12 Best Electrical Plan Software in 2022

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Have you ever heard about Electrical Plan Software? These software are the best tool to draw electrical diagrams with ease. If you are an Engineer by a profession, you will definitely utilize its features sometimes in your work. They permit to attach each circuit in electrical drawing easily, and even novice can utilize them to draw Electrical Plans with comfort.

These Software are launched with a large collection of symbols that can be applied for cabling in Buildings and Power Plants, not only for a small firm or house wiring. They are also beneficial to enable Electrical Drawing for Audio or Video Systems by using libraries and helping schematic illustration for the house wiring. Moreover, they allow importing floor plans and laying out electrical designs also.

What are Electrical Plan Software?

To make this topic more interested and informative. Let’s take a slight look at, What is electrical diagramming? An electrical diagram or drawing is a symbolic form of presenting an electronic circuit visually. It consists of different components, i.e., symbols, sizes, markings, etc.


These Software can are more valuable and useful for professionals to get a perfect command on their domain. The Electric Diagram helps you to understand the overall electrical plan, such as how much it will cost and what material will be required. They have almost all built-in templates that enable the quick drawing of an Electrical Plan and provide several electrical symbols that help use them in the circuit diagram.

List of Electrical Plan Software

You can discover multiple options for effective and attractive diagramming but, these Online Software are the most easy-to-use and reliable options for this purpose. Now, we are going to introduce you to a variety of the best Electrical Plan Software to use.


1. ConceptDraw Pro

This software makes quick and easy planning for electrical connections for houses. It features templates and samples to use and customize them in an easy way. ConceptDraw PRO provides route objects that become very helpful to illustrate diagrams and enable rotation of objects, their grouping, appropriate alignment, and arrangements of objects. It also permits using various fonts and colors to provide visual impact to the diagrams.

2. Residential Wire Pro

Residential Wire Pro supports you to draw Electrical Plans with numerous features. It offers a symbol library that contains up to two hundred symbols that can help to create a better digital plan. It enables you to add advanced graphics and design to create modernized residential projects. Moreover, it carries out a valuable range of equipment that can create professional skills to establish refined and dream projects.

Its CAD PRO offers sample electrical diagrams and electrical layouts for commercial corporations. It has plenty of features to draw an electrical diagram perfectly. It helps in designing the electrical schematic and circuit graphs. It also provides a lot of tools and drawing symbols for easy drawing of electrical plans. It is quick to learn the software.

4. AutoCAD Electrical

It is introduced as a drawing tool to generate a vast collection of electrical drawings to enhance the productivity of Electrical Engineers. Technicians and Engineers use this software to make detailed drawings using different features of AutoCAD. Yet, it contains some advanced features so its not easy to be operated by everyone but is still ideal for experienced professionals looking for a pro tool.

5. ProfiCAD

ProfiCAD is a valuable software for diagramming many types of technical drawings, including electrical equipment. It provides a convenient drawing of electrical circuits using ergonomics. It delivers thousands of symbols for quick drawing, enables cross-reference between wires, and automatically supports numbering symbols. It contains advanced features like striped wire drawing as well.

6. TinyCAD

It is open-source software and contains a standard and handy symbol gallery. It is commonly used to create single-line diagrams, customized block diagrams, and presentation drawings. Furthermore, it allows you to embed images of circuitry in drawings too. It is the best solution for all Window users who want to enjoy free circuit diagrams software.

7. EdrawMax

EdrawMax is open-source and free-to-use software that provides complete access to every browser and Operating System. You can simply proceed with this specialized Electrical Drawing Software and certainly make Electrical Drawings with much better characteristics. It comprises all the essential tools and components needed to create a detailed professional electrical diagram. You can also use different templates.

8. Electro Plan

It helps you to draw an Electrical Plan by importing the floor plan. It permits transferring the complete electrical plan to PDF format. It assists you in producing the best documentation and design for the Electrical Plan. Furthermore, Electro Plan displays fundamental components and circuits by empowering drawing precise plans. It also features online help for each step while drawing the plan.

9. SmartDraw

This software can be considered as a practical diagramming tool used for all initiatives, whether you want to craft charts, graphs, info-graphics, or illustrations. Likewise, you can also use SmartDraw to create engineering drawings such as electrical diagrams. This tool can be used to draw multiple purpose drawings. It is very suitable for professionals to easily perform their job. Although, SmartDraw contains up to 4500 CAD or drawing tools, but the bitter fact is that it is not free and requires account registration to enjoy its multiple features completely.

10. SolidWorks Electrical Schematics

It is a professional drawing software for concerted diagrams and design tools to make complete electrical systems. By using this software, you will get an extensive range of symbols to create 3D component models. Like SmartDraw, it also does not offer any free version but provides a free trial before purchasing this tool. Hence, it is an excellent tool with many positive reviews from its users.

11. ETAP

ETAP, also known as Electrical Power System Analysis Software, is an excellent tool for creating electrical diagrams of diverse electric power systems. It comprises many tools for automation, optimization, replication, and analysis. With the help of ETAP, experts can create detailed electric drawings perfectly. It also contains CAD tools for advanced drawings. However, one disadvantage of this software is that it is only accessible on Windows and does not provide a free offline version.

12. Electra E8

This Electrical Drawing Software is beneficial and powerful. It is a low-price and best digital drawing tool that allows you to generate professional engineering diagrams whether electrical, inflated, or hydraulic efficiently in minimum time. It is a paid tool and can be used on a desktop but without any limitations. Though there is no online version, instead, you can get a free trial of it. This software also comprehends other CAD tools for all professionals.

Final Words

As we know, to make an Electrical Drawing or any Technical Diagram without getting any help from other tools or equipment is quite hard. Such illustration might be complicated and requires a high level of understanding. To create Professional Drawings, you can use above mentioned Digital Tools today. Electrical Drawing Software assists you in better electrical plan making and helps you save time and cost.

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