6 Best SlingBox Alternatives in 2022

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Nowadays, people are becoming more addicted to TV shows, news, cricket, etc. But, they pay the cable fee every month in order to keep watching. With that being said, now you don’t even need to pay further charges because now, you have a device through which you can stream the live and recorded videos or your favorite shows. This amazing device is named as SlingBox, which requires no subscription and no charges on a monthly basis, like cable.

But, SlingBox is now no more getting a sale in the market, and people are obviously looking out for its alternatives. Following mentioned are some best SlingBox Alternatives so that you can watch your TV shows or anything as per your preference easily.

List of SlingBox Alternatives to Use

The following alternatives of SlingBox are top-rated and work efficiently. We have done deep research on it and brought you up with some outstanding alternatives which are, of course, highly demanding in the market. These all are also free, just like SlingBox, and entertains you in some bewildering ways. So, let’s have a look at the alternatives mentioned below.


1. Plex Media Server

First thing first, there comes the Plex Media Server at the very top of the list regarding the best SlingBox alternatives. No doubt, it is really efficient but the main thing of concern about this very device is that it is not easy to set up like SlingBox. In order to properly set this device up, you will need to have a network server, mini PC, a separate hard disk, OTA antenna.

OTA antenna can also be used to grab the HDTV signals from your area and get them connected to the Plex server so that you can easily download or record a movie and show. Once you set up the antenna, you now need to connect the server with your home’s Wi-Fi network and make sure that it remains connected all the time so that you can properly enjoy watching your favorite shows. This server will connect your TV to the Plex account; thus, you can access it from anywhere and at any time. In the end, you will need a hard disk in order to store the downloaded or recorded content.


2. TiVo Edge

TiVo Edge is almost similar to the SlingBox. You will get a similar DVR player through which you can enjoy your favorite TV shows with much ease. In addition, this amazing device lets you record almost six channels at the very same time, and this is the thing that makes this platform highly impressive and appealing in the market.

If we talk furthermore about this outstanding website, you can even stream the videos and shows from many other platforms, like Netflix, HBO Go, Prime, etc. Moreover, it provides you with 200GBs of space which, of course, is more than enough. So that you can all the recorded videos conveniently without any concern regarding storage. This demanding gadget also includes the option of search, thus providing you with much ease. Through this very option, you can easily search for your favorite show or video accordingly.

3. Tablo Quad

Coming forward in the list of best alternatives of SlingBox, we have a super amazing gadget named Tablo Quad, which has made its place in the market. It entertains you with its bewildering features, thus making you buy this device for your own convenience. The core feature of this fascinating device is that it can take more than 8TB of external storage, thus giving you an option to save all your TV shows without concerning about the space.

In addition, it includes a DVR box that can send the audio or video signal to the TV even you do not connect it to the HDMI port. Also, that DVR box can directly get connected to your antenna in order to send the content via a wireless router. This is another impressive thing about it. You can receive that content on any device, i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and other streaming devices. With this bewildering gambit, you can access any or every channel for free and can watch it on any device at any time.

4. Xfinity X1

Moving next in the discussion of best SlingBox alternatives, we have a top-class alternative known as Xfinity X1, which goes even beyond the SlingBox, having some abounding features. If you want a replacement of the DVR player with some advanced device, then opting for this outstanding Xfinity X1 device is the best decision to make. The main attribute of this gadget is that you can use it to control your smart home devices in a very convenient way.

If we talk about the storage of this device, it offers you almost 500GB of storage in which you can easily save nearly 60 HD or 300SD hours of Live TV shows. Coming next, it has almost the same features as TiVo Edge, i.e. you can download practically six channels at the very same time. Moreover, it allows you to control the live TV playbacks.

5. Roku Ultra

It is another fantastic alternative to SlingBox, which works efficiently and won’t let you down. The best thing that you are going to find about it is that this super amazing device allows you to stream almost 4k content. In addition, you can search the highly rated streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Also, it offers you access to live channeling. Furthermore, it supports the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, thus making itself much more impressive.

As it supports voice-activated personal assistants, which is quite notable, thus this device is worth buying. Moreover, you can search your favorite shows and channels via voice. It is very light on your wallet and readily available in the market. You can make a purchase on it through Amazon, where it is available at affordable prices.

6. SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connect Quatro

At the very least, there comes this bewildering device which you can easily get from the market at the very best price. Just like Xfinity X1, this device also supports the DVR player. The incredible thing about this very device is that it can support a wide range of devices in a very convenient way. Some of these devices include Windows PC, MAC, TvOS, Sony Android, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV devices, etc.

Furthermore, this device comes up with 4 TV tuners through which you can watch anything on four devices at the very same time. You will have a very Slice View with that device, and also it allows you to pause and record the videos, as per your choice. In addition, you can install the HDHomeRun App on your Android smartphones, as well in order to enjoy watching your favorite channels. Like this highly demanding device, its App also provides you the multi-device functionality.

Final Words

If you are searching for the best alternative to SlingBox, then you must try any one of the above-mentioned outstanding alternatives of SlingBox. They all work efficiently and have made their place in the market in a very short period of time by offering some incredible features. Each one of them has its own specifications, thus making anyone make a purchase on them easily.

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