12 Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android in 2022

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Languages connect humans in a knot from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and religions. Learning new languages is the greatest therapy to keep your mind healthy, sharp, and working. Suppose you are interested in learning a new language. In that case, you need a good tutor and a good free offline dictionary of that language to understand the specific words and their meanings. These are readily available on Play Stores.

A dictionary is a catalog of lexemes from the wordlist of one or more specific languages, often arranged alphabetically, that may have information on definitions, usage, etymologies, pronunciations, translation, etc. It is a lexicology reference that displays inter-relationships among the data. A dictionary is one of the crucial tools during your time studying at an institute.

A good dictionary assists you to understand your subject well, increase your communication skill and upgrade your scores by making sure you are using words properly. A dictionary may be used to look up the meaning of a word. It can also be used to check the spells of a word. Dictionaries may also provide other information about words, like word type and origin.


Get Yourself an Offline Dictionary App

Those days are gone when you needed to carry heavy dictionaries; google has become the sole guide of us all. But here is a question, why do you need a dictionary app rather than trusting Google and Google Translator? The answer is simple; first, you may not always be connected to the internet, and your interest in a new word meaning may not be left at a pause.

Secondly, A Dictionary App assists you in understanding new words every day through an automatic notification in all dictionary apps. This means that may you like it or not, it teaches you a word day by day. Thirdly, the android apps permit you to save a history of your search words, categorize, and organize them to make them more accessible and easy to remember.


Assume you are a traveler and like to discover a new area every other week. It is natural to sense the Best Offline Dictionary App regardless of the language. It assists in comprehending the meaning of new words or helps to learn a new language. It is always impossible to stay connected to the internet, so you need to use a dictionary app that works offline. It is tough to search for an Offline Dictionary App with a vast database. And most of the offline dictionaries have premium features, with a trial version offline.

List of Offline Dictionary Apps You Must Try

Have a look at some of the Best Offline Dictionary Apps available for Android on the Google Play store that can assist you to increase your vocabulary. These are easy to download, free to some extent, and accessible through your phone to use anywhere and anytime.

1. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com is an app for Android and iOS users and perhaps the most comprehensive platform available, at least for British. In addition, it offers you to browse offline. This comes with an extensive range of additional features like Word of the Day, slang dictionaries, quizzes, medical, science, rhyming, and more. There you get the audio pronunciations; also, it contains over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms.

Developer: Brian Kariger, Daniel Fierro

Platform: Android, iOS

Availability: English Language

Price: Free / $2.99 with in-app purchases

On the first launch, it offers you to download all the essential offline files, so you can get benefit from it without connecting to the internet. You can access explanations in English and reference words you searched in the past through archive files. The app even provides you with the backstory of a particular word. The pronunciation feature is available online. It is free, and you can download it from the links and from the official page for Android and iPhone.

2. Arcus Dictionary

Arcus Dictionary is a quick offline English dictionary having 165000+ words, definitions, and synonyms. A 6.2MB download lets you access everything without the need for network access after installation. It is created for easy use and gives you the best and most common results for your query. You just have to start typing to get results quickly.

Developer: Arcus Computing

Platform: Android

Availability: English and 50 languages

Price: Free with in-app purchase

By default, the more probable matches are shown first, though there is a function to display results alphabetically too. The dictionary also provides pronunciations for definitions, favorite option, word hyperlinking, sharing, and customization options.

3. Oxford Dictionary Of English

Oxford Dictionary Of English: Free app is available for download. The app has the oldest dictionaries with complete word information. This dictionary also holds detail on sentences and vocabulary along with old words and sentences. You can use this in online and offline mode.

Developer: MobiSystems

Platform: iOS, Android

Availability: English Language

Price: Free

The Oxford Dictionary App is complete with many cool functions to assist you with new words and manage them according to your wish for easy access. It has over 3,50,000 registered words. It offers you to use the camera in order to translate or scan an expression for meaning. It is the best dictionary you can have on your phone.

4. Advanced Offline Dictionary

Advanced Offline Dictionary is an app that covers more than 300,000 simple descriptions with synonyms. The app has an advanced search function that you can use to search with different standards, word start, exact match, or even substring. It provides meaning in both American or British accents, and it also works offline. Improve your vocabulary by permitting an ideal wordlist to find American English synonyms/antonyms, word etymology, verbs, and more.

Developer: Volcera

Platform: Android

Availability: English Language

Price: Free / $0.99

This app does not need an internet connection and is perfect for your studies. It provides search inside definitions and examples function, pronunciation for the definitions in both English accent with inbuilt Text-to-speech synthesizer. It offers two font sizes and saves your phone data. The app downloads automatically in the SD card if possible. This app contains ads. You can consider the ad-free version to speed up your learning if you like the app.

5. Offline English Dictionary

If you find other dictionaries a little too aggressive and want an offline dictionary app purely, Offline English Dictionary is the best app for you. Properly called English Dictionary Offline, this app has a simple interface and features offline right out the box. That, though, does not mean it lacks the more radical features.

Developer: Livio

Platform: Android

Availability: English Language

Price: Free

English Dictionary – Offline is proficient in syncing your data like bookmarks, notes, and from other devices. It also provides a random word for you to learn every day. In accumulation to that, there is the OCR tool which you can apply for scanning words through the camera as an alternative to typing. English Dictionary – Offline is free and available for quick use.

6. Dict.cc

Dict.cc is a good App and has51 language combinations, usable without the internet connection (offline dictionary). Languages can be installed and updated within the app for free. All dictionaries are dual-sided, so German-English doubles as English-German. Just type your keyword in any language and get instant results.

Developer: Paul Hemetsberger

Platform: Android

Availability: Many Languages

Price: Free / $0.99

English-German dictionary has more than one million translations. The downloadable dictionary is updated daily. Updated translations and improvements can be suggested through this app. Several other contributing users check every translation. Additional functions can be activated within the app.

7. Dict Box Pro – Offline Dictionary

Dict Box is a good and simple dictionary app. Dict Box is a Universal Dictionary; it means an offline, the best, accessible, and all-in-one dictionary. It has 50+ support languages to offer and is assumed to be the most versatile and helpful dictionary available online. This best E-dictionary assists you to get command on any language you want to learn.

Developer: EVOLLY.APP

Platform: Android

Availability: Many Languages

Price: Free / $4.49

It is the best offline dictionary used to translate English to other languages and other languages to English words. It is handy to cover all aspects of the word that we are looking for in the antonyms, the language, the synonyms, etc. also, you do not need to worry about spelling mistakes as the app automatically corrects the word mistyped by you.

8. The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Free Offline Dictionary and Thesaurus is a 3 in 1 free, having over 150000 words and their antonyms and synonyms in 3 languages, i.e., English, Spanish, and French. It is a complete English to Spanish and french lexicon dictionary. The coolest way to learn Spanish and French is by learning the words translated from English. It provides 2 searching methods like search by Word/Initials and search by Alphabets. You can get the terminologies offline now.

Developer: Farlex

Platform: Android

Availability: 3 Languages

Price: Free

It is a perfect tool for all writers and poets to use different words in their writings. The Settings function provides you the facility to customize the language that can be displayed. Now no internet is required for word searching due to its offline feature. This dictionary with thesaurus app assists you in your career plan and helps to get prepare for GRE, GMAT, and other MBA and other English exams.

9. English Hindi Dictionary Offline By Innovative Software

Hindi English Dictionary is offline and free. You can explore words in both English and Hindi. You can search words directly from the Internet Browser or other apps using the Sharing option. In the sharing option, you find and choose Hindi Dictionary that opens the dictionary with the shared word, so you do not need to type. Leaving from the dictionary, it directs you back to the Internet Browser or other apps again.

Developer: Innovative-Software

Platform: Android

Availability: English Language

Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases

It is not only a Dictionary but also a learning tool. You can use this when you have no Internet connection. MCQs option is available. There is a self-suggestion option for you. It has a speech-to-text feature, you can also add and remove words to the study plan. Low-profile mobile handsets can turn off Auto search to type rapidly. You see a Dictionary icon on the notification bar to start the app.

10. English To Hindi Dictionary Offline

English To Hindi Dictionary it is not imaginable to always carry and open a dictionary book. But the electronic dictionary is constantly with you as your phone is your closest companion nowadays. It contains the latest vocabulary, with over 100000 words, phrases, and meanings. Ideal for professionals, students, and academics.

Developer: LearnSolo

Platform: Android

Availability: English and Hindi

Price: Free, Contains Ads

Anyone who needs an inclusive and authoritative dictionary at work or home. This offline tool is entirely free; you do not have to pay anything. So you can bring this dictionary with you everywhere on your phone for use when you have no internet connection. It also has a Scrolling Index, a random search button (shuffle), most comprehensive coverage of English everywhere. It is an easy and functional user interface.

11. Advanced English Dictionary, Meanings & Definition

Advanced English Dictionary, with more than 800,000+ words with their meanings, examples, synonyms, antonyms. Also, you can translate the given meanings and other facts of searched words in any language of the World. With Daily English Quiz, you can establish your level of English with multiple-choice questions. Learn words every day and check your English Language level and increase your English Vocabulary with this.

Developer: S A Technologies

Platform: Android

Availability: All Language

Price: Free with in-app purchases

This app also has an English voice translator, thesaurus, idioms, most common English words, daily English conversation, and favorite words for future reference. This also has the camera Translation option. Through which you can decode any content with the help of your camera. It also offers 5000 IELTS Words, easy vocabulary, English proverbs, and irregular Verbs. It is very simple to use for kids.

12. Offline Dictionary – English To All Language

Free Offline Dictionary App describes the meaning of English words to any Language you want with synonyms, antonyms, and examples. Descriptions are based on Offline English Dictionary. It has features like rapid search, user-friendly interface, dictionary offline, valuable functions, and easy to comprehend. Get All Countries Information within a few clicks and expand your knowledge.

Developer: Mega Free Apps Developers

Platform: Android

Availability: All languages

Price: Free

Get all functions now in this one free offline app. Just download and be ready to go with your own English dictionary. It provides more than 350,000 words, meanings, synonyms, and antonyms. It has more than 200,000 sentences with 50,000+ examples. It works in online and offline mode without any file to install.

Final Words

In the above section, we have provided the list of Best Offline Dictionary Apps for your ease to learn other languages with your native proficiency. All these apps are good, accessible, and efficient. Provide you with a good experience, and you can share these apps with your loved ones.

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