15 Best SubMovies Alternatives in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Nida Yasin • Updated on November 24, 2022

A variety of sites have been emerging recently for movie streaming. As peoples’ requirements and passion increase, more services are also enhanced to fulfill these requirements have been introduced more frequently. All these sites contend with each other to offer their users the best and most amazing functions to experience the best streaming ever. This competition provides an edge for users to choose from a variety of top services per their convenience and needs and stream content in the highest quality as well.

This site enrolls a bulky range of genres sorting from action to thriller, comedy to romance, and a lot more. This display place not only surrounds recently released films but old ones too. It provides lots of services on plenty of platforms such as sub-movie Netflix, Subsmovies tv series, Subsmovies Reddit, and more. It is also one of loads of sites with bountiful movie streaming options for its users. Furthermore, there are subtitles for the movies also available in 20 plus languages. Concluding all, it can be said that Submovies is a very prearranged and organized site for its functions and provide some click quick access to each one.

Is Submovies Safe to Use?

That is the question that comes first in everyone’s mind while choosing the best site to use. This question is also frequently asked by Submovies subscribers or users as well. So here, we will encounter this question first to eliminate all the major confusion.


Since such sites are prepared to provide absolutely free access for the public, the simple way it generates income is through a single and obvious way, “advertisements.” These ads are transmitted to the users when they are using this site. Conversely, some ads cause a risk to your device’s protection and safety. The reason is they can restrain viruses that can obliterate your device totally.

Moreover, due to the convention of copyright content, many authorities have banned the website in different areas. If you are streaming on this illegal site through any source, you should be prepared, and some legal action might be applicable against you, depending on your country’s laws. But there is no need to get worried about it. As we previously said that there are a large number of streaming sites are available in this regard. So you can utilize those sites as an alternative to Submovies as well.


List of Best Submovies Alternatives

In this article, we are introducing you to an amazing collection of the top best movie streaming sites. These sites can surely compete with Submovies and can be included as the Submovies’ best alternatives.

1. PutLocker

Putlocker is one of the most well-known and famous videos streaming sites on the internet. It is most popular due to its variety of aspects. Still, the mainstream of its familiarity is its vast library with a comprehensive collection of HD movies that are available for streaming. It is a streaming platform that does not swarm material, yet this service is much more secure than downloading content. The reason is it does not host or copyright the content. Instead of that, it just acts as a third-party service among the source of the stuff and the viewer. Additionally, the Putlocker search engine formulates it as a simple and convenient resource to discover the information easily for which you are looking.


  • Has an inclusive catalog of movies and TV Shows.
  • Helps users to stream online without even needing to download the content.
  • Featured a safe and easy-to-use interface.
  • Contains vigorous links to thousands of HD movies.

2. 123movies

It is also another large movie-streaming platform. The website updates every new movie and episode and posts them on the internet daily. It carries the most recent free HD movies and TV series. That’s why it contains approximately 98 million visits monthly by the users. The most admirable part regarding this is the huge collection of movies and TV shows on hand. Furthermore, there are millions of users utilize 123Movies to watch content even from other main paid streaming services. These main streams include Netflix, Amazon, Hallmark, etc. It also offers comfortable access to the assorted shows, films, series, and lines up at the single click of a button.


  • Known as the frequently searched-up websites available on the net.
  • Considered as a network of file streaming operating from Vietnam.
  • Have no fuss-creating, registration, or other log-in processes.
  • Offers ultimate options to take pleasure in your favorite movies in less time.

3. GOMovies

GoMovies is a strong network of streaming websites that are operating from Vietnam operators. It is an amazing and frequently used online movie streaming platform that approaches as a highly recommended site. This streaming site comprises an excellent collection of both new and classic movies. Its wonderful services let you enjoy your favorite movies swiftly and efficiently. In addition, its category-based explorer and movie reviews composers decide on the movie at a breeze. So GOMovies is indisputably one of the top free movie surfing services. It is the most reliable and trusted site among all available sites.


  • Considered as a free-to-use and open-source program.
  • Has a well-designed and easy-to-use interface.
  • Totally legit website that has its own copyrights to all shown content that is on-site.
  • No malware or harmful viruses can harm your device.

4. MoviesJoy

This site is well-known for its huge database covering a range of movies and TV shows. It is considered the home of around 10000+ movies and shows. All available movie content is absolutely free. It is allocated into two sections, i.e, one has enlisted all the movies and the second enlisted all the TV shows. All the content contains subtitles which makes the user experience better. Moreover, the movies are also classified on the basis of whether they are HD or Cam. The quality of the content was never affected because all the movies were recorded through a camcorder in theatres.


  • All movies and content are accessible in HD quality.
  • Completely free and open-source for all.
  • Efficient and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to explore the best features and functions available on the web.
  • Have a responsive and swift theme that meets the users with a wonderful streaming experience.

5. Yes Movies

This site is precisely labeled as a “hub of movies” by its countless users. The millions of users stream content on this display place every month. The site’s admiration can be substantiated by the large number of mirror sites that are available for it. Its unique feature lets users access a complete list of movies and with the division on a regional basis. For this, you only have to do is, use the “country” option placed on the main menu.

It can be supposed that this is relatively efficient and more factual as updates on its receipt place sooner than any other streaming site. Furthermore, it also originates with an innovative function that comforts you in finding a perfectly suitable movie to your sense of taste and liking. Another momentous benefit is the website has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, a search box is set at the top of its Homepage. This search box helps users to find out the desired category from numerous diverse categories underneath it. Additionally, the site allows them to stream without gaining pain to register even.


  • Known as a significant available source to watch movies online.
  • The site includes a widespread database.
  • Movies and shows are available in various genres like comedy, adventure, horror, and more.
  • Movies are often characterized according to their quality.

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free-of-cost software introduced by BitTorrent client. It includes an integrated media player to play all movies independently. The application offers the best free-of-cost alternative to subscription-based sites, specifically for movie streaming services like Netflix. The genre collection is somewhat comprehensive; nonetheless, you only have to do be persistent and double-check everything. This amazing website was introduced in March 2011 in New York, so it’s a US-based international streaming site.


  • Provides all videos in high-quality HD format.
  • Includes an amazing catalog with a number of series, TV shows, and films in original formats.
  • Not restricted and limited to selected movies and TV shows content.
  • Introduced the best standards to the users to enjoy shows and films instantly along with subtitles.

7. Snagfilms

It offered advertising-supported documentaries as well as independent films. The streams for movies are also available on this website. It confined a library of up to 5,000 films. Moreover, it provides a golden chance to the Filmmakers so that they can submit their documentaries for contemplation there. It is a platform that offers a variety of titles and programs, among which you can catch admirable high-quality videos. Through this app, you can enjoy streams from multiple countries.


  • Spend millions on exasperating and advertising campaigns.
  • Has a little excavation on Marvel and former franchisees.
  • Provides a technical datasheet, synopses, trailers to create relent playlists.
  • Anxious in matters like copyrights and other issues to improve services.


Netflix is an American-based subscription streaming website. This surprising streaming service and production corporation were developed on August 29, 1997. It offers an archive of movies and TV series over dispersal deals and its private productions as well. All of its owned productions are identified as Netflix Originals. It is a streaming facility that offers a wide variety of high-quality TV shows, pictures, anime, documentaries, and more.

All this content is available for thousands of net-connected devices. Users can watch as they want and when they want without even a solo commercial at a very low cost that they have to pay on a monthly basis. Excitingly, there is always somewhat new to explore so that you can watch all updated and recent TV shows and movies that are added on weekly basis max.


  • Have a Download service option that enables you to watch shows offline.
  • Allows users to save their favorites effortlessly.
  • Create profiles for kids even to show them only specific data.
  • Providers free membership to send kids on adventures with their favorite characters.

9. Crackle

Crackle is the best streaming website that is owned by Chicken Soup, launched in 2004 in San California (Francisco). This is one of the prominent movie streaming platforms available in the United States. Though, Sony assimilated it in 2007 and initiated lawfully allocating movies and other entertainment possessions.

So this is a fully legal website, and you can use it freely and reliably. Moreover, downloading the content from the site is not a big deal. Because it is a handy tool that places every option on your fingertips, it has an extensive range of categorizations like action, thrill, horror, science fiction, and humor. Furthermore, you can watch every content without annoying ads that distract your entertainment.


  • Provides all its services completely free of cost.
  • Considered as a more secure and reliable source.
  • Offers the fast and highest downloading speed for every quality content.
  • Provides you the options to select downloading pixels and quality as well.

10. Crunchyroll

This is the ultimate and most legal online movie streaming site. It has specifications in some domains, including anime, manga, dorama, and more. It also has an amazing collection of anime series, i.e., Naruto Shippuden, Boruto, Blue Exorcist, Samurai X, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, etc. If you are crazy about movies and looking out for an exclusive anime streaming network, then you are in the right place. Crunchyroll provides you with everything that you want regarding this.


  • Featured spread-out Anime library, including rumination, dubs now.
  • Offers all ranks support to the HD streaming.
  • Includes many emitted shows for viewers’ entertainment.
  • Has offline downloading services as well.

11. Soap2Day

This site is admired by lots of movie buffs and includes a range of movies and TV shows for free to all users. This site is well-known to offer a crude but quick and responsive theme and interface design. Its artistic Homepage is very eye-catchy for users to view and attract them also.

Additionally, it lets you watch the latest releases as they are launched in a very short time period. It streams a large number of TV shows and movies directly or by creating an account simply to download data. So, this conveys user satisfaction by means of making it easy to browse through for them.


  • A search bar is presented at the top of the screen.
  • Make users be able to catch exactly what they want without going through unnecessary content.
  • All available content is categorized into numerous sections for easy search.
  • Allows to either stream the available content online for free.

12. Cinebloom

This site gives tough competition to all popular streaming sites. Due to its user-friendly interface, it is very well-known among its users. All the content that is available on this website is enlisted in a high definition. So you can acquire access to thousands of TV shows and movies even without paying a single penny. Its Homepage has multiple tabs, with different naming titles like “latest movies,” “popular shows,” etc, that make it easy for users to select the right one. In addition, it is totally an ad-free streaming site that doesn’t oblige registration.


  • Users have super-fast access to all the content without having an account.
  • First-rate Japanese Visual glass for highest image clarity.
  • Certainly stacks under Moment Capricious ND Filters.
  • Have Knurled clasp for tranquil removal.

13. Lookmovies

This site is also the best alternative to experience the best movie streaming ever. It comprises lots of movies and TV shows held by numerable third-party sites. Due to its exceedingly user-friendly interface, it offers you a short portrayal along with the rankings of the movie/TV show that you desire to watch. The Homepage of the website is very attractive and intuitive with an amazing collection of art. Moreover, its tabs are limited to perform specific tasks that make it easy for users to utilize the site easily, like Trending, Latest, Category, and more.


  • Tags its movies by adding formats HD or LQ to empower user convenience.
  • Comprises a search bar for easy browsing service.
  • Entertains you with thrilling, action, and comedy content.
  • This is the one-stop point for Hollywood cinema fans.

14. Movie4k

Movie4k is a user-contributed video directory for TV programs and movies. It is an aggregation website stand-in as a search index for online videos. Movie4k is an owing entertainment providing a website that lets the users watch and download their preferred movies in their concerned operating systems. Surprisingly, not just the movies, but some TV shows and web series are also offered for the users. All available contents can be downloaded with multiple varieties of resolutions.

Moreover, these videos are available in several languages as well. All the latest films and their highlights are also uploaded on this site in a very short time limit. That’s why this website is most popular among its users, and they don’t want to switch to another one.


  • Website is available innumerable languages supports the users to utilize it with more ease.
  • Users can watch any available content directly without needing to sign up.
  • Can find every up-to-date category of the trending content on site.
  • Deals with the classifications of web series.

15. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is the perfect choice for your smart TV to enjoy the best streaming ever online. With this service, you may watch a wide range of TV series and movies in various resolutions. It allows you to select the items reliant on the schedule of publication, attractiveness, language, and genus. All of the content is of excellent quality, with an adequate streaming service.

If you feel a craving to watch the movies late at night or any other time, you can stream them directly. This will save you from devoting your device storage and format selection etc. Moreover, you also can listen to and download tracks instead of watching the videos only.


  • The website contains a search box to find the files easily.
  • Consists of lists of all available content with a title track.
  • Compile all files in a single library for easy access.
  • Have an attractive and eye-catchy interface.

Final Words

Here we enlisted all the possible outcomes for your search to SubMovies Alternatives. All the top-rated sites are now available in front of you now. Analyze each one through their description and highlighted specifications and decide which one will be more suitable for you. Pick the one you want and enjoy the unlimited live movie streaming now. So don’t waste your time and get bored, and start unlimited, unrestricted, and unabrupting streaming now.

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