15 Best Games Like APB Reloaded in 2022

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APB Reloaded is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Online, Open-World, MMO shooter video game developed by Realtime Worlds and acquired by Reload Productions. Users can play either a law-enforcing character or a rebellion that breaks the law depending upon their choice.

During gameplay, gamers have to shoot their way through driving in the storm of arrows and weapons of the enemies in the San Paro city. You can climb through the ranks of your faction by defeating enemies to unlock the most advanced heavy weaponry, which makes you an unstoppable force whether to uphold or break the law.

APB Reloaded Overview

APB Reloaded is a tactically advanced game during which players have to endure the attacks of the opposite team while managing to complete the series of objectives. Players have to purchase and upgrade weapons, clothing from the contacts, and vending machines.


Gamers can cosplay as one of their favorite characters by customizing their appearance in APB Reloaded. Players can create a playlist of their favorite music to be played in the background, and the game offers a built-in feature to which enemies will listen to a particular line when they kill them.

It has an in-game music system that resembles Grand Auto Theft gameplay. Real-time PVP mode allows you to experience the best fights against opposing teams’ players with the most insane car chases and massive shootouts that have only been featured in Hollywood blockbuster high-budgeted pictures.


List of Games Like APB Reloaded

Most of the MMO third-person shooting games provide an arena for players to fight against each other. However, some of the best shooting games like APB allow gamers to create their players, customize their cosplay, complete different quests, and experience the most vicious PVP fights with upgraded weapons.

Some of the top alternative games that users can play aside from APB Reloaded have been put together. Gamers can start their adventures through these games that are similar to it, and some of these games even stand out in their features compared to the APB Reloaded.

1. CrimeCraft

CrimeCraft, like APB Reloaded, is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Shooting, and Multiplayer video game developed by Vogster Entertainment and published by TNQ Inc. Unlike many other MMOFPS games that mostly provide shooter arenas to play, it lets you customize your character according to your requirements.

The gameplay follows an episodic story that makes your gaming adventure more interesting. Players can experience the most intensive shooter arena battle with their weapons. In CrimeCraft, a player’s life bears less importance than his reputation, so be very careful while choosing your factions.

Most of the story in this game is based in Sunrise City, where you can complete your quest alone or joint ventures with other players with upgraded weapons. Join the biggest online platform of players, make your gang with the best players and kill the competition.


  • Fight for Turf
  • Global Tournaments
  • PVP Customization
  • Lobby Socialization
  • Improved Character Customization
  • More Campaigns

2. Global Agenda: Free Agent

Global Agenda: Free Agent is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Science Fictional, Online MMO, Shooting video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studio. It provides the best customization features for player appearance, and all the player’s items can be customized using special color dyes by advanced personalization.

Its gameplay features the Dome City and an open lobby for online players to explore, shop, and boost characters who can use jetpacks. This game offers two open-world play zones like the Sonoran Desert and North Sonora.

Players can also participate in Global Agenda’s guild-competitive mode, featuring agency vs. agency matches. Global Agenda features the four classes, Assault, Medic, Recon, and Robotics. The player can access all the skills from all four types to create four dedicated characters for each category.


  • Mercenary Mode
  • Special Ops Gameplay
  • Player vs. Player Arena
  • Agency vs. Agency Mode

3. WolfTeam

WolfTeam is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Indie, Single-player, and Multiplayer combat game developed and published by Softnyx. Like the name for the game suggests, you play like wolves hunt in packs, and have each other’s backs when in mortal danger.

In the game, players can customize characters to the best of their appearances and upgrade weapons. In the gameplay, the character can fight as a human and a WereWolf. If you love to play in a team and want to lead the squad of your most skillful friends online, then this is the perfect game.

While playing as a human, gamers have a great arsenal of weapons and can target their opponent from a long distance. However, while the character is in WereWolf form, it has short-distance deadly attack capability but can attack with speed and strength.


  • Fast FPS
  • Modern Weapons
  • Transformation into WereWolf
  • Different Layouts and Sizes

Download: WolfTeam for Windows

4. War Inc. Battlezone

War Inc. Battlezone is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Tactical, MMO, Multiplayer game developed and published by Online Warmongers Group Inc. The game lets users customize the character, upgrade weapons, add useful tactical skills, and even allows the freedom to change the character’s appearance.

You can participate in session-based different games modes in para-military modes and maps. This game offers the versatility to upgrade the player, and the gamers can even create their mercenary corporation.

In addition to the leaderboard, social features enhance the awesome gameplay experience. Gamers will have the best arsenal of support to attack the enemies using UAVs, calling airstrikes in the most crowded enemy territory, and even driving APCs for rescue missions.


  • Assault Mode
  • Battlefield Medics
  • Weapons Customizations

5. Will To Live

Will to Live is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, MMORPG shooter game developed and published by AlphaSoft LLC. Players can explore the world, engage in the most gruesome fights with mutants and other survivors, and join the clans to survive the most difficult circumstances of the game.

The player has to endure the harshest conditions during the gameplay by traveling through the wastelands, radiations, armed survivors, and dangerous places. In addition to the harshest environmental conditions, the player will be at their limit due to hunger, thirst, and dangerous anomalies.

Such conditions make you pay attention to every step you take throughout the game. You can explore the map of the “Will to Live,” make clans of friends, discover your mortal enemies, complete quests and make trades with other players to upgrade your arsenal.


  • Sophisticated World History
  • Large and Open World
  • Raid Monsters
  • Realistic Ballistic Weapon
  • Role-Playing Model

Download: Will to Live for Windows

6. Loadout

Loadout is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Indie, Multiplayer shooter game developed and published by Edge of Reality. The earlier version of the game was for Windows, which then was co-published by PlayStation 4. The game features Death Snatch, Blitz, Jackhammer, Annihilation, and Extraction mode.

Just like APB Reloaded, the gameplay mostly focuses on the arcade-type fighting style for multiplayer using different modes and features an over-the-top cartoon gore and wealth customization option. Most of the modes emphasized collecting Blutonium, a fictional element.

You can add scores to your team’s leaderboard by collecting the vials of Blutonium from the dead bodies of enemies you killed. If a player is selected as a collector in the Extraction Mode, he must travel across the map to collect Blutonium and drop it into baskets.


  • Death Snatch
  • Jackhammer
  • Annihilation Based Plot
  • Information Extraction

Download: Loadout for Windows

7. Black Squad

Black Squad is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Free-t0-Play, Open-World, Multiplayer game developed by VALOFE, NS Studio, and published by VALOFE, Neowiz Games. Players can master their skills by shooting their way up the leaderboard using a variety of game maps, modes, and weapons of their choice.

The game is for Windows operating systems and requires a high-performance graphics card. You have to make the best strategy against your enemies to help your squad. A maximum of thirty-two players can participate in the game’s versus mode, while only four can play in co-op mode.

The game pits two teams, Peacemaker and Viper Circle, against each other, where players can call airstrikes and artillery supports based on the skill systems. The players can upgrade their skill set by completing the new missions daily.


  • 10 Game Modes
  • Custom Game Creation
  • 48 Maps to Master
  • 10 Characters to Collect

Download: Black Squad for Windows

8. Unturned

Unturned is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Free-to-Play, Indie, Survival-Horror game developed and published by Smartly Dressed Games. It’s an amazing game to play where you can go gun blazing, attracting every living or dead thing, or you can sneak past the heavily infested zombie area.

Players can learn some pretty amazing skills to counter invisibility, fire breathing, and lightning attacks. Zombie will make your life very hard, and you have to survive in the wild while foraging the vegetables and fruits, hunting the animals for food and pelts in one of the most hostile environments.

The character has to find shelter and warmth in most of the worst blizzards in the gameplay. Plant the crop and ensure that it gets the proper rain for growth. You also have to deal with other players and make friends and enemies online.


  • Survival Mode
  • Struggle Against Nature
  • Fortify Your Stronghold
  • MOD Everything
  • Travel by Land, Air, and Sea
  • PVP Mode

Download: Unturned for Windows | Xbox

9. Robo Smasher

Robo Smasher is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Moving-Block based, MMO shooter game developed by Kru Interactive. The game features a super-deformed cartoon theme suitable for players of all ages. It lets players battle up to six people by controlling an avatar-piloted robot.

The goal of each game is to knock out the opponent, and players can knock out opponents using punch cannons or instantly beat them by strategically moving surrounding blocks. Four different match modes for players to choose from offers variety and make gameplay more interesting.


  • Knockout Opponents
  • Blast Punches
  • Moving Block Strategy
  • Different Avatar-Piloted Robots

10. Double Action

Double Action is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Indie, Free-to-Play, and Multiplayer game developed and published by Double Action Factory. Players can experience the most thrilling fighting actions that they only imagine to be featured in Hollywood blockbusters.

If you have ever played and been fascinated by Max Payne and enjoyed the authentic shooting experience, this game gives you exactly that. It is the most stylish game which provides the best styles suited to your skillset. The game features diving, flipping, and sliding your way into action-packed mayhem.

In this game, players fight to survive various checkpoints, hunt wanted criminals, and capture the briefcases with a handful of money. You can slow the time by the “bullet time” feature and nail the perfect shot with added visual effects, making the gameplay most intriguing.


  • Bullet Time
  • Style Points
  • Customizable Loadout
  • Unique Skills

11. Terminal Illness

Terminal Illness is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Horror-Rogue shooter game developed by Flgaming. You have to investigate, solve puzzles, find room codes and weapons, and extract the organism samples. The game focuses on the Terminal 25B research team, which had some horrible incidence in outer space.

Users have to venture through Terminal B, keeping their eye out for any imminent danger that is always lurking in the dark. Players have three lethal weapons to defend you from the enemies that most creep up on you in a dark environment.

Carefully look for the room codes and missing electricity fuses in the dark and notice any noises. If you are unsuccessful in finding any room keys, look for lock picks, and once you pick the lock, gather any useful information that helps complete the mission.


  • Rogue Horror
  • First Person Shooting
  • Special Weapons
  • Multiple Puzzles to Solve
  • Lock Picking System

Download: Terminal Illness for Windows

12. GangV Civil Battle Royale

GangV Civil Battle Royale is a 3D, Action-Adventure, MMO, Open-World game developed and published by raptor lab. Users have to start with their vehicle on a wild starting block against their online opponents and manage to be among the last ones to survive.

GangV features the best high-speed chases in the middle of the traffic featuring many different cars, planes, boats, and even helicopters. The game will require your best shooting and piloting skills to complete the missions successfully.

However, characters have to be careful; your opponents may quickly spot your car while you start shooting your gun. They can upgrade their weapons by stealing from the dead bodies of your kills. The game lets you roam free and even run from law enforcement and avoid them by blending in the crowd.


  • Steal Your Loot
  • Fight and Run Away
  • Changing Seasons
  • Free-Roaming
  • VR Compatibility

Download: GangV Civil Battle Royale for Windows

13. Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a 3D, Action-Adventure, MMOG, Role-Playing game developed by Flying Lab. The players can choose their avatars for their careers while starting the game. Based on the career you prefer, you can acquire the relevant skills.

The player will be awarded one point with every successful up-gradation of his skills level, which can be spent differently depending upon the chosen career. Players can choose any avatar they want from a total of 45 careers, which you can not change later once you have selected your career.

You can select the career of Naval officer, Privateer, or Freetrader as one of the French, English, and Spanish nationals. The career options for pirates include cutthroat and buccaneer. Each player in the game can create up to seven different characters.


  • Port Governance
  • Avatar Skill Revision
  • Ship Combat Tunning
  • New Content

14. Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth is a First-Person, Action-Adventure, MMO, Post-Apocalyptic Incident based game developed and published by Fallen Earth, Icarus Studio, LLC. The gameplay features one of the few habitable places left in the world after the destruction of nuclear and bio-chemical weapons.

As a clone with an uncertain past, the player’s objective is to survive in a world filled with destruction, betrayal, and such alliances, which are not dependable. The player can explore, harvest, and stake their claim to over 1,000 square kilometers of harsh and mysterious territory.

The classless advancement and non-linear gameplay enable you to play the character you want. Join a random dynamic event to capture resources, conquer towns, capture and hold a Progress Town, fight through defenses, participate in the rich faction backstory, or make a living by selling what you pillage.


  • Grand Canyon Province
  • Blood Sport Matches
  • Nine Available Skills
  • Best PVP Matches
  • Two Safe Places

15. Saints Row IV

Saint Row IV is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Open-World game developed by Deep Silver Violation and published by Deep Silver. The game provides the player ability to explore the city of Steelport while completing the missions and side quests at the player’s leisure.

The player is selected as the President of the United States of America by dealing with the terrorist threat. The player has often been seen racing through different parts of the city in various shootouts with zombies and shootouts in the tanks.

The player’s character unlocks the elemental and superpowers that increase their ability to jump to large heights and run faster. The elemental powers include shooting fire and ice projectiles, telekinetically tossing things, and creating shockwaves upon landing jumps. The player can hop over buildings and outrun vehicles.


  • The American Dream
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Custom Weapon
  • Alien Toys of Destruction
  • Super Hero in-Chief

Download: Saints Row IV for Windows

Final Words

In this article best alternative games with their features are listed for the gamers who want to experience the same gaming adventure as playing APB Reloaded. The gamers who wish for the versatility of modes to play and customize their characters according to their likings.

Players can choose from this list to better experience third-person perspective featured games. Each game discussed in this list has its charms and special customization options, and you can find one of the best shooting games you have long been searching for.

Now, as your quest to find the best game that gives you the freedom to play with lots of options has been fulfilled, it’s time that you start your new pursuit by playing the best game that you like.

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