18 Best Music Downloader Applications in 2022

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This is the era of internet streaming services and online radio stations. There is no need to make your melody collections. Though, entirely streaming music is all fine and great until you venture outside. If your data package is finished, you might want your desired theme and songs to be available, offline. Appreciatively, many of the services propose this feature, so here are some of the best music download applications for Android and iOS.

Music Downloaders are apps that permit you to download your desired music like classical, folk, pop, jazz, electronic, blues, love, and rock music very quickly. These MP3 and MP4 Music Downloader applications let you hunt for any artist, song, album and save a single piece or complete playlist on your computer or mobile device. We provide you a hand-picked list of Top MP3 Downloaders for Android, Mac, and Windows PC with their prevalent Features.

Download Music on Your Smartphone

It is globally known that YouTube is one of the most well-known platforms for videos and other media. Many of these videos are so beneficial that you want to download them on your phone or any other device directly. Yet, it is no potential to download media on Android from the YouTube app inappropriately. So, for this purpose, a list of music downloader Android apps is created to facilitate you. Using these apps, you can simply download YouTube music.


List of Music Downloader Applications

Many applications are available for downloading music for your mobile or any other device. These apps might contain many similar and diverse features in them. You can be benefited from these music downloaders.

1. Trebel Music

TREBEL Music is a free music application that allows you to listen to your preferred music offline, anytime, and on-demand. Free means free, no credit card or subscription is required. You can search for your favorite songs, artists, or albums. You can alternatively browse playlists. Download the tracks that you wish. You can create and share playlists and listen whenever you want to without concerning about the limits. You can choose from new releases or all-time beloved melodies for your every mood. From Hip Hop, Pop to R&B, Reggaeton, and much more.


Platform: PC, Mac, Android


  • The app can play offline music, so no data or Wi-Fi connection is needed.
  • Continuous listening: annoying audio ads will not interrupt your music
  • Choose the songs you want to play from anywhere.
  • Lock the screen or multitask while listening.
  • Find the song playing around you with a tap and download immediately.
  • Unconstrained music downloads are allowed by caching technology.

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2. My Media App

My media app is a music downloader, PDF Reader, and file browser. It is a proficient app. You can now play and download all types of video files, mp4, FLV, 3gp, .mov, .avi, and much more. This media distribution app permits you to publish media to mobile workforces. The My Media application lets you access the media, read the documents and open the media file. All media management can be -accomplished through the MediaManager portal, which puts you in control of what your employees have access to. This explanation needs an account with Trimble Transport.

Platform: iOS


  • This app has a fully-featured web browser.
  • Its Browser is fast and secure.
  • Unlimited tabs Bookmarks and History.
  • The app contains Built-in AdBlock.
  • Simply customizable Browser.
  • Incognito tabs that increase your secrecy and security.

3. Fildo

Fildo is a solid music download application. Although its interface is not so well managed but can give you the chance to enjoy thousands of new tracks. You can be streaming or straight downloading the songs. If you want to make your desired setting for this app, it is effortless to manage its settings. You only have to look at the app’s configurations to choose in which folder you want your files to download by default. Fildo has no controller on any websites or resources accessible by companies or persons other than it. If you have a copyright violation complaint, you can contact the supposed infringement of the following companies.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android


  • This free Music app is a fast, sleek, easy-to-use music player for Android devices.
  • This app supports almost any audio format, including MP3, WAV, and MIDI.
  • It claims features to sort your songs into playlists quite simply.
  • Fildo Music search feature that lets users look for their favorite tracks.

4. YouTube

Here, you can get the official YouTube app on Android mobile phones and tablets. See which type of music the world is watching, from the hottest music videos to popular in fashion, beauty, gaming, news, learning, and much more. You can subscribe to channels you love. You can create content of your own, share it with friends and family, and watch that on any device. YouTube allows you to browse personal recommendations on Home. See the latest from your favorite channels in Subscriptions. Look up videos you have already watched, liked, and saved for late in your mobile’s Library.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android


  • Your videos can be made or uploaded directly in the application.
  • YouTube allows you to get engaged with your audience with live streaming right from the application.
  • Connect with the channels that propose paid monthly memberships.
  • It gives you access to high-class perks from the track & become part of their member’s community.
  • Trending music and videos are at your one touch.
  • YouTube lets you learn about the coolest, Gamers, Creators, and Artists on the Rise.

5. Audiomack

Audiomack is used to stream and download the best new music. You can play music offline, data-free, and listen to your MP3s. You can download songs and even listen to them offline. You don’t need to use your data, or listen to your MP3 collection. Audiomack provides streaming and download access to the newest and hottest tracks right at your fingertips. This music download feature permits you to play your preferred songs offline, and the exclusive “Trending” section shows you the best albums and tracks that are trending, accordingly. So, browse your music from top categories like Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Afropop, EDM, and Reggae on the Audiomack music application.

Platform: Windows, Android, iOS


  • Trending music can be found with this application.
  • This application will keep you up-to-date about new music.
  • Data-free listening and downloading of songs and albums.
  • The app can play Hip-Hop music and unlimited listening & streaming.
  • Allows you to effortlessly search, browse, and shuffle your preferred music.

6. YMusic

With YMusic, melodies can be listened to, from YouTube videos. Video remain played even when your device’s screen is turned off. However, with YMusic YouTube music player & downloader, you can keep listening to any video. Although this YMusic’s key features do not end here. You can also download any song or video from YouTube and save it in diverse formats right to your device from this application.

Platform: Android, Windows, Mac


  • The app plays YouTube Videos in the background.
  • This application downloads YouTube Videos in MP3 MP4 formats.
  • The application includes the browsing of trending videos list.
  • The app contains a customizable interface with hundreds of colors schemes.

7. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most extensive melody applications worldwide, and it is not difficult to see why this is famous. Firstly, it is enormously accessible. Secondly, the version of Spotify is available for almost every platform. The version for Windows is exactly the type of flagship app you would expect. It is fast and easy to use. However, music quality depends mainly on the excellence of the device you are using. But the fussiest ears can tell the difference and quality of voice after listening through Spotify.

Platform: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac


  • Spotify can share songs rapidly with anyone.
  • Preview music can be seen on iOS.
  • The app makes a playlist tailored to your running speed.
  • This application links you to a specific part of a track.
  • Many live gigs can be found out there.
  • Podcasts can be seen through this application.
  • It contains 11 of the best Spotify playlists to listen to right now.

8. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Music is a streaming service that includes your Prime membership at no additional wages. It features two million melodies counting thousands of stations and the top-most playlists for its members. It also contains millions of podcast chapters. Furthermore, you can listen offline and with unlimited skips. We alter how you discover and play the music and podcasts you love. Now you can listen with your Prime membership or get more through Amazon Music Unlimited.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android, Fire OS, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, HTML5


  • Amazon Music is included with Prime membership.
  • Users can access two million ad-free songs.
  • Millions of podcast episodes are available.
  • Thousands of stations and top playlists are waiting for you.
  • Unlimited skips and offline listening is present here in Amazon music.
  • Hands-free access with your favorite devices.

9. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music streaming service in which users can also purchase and store distinct tracks. It can also store music. This Music app also permits music to be stored and listened to offline. You can listen to your favorite music here on Google Play Music. You can also watch and download podcasts by using this application.

Platform: Android, Android TV, iOS, Web browser


  • Google Play Music suggests all users’ storage of up to 50,000 files for free.
  • Listen to songs through the web player and mobile applications.
  • The service images the user’s pool and matches the files to tracks in Google’s collection,
  • Collections can be streamed or downloaded in up to three hundred and twenty Kbit/s quality.

10. MonkingMe

MonkingMe is a fantastic music platform that lets users listen to and download songs without charges. It makes revenue through a virtual currency that allows users to unlock the best features by cooperating with ads. With the innovative model of this application, the users can have a free premium practice for a subscription, and the right holders are fairly compensated for every play and download of their songs.

Platform: Windows and Mac


  • It downloads all the songs for free.
  • Users can discover and download that playlist for every instant of the day.
  • Through this application, users can share songs and artists with their friends.
  • It also plays your melody or songs you have previously downloaded.
  • It can be used as an mp3 player for your iPhone.

11. Boomplay

Boomplay music Application is the home of melodies with more than seventy million songs across diverse categories like Rock, Afrobeats, Pop music, Afropop, and Reggae from your favorite artists. Boomplay can stream and download the best new songs, trending songs, albums, and curated playlists on Boomplay for free and play music offline data-free. The Boomplay music downloader lets you download the latest and amazing songs, albums, and playlists for free. So that, you can even hear to music offline without using your mobile data. You can also watch music and videos from your mobile SD card with the fantastic Boomplay music player.

Platform: iOS, Windows, Android


  • New friends in the Buzz community are waiting for you.
  • Get all of the fantastic music, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle news as well.
  • Best products for significantly fewer payments, anytime and anywhere, right at your single touch.
  • This app makes it calmer for you to shop for top brands at up to 55% off.

12. Musopen

This application can track your progress in learning and discovering new music. You can see how much you practice every day or week. You can set goals, ask for assistance if you get stuck, and connect with a community of thousands of other artists learning music together. Musopen is a non-profit subscription. You can have free access to royalty-free public domain music recordings, sheet music, and other music resources.

Platform: Windows


  • Practice sessions can be recorded for feedback or to track progress over time.
  • Weekly or daily progress can be seen here.
  • Users can set goals per week or track.
  • New music can be discovered to learn.
  • Earn badges to get progress and stay motivated.

13. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the chief music and audio streaming application. With more than two hundred million tracks and a global community of 20 million-plus singers and artists from every creative corner of the world. Its massive catalog has the most significant hits in pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz, and podcasts. Also, there are sub-genres and songs within these communities that you can be hearing about next year. You can discover unique melodies, DJ sets, remixes, hand-curated playlists, and complimentary styles on SoundCloud. Right next to chart-topping albums and mainstream releases.

Platform: Windows, Android, Xbox


  • Access the most diverse catalog of content.
  • Listen to music that exists nowhere else.
  • Get recommended tracks based on your listening habits.
  • Connect directly with artists and fellow listeners.
  • Create playlists for any occasion.
  • Find new music faster with curated playlists.

14. 4Shared

It is a free mobile application for Android. This app is a very convenient and reckless way to access your account at 4shared.com, including all photos, music, documents, etc. You can directly access all of your data from your Android device whenever you wish to. With this application, you can easily copy, rename, delete, upload, and download all the files from your account at 4shared.com on your smartphone, tablet, or any other gadget. The suitable public search option lets you search for and discover the file or document you need within the massive 4shared file database. You can also share your songs with your colleagues, relatives, and friends.

Platform: Windows and Android


  • 4shared database has an option to add the found files to your account rapidly.
  • Instant sharing is now effortless with the 4Shared understanding.
  • It has rapid and suitable access to more than 30,000,000 files.
  • Here is a possibility to manage your account at 4shared.com.

15. Palco MP3

Here at this platform, you can listen to music outside the box, whatever your interests and demands are. You can only watch it on the MOST DOWNLOADED Brazilian music application. In this application, you can enjoy more than 60 musical categories, and you can even select your choices to customize the app according to your partialities. If you are an artist, Palco MP3 takes your melody auxiliary. Palco is a specialist in presenting artists who can succeed tomorrow in any melodic style. Go and make your registration, send your copyrighted songs, and get honestly promoted for free.

Platform: Android and Windows


  • It is effortless to listen to and download the tune for free on your smartphone.
  • Log in to any of your devices without losing saved data.
  • This app contains Rankings of the top-most listened songs, artists, and albums.
  • Palco MP3 contains exclusive artist content in your application.

16. Copyleft Music Downloader

This application allows you to download and play music for free. It is a fast and cheap way to listen to music. Before these premium online streaming services, the internet had mp3 downloaders only. Copyleft music software is a reminder of that previous age. The application does not require you to do much effort in managing your account and application. You only have to do one thing that is search for the song you desire to listen to and download it so that you could listen to it, offline.

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows


  • This app has a low system requirement.
  • The application contains a built-in player in it.
  • Copyleft Music Downloader has a helpful search engine.
  • It is free to use.

17. BBC Sounds

BBC Sounds are the latest manner to heed to BBC audio. Now, you can listen live to BBC radio stations. The user can get desired podcasts, radio station programs, and music all in one box. Here you can explore a wide diversity of new podcasts, music mixes, and live sets. Download or listen again to your favorite BBC radio shows on your device.

Platform: Android and Windows


  • BBC sound makes it easy to listen live to all BBC Radio stations.
  • Download and listen to your favorite shows on the go.
  • Subscribe to mixes, programs, and BBC podcasts as well.
  • It offers personalized recommendations to find the latest audios that you may love.

18. Tidal

This unique application can be enjoyed free or through a new paid version. This app contains more selections and options to increase your TIDAL music streaming experience. So, it is time to sign up and practice more than eighty million audio songs as they were meant to sound. Furthermore, many immersive audio practices on the latest HiFi Plus version. Now, you can learn how your listening manners add up to support your beloved artists and support artists openly due to streaming your content.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android


  • This app provides over 80 million tracks and melodies in HiFi.
  • The app contains ad-free and offline sounds as well.
  • Join TIDAL to listen to HiFi on your preferred devices, Amazon Alexa, including TVs, your preferred speakers, and more than 150 other integrations.
  • Users can access more than 350K music videos here.

Final Words

There are many music downloaders on the internet that can be used for free. Everyone listens to music in their free time, so these applications are the best fit for your to listen to music in your free time. Here are some best youtube downloaders, that can work for youtube and many other platforms, as well. These apps contain many fantastic features so that you can listen to music.

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