15 Best Fanpage Karma Alternatives in 2022

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Fanpage Karma is a tool for social media accounts analysis that includes accounts monitoring and record keeping. It is beneficial for analyzing performances on a daily basis. It allows users to enhance their performances by reporting analysis and track competitors’ account performances.

This platform provides new features such as changing the formats of reports and assembling readymade reports to a complete presentation. Users can manage their page accounts, and even marketing account scrutiny is possible through this software.

It offers you to increase your collaboration with audiences worldwide by handling all of your records in one tool and provides you with a filter option that guides you about the most substantial content ranking that your networks demand. Its main aim is to provide you a social media planning and marketing tools.


There are many vital features that allow users to perform different tasks such as competitor analysis, content engagement analysis, regular reports by mail, regular automatic emailing, engagement tracking, post scheduling, clear and stress-free dashboard.

Why Users want Fanpage Karma Alternatives?

Fanpage Karma is an excellent online social media analysis tool with many advantages, such as it holds all key features vital for enhancing and monitoring your social media platform performance, such as content engagement analysis tool, competitor’s keyword placement tools, etc.


But there are some lapses like users have to do all the things manually, and sometimes it is difficult to log in, and connection issues may appear, and there is no in-depth metrics for social media page, and from basic metrics, the remaining are repetitive that annoy users and force them to find other platforms.

List of Fanpage Karma Alternatives You Should Try

Fanpage Karma has some good features but not enough to meet the requirement of nowadays users. So this article, you will read the 15 best Fanpage Karma alternatives that will make your decision easy to choose the best for your needs. It will give you all the detail about alternatives features, pros, and cons.

1. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a special tool for social media businesses growth by getting experts at the right time and provides much facilitation, such as tracking the revenue that is generated from social media marketing. It can monitor many social media accounts, monitor keywords, and schedule posts from a single place.

It is easily integrated with all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google. Zoho Social allows businesses to engage with their users in real-time and update the system as per the demands of their users, and gives a better sense for business.

It provides a detailed report of insight view of businesses and that information can be shared with other members for collaboration and discussed thoroughly for taking any decision and increasing the performance. It provides many key features that secure your major expense.


  • Brand Tracking
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Activity Tracking
  • Contact Management
  • Conversation Tracking
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Data Visualization


  • Statistics Posting
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Easy Integration


  • Limited Team Use Options
  • Lacks Tutorial Material
  • Unstructured Interface
  • Facebook Posting is Quite Problematic

2. DrumUp

It is a social media account manager and analysis tool that is used to monitor all the content and feedback of major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. This tool provides a mobile application that provides assistance to control your social presence diligently.

DrumUp is an app that searches the finest and fantastic content according to your taste from the internet for you to share with your near ones by using intelligent algorithms. It is all in one platform that gives you the liberty to create and manage content across many social media accounts.

It has large numbers of users in the world that are using the same tool for managing, integrating, and monitoring social content on different versions at the same time. This solution is available for both iOS and Android systems and offers many different price plans according to their need.


  • Automated Publishing
  • Content Management
  • Link Analytics
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Post Scheduling


  • Easy to Use
  • Understandable Interface


  • Bad Customer Service
  • Formatting Errors Occur
  • Difficult to Connect Social Accounts

3. Every Post for Social Mediaa

Every Post for Social Mediaa is an app used for social account management purposes that are primarily content-oriented and used by social marketers. It delivers you a stress-free medium to create, customize, and post over social platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

Many social marketers use this application to circulate their content on several mass media platforms because it is easy to manage many social media accounts and pages with just one tool. Every Post for Social Mediaa offers many features that allow posting content without the boundary of 160 characters.

It is easy to use due to its simple and detailed interface and offers free downloading to its users. This software is featured with some superb tools. Some are free for everyone but for getting prime services, users have to pay some bucks.


  • URL Shorter
  • Post Via Email
  • Tumbler Blog
  • Trending Topics


  • Faster Connectivity
  • Build Visibility
  • Brings Change
  • Quicker Feedback
  • Social Groups
  • News Propagates Fast


  • Kills Productivity
  • Only Shows Good Side
  • Unreliable Information
  • Privacy Issues

4. Brand24

Brand24 is an online monitoring solution for social media used for the identification of those people who give business and product-related remarks on your post. It is a unique and comprehensive solution that analyzes all the comments on your post and resolves the issues instantly.

This solution offers easy integration with slack and can constantly monitor all leading social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, etc. Brand24 facilitates you by providing detailed marketing analysis that is useful for making decisions and increasing the performance chances.

This software comes with many unique features that assist in managing marketing tasks, increasing the productivity of a business, and protecting users’ online reputations by maintaining the sentiments analysis regularly. It is very concerning for their customers which makes it the best among all.


  • Social Insight
  • Influencer Score
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Search


  • Simple Interface
  • Integrate Correctly
  • Support is Always Attentive
  • Fairly Affordable


  • Missed Essential Brand Mentions
  • Expensive Advanced Features
  • Limited Web Tracking Conversations

5. Simplifi Me

It is a tool for providing assistance to users by managing all their social media accounts and keeping monitoring of them and their competitors. It is a fantastic platform that offers you to post your desired posts on different social platforms with complete surveillance that resolve any bad comment issue on your post instantly.

By this, you can share your pictures and other stuff freely with comprehensive security protocols on any social media platform. Simplifi Me always plays a connectivity medium with your friends and family all across the world. It always concerns their customer feedback and engages with them.

This software simplifies all the data that your friends or family members post on Twitter or Facebook, but you can easily see all that stuff under one podium immediately. It is one of the best applications that manage your social accounts with complete secure links.


  • Fast Feedback
  • Critical Categorization
  • Transaction Tracking Tools
  • Investing and Reports


  • Exceptional Interface
  • Great Dashboard
  • Excellent Transaction Management
  • Goal-Based Saving
  • Good Reports


  • Costly Subscription Fee
  • Lacks Credit Score
  • Limited Bill Tracking Tool

6. Linktree

It is an online tool that helps you to share multiple links on social media and acts as a bridge to an audience with just one click, and it offers its service for small and large size businesses. These solutions offer easy integration with Amazon and deliver the seller’s services of their product on it.

Linktree can manage many accounts of social media at once and mention the complete detailed reports of account performance as well as other competitors to ensure at which area improvement is compulsory. It provides all the detail of follower content through a single link and sends their data anywhere.

This software comes with both free and paid versions; if you want to use some extra features, then you have to pay some buck. Linktree customer service is always available; you can contact them by email or online chat, and it does not track any visitor’s personal data that ensure your privacy.


  • Clicks and Views Analytics
  • Mailing List Integration
  • Change Font and Font Color
  • UTM Parameters


  • Clean, Professional Displays
  • Payments Zero Transaction Fees
  • Branded With your Instagram Page


  • Pro Version Charges Fee
  • Limited Functionality
  • Inability to Customize
  • Slightly Confusing Interface

7. SocialCamp

SocialCamp is a social media management tool that manages multiple social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook accounts from one powerful dashboard. It monitors and analyzes your post and provides instant feedback with an issue-resolving team that is always online for users.

This app allows you to post your data everywhere with just a single click without any flaw. Users can share their data quickly with their friends and known persons. SocialCamp has many new features that assist you in improving your post content by filtering and data visualization.

The solution accumulates all the trending data that includes posts and videos on your accounts. It is free to download for iOS and Android systems, and it gives a simple and detailed interface that users need. It comes with affordable packages that give it the upper hand over its competitors.


  • API
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Data Visualization
  • Engagement Tracking


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Instagram Scheduling
  • Easy to Use


  • UI Sometimes Confusing
  • Graphic Platform is Poor

8. eClincher

eClincher is the most advanced social media management application used to connect with all other social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and many more. This solution is supportive for businesses and agencies who want to track social media management.

It saves time and provides complete monitoring of every post, and responds to them instantly to build a relationship with those who are messaging and commenting on you. eClincher is easily integrated, and users can easily browse the internet and save exciting articles for curation.

It gives you an advance schedule post option for social media profiles that is helpful for posting every scheduled content to ensure a connection with the audience. It facilitates users by providing complete monitoring of all the content and feedback of these posts to rectify all the errors.


  • Use Auto Post
  • Unified Social Inbox
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Live Social Feed


  • Scheduling and Reporting
  • UTM Codes Duplication
  • Auto Posting


  • No Email Support
  • Not Enable Pinterest Marketers
  • Complex Interface

9. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is an all-in-one social media marketing tool for business that is used for branding your sales by knowing customers’ criteria. This application helps you to analyze the audience’s perspective due to complete monitoring of every post.

It delivers many features that are essential for every social marketer, such as precision targeting of customers, budgeting analysis that saves your time and money. Socialbakers, an influencer marketing tool, gives you marketing strategies helpful to have insight info of a product before placing it in the market.

It facilitates by scheduling features, which multiple accounts and channels that be maintained easily under one podium. This solution provides all the basic tools that are necessary for managing your community united and uncovering critical content to understand the audience.


  • Social Listening
  • Audience Analysis
  • Community Management
  • Content Intelligence
  • Publishing and Scheduling


  • Report Generation
  • User Experience
  • Campaign Monitoring


  • Exit Instagram Stories Rate
  • Slow Community Management
  • High Pricing
  • Custom Made Reports

10. Sysomos

Sysomos is social media analytics software that is designed for businesses. It provided intelligence to social media for getting a better understanding of the market to the user. This platform delivers the best medium to engage with your audiences precisely on social media.

Users can scale refine their social media influencer programs by using the Sysomos search engine because it provides you with real-time visualization of data. It manages relationships and your content across all social media platforms with a single shot that helps to enhance customer service.


  • Social Listening and Monitoring
  • Influencer Identification
  • Smart Social Marketing
  • Advanced Market Insight


  • Social Media Management Capabilities
  • Targeted Social Campaign Data
  • Social Campaign Management


  • Slow Data Visualizations
  • Unclear Pricing
  • SMBs are Priced Out

11. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is one of the most premium tools for social media analysis that is used for monitoring and delivers an extra surveillance system for your social media channels and accounts. This solution provides you with a better sense of the social media business perspective.

This platform offers you many key features such as channel management, automated alerts, team communication, content analysis, and data intelligence. These features help to manage your social accounts and respond through artificial intelligence that saves your time and cost.

Talkwalker keeps an eye on your post about products and records all the comments, whether negative or positive feedback them accordingly, and this aspect helps to find the reviews of the audience to enhance productivity. It is free to download and helps you to grow your online presence on social media.


  • Content Analysis
  • Data Intelligence
  • Team Communication
  • Automated Alerts


  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Its Email Updates are Convenient
  • In-Depth Reports


  • Ineffective in Certain Cases
  • Unstructured User Friendly
  • Pretty Expensive
  • Slow Response Time

12. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an online social management tool used for small businesses and social media accounts. It offers many services, including scheduling, engagements, analytics, and social listening, etc. Users can monitor social conversations and respond to all messages with a single dashboard.

Crowdfire allows you to build custom reports and export all these reports instantly. This solution offers a google extension option that helps to share and send your favorite pages and data to all your social accounts with just one click.

Users can schedule their posts in advance and post them spontaneously at the time of their choice. This software helps you to save time and effort. The fascinating part of this platform is that it can automatically search the data that your friends are eager to have.


  • Content Publishing
  • Content Curation
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Article and Images Curation


  • Easy Scheduling Tools
  • Time-Saving Through
  • Option to Increase Followers
  • Increase Engagement
  • Best in Class Topics
  • Content Recommendations


  • Limited Account linking Options
  • Fewer Options in the Basic Plan
  • Calendar View Scheduling

13. Mention

Mention is the online social media monitoring tool that aggregates user-produced content from all over the internet into a particular stream of material as well as it can track and measure the opinion about your brand and product anywhere in the world.

It provides real-time monitoring and uplifts the engagement between followers and customers, responds to their feedback automatically, and gets the opinion of the audience. Mention offers a keywords facility that finds the most trending topics on social media and sends this data to all of your social accounts.

Users can connect with their spectators all over the social world to enhance their online existence and track real-time data for assurance of fewer social media mistakes. It contains data from more than 1 billion sources like the web daily and includes press articles, etc.


  • Product Alerts
  • Data Monitoring
  • Social Media Listening
  • Content Publish


  • Keeps Real-Time Data Tracking
  • Predict Future Performance
  • Social Influencer
  • Reduces Social Mistakes


  • Limited Facilities
  • Lots of Tweets is Missing
  • Problems Sub Filtering Keywords

14. KUKU

KUKU is a unique social media management tool used to gain a 360-degree view of your brand, product, and campaigns. Users can keep monitoring all the posts and track followers’ growth rate, and engagement metrics, and more. It is equipped with all the basic tools that are necessary to uplift your social presence.

It helps marketers by saving project time and managing all the social media accounts such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook with one click. It allows users to share their posts on ten different networks. KUKU is the best platform for teamwork perspective and adds many members’ accounts in a single app.


  • Knowledge Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Communication Management
  • Automated Publishing


  • Easy to Use
  • Structured Interface
  • Filtering Out Spams


  • No Linkedin Accounts Tagging
  • Poor Support Team

15. Planoly

Planoly is an all-in-one social media management application that helps users to manage their posts and content before they post it on social media accounts. Users can easily monitor all the comments on your post and effortlessly track and reply back comments directly through this app.

It contains all the major tools that are necessary for engaging the Instagram audience and enhancing the attachment between users and followers. Users can easily overview the Instagram profile feed and meritoriously accomplish all your content, and schedule your Instagram posts.

It is free to use application where you directly upload your photos and videos from your system as well as from dropbox, google drive, etc. This application is available for both iOS and Android devices. Planoly is a sublimely designed app that is used to increase Instagram marketing.


  • Cropping Tool
  • Replying to Comments
  • Analytics Web Dashboard


  • Schedule Posts for Stories
  • Add Filters to Images
  • Hashtag Groups for Fast Copying


  • Manual Posting
  • limited Content Branded Hashtag
  • No Auto Post Carousels

Final Words

In this article, you have read about Fanpage Karma Alternatives with complete detail, including features, pros, and cons. Basically, Fanpage Karma is a social media management tool used to provide complete monitoring on all the accounts of different social networks and the stuff you post on this social platform.

It easily shares your content on social networks from one place and respond to customers’ comments on your post or message directly. These are all some positive points about Fanpage Karma, but it has some lacking points such as users have to do all the things manually.

Sometimes the social network does break that struck the login access, and metrics are repetitive, not in-depth enough except the basic page metrics. So all the mentioned details tend to move users for the seeking of alternatives, and some of them have been discussed in detail, but eClincher and Zoho social is best among all.

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