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By Muazma Batool • Updated on April 26, 2023

Yak and Co Ltd. created and released the adventure, point-and-click, first-person shooter video game Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise.

The player assumes the character of Agent A, a secret agent chosen to apprehend the enemy spy responsible for the deaths of their fellow agents.

Set in the magical lair of the game’s main villain, Ruby La Rouge.


Having witnessed La Rogue’s infiltration operation, the player concludes that Agent A’s leader has been killed.

Throughout the game, the player will have to fight to uncover several secrets across the area to obtain vital items. Keys found throughout the game can be used to unlock doors and unlock new areas, but only if the player uses them to unlock the doors.


There are a total of five chapters in the game, with titles like “A Puzzle in Disguise,” “The Chase Continues,” and “Ruby’s Trap.”

Notable elements in Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise include 26 explorable environments, 13 achievements, 72 inventory-based puzzles, and more.

Games like Agent A

If you are already an Agent A game player, you must be curious if there are games like Agent A. The answer is a big YES, as there are tens of fabulous games you can play if you are an Agent A fan. These games are as cryptic and enigmatic yet fun to play as Agent A.

So without further ado, let’s discover incredible games like Agent A.

1. The Room Two

Fireproof Games’ The Room Two is a single-player, puzzle, hidden-object, and platformer video game.

It’s the follow-up to 2012’s The Room and uses virtual reality settings.

Like the original game, this one challenges players to solve complex puzzles by exploring a single area for clues and various components to use in opening locked chests.

The game’s first-person perspective and dynamic gameplay make the user feel like a master of the room.

Several chambers await, each with its own set of riddles to solve at various points throughout the area, and the player is free to go between them as they see fit.

It’s first in the list of games like Agent A because it becomes increasingly difficult as it advances, and the player must amass a significant enough score to claim victory.

Finding the exit to advance to the next level is a constant challenge for the player throughout the game.

Features such as Touch Controls, Realistic Locations, Detailed Objects, Multi Language, and more can be found in Room Two.

2. Lume

Lume is a fantastic action, adventure, and puzzle video game with 3d visuals.

The game takes place in a cardboard-like setting, and players assume the role of a young girl who resides with her grandfather.

At the beginning of the game, the power goes out, and your mission is to restore it by completing a series of challenging puzzles.

Your grandfather vanishes while you’re on your trip, and now it’s up to you to track him down.

To find your grandfather and turn on the lights in a world constructed entirely of cardboard and paper, you’ll have to use your puzzle-solving skills to your advantage.

Lume has stunning aesthetics, a compelling plot, and engaging gameplay.

3. Forever Lost

For all you die-hard puzzle game fans, Forever Lost is an incredible 3D video game.

The game consists of several episodes, each containing several complex puzzles.

There’s a frightening abandoned hospital setting, and you play as a character who wakes up without a clue as to where he is or how he got there; you have to locate the answers by solving some challenging puzzles so you can figure out what happened and get out.

To escape the facility in Forever Lost, you must first explore it, interact with things, locate clues, complete challenging puzzles in a scary setting, fill your inventory for subsequent problems, and advance.

Forever Lost are a great game with a spooky atmosphere, stunning ghostly images, a well-written and detailed plot, and engaging gameplay.

4. The Room: Old Sins

Fireproof Games created and released The Room: Old Sins, a single-player adventure, puzzle, hidden object, and heist game.

The player is placed in the unusual position of combining exploration by touch with an exciting narrative and intricate riddles.

The plot revolves around the search for a priceless relic after the disappearance of an engineer and his wife.

The player uncovers the mysteries of the Manor by exploring its many foreboding areas, following its trail of clues, and using its various mechanical devices.

The game’s goal is to control a dollhouse of numerous rooms, each opening into a magnificent new world.

Throughout the game, the player inspects numerous objects to unearth secret items.

The player’s progress can be synced across devices to complete objectives on his playable machines.

Features that set The Room: Old Sins apart from its competitors include an “Ultimate Puzzle Box,” a “Pick Up and Play” interface, “Intuitive Touch Controls,” “Atmospheric Audio,” and more.

5. The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story is an excellent adventure and puzzle game.

In the game, you’ll explore a Tiny Planet, the habitat of little beings, and the scene of a once-beautiful paradise destroyed by a meteor shower.

Now that you’ve saved the world, it’s up to you to make everyone happy again.

The objective of the game is to travel around the world, fix broken machines by solving tricky and exciting puzzles, help other players out by solving their puzzles, find and collect various objects that will help you solve some puzzles in the future, and generally have a great time while doing all of this.

The Tiny Bang Tale is an excellent video game that’s a lot of fun to play because of its engaging story, beautiful graphics, realistic noises, and complex controls.

6. Accounting+

Crows Crows Crows created and released the action-adventure, VR horror, and single-player simulation Accounting+.

The player is contacted by two accountants, Dominik Johann and William Pugh, and introduced to them in a basement office as a potential participant in an experimental study.

As a result, the player is urged to don a virtual reality headset.

The player’s new perspective on life will be born during his time with two accountants in the game.

The player should know the potential threats he will encounter before starting the game.

The accountants initially call the player on a regular phone to express their alarm over a failed trial.

The player then enters a back alley inhabited by four animal-like thugs called Ming, Zing, Ging, and Ding.

Space’s void, achievements, standing mode, playing after midnight, and other perils await the player throughout the game.

7. Ether One

White Paper Games developed Ether One, a first-person perspective adventure game with a VR (virtual reality) twist with a single-player focus on walking.

The player assumes the role of the game’s protagonist, Restorer, whose primary objective is to probe the mind of Jean Thompson, a demented 69-year-old.

The player faces increasing difficulty as they progress through the game’s challenging challenges and try to piece together the older woman’s memories using 3D simulations of the features she can remember in the town of Pinwheel.

The game combines aspects of first-person exploration with those of puzzle-solving.

The player can transport themselves into the mind of a mentally sick elderly woman.

From his first-person perspective, he can change the landscape, interact with items, and explore the expansive globe in search of answers to the game’s challenging puzzles.

Fundamental gameplay elements can be found in Ether On, such as First-Person Adventure, Open Narrative Exploration, Puzzle Solving, and more. Go there, and have a good time.

8. Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness

Cryo Interactive and Microids released Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness, a single-player adventure game with point-and-click and exploration elements.

The player enters the fictional world of Necronomicon and assumes the role of a scholar named William H. Stanton, who finds himself unexpectedly drawn into the underworld of the occult.

Stanton is in his drawing room in the pivotal year of 1927 when his best friend from childhood, Edgar, unexpectedly knocks on the door.

The protagonist’s devastated friend gives him a metal pyramid and warns him not to give it to anybody else in the novel.

The doctor visits Stanton after witnessing his friend’s deteriorating condition and breaks the news that Stanton’s friend has lost his mind.

Stanton realizes now that there must be more to the story, so he sets out to find Edgar, only to uncover a horrible secret that affects the entire human race.

Core features in Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness include 18 documents the player can access at any moment, helpful videos, more texts, enhanced sound design, and more.

9. Receiver

Video game developer and publisher Wolfire Games’ Receiver is one of the first-person games like Agent A.

The game’s reloading system is meant to mimic the real thing, including a button for each of the reloading process’s steps.

Players explore a procedurally created world in search of audio cassettes and other things that will reveal the game’s plot.

You can find flashlights and weapons strewn over the world.

At the game’s outset, the player chooses between three handguns: a Colt M1911A1 pistol, a Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver, or a Fire Glock 17 pistol.

At the beginning of the game, the player is tasked with using the flashlight to look for audio tapes while armed with a random supply of spare magazines and ammunition for his pistol.

While exploring the terrain, the player will come across sentry turrets and hover drones that will actively try to destroy them.

The receiver is the best game because of how well it immerses players, how well it plays, and how beautiful it looks.

10. Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel

In 1989, Cyan Worlds released the adventure, point-and-click, and single-player video game Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel.

The main character, Osmo, is a peculiar creature you’ll be playing with.

The primary goal is to successfully pilot the starship through the galaxy and fulfill the required missions.

Seven different planets populate the game’s interstellar setting, and each one is more ridiculous than the last.

The journey and the discoveries it leads to are more important than any obstacles or victories.

At the outset, you board a floating spaceship that has been animated for your viewing pleasure.

A variety of actions are available within the spaceship.

The player is given the power to travel to numerous planets thanks to the spaceship.

It has 2D visuals and a monochrome setting when you first start playing.

The point-and-click interface allows you to manipulate the world and its contents to achieve game objectives.

11. deOrbit

Zero Dollarz created and published SCS deOrbit, an action-adventure, and single-player simulation.

The game features non-linear and non-combat gameplay based on a touch of horror, exploration, limited saves, and puzzle-solving.

The player assumes the protagonist’s character and finds himself in a damaged space colony with limited resources (including oxygen and power) and no easy way out.

The player has access to all four of the available narrative paths and all of their respective mysteries.

From a first-person perspective, the player investigates the expansive world, interacting with objects and NPCs to solve puzzles, gather data, repair items, explore new areas, and more.

You may expect many features in SCS deorbit, such as Physics-based Destruction, No Mouse Acceleration, Challenging Gameplay, 3 Difficulty Modes, and more.

12. Achievement Creator

Drunken Apes’ Achievement Creator is a sandbox, puzzle, atmospheric, single-player simulation available on various platforms.

The game’s action takes place in a 3D museum, and the player assumes the role of the protagonist.

It’s up to the player to unlock the secret areas and earn all of the game’s achievements.

The player can unwind while exploring a 3D art gallery in pursuit of the elusive freaking cheese.

The player explored a well-detailed museum stuffed with works of art, antiques, and more.

The gameplay takes place throughout several levels, each with its unique set of tricky riddles that the player must solve at all costs.

The game features new achievements every day; the player can use this time to unwind by playing.

There are several notable additions to Achievement Creator. You have to give it a shot to see how much you enjoy it.

13. Doors and Rooms

The game’s graphic style is reminiscent of The Room, and it features the same type of gameplay, in which you must solve incredibly difficult and convoluted riddles to escape the hellish environment that has been constructed using doors and rooms.

The game’s goal is to get out of the closed facility by exploring it, interacting with objects, collecting objects and clues, and then using them to solve a series of increasingly tricky riddles.

Doors and Rooms is one of the top 3D Puzzle Adventure games of all time due to its wide variety of puzzle kinds (inventory, number, logical based, etc.), the vast array of settings, gorgeously twisted and hauntingly fantastic scenery, great visuals, sounds, and amazingly engrossing gameplay.

14. Roombreak: Escape Now

Roombreak: Escape Now is a fantastic game if you enjoy adventure and puzzle titles focusing on escaping rooms.

Playing as any of the game’s six stunning heroines, you’ll embark on an adventure through a series of the most mind-bogglingly tricky puzzles ever devised. Each episode features a unique puzzle game, environment, etc.

The material and riddles of Roombreak: Escape Now is unlike anything else on the market.

There is one characteristic that all episodes centered on individual characters have in common.

In each episode, you’ll discover all the characters confined behind doors. It’ll be up to you to help them escape by interacting with things, gathering collectibles, and solving puzzles using a combination or selecting the items you’ve collected.

Hidden Object Finding tasks are optional challenges to immerse you in the game further and extend your enjoyment.

Roombreak: Escape Now features 16 unique episodes, an enormous number of demanding riddles to solve, a wonderful mix of inventory-based and hidden object puzzles, multiple difficulty levels, stunning visuals, and a fantastic gameplay experience.

15. Escape Titanic

Amazingly engaging and challenging, Escape Titanic is a puzzle adventure game and stands 15 in the list of games like Agent A.

As the name suggests, players can make their way off the mighty historical ship Titanic. The game also features several extra puzzles to spice up the experience.

The Titanic video game transports players aboard the doomed ship with its engaging gameplay, beautiful environments, and captivating narrative.

The game’s objective is to look around the ship, find a way to stop the water from leaking into the chamber by completing tricky timed puzzles, and then plot an escape using the stuff you’ve seen and gathered.

You’ll have to acquire goods from throughout the ship, solve riddles specific to each room (such as the Engine Room, the Luggage Storage Room, the Guest Rooms, etc.), and make your way to safety before the ship goes down.

Escape the Titanic is a fantastic room escape and puzzle game that stands out from the crowd because of its excellent story, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay.

16. Mystery of Time and Space

Albartus Games’ Mystery of Time and Space is an excellently rugged Puzzle Adventure.

Mystery of Time and Space provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience across its 20 challenging levels with its blend of Room Escaping puzzles, Hidden Object games, and other forms of greatness.

The player begins the game by awakening in a locked chamber, oblivious to the events that led to their unconscious state.

In the game, your goal is to get up, look around, interact with things, find anything of value, and then plot your escape by assembling or combining items to overcome various challenges and get to the next level.

Mystery of Time and Space has many fascinating features, including difficulties, gorgeous images, a compelling tale, and plenty of other stuff.

17. The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour is an excellent continuation of The 7th Guest series.

In this sequel to the excellent Puzzle Adventure game, you will be taken to an old mansion, locked up securely, and given a chance to escape by solving a series of complicated riddles.

You play the role of Carl Denning Jr., the famous TV host of the mystery show Case Unsolved.

Now that your lover and the producer have vanished without a trace, it is your responsibility to uncover the truth.

If you want to uncover the truth, The 11th Hour will transport you to the abandoned estate and give you some exciting and challenging riddles to solve.

The game’s most challenging tasks will require you to interact with, gather, and creatively use several things, either in tandem or alone, to get a solution.

The 11th Hour is a fantastic Adventure and Puzzle video game with various challenging puzzles, the most unsettling location, stunning visuals, a satisfying story, and fascinating gameplay.

18. The Eyes of Ara

100 Stones Interactive developed and published The Eyes of Ara, a single-player, point-and-click puzzle adventure game with hidden object gameplay.

The game takes place on a mysterious island where historic fortresses, legendary legends, and bizarre beasts await you.

The island has been peaceful and undiscovered for years, yet locals still talk about the terrifying tales of ghosts, storms, and dancing in the fog.

After receiving a radio transmission stating that a weird creature has awakened inside the castle, the people feel obligated to send someone there to learn more.

By assuming the role of the protagonist, you’ll be tasked with exploring the environment in first-person, gathering information, and applying it to puzzles.

There is a wide range of difficulties, with each level having its own set of objectives that must be met before moving on.

Tactile gameplay is available, including intricate puzzles, environment interaction, hands-on experience, and more.

Key characteristics in The Eyes of Ara include an interactive environment, tactile gameplay, a simple user interface, and a wealth of hidden secrets.

19. Doors

Calvin Weibel created and released Doors which is one of the best games like Agent A. It is a game that combines elements of adventure, puzzle, horror, and single-player strategy.

You play the lead part in this game, which takes place in a beautiful but bizarre universe.

From a first-person perspective, you must explore a strange planet in search of bacon.

The world is rife with challenging riddles and a wide range of difficulties.

Each stage has a variety of exits, some of which lead to bacon but most end in failure.

Discover your location on this unfamiliar planet and the hidden truth behind the events unfolding before you.

The Stanley Parable, Limbo, and the Portal series are inspirations for the gameplay.

Two colored doors, such as red and blue, will appear at the start of the game, and you’ll have to choose one to proceed.

If you pick the right door, you get bacon and riddles to solve to rack up points; if you choose the wrong door, you die.

There are various unique elements available in Doors, including eerie settings, a wide variety of doors, challenging puzzles, and more. Give it a shot; I think you’ll like it.

20. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Snapbreak’s Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is a first-person perspective, adventure, exploration, and puzzle game available on Android and iOS.

Superb environments await discovery as you work your way through challenging riddles.

It’s the follow-up to one of the best Escape games, and it’ll test players’ puzzle-solving skills.

The protagonist’s father disappears, and the plot unfolds around him and his search for him.

In order to find the father, the player takes on the role of this guy.

The player must solve a series of riddles before progressing to the next level, and there are multiple levels to choose from.

Once all of the problems have been solved, the final gateway will open, and the player will be transported to a brand new continent where they can explore brand new temples and frosty.

You must delve into his family and personal history to learn the father’s identity.

The game offers the chance to complete up to nine difficult escape stages.

Essential aspects of Faraway 3: Arctic Escape include exotic locales, a continuing mystery, brand-new additions, and challenging challenges.

21. AntVentor

LoopyMood’s AntVentor is a multi-platform adventure, puzzle, point-and-click, single-player video game.

Exciting gameplay is included, with players taking on the role of an ant and free to roam the globe.

A fascinating adventure set in a realistic world, the game is the prologue to a trilogy centered on the protagonist, an ant.

The protagonist of this tale is an inventive ant of very modest stature who harbors lofty ambitions.

He had a quiet life before you came along and destroyed his mechanism and goals.

It is now your responsibility to do all it takes to help an ant get back to his tranquil lifestyle and realize a lifelong ambition.

You and your teammate(s) will face challenges and go on incredible adventures beginning with this very chapter.

A few of AntVentor’s many notable aspects are its original atmospheric music, its humorous moments, its macroworld, its vast and tiny inhabitants, and its many other inhabitants.

22. What Never Was

What Never Was is a first-person puzzle adventure game featuring elements of atmosphere, mystery, and a walking simulator.

The game is single-player only.

Acke Hallgren created and released the game for PC and Mac.

At the end of the 20th century, an elderly gentleman named Howard James Wright passed away.

He’s taking his granddaughter Sara, along with many stories and treasures.

You will be the game’s female protagonist, who discovers that not everything is as it seems as she explores her grandfather’s attic.

It’s a first-person perspective game with a heavy emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving, allowing you to enjoy a fresh take on the genre.

By cleaning out the grandfather’s attic, you can accomplish several objectives.

As you progress through the game and the complexity rises, they can enjoy story-driven gameplay with a challenging edge.

23. Puzzle House: Mystery Rising

Puga Puma’s Puzzle House: Mystery Rising is a fantastic 3D Puzzle video game.

You can have a fantastic gaming experience while tackling puzzles that are both exceedingly difficult and astounding in their complexity.

You begin the game on your front porch, where a drone has just crashed through the wall next to you.

Your mission is to take it apart, fix it, put it back together, connect it to a tablet, and then use it to learn about alien technology, solve mind-boggling riddles, and have fun.

With style combining elements from Myst and The Room, Puzzle House: Mystery Rising forces you to pay close attention to your environment and the objects in it to solve the various riddles you’ll encounter.

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising is a terrific game to play and enjoy thanks to its impressive number of challenging puzzles, best-ever visuals for a 3D puzzle game, fantastic gameplay, and many other great features.

24. The Heist

The Heist is a fantastic third-person action/adventure/puzzle video game with a challenging and enjoyable physics-based gameplay system.

The Heist’s blend of puzzle genres makes for a complex and entertaining set of puzzles that will keep you glued to your device for hours.

The Heist offers some light, casual gaming in which the player’s objective is to crack a safe by listening to and following the phone instructions of the game’s main character, Sophia.

How you break into the safe is entirely dependent on your puzzle-solving skills.

The game’s difficulty ramps gradually, allowing you to challenge yourself with increasingly complex riddles as you progress.

The Heist is a fun puzzle game with many problems (including unblocking puzzles, rearranging puzzles, block moving puzzles, rebuilding puzzles, symbol matching puzzles, and many more).

25. The Room

Fireproof Games created the 3D puzzle, adventure, and mystery video game The Room.

There is a lot of clever and challenging gameplay in this game, as you must make your way through a series of boxes held together by various complicated physical systems.

To gain access to the locked chests, you must decipher cryptic puzzles.

A new mystery is waiting inside each box to push your character to the next level. In addition, it has a tutorial mode where players can get acquainted with the many game settings and improve their abilities.

It has multiple levels of engaging challenges that will not let you take your attention away from the screen.

It has photorealistic visuals that give you an authentic look at the game’s different worlds.

In addition, the incredible hidden features of each level make it very difficult for the player to put the game down. Start playing now to give yourself a higher dosage of amusement while also solving puzzling mysteries.

26. Starship Titanic

The Digital Village and Nightdive Studios’ Starship Titanic is a point-and-click graphics adventure and single-player puzzle video game.

The game’s setting is a massive spacecraft, and the player’s mission is to fix it by locating the missing pieces of the control system.

The core gameplay mechanic is interacting with bots inside the ship and figuring out the complex puzzles.

The text parser is introduced, allowing player interaction with NPCs like that of earlier Adventure games.

In the story’s beginning, the player character’s home on Earth is destroyed when a cruise ship crashes through the ceiling. From this first-person perspective, you’ll be able to navigate the ship by clicking on various areas and proceeding to the next frame.

Using the mouse, you can select an item, add it to your inventory, and utilize it later.

You will be equipped with a PET (Person Electronic Thing) at the game’s outset, which functions as a menu and toolbar. You can use the gadget in various ways, like as a remote thingy, a chat machine, a designer room number, and your luggage.

27. Titanic Honor and Glory

Vintage Digital Revival’s Titanic: Honor and Glory is a single-player, point-and-click adventure game.

The game is set in a made-up version of New York City circa 1912.

The player assumes the character of Owen Robert Morgan, a friend he’s been meaning to see but ends up wrongly accused of a horrible crime he didn’t commit. The player must battle to join the criminals on board to clear his name.

Once the player has boarded the ship, he must complete various objectives to progress through the game.

The player has two hours and forty minutes to solve the complex puzzle and apprehend the true villains. Tour, Simulator, and Multiplayer modes are available. The user has the opportunity to steer the Titanic ship over the vast ocean in Simulator mode and can explore the city and ship at their own pace in Tour mode, which is similar to but not identical to the Story mode.

Titanic Honor and Glory is the best video game because it presents a challenging experience with fantastic mechanics and easy-to-use but responsive controls.

28. Tales of Escape

Developed and released by OnSkull Games for Microsoft Windows, Tales of Escape features Adventure, Puzzle, Co-op, Single-player, and Multiplayer modes.

You can gather your buddies and choose which story to play from a variety of experiences brought to VR in this game.

You will face a choice throughout gameplay: race against the clock to solve the intricate puzzles and escape the room as quickly as possible, or take your time and enjoy the epic story that unfolds before them.

The game’s epic tale revolves around 1964 when a landslide at the black rock mine trapped gold and people underground.

The legend is that ever since the miners were trapped within, they have been watching over the gold like the walking dead.

Many daring individuals have tried and failed to reach the gold. After many failed efforts, the player finally discovers an abandoned passageway that leads deeper into the mine; however, a landslide traps the player.

29. The House of Da Vinci

Blue Brain Games’ The House of Da Vinci is a multi-platform adventure puzzle-strategy-single-player video game.

The player explores a beautiful universe in search of mechanical puzzles, hidden things, and an exit from each room.

You will have to use wits to discover the master’s whereabouts and the reason for his abduction.

It provides a real-world setting in which the user can examine physical objects for hints and apply their reasoning skills to logical puzzles to advance in the game and get experience and points.

More content will become available as you complete puzzles and reach new levels.

There will be twisters and tricky puzzles based on a concept created by Leonardo. You will travel around Leonardo’s workshop, where you will find various mechanical puzzles, lock boxes, and weapons.

Features such as “Intuitive touch Controls,” “Peek into the Past,” “Experience the Renaissance,” “Master Unique Mechanics,” etc.

30. Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure

Kheops Studio and The Adventure Company’s Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure is a single-player video game focused on adventure themes.

As a follow-up to Daydream Software’s 1997 game Safecracker, this one acts as its successor.

It combines first-person perspective with puzzle and adventure gameplay, with the player free to roam a 3D world in search of locked chests to unlock.

Each safe in the game has its unique look and feel.

The novel’s protagonist is a safecracker that oil tycoon and billionaire Duncan W. Adams hires to breach his dead wife’s safe.

The goal is to crack over 35 safes that belonged to Duncan W. Adams to find his will.

You must use your knowledge, puzzle-solving skills, and wits to open each safe and collect the cash inside.

You’ll need to break the safe on each of the many difficulties and complete a series of tricky tasks.

Truly Unique Puzzles, Thirty Lavish, Intriguing Rooms, Non-linear Exploration, and More Are Just a Few of the Standout Features in Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure.

31. The Room Three

Developed and released by Fireproof Games for Android and iOS, The Room Three is a puzzle game with a first-person perspective and a single-player mode.

The Room Three takes set in a fully 3D world and features an extensive storyline across numerous chapters.

Every stage has a huge area to investigate and puzzle out.

It features the same mechanics as the previous games and allows the player to roam the hub in search of the necessary objects to progress to the next area.

The player manipulates various elements by swiping the screen by turning keys or flipping switches.

The protagonist and some of his friends are seated on a train, and the game’s tutorial begins there.

You must discover objects and use them to solve challenging puzzles while competing for the highest possible score throughout many stages.

Expanded locations, intricate objects, intuitive controls, atmospheric soundtracks, magnified worlds, and more are notable aspects of The Room Three.

32. The Last Express

Smoke Car Productions and Interplay Entertainment developed and launched the single-player adventure game The Last Express.

In the game, you play the role of an American protagonist with orders to board the Orient Express in the days before World War I breaks out.

The game’s events take place in real-time, and the tale can be completed in any order you choose.

You must control the first-person exploration of the train’s interior, with third-person cutscenes providing context.

The game’s setting is entirely real-time.

The game’s plot takes place on the final trip the Orient Express ever completed, from Paris to Constantinople, in 1914.

The train is the setting for most of the action, with two baggage trailers, two sleeping cars, a restaurant car, and a private car.

To progress through the game’s levels, you must discover new areas, speak with new NPCs, and work hard to solve increasingly tricky riddles.

The Last Express is the best game because it has addicting gameplay, beautiful visuals, and simple controls.

33. I Expect You to Die

Schell Games created and released I Expect You to Die, a first-person puzzle, virtual reality, and single-player video game.

You will assume the role of James Bond, a secret agent, and must accomplish increasingly complex missions.

The game will present several challenging puzzle scenarios, such as crashing an airplane with a car or rescuing a sunken submarine.

Many things will happen; most have strict deadlines and require immediate action.

There are a ton of riddles where you have to find out what an object is by manipulating your surroundings.

As you advance through the game, the difficulty of the levels will rise.

I Expect You to Die is an action-packed video game you should play because of its outstanding gameplay, rich graphics, and excellent controls.

34. Legend of the Skyfish

Developed by Mgaia Studio and published by Crescent Moon Games, Legend of the Skyfish is a puzzle-based adventure game with a female protagonist on a 2D, single-player platform.

It’s set in a breathtaking location, and it’s a gorgeous puzzle adventure game where you solve puzzles with unique weapons and items.

The game’s story centers on Red Hook, a brave young hero who teams up with the Moonwhale to defeat the evil Skyfish.

You can use your fishing rod or a grappling hook as your primary weapon while adventuring around the game world.

The game features gorgeous hand-painted imagery and an action-puzzle mechanic with original foes.

Your goal will be to eliminate the giant bosses across the game’s 45 constructed levels to unlock rewards.

Notable elements in Legend of the Skyfish include a grappling hook mechanism, an epic boss fight, various items, challenging puzzles, and 45 hand-crafted levels.

35. Faraway 2: Jungle Escape

Snapbreak’s Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is a 3D puzzle game with first-person perspective gameplay and single-player mode.

You can make your way out of the game’s every temple, each of which presents a unique set of perplexing puzzles and tests. Your puzzle-solving abilities will be tested for sure.

Your outlook will shift, and you’ll enjoy plenty of fantastic gaming for hours.

The action, which takes place in a 3D landscape with over eighteen distinct temples accessible from a first-person perspective, is puzzle-based.

There are more than nine completely free levels in the game, each of which transports the player to a different, fascinating world full of rooms. The player must discover the level’s secrets and solve the level’s ambient riddles to progress to the next level.

Highlights of Faraway 2: Jungle Escape include updated support for widescreen displays, a rich environment, challenging puzzles, and an intriguing narrative.


We hope you have discovered enough games like Agent A. Now, you won’t run out of them. Isn’t it exciting? Wish you all the best for your next adventure!

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Muazma Batool is a sought-after ghostwriter who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project, helping authors and thought leaders share their ideas with the world in a compelling and authentic way.

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