9 Best Games Like Enemy on Board in 2022

By Sanam Nayab • Updated on November 24, 2022

Enemy on Board is an Action-Adventure, Free to Play, Indie, Early Access, and Online Multiplayer video game developed and published by Windwalk Games. The online Multiplayer mode is made of eight members, such as six versus two players. In this social deduction game, where two random players are the Aliens imposters, and the other six players are crew members.

The crew’s goal is to find out which two players are Aliens, hunt them down and kill them. All players are repairing the spaceship generators to keep communication lines open to escape space isolation. Aliens can use all possible ways to destroy the crew members by creating chaos, and the remaining team wins the game.

You can choose one of many crew members, each with its unique abilities and benefits. You can make a strategy with your trusted teammates to kill the Aliens imposters. If you want to turn into a powerful cyborg to face Aliens, then you have to survive till the end. You can also play as a powerful Alien and destroy the crew with your deadly strategy.


By playing as an Alien, you can talk with your Alien partner in Alien voice chat, and you can gather evolution points using your Alien ability. After collecting enough evolution points, you can transform into a powerful Alien form to destroy the crew. Each powerful Alien has its special attack and the skill of its species.

Enemy on Board is a game of teamwork and trust for the ultimate goal that is survival. All players, whether they are Aliens or crew members, can use the built-in voice-chat option to communicate with each other. Even Aliens have their second channel for making strategy and communication. Just a piece of advice for you, it is best not to trust anyone while playing the game.


The game is real-time action combat with amazing graphics and interesting, challenging missions. You can level up your character and progress through the perk tree to gain an extra edge on your opponents. After winning the game, you discover different attack combos and show others that you are the best.

The core features of the game include Action-Packed matches with online multiplayer, deeply strategic gameplay, hidden roles, easy communication, and more. The minimum system requirements to play this game are Window 7+, 4GB RAM, 1GB free storage space, and DirectX version 11. This game is not for mobile phones, but you can only play this game on Microsoft windows.

List of Games Like Enemy on Board

No doubt Enemy on a board game is the best game due to its curious gameplay. This game is very interesting for both young and adults. Enemy on Boardgame is the best choice when looking to find a good online Action-Adventure multiplayer game. For Pc users, the game needs to play on Windows 7+ OS with at least 4GB RAM and some free storage space.

One of the main reasons to find Enemy on Boardgame alternatives is that this game has server problems and high system requirements. Due to the server problem, the game is not working properly. So player finds the alternatives to this game. The alternatives of this game are good because of having more features than this game. Enemy on Board has eight online players, but the alternative games have more than eight online players.

1. Suspicious

Suspicious is a Casual, Indie, and Massively Multiplayer video game developed and published by Suspicious. At the start of the game, each player is secretly assigned a role of an informed minority (the mafia) or an uninformed majority (the innocents). The game has two alternating phases, Night and Day. The game continues until the faction achieves its win condition for the town.

There are three objectives of the game. In town objective, the player wins the game by eliminating the evil minority by killing them during the night. In order to find out who is a part of the mafia, the player must read the last will of dead players. The player also writes his own previous will before dying.

In the mafia objective, the player wins by eliminating any rival group and kill town members. The players deceive their friends and kill them during the night. They also kill town members and frame the survivors. You can talk with other mafia members privately and make a plan for the present day. In a neutral objective, the player learns to survive without anyone.


  • Customize unique colors and cosmetics
  • In-game proximity voice chat
  • Cross-platform play between PC & VR

2. Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is an Action-Adventure, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Wildlife Studios. This game comes as an alternative to Enemy on Boardgame. While playing the game, you have been invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion.

You can play this game online with nine real players and solve the mysterious murder. You perform an investigation to find out the killer’s identity. But be careful, the killers are among the group, and they will do anything to stop the investigation.

During the gameplay, you and other players will discuss who might be the killer. Everyone is a suspect in the game, and you can discuss live with other players using the integrated voice chat feature. After discussing, the game will ask you to vote. Vote with your gut to find out the suspect from the mansion. If your decision was wrong, then killers win the game.

You can also play the game with your closest friends or other players with a similar skill level. The game is under constant development, and new maps, tasks, and features await you. Suspects is a game for all friends and family to enjoy together.


  • New and interesting maps
  • Video voice chat
  • Amazing graphic

3. Zombies Beyond Me

Zombies Beyond Me is a Casual, Free Play, Indie, Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Gabriel Alves and published by Painted Island Studio. The game is about survival, deception, and social manipulation. In the game, you work as a team to collect resources, weapons, and tools to escape the salty island.

But remember that communication is an important factor because there are traitors in your group who will do anything to ruin your escape and sacrifice the entire group of survivors.

You can play this game as a survivor, traitor, and zombie. As a survivor, your task is to find and create the tools needed to fix the island’s power generators. To survive, you must mine rocks, cut down trees, hunt animals and search for food in the abandoned buildings.

As a traitor, you must prevent the survivors from completing the objectives without being killed or recognized. You can use private text chat to communicate with your fellow traitors. You can use traitor credit to perform certain actions in the game. If you die, either as a survivor or traitor, you get a second chance as a zombie. Use this zombie form to help your companions without being killed by enemies as zombies.


  • Escaping
  • Play with friends and others
  • Mistrust is a part of the game
  • Various tools to communicate with your team.

4. Project Winter

Project Winter is an Action-Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy, and Multiplayer video game developed by Other Ocean interactives and published by the Other Ocean group. The game comes as an alternative to Enemy on board. In the game, the essential part for the survivors is communication and teamwork.

During the gameplay, your task is to gather resources, repair structures, and more. You have to be careful that traitors are among the group, and they will do anything to destroy your survival mission.

There are two roles in the game, the survivor and the traitor. As a survivor, you will have to complete the missions to call several rescue vehicles for escape and win the game. To survive in the game, you have to broke rocks, harvest berries, and herbs cut down the trees, and use them to repair the objectives to restore cabin radio.

As a traitor, your goal is to stop the survivors from escaping without being identified or killed. When the game starts, all of your teammates are identified by a red traitor symbol, much like yours. You can communicate with your teammates through the red radio. When you open traitor crates, you get rewards, points, and equipment to perform special actions.


  • Teamwork
  • Escaping
  • Communication
  • Customization

5. 恐惧之 间 Fear surrounds

恐惧之间 Fear surrounds is a Casual, Indie, RPG, First-person perspective, and Multiplayer video game developed by SaltyEgg Studio and published by Yooreka Studio. The game also has 3D horror werewolf characters. While playing the game, your task is to complete all missions and win the game.

In your group, the two people who possess evil spirits hide among you, and your job is to find out those people and finish them before they kill all other good people of the group.

This game comes as an alternative to Enemy on Board. You can play this game as a human, Evil, and priest. As a human, you have to be careful that everyone around you may be a werewolf, pay attention to their movements. Werewolves can only kill one person at a time. Whenever a player is killed, he must go to the conference room for a meeting, or else he will be swallowed up by the alien world and die.

As an evil, your task is to kill everyone and win the game. Be careful, do not get caught in the game when you kill people, and leave the place as soon as possible. While playing as a priest, you can check the identity of others at regular intervals and do not expose your identity.


  • Escaping
  • Interesting modes
  • Amazing graphics

6. Sweetlads’ Werewolf

Sweetlads’ Werewolf is a Casual, Role-playing game, Strategy, First-person perspective, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Sweetlads. The game comes as an alternative to Enemy on board but with more interesting features. The two modes of the game make him enjoyable and attractive.

It is a fast-paced game of deception based in the 16th century England. The game is still in progress, and developers do not give its final gameplay. After watching the game trailer, you observe that some werewolves have infiltrated the village and left people isolated in the deep woods.

You can play online with up to 24 players, communicating with the players through voice chat. The game votes are not confirmed until the end, and every second counts to state your innocence and share your theories. After starting the game, you will be assigned a random team, good or evil, and a random role.

The game has two repeating phases, day and night. The day begins with who was killed or survived last night, along with their last will, and the Night starts with who was hung during the day with his last will. The game also has roles like a villager, seer, bodyguard, martyr, witness, survivor, spy, and more.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Online PvP game
  • Different roles in the game

7. Coveneth

Coveneth is an Action-Adventure, Casual, Strategy, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by TheMadChemist. In this game, a town in a newly discovered land sits quietly on ancient magical artifacts, and villagers do not know about this town. A group of witches made headquarter in this town, and they kicked out the innocents. Your task is to play a role of a witch or a villager.

The game comes as an alternative to Enemy on board with low system requirements. The game includes some important rules to follow, which are as follows.

To play as a villager, your task is to eliminate all the Coven witches to win the game. You must complete all the missions or assigned quests; otherwise, the town will face ruin, resulting in an automatic loss. As a witch coven, your task is to eliminate all the villagers and destroy the town by completing the quests.

The gameplay is divided into episodes, in which both villagers and witch coven assigned their quests. Some players are assigned a role with additional victory conditions which may require them to betray members of their team. The entire village call for a meeting by ringing the church bell and allow the players to accuse each other of witchcraft.


  • First-person character control
  • In-game proximity VOIP
  • Item handling and inventory control
  • Customizable character appearance

8. Eternal Return

Eternal Return is early access, Action, RPG, strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Nimble Neuron. The game can be played as an alternative to Enemy on board with amazing graphics and low system requirements, and no server issues.

The game takes place on a deserted island named Lumia, the shady organization known as AGLAIA. This organization is conducting experiments on living human beings to find a new race of extraordinary humans. While playing the game, you can use different weapons and armor to fight against 17 other players solo or with friends and survive to be the last one standing.

The players search for materials, craft equipment or food, hunt wild animals, and track their enemies. The players can play as a duo or squad with their friends and discover different synergies and strategies as a team. They also use advanced weapons to fights against their enemies.

The players can teleport across the map with the Hyperloop, take down the boss, and share food with their friends. The advanced in-game elements allow you to take your game to the next level.


  • Strategic survival gameplay
  • Team modes
  • Tons of advanced items
  • Advanced in-game elements
  • Custom game option

9. Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Early Access, single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Dread Hunger Team and published by Digital Confectioners. In this game, you survive in the Arctic area by building a fire to stay warm, fend off wolves and other predators, and hunt for food to stay alive.

You can defeat your enemies by feeding them tainted food, train animals to attack them, hex them with blood magic, or, if you fail to do so, shoot them in the back.

This game is the best alternative to Enemy on board. During the gameplay, if you want to stay alive in an arctic area, you will have to make some grim choices for the food. You can also control a ship in the game, and if you want your boat moving, you have to find coal for the ship.

By adding coal to the ship, your task is to travel your ship to a safe place where you have plenty of food and other essentials things. You can Plan around a full day and night cycle, contend with unexpected whiteouts, and try to outrun a massive blizzard that looms over the expedition.


  • Survive from the arctic area
  • Online PVP
  • Betray your friends
  • Amazing graphics
  • Caption a ship

Final Words

Overall, Enemy on Board is the best online streaming game, and it is growing its features with every update. In its online multiplayer mode, eight players fight like the crew of six players versus two players. In the game, the random two players are Aliens imposters. The crew’s task is to kill those two Aliens and wins the game.

The developer and publisher Windwalk games made the game Enemy on Board for online streaming. It comes with the best features and usage. The privacy factors are always working and securing the game’s data on the server. Enemy on Board is not only the game, and there are other alternatives to it.

Few names for the game Enemy on Board alternative are; Suspicious, Suspects: Mystery Mansion, Zombies beyond me, and more. The Best Enemy on Board alternative for windows 10 is Sweetlads’ Werewolf and Eternal Return. As for playing these games, the user will require a fast-working PC.

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