore the villages, and update the building models, make them able to hunt the enemies and deal with the attackers.


  • Simple Controls like Point-and-Click
  • Fantasy World
  • Historical Missions
  • Multiple Decoration
  • Hundreds of Resources

15. Survivor Legacy

Survivor Legacy is a Zombie, Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Strategy, and Single-player video game published for Browsers. In the line of adventure, you must have to play the main role who has to come up with the basic strategies and destroy the enemies like an undead person, and zombies.

All through the game, maintain the difference between the human race, and the walkers, try out the best tactics, and define the fate for yourself and the people related to you. Survie throughout the gameplay, and protect the teammates as well as conquer the battles in a turn-based system. Choose the best weapons such as rifles, bombs, machine guns, and swords, shield the attacks from the attackers, and make sure that you win the war against the terror.


  • Isometric Top-Down Perspective
  • Naïve Controls
  • Easy to Learn Storyline
  • Colorful Interface
  • Regular Updates

Final Words

Via these mentioned games you are allowed to get the best experience in the real-time strategic environment, meet the needs of the play, and conquer the lands. Throughout the seasons, it’s the main job to prove that you stand the best emperor of the world, meet the enemies.

And ultimately deal with the danger that is being the source of danger for you, choose the best tactics, make plans according to the conditions, and define your own path.

Emerge the bravery into tactics, and set the traps for the enemies, go with the instincts, and make sure to explore the great lands, visit multiple locations, and destroy the rivals in PVP and PVE battles. To have fun, you have to meet the battle bosses and defeat them in the combats, use a number of tools, and craft items as well to pursue the victories.

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