16 Best Funny Discord Bots in 2022

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Social media and online games are becoming essential in today’s digital world for almost all ages. Gamers are playing games online, encountering each other, comparing their scores and rank lists among numerous other things. This kind of interacting atmosphere has provided a stage and suitable medium for online gamers.

Due to the various consumer demands of social media platforms, countless inspirations have emerged to play online games. For this purpose, discord bots appear with their numerous specialties and benefits in online society.

Discord – Talk, Chat, and Hangout

Discord is becoming a good facility for numerous reasons. It is a source of communication, and mainly gamers look to generate personal servers to offer their friends. It can also work for unions or groups who want to communicate by voice messages outside of the game that they are currently playing.


These kinds of servers were not working before 2015. But nowadays, their demand is very high in the game market. Those who own these servers can enhance bots to moderate a maximum number of operators, and some of these bots are mainly enjoyable.

It is currently one of the most dominant chat platforms among the gaming community. It is spontaneous and famous among gamers Worldwide because of its vigorous and customizable nature. Few of the discord bots can even be used to play games inside your servers.


List of Some Best and Funny Discord Bots

The best part is that you can add bots to your discord server to improve the functionalities of your server. They can help you manage your server while fetching fun additional features in a draw.

1. Mee6

This is the most easy-to-use Discord bot with moderation and customer demands. MEE6 dashboard provides the user complete control to create the capability of your dreams. It makes commands that automatically offer or remove characters. Users can send a message in the existing network or can DM. It can be very useful in handling your server, making the user’s life as a server owner, i.e. much more relaxed.

Mee6 is a multipurpose bot that can organize various diverse belongings on a Discord server. It is featured as it can manage the music on your server. The bot has so many features that will give an advantage to your Discord server.

It has excellent melody players for your server. This amazing application is capable of managing the music on your server. It has terrific melody players for your server. You can change voice settings as well. You can assign roles and permission to the users. Customized chats can be managed here on Mee6.

2. DynoBot

DynoBot is an utterly customizable discord bot for a server that structures a modest and in-built web control panel. Furthermore, it features moderation, character managing, custom guidelines, melody bot, and much more to provide valuable and exciting features for your members.

It gives you the authority to control who joins your discord server if you bind the people. You can sieve out annoying profiles using bad words in their identity names or bios and restrict them automatically instead of leaving the app or browser tab where you are making conversation through other members on your discord station.

3. Birb

Birb has been a Discord Bot active since early 2016. Many Discord users have already altered Birb to their Discords, increasing its user base to that of over 9000 societies/servers and 145 thousand consumers. It is an effort to aid as many features and preferences out to Discord Users as possible, without any deficiency to its excellence.

This bot is entirely safe and doesn’t have any ambiguous content. It has many different command features, by which your server can get action over time. It consists of many commands, such as beg, search, and work. Thus, if the user’s server needs a safe public budget bot, the bird is here to surprise you.

4. Dank Memer

Dank memer brings some great incentives to your discord server. A multipurpose bot can make your server much more efficient with new sound functions. Moreover, it can increase your severer engagement. It is also a selling point and helps to advertise your server.

Another good feature is providing a partnership program for those who actively use Dank Memer. It can wonder you because of its unique features and commands as well. It can do melody moderation, currency, and of course, memes, just like Rythm bot.

5. Chip

It is a versatile and unique bot, made precisely by “memes” in mind. It is a top-class meme, cash, melody, control, and double handling bot. It has over 260 instructions, and they keep growing in numbers. Dank Member is a bot that carries numerous bonuses to your Discord server. Just like Dank Memer, it can also Increase server engagement as well.

It is a permitted music bot for Discord. Users can allow the system members to play songs from YouTube, Bandcamp, Twitch, and SoundCloud. Chip also will enable consumers to create columns, shuffle, bounce, exchange, replay, loop songs, and show the lyrics for songs

6. Hydra

Using Hydra, you can create interactive messages with the easy-to-use yet powerful reaction roles editor. Members of your server can have more fun. So, let your server members assign themselves roles and more with the latest features that Discord has to offer. With Hydra’s comprehensive web dashboard, you can securely customize Hydra on the web, deprived of remembering any commands or syntaxes.

Hydra has many audio features that allow the user to loop, move, replay and shuffle songs. Users can even look up stanzas or additional song material. For admins, Hydra comprises some distinct features to ban specific clients from using the bot, and the admin can change the language and limit the number of times a particular song can be played.

7. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is an extensively used discord bot that can manage your server. It helps users to offer a complete key for XP and Rating on their servers to make their interesting and more alike forums. If you have Tatsumaki Bot on your discord server, then you might know that there are some amazing new commands to entertain you. It is undoubtedly the Best Discord Bot to Improve User Experience on Your Server you might be interested.

One of the most outstanding features of Tatsumaki is its much-spoken motivation system, which drives users on servers to be more vigorous by allowing them to get XP and Levels. Users can use the material currency to adapt the look of the cards. Users upright in a Discord server are displayed in a visually attractive card, which drives users to cooperate more frequently.

8. G Groovy

G Groovy is one of the most common Discord bots for music. It allows participants to play songs by uploading the files and folders, website URLs, or searching for explicit melodies. Like the other Discord bots we’ve talked about for music, Groovy allows users to create a queue wherever so that they can skip songs, clear the string, and more.

Groovy Bot provides for a social listening party on Discord, mainly using the audio from YouTube videos. The Groovy Bot can take music from YouTube and allows Discord users to play and share it in servers where the Bot is installed. This bot is becoming popular over the past five years, with some estimated suggestions as it has more than 250 million users. It has now caught the attention of Google and YouTube.

9. Octave

The octave discord bot has been working for over four years. Melody is one of the necessary deals on Discord servers. It is an additional prevalent Discord bot for the composition of songs that allows the user to play songs from Soundcloud and YouTube.

An octave consists of many commands like in general authorities. Also, it comprises help, invites, and ping. Users can make playlists, replay, queue melodies, and show song lyrics just like the other Discord bots. Octave has fun and media commands as well.

10. PollBot Advanced

The best thing about this discord bot is that it is free. It is good to make polls on your server. PollBot allows you to create surveys on the server. The polls contain scheduled votes, a sure/not sure election, and traditional responses. Polls are a good choice for receiving responses from participants, arranging trials, and knowing what the participants want to get from you soon.

You can easily create polls in your Discord channels and get their results. You can manage voting on your server. This bot offers more features than any other Poll Bot, like timed polls, poll creation restrictions, and the ability to see your poll results formatted into an embed form.

11. IdleRPG

It is an easy-to-use and feature-rich discord bot. Do you want to add a text-based roleplay game to your server? Then IdleRPG will be a good choice for you in the future. IdleRPG can act as the best Discord bot for you. Your participants can generate characters.

Admins and members can purchase or trade game items, fight, go on missions, link guilds, and do much more exciting things. If you’ve ever dreamt of figuring out your world and exposed it up to your participants, IdleRPG fits the beak.

12. Apollo

Want to schedule events and meetings? Then, Apollo is an excellent fit for your bill because Apollo is a planning bot that styles the cool bills to make a schedule, events, and conferences on the Discord server. You can remove the episode post as per your choice when it’s all finished or set it to perform automatically. With this bot, the customer will be gifted to conversations with event attendees and periodic actions.

Apollo is an extremely valuable Discord bot, with sufficient features like giveaways, AFK, greetings, sniping, etc. Apollo has a claim-time feature for indications, by which you can configure claim times for diverse roles. Apollo enhances the claim time of all of your rolls and directs it with a message that is customizable by mediators. Also, you can improve or remove triggers.

13. MedalBot

Are you a Gamer? MedalBot is the best discord bot for gamers. It allows the user to make and watch Awarded video game clips from the Discord server. Plus, when users upload a new clip to the server, they can upload it to Medal Tv, as well. This feature makes it different from the other bots.

The client can search for clips right from the Discord server by using a game, subject, or just the most viewed clips. Furthermore, MedalBot contains features for self-control, melody, and overall server maintenance.

MedalBot styles it easy to quiet, remove, or ban the members who disturb the server instructions and notice junk and arguments from the denylist. If it does not seem enough to you, you can auto-assign participant roles, remove conversations, and play melodies from YouTube.

14. FreeStuff

Want updates on games? Then FreeStuff is one of the most valuable Discord bots out there. The bot organizes essentially what the name advocates. It directs you apprises and communications for games that are freely accessible.

The best thing is that FreeStuff doesn’t trouble you with its messages for free games. It has an attractive interface and the best Discord bot for pacts that you can practice. Once you have added the bot to your server, it will send you messages whenever a professional game is there for free.

15. Statbot

Statbot will tell you about the number of participants playing the specific game. Statbot is a server stats Discord bot. It tracks stats like how many members you have, how many messages you have, and how many your linked members are currently online.

Users can see the total time, members have spent in voice channels and much more like this. It stores the information in a console to see at a glimpse what is going on in your Discord server. The primary bot is free, but you can contact many more features with a paid version.

16. Rythm Bot

With the help of Rhythm Bot, you can get enjoyment and a good experience. It provides users a customized ability for their Discord servers by giving them a comprehensive list of self-control commands, efficacy commands, and fun instructions.

These commands and instructions can aid you in improving your server’s excellence by giving users the benefits and tools they need to have a much more entertaining practice on your server. The Rythm Bot for Discord has also been prepared with a melody system known as Rythm Radio, where you can stream a diversity of various channels from all over the sphere or listen to your melody playlists.

Final Words

Discords bots are becoming famous, because of numerous commands and customizable features. It enhances your experiences and is an excellent way to interact with the people around you. However, you are using multiple features simultaneously, but your server remains safe while using these bots. These bots are the best source of spending your free time on the internet and a great learning source for you. These are the topmost bots on discord; you can try them and enjoy them.

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