12 Best Flight Booking Apps in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Mehwish Javed • Updated on November 24, 2022

Traveling is an essential part of life. Everyone used to travel daily like traveling towards the office, friends, family, etc. Traveling is like a hobby for some people, but few of us took traveling as a need. Some people took traveling as a source of joy and kept their minds relaxed. Some people call traveling a medium to connect with people and learn about new cultures, foods, sites, etc.

Travelling is of vital importance nowadays, and people use to travel in short routes like in same town, the same city while some want to travel worldwide like India, Turkey, China, England, etc. People use local vehicles for short routes like buses, cars, motorbikes, etc. In long-distance traveling, you need to go through the planes.

Are You Looking for Good Flight Booking App in India?

If you want to go anywhere, especially out of the country, you have to book a flight in advance for your ease. A few years back, it was a trend that you have to go to the airport and book your flight almost a month before traveling. It was much more time-consuming as you had to go again and again to book your flight. If your flight is late for any purpose and you have to know the next schedule of your flight. You need to go again to the airport.


But now, the trend has changed, and we are all moving towards apps for different purposes. Also, apps for flight booking are made for your ease. With these apps, you can book your flight anytime with online payment, and also, you can navigate your flight time and schedule it any time, accordingly. So if the flight will be delayed due to bad weather conditions or any other purpose, you will get frequent notifications about the reason for the flight delay and the next schedule of the departure of the flight.

List of Flight Booking Apps

There are many Apps to book your flight easily, and also you can navigate your flight timing and schedule easily. Let us discuss here the details of each flight booking app as we have brought you with and mentioned these amazing apps, below.


1. MakeMyTrip

It is an app developed by MakeMyTrip Pvt Ltd. It is an app used by 50 million + people to book their flights or rides. In addition, it gives you all in one package and tickets for buses, cars, trains, etc. This amazing app also gives you a discount on first-time bookings. You can also book hotels to stay in. It enables you to manage your booking, get your flight, or cancel your flight.

Furthermore, it gives you a discount on credit cards as well. It is one of the apps established in 2000 which will provide you a great experience and a complete package of booking tickets, hotel stays, hotel packages, etc. It also has many amazing offers like discounts, Fare calendar, MyWallet, etc., to update according to customer need and want.

Supported Devices: iOS

Features of MakeMyTrip

  • Enables you to book your tickets online like for trains as well.
  • It is also to book cheap or expensive hotels and discounts for families and couples.
  • Helps you check ticket availability, and also, you can book online tickets for 12000 routes for buses.
  • Has zero cancellation fee, which means you have to cancel your trip after booking.
  • Includes an option to pay via various payment methods like Bank accounts, Tcash, PayU, etc.

2. EaseMyTrip

It is free of cost app developed by Easy Trip Planners private limited. It enables you to search holiday prices easily, plan trips and book your flights. In addition, it offers the best price, that is why 8 million people use it. It is one of the most reputed flight booking apps in India. It guarantees you the best and most discounted rate for booking flights. You have to download it from the Play Store and book your flight with them. It gives you a variety of hotel tariffs, the best holiday packages, and bus ticket prices.

Moreover, it gives you a hassle-free booking experience to handle your app from your phone, tablets, etc. It enables you to book domestic and local flight tickets for one-way or round trips. It is one of the apps that will allow you to book hotels, flights, and book Canbs for your ease. Also, it supports many countries flights like India, Singapore, Thailand, etc. It enables you to cancel or book your flight at the last moment.

Supporting Devices: iOS

Features of EaseMyTrip

  • Does not allow you to pay a convenience fee.
  • Enables you to book bus tickets for almost 11000 routes and 1000 bus operators.
  • Rewards you with points or cash back.
  • Helps you explore your booking details, cancellation, and much more.
  • Has a secure payment feature that there would not be any fraud, etc.
  • It has a large variety of payment methods to pay for your flights.

3. Expedia

It is one of the versatile apps that offers you a wide variety of packages and special savings on hotels, flights, cars, etc. It enables you to book hotels. In addition, it has a range of 500000+ hotels to book within. If you want to withdraw the flights, you can cancel them easily with this app. It is one of the best travel apps designed to enhance traveling with different facilities. It enables you to view any details about your trips easily.

Furthermore, it helps you to strengthen your connections worldwide. It does not require any change fees and gives you complete detail about the flight duration, departure, and arrival. You can book a seat for any class, whether economic or business class seats. You can also reserve a taxi after landing at the airport within 30 minutes.

Supporting Devices: Andriod

Features of Expedia

  • Enables you to select perfect hotels and flights with ease.
  • Offers you 25% discounts for exclusive hotel deals.
  • Enables you to book flights from 100 airlines worldwide.
  • Enables you to rent your car from the airport without extra fees.
  • It also has standards of taxis, whether high class or normal cars.
  • Allows you to earn a point on every booking.

4. Cleartrip

It is another flight booking app designed by Cleartrip Travel Services Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the best apps which would save time and money to book trips, buy cheap tickets, hotels, etc. This amazing app is used by 10 million people all around the world. It is one app that gives you a unique experience in your city. By enabling you to travel anywhere anytime, it provides you with special packages. It allows you to book domestic or international flights easily.

Coming forward, it includes various payment methods like debit cards, wallets, net banking, etc. It helps you with canceling and rescheduling flights. It enables you to search for hotels within your budget. This app has a huge variety of hotels from low to high class to book, and you can book according to your desires.

Supporting Devices: Andriod

Features of Cleartrip

  • Includes tickets for various airlines like Emirates, PIA, Qatar Airways, British Airways, and many more.
  • Enables you to book a flight within a minute.
  • Gives you executive packages in hotels of 15000+ cities.
  • Gives you an amazing experience to enjoy traveling.
  • Enables you to discover events or tell you what is happening around the city.

5. Goibibo

It is an app developed by ibibo Web Pvt. Ltd. This app comes with attractive deals on hotels and flights. You will get Rs 100 as a reward for signing up on this app. With this app, you will get hotels at less price. It enables you with a wide variety of hotel deals like OYO rooms, Radisson, and many more and flight booking like Indigo, Air India, etc. It is the second-best app in India for booking trips. Also, it has five crores travelers that use this app.

With this app, you experience exciting packages, and you can book flights, Buses, Cars, etc. It offers you a wide variety of deals for Hotels, Flight, Trains, Buses, etc. It also enables you to book your Taxi before reaching your destination with discounts. For your holiday trips, it also has complete hotels, flight tickets, taxis, meals, etc.

Supporting Devices: iOS

Features of Goibibo

  • Enables you to manage your flight booking anywhere, anytime.
  • Gives you a huge discount on mobile devices.
  • Enables you to pay from mobile with a secure payment system.
  • It enables you to set an alert for your flight details.
  • It enables you to connect with customer care easily.
  • Gives you the option of Check-in easily.

6. Skyscanner

It is an app developed by Skyscanner Limited. It enables you to book the whole of your trip with ease, anywhere and anytime. This app has 90 million + active users, and does not include any booking fees or charges. It helps you to book your trip according to your way. It also enables you to compare the prices of tickets with another platform. Moreover, it offers reasonable prices. It helps you get the best hotel near your current location as it enables you to book your hotel at the last minute before you arrive at the hotel. It also offers you an option to rent cars to go to the hotel.

Supporting Devices: Andriod, iOS

Features of Skyscanner

  • Helps you to explore and check new inspirational destinations.
  • Enables you to navigate flight details like flight duration, airline, travel class, Easy.
  • Enables you to know the environmental impact of travel.
  • Helps you to save details on your phones.
  • Helps you to book domestic and international flights with discounts.

7. Yatra

It is an app with almost 10 million downloads. It helps you to plan your trip without any hassle. This app is one of the suitable selections for people to book flights, hotels, buses, trains, etc. It helps you search and select cheap tickets for international and domestic flights. It also enables you to get a discount on tickets. This app gives you information and tickets about various local airline services in India like Vistara, Air India, Spice Jet, etc. Also, you can get booking for international airlines like Emirates, British Airways, etc.

It has a huge setup of about 70000+ Domestic and 5 million + International hotels. It enables you to search hotels by name, location, etc. Moreover, it also has images of hotels along with locations. It has a large number of Bus routes available to book your tickets for buses. It helps you to book Cabs along with 100+ cities.

Supported Devices: iOS, Andriod

Features of Yatra

  • Enables you to search the fresh data of your ticket from this app.
  • Gives you an online hotel booking option to choose the hotel of your choice.
  • Enables you to get huge discounts on hotels.
  • Enables you to book Bus tickets from various bus types like Sleeper, Seater, etc.
  • It also enables you to book holiday packages of your choice.

8. Thomas Cook

It is one of the best free apps developed by Thomas Cook Tourism (Uk) Company Ltd. It helps you find the best trip ever. Furthermore, it enables you to get incredible new destinations, new hotels like homes, and an unbelievable traveling experience. It enables you to discover the world in new ways. It helps you to book new and outclass hotels. This app allows you to chat with customer service advisors. It has an option to create unique and beautiful memories with an incredible experience, and also you can share that memory with others.

Coming forward, it enables you to book your flight anywhere in the world like Thailand, Singapore, India, etc., with discounts. Thomas Cook is not a famous app but has many distinctive features. It has a wide variety of luxury and domestic hoels in every country. It allows you to book your hotel according to your desires and get full luxuries like a meal, well-furnished rooms, the best view, etc. With this amazing app, you can also book your Cabs before reaching the destination.

Supporting Devices: iOS

Features of Thomas Cook

  • Allows you free compensation in case of any technical issues.
  • Has a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Allows you a low and easy deposit.
  • Gives you advice about travel and restrictions.
  • Allows you to book complete holiday trips with discounts.
  • Does not require any cancellations fees.

9. IndiGo

It is one of the free apps developed by InterGlobe Aviation Limited. This app gives you a hassle-free traveling experience. It helps you in booking, boarding, and managing all the systems. It is one of India’s best airline apps with a wide variety of features like notifications about booking, meal selection, hotel selection, to explore your desired destination with fingertips, etc. This app allows you to search for 80+ destinations and book according to your desires. It allows you to see the past details of your flight with the offline option. It will enable you to check issues anytime, anywhere about your flight.

Supported Devices: iOS

Features of IndiGo

  • Can enhance the user experience.
  • It is one of the easy, fast, and user-friendly apps.
  • Enables you to pay with any card like a Debit or Credit card. It also provides you bank downtime integration option.
  • Gives you frequent updates about any new offer.
  • Has many Add-on services like Fast forward, 6E Prime, Excess Baggage, Travel assistance, etc.

10. Booking.com

This app comes up with the finest interface which everyone uses to book hotels tickets easily. It enables you to book cars, flights, hotels within a few minutes. It has an option of free cancellation. In addition, it is available in 40 languages and 24/7. Also, it gives you discounts on mobiles. It enables you to find the best place from million of hotels, apartments, homes, etc. It gives you confirmation of your booking.

This app allows you to find a hotel with all Wi-Fi facilities, reasonable prices, well-established rooms, etc. If you use the app on mobiles, you will get 10% discounts on hotel booking. It has thousand of airfare deals, and plane tickets are also available for every destination.

Supporting Devices: Android, iOS

Features of Booking.com

  • Helps you to cancel your booking without money detection at any time.
  • Enables you to book hotels at the last minute when you hurry.
  • Enables you to book domestic and international flights with ease.
  • Has a feature of hiring a car as well.
  • Allows you to book a taxi from the airport in advance for your ease.
  • Enables you to share travel tips with other travelers.

11. Ixigo

This free app is developed by Le Travenues Technology Ltd. It helps you to get domestic and international flights at a discount. It enables you to compare the prices of tickets with others for your satisfaction. This is an AI-based app in India. You can also save up to 40%off. It allows you to organize, book, track and compare your flights. It enables you to book a flight for the first time, and it will give you a discount on every next flight.

Furthermore, it also can predict updated flight fares. It is also called one of India’s best ticket booking apps with a huge discount. It also enables you to book vaccine slots. This app allows you a full refund within a minute of your fares in any emergency. It also has an option to track your live location of flights. Get full information to plan holidays.

Supported Devices: Andriod

Features of Ixigo

  • Has a unique holidays calendar, flight tracker, flight news, and information about the flight.
  • Enables you to book international tickets like Singapore, Kuwait Airways, Emirates, Air Arabia, American Airlines, etc.
  • Gives you unique codes to get discounts.
  • Enables you to stay updated about guidelines and flight details.
  • It also does not have any cancellation fees.
  • Does not require any documentation.
  • It has easy web Check-Ins.

12. Via

This app is used by 1 million customers worldwide for booking flights. It enables you to easily search and book flights, buses, hotels, and holidays. This bewildering app allows you to plan your vacation trip according to your desires. It enables you to book a flight anytime and pay later. It lets you with exclusive discounts on travel offers. It also supports you 24/7 support. Also, it allows you to book flights and compare prices with others for your satisfaction. It has an option to book international and domestic flights.

Coming forward, it enables you to book a flight in many countries on Different Airways. Like in India, you can book a flight in Jet Lites, IndiGo, Go Air, Air Costa, etc. In Singapore, you can book flights in Scoot, SilkAir, etc. In Thailand, you can book flights on Thai Lion Air, Thai Airways International, etc. It enables you to book or cancel your hotels at the last minute. It allows you to refer this app to others and get an exciting discount.

Supported Devices: Andriod

Features of Via

  • Gives you an exclusive discount with flight updates notifications.
  • Enables you to save tickets in offline mode as well.
  • Has a number to get complete guidelines.
  • Enables you to search and book buses ticket and compare fares with other bus services.
  • Allows you to search and book exclusive hotels with full luxuries according to your desire with discounts.
  • Has multiple payment methods like Ponsel, TCash, Bank accounts, PayU, etc.

Final Words

You want to go on Holiday trips of your desires or go anywhere in an emergency and book your flight easily. Many apps can help you book your flights in any airways, book your luxury hotels with discounts, cancel your flights any time, anywhere without any cancellation fee. Those mentioned above are some of the apps that will help you find the best experiences with traveling. These app saves you time and frequently helps you book your flights easily.

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