17 Best Games like Age of War in 2022

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Today in a world full of stress and anxiety, games are the source of pleasure, and people play different games in their leisure time. But people also get bored while playing games of the same genre like puzzle games, bike games, car games, etc, and need something exciting other than that to enjoy the variation in games. Now, you can see various games genres on the internet to play like action, thrill, puzzle, and games like old ages. Most people play games as just a hobby, and many play games to defeat their enemies and take revenge. But nowadays, it isn’t easy to go to the video game zone to enjoy the unlimited game because of hectic and busy schedules. That is why games are made for your PCs o enjoy from home to save time and money.

Common games like racing, puzzles, etc., are played by almost everyone but did you ever play games by making strategies? Building strategy in a game like defensive or fighting is important to defeat opponents. Games like Tekken, Dragon Ball, etc., are; fighting games and always need a perfect strategy to defeat others by protecting yourself. But here the question is, did you love games like ancient empires? If you love old games, you might have played the best games like Age of War in 2022.

Age of war gives you the genre of defence strategy games in which you were on continuous fighting in different modes like stone age, modern age, future age, etc. This game aims to protect your empire by making different units and defeating rivals or enemies. You can also grow your empire and get more items or technologies to fight by earning enough money. The gameplay of this game is simple and unique in that you have to make different strategies and generate more units to put pressure on the enemy and reach their base. It also provides special attacks like Artillery strikes and God’s running rocks that people can use when in big trouble.


What are the Common Issues with the Age of War?

Sometimes many issues arise while playing Age of War which is quite offensive. When you open an app for your game, there would be an issue like black or white careen that is sometimes because of network issue, server issue, your game is not updated, Does not allow you to update your scores, lives, etc. That is why Best games like age of war in 2022 give you more exciting features than Age of War.

List of Thrilling Games like Age of War

Various fighting games use different strategies to defend themselves and defeat their enemies or opponents. Some o the best games among them are mLet us discuss the Best games like Age of War in 2022.


1. Epic War 3

It is one of the best games like the age of war in 2022 that Remon develops. It is an action game with a defensive genre. This game aims to protect your empire by defeating enemies’ clans. It enables you to select your heroes with desired abilities and select maps you want to play. You have to conquer your opponents by upgrading your area, getting more heroes, protecting your castle, and cutting into small pieces all the enemies come in front of you.

This game gives you easy to use and old times interface. It also has an option of a help centre from which you can get information about how to play the game. Also, it allows you to apply different tricks and tips to defeat the enemy. You have to get 30 achievements to win the game.

2. Crystal War

It is one of the action, indie, RPG, and best games like Age of War in 2022 that MECHREVO VR develops. It supports iOS operating system and can be played anytime, anywhere. In this game, you will get attractive strategies and defence game elements. This game aims to recover the land from the spirits with the help of unions of gnomes and humans. You can use different weapons like laser guns, healing bombs, etc.

You have to get crystals by mining fields, cast magics, and collect blue balls for time cooling. You can also upgrade your skills and workers, and by doing this, you can gain more edge over your enemy. It also allows you to get new units of the gold ad and upgrade that unit. It gives you quite an attractive interface like in ancient times.

3. Age of Defense

It is a game with the Indie genre, strategy, and early access developed by BattleCruiser Games and gives you the same interface as other Games Similar To Age Of War. The key goal of this game is to protect your empire from an opponent attack. It allows you to use three types of Weapons like Arrows guns, and you can also throw objects. You can be attacked from air as well as from foot.

It gives you a unique interface and enables you to change your weapons, backgrounds, bases, etc. Moreover, it allows you to approach enemies by using a keyboard and mouse. It is a web browsing platform to work anywhere, anytime. It gives you various skins, enables you to upgrade your weapons, allows you to achieve rewards after winning, etc. Supports both Andriod and iOS operating systems.

4. Age of Empires IV

It is another best game among all the games like age of war in 2022 that Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge develop. The fourth update of Age of Empires gives you more stunning features and aspects. It lets you play a real-time strategy game in an epic historical battle and grow your whole empire with amazing graphical effects.

Furthermore, it gives you various features like 35+ missions, four distinct campaigns, etc. It enables you to build your city, manage resources, and start fighting with enemies by leading people. It provides you with different mods to customize your game. Also, it enables you to add your friends to the battle because it gives you multiple player modes. It also helps you by providing a whole tutorial about different strategies, and also, you will get to know how you can play the game.

5. Stick War

It is a game with real-time strategy and is one of the best games like age of war in 2022. It is developed by Max Games Studio and is the highest-rated game. This game gives you more challenging, biggest, and addictive gameplay. This game aims to control your army in the creation of the empire. It enables you to create units, to mine gold, allows you to learn how to use sword, mage, Archer, etc. You have to destroy enemies and protect your empire.

It gives you quite an interesting interface and allows you to use different mission modes and updated modes regularly. It also provides you with multiple rewards. You can also play the game according to the difficulty level like Normal, Hard, Insane. It also gives you an option to play bonus levels and get more rewards. It supports iOS and Android operating systems.

6. Trenches II

It is another best game developed by Catapult Consulting, LLC and supports iOS operating system. It enables you to fight in a great battle anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it gives you more realistic battlefields and can also control your forces like you can select British, German, French forces, etc. You have to defeat the enemy to win the game. The gameplay of this game is simple as it gives you two base stands and two other ends, and between that stands, you have a base to take cover. You have to choose units to start the game, and you can send as many troops in the battle as you want.

It provides you with 100+ locations like a non-linear campaign, and also it enables you to customize your army with 20+ different units or empires. It also allows you to upgrade your forces. It allows you to earn points by winning the game and use that points to get more power, abilities, etc.

7. Ancestors Legacy

It is another best game among other best games like Age of War developed by Destructive Creations and 1C Entertainment. It is a game inspired by history and gives you real-time strategy like other Age of war Games. You have to battle on the vast battlefields. It also helps you manage resources and base building. It gives you the experience of a historical battle with killing enemies. Also, it has a cinematic camera that allows you to jump into the fight by pressing buttons.

It provides various features to get different tactics and strategies to win the game. You can use the player in single-player and in multiple-player modes. Moreover, it also gives you an option to play online. It also provides you with advanced tactical options. It also gives you a chance to control your gamepad easily.

8. Army of Ages

It is another best game that gives you incredible features and is developed by Louissi. You were on the planet of either blue or green planet and had a variety of insects like creatures, and you. You have to protect your empire and also gather various resources. Other games give you game-play in which you have to get the victory by defeating enemies and protecting your kingdom. But in this game, you have to fight with aliens and earn money to make buildings.

You can spend your rewards after defeating your enemies in two ways. First, you can use special attacks to kill a group of enemies. Secondly, you can use three stages to attack and get rewards, i.e. classic, modern and Medieval. It supports Windows Operating System. You have to get control over 50 units and make the best force.

9. Rise of Legends

It is a famous worldwide game and supports all Windows Operating Systems. It is one of the best games like Age of War in 2022, which Big Huge Games, Inc develops. In addition, it gives you gameplay of old ages, and also you can play it with a perfect strategy in your mind. This game aims to provide a specific area, and you were allowed to construct a building within your area or your partner’s area. By getting resources, you can extend your area by trees, more buildings, forts, etc. If you have old resources or technologies than ultimate, your force will damage easily.

It gives you simple gameplay with 18 maps, and by progressing in the game, you will get the best-upgraded weapons to defeat the enemy and you can upgrade your weapons by getting points and rewards. It also gives you a full tutorial on how to play games.

10. Spellbinders

It is another epic game with real-time strategy and developed by Kiloo. In this game, you have a plan with which you have to control monsters and fight with your enemies on the battlefield. You can use tons of units, any magic spell, and you to defeat opponents. The rewarding points depend upon enemies you defeat, like one mana point per second. Also, it enables you to buy units, and your progress will appear on the screens.

You will get unlimited canons on the battlefield, and by obtaining three canons, you can attack with full force to your enemies. It also enables you to play with the computer players and see your opponents’ faces. This game is very much entertaining and also not very complex. It gives you short maps of almost 2 to 5 minutes to complete. It also gives you incredible graphics.

11. DomiNations

It is another best game among all the games like age of war in 2022, developed by NEXON M Inc. It gives you gameplay of empire building and battle game, which is quite similar to the Age of Empires. You can run it on both Mac and Android smartphones. This game aims to take your players in the space age from Stone Age. It also allows you to rule over the competitors by new technologies. You can play in multiplayer mode.

The game aims to build your empire by collecting points and, after giving full training to your group members, allow them to attack enemies and get as many loots as they want. You can select nations from different British, French, Greek, etc. It gives you quite an easy-to-use interface and helps you get rewards.

12. Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild

Another best game with which you have to make an animal army. It is developed by Digital Exception Sthlm AB and is an action-packed defensive game. This game is the best for the kids as the aim of this game is that a monkey has to protect his homeland by defeating terrific enemies like lumberjacks. You can upgrade, discover, and evolve your ultimate animal forces. It provides quite interesting gameplay with various features like incredible graphics, etc.

It provides you levels of about 390+ to play and get rewards. Also, it allows you to discover and upgrade your animals like pandas, tigers, Leopard,.etc, and they all have different skills and abilities. You can also achieve a bonus by completing a single adventure. It also enables you to play with your friends as an opponent team. It also gives you a survival mode to get more time. It provides you 3D graphical interface. You can also record your gameplay and share that score with others.

13. Circle Empires Rivals

It is one of the best games like Age of War which is Casual, indie, and based on strategy. It is developed by Luminous and is an award-winning game. Almost everyone loves to play a game like Circle Empire Rivals, in which you have to join forces with hundreds of people and make the game more exciting and interesting. In this game, you have to use different strategies and tactics to achieve your victory and defeat the enemy. You also have to find a different resource that will help you upgrade your weapons, increase your power, etc.

It gives you amazing single-player gameplay in which you can use 20 different circle biomes, 300+ buildings, almost 40 leaders. Also, you will get different difficulty levels. It also provides you with six different modes. It gives you quite an incredible interface as well, with which you can also gain knowledge about how to play the game.

14. Rise of Legions

It is a game developed by Broken Games and allows you to play in Casual, Indie, and is free-to-play. You have to use different strategies to win the game in this game. It is a game based on a rich fantasy world and gives you experiences like Tug of war and deckbuilding. It allows you to play the intense game in just 10 minutes. By shocking magic, you can also achieve many units. It gives you a PvE challenge, and by winning this challenge, you will win rewards.

You have to use different tactics to enjoy an easy-to-pick-up and fast-paced game in this game. It lets you play solo or with your friends and collect cards to make a deck and defeat enemies. To play this game, you also do not have to pay to win, and also you can unlock unlimited cards in the game. But for getting real money or skins, you have to pay for that. It also provides you with Duel colour decks.

15. Castle Crush

It is another free-to-play game authorized by Fun games for free and supports Andriod operating systems. It allows you to build your clan or forces, destroy your enemy’s castle, and protect your castle from enemies attacks. In addition, it is one of the best games, like Age of War in 2022. It provides you with three sections to arrange your forces, and each of your troops represents cards by a specific value or points. Each force has there own unique power and different attacks.

It also enables you to customize your deck creature. If you get many cards of the same kind, you can also increase your level, and also it helps you recover from the damage. Also, it is one of the fun battle, fast-paced games with an amazing experience that allows you to get free daily cards, earn rewards, join legendary clans, kill your enemies and unlock new cards.

16. Cat War 2

It is one of the Games Like Age of War Android that WestRiver develops. It was quite an interesting game for kids because it is easy to play and gives you animal-like graphics. In this game, Cats have more power than dogs, but dogs have stolen kittens, and by making a clan, you have to fight with the dogs to win the battle. It is a game of tactic and defence in which you have to make a force and attack the enemy castle and win the game. In this game, you will get a real-time experience of animal fights to save your small animal world from enemies.

It allows you to get diamonds in the rewards; also, you can earn bonus points to get more power. It also will enable you to control your cats with special capabilities. You can also upgrade your characters by getting reward points. It gives you simple and easy-to-use control.

17. Tower Conquest

With this interesting game, you can enjoy epic fights with royale armies which Titan Mobile LLC develops. With this best game among other games like Age of War in 2022, in which you were in a tower Conquest and searching for endless victory. You have to make perfect and powerful forces and destroy your enemy tower. It enables you to discover the new world and win the game by defeating enemies to get rewards increasing points to get more power.

It allows you to make five groups, including 70 + unique characters, superheroes, and towers or buildings. It is an object-based game where you have to show your skills by defending your towers from enemies. Moreover, it also enables you to unlock unlimited cards to get more power. It also has a variety of maps with unlimited rewards to get. It also lets you play with friends and also send them gifts.

Final Words

Games are the source of joy for everyone. Almost all of us love to play exciting games. If you are a fan of Ancient games, you love to play games like Age of War. The above mentioned are various best games like Age of War in 2022 which gives you quite interesting and unique gameplay. So select one and start enjoying your favourite game. Also, share these exciting games with others, as well.

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