15 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022


Polaroid Frame Apps are trending these days in many latest Smartphones. You do not need to purchase any kind of luxurious Polaroid Camera. You only have to install these fantastic apps into your phone and enjoy your vintage photos with light shading effects.

Furthermore, the pictures can be captured and edited quickly to create your favorite vintage effects. These Polaroid Frames are becoming more and more famous among teenagers. They often capture their moment and try to make a Garland of their memories.

It can be a fantastic decoration for your bedroom. Many Polaroid photos have unique frames that conjure a vintage effect. If you like to have your photos in these frames, many excellent applications can help you create numerous vintage photos. These applications and filters provide your pictures with a fleeting sense of nostalgia.


This is still fun for everyone to have classic photos with cool effects. But most people like to edit their photos manually by using different applications. If we talk about unique Vintage photography, it comes with numerous obliging orientations. Probably you may have such directions in your own home right now.

But do not try to shake your vintage photos because shaking the photos could cause damage or distortion to the pictures. It can also cause blobs in your photos as the instant Polaroid cameras use an essential and instant film. Nowadays, the film is covered in clear plastic bags, and the air does not touch it. So shaking may cause less harm to your photos with these unique cameras. But try not to shake them if you don’t want to waste your work.


List of Polaroid Frame Apps

You do not need any Actual Polaroid Camera. These applications contain many tools and options to edit your photos. Many apps are basic photo editors. These apps allow you to enjoy capturing and editing thousands of photos using Polaroid Frame Apps.

Many applications are available on the Internet with amazing features and functions to edit your photos and videos. Some of them are given below. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. InstaLab

InstaLab is a great application that makes you feel nostalgia, and you can get the best photos for your Instagram account. The app allows you to share and print images. InstaLab is a simple, fast, and excellent tool for perfect photos.

The app contains many original frames and other exciting things that you like to apply to your photos. The app lets you adjust the contrast and saturation of your photos.

You can add text to your photos as per your desire. The application has the best feature to write with a marker on your snapshots. It looks like the text is written on a paper image.

The app contains more than 20 unique fonts, so you can choose from them to manage your writings. This app can print your photo with high quality and retro style. So create unique style photos with this application.


  • Different frame formats.
  • Vintage textures.
  • Exclusive retro filters.
  • Handwritten fonts.
  • Photo correction tools.

2. PolyCam

PolyCam is specially designed for vintage photo lovers. After this app, you don’t need to purchase any camera with a retro lens. PolyCam has all those features that you need to have in your cam. The app comes up with more than 25 filters of vintage effects. Using this app will get aesthetic and unique effects and get many editing options to create your dreamy photos.

The high-resolution Camera is waiting for your response to have a picture in your garden. You can easily resize your photos and apply the old effects of the 80s.

You can use highlights, shadows, contrasts and change your photos. You have to install this app on your mobile phone, and then you will know how powerful this app is.


  • 25+ retro photo filters.
  • Unique frames for pictures.
  • Flexible adjustment of size, shape, and details.
  • Editing for VHS glitch, skin retouching, and vignetting effect.

3. StoryLab

Are you in search of a Polaroid Photo application? Then you are in the right place. StoryLab provides you to create numerous types of photos. You can capture your great moments with this Camera and save them to watch in the future.

These photos can be printed and pasted into your photo albums as well. The application contains many built-in collages layouts. The app will allow you to become an Instagram artist.

All of your designs and effects can be personalized. If you want to become an Instagram blogger, this application is for you. The app allows you to create the perfect Instagram story.

You can also create videos for your Instagram account by using this application. The app provides you to apply as many stickers to your photos and videos to make them beautiful. There are many funny stickers as well.


  • Contains more than 1500 templates.
  • Many collages layouts.
  • App has more than 250 filters.
  • Can change colors and backgrounds.
  • Add filters, texts, and stickers.

4. Niche

Niche is an easy-to-use and straightforward Polaroid frame app that can create Polaroid photos. This photo editor and collage maker helps you beautify your collage layouts for your Instagram story.

The application contains a wide variety of story templates and frames. You can create many unique and stunning stories to get excellent feedback from your friends and family.

This is not only a Polaroid Frame App but also a handy story editor. You can use this app to write text in different fonts. You can also apply many types of borders to your pictures.

The app allows you to make your photos more beautiful by using stickers. Niche, the fantastic app, has a huge selection of clip art images. There are many tapes to decorate your stories.


  • Explore nearly 7,000 college profiles.
  • Free app for story writers.
  • Contains many stickers, fonts, and templates.
  • Many trendy and old-fashioned frames.
  • Apply borders to Intagram stories.

5. Mysquare

Mysquare is an amazing Polaroid Frame App that allows you to edit your photos with many decent effects. The application contains billions of colors and many font sizes that you can use to apply to your photos and videos.

You can easily create your Instagram stories by using the My square app. Many paper types are available to make a proper background for your texts. You can easily create beautiful photos and add fantastic fonts and funny stickers and colors to your photos to make them stunning.

If you want to be an influencer, this app is best for you. There are many vintage photo filters to create many instant photos. This application is very easy to use and has many amazing features. So don’t wait to download it.


  • Pick the color or texture of the paper.
  • Write a description.
  • Select a filter for your picture.
  • Choose a font for the description.
  • Specify the color of the description.

6. VNTG | Vintage Photo Cameras

VNTG is an amazing app inspired by the most iconic cameras of the Modern age. This app allows you to create the best vintage photos for your social media accounts. Vintage Camera provides you with the above and beyond features compared with other editing applications.

You can have nostalgia if you use this app for the first time. You can choose your desired Camera and also import your photos. Photos can be transformed in just a single click.

All the vintage cameras have amazing styles with many analog filters. You can easily apply borders and textures to your photos. Exclusive fonts and age effects are also the central part of this application.

Among many other Polarized applications, VNTG is the coolest and trouble-free. You can use it very easy to personalize your content and use other adjustment tools.


  • Ideal for love gifts travel memories, special events.
  • Get photos in high-quality printing format.
  • Transform old phone photos into modish retro creations.
  • Edit text, share photos on social media

7. Lomocam

Lomocam is a fantastic Polaroid Frame App that contains many Analog filled filters. The application can be easily downloaded and installed for Android devices. After this application, you can easily create your nostalgic photos with Lomocam.

You only have to install this app t your mobile to see how powerful this application is. You will enjoy the fun of creating retro Instax pictures. This application provides you with an animation of the Instax retro film cam.

The app acts as an original Polaroid if you connect it to the printer. The application provides high-quality photographs. You can get a classic photo filter of the 80s using this tool.

The app has many effects like the burn, rainbow, and others. You can easily share your feeling with your fans, friends, and family on your social media accounts.


  • 25+ retro vintage camera filters.
  • 30+ free light leak effect overlay, film burn & dust texture effect.
  • Unique picture frames which imitate the Instax paper.
  • Perfect imaging effect of the retro camera lens.
  • Flexible adjustment on size, ratio, HSL, and details.

8. Super 16

Super 16 is also a Polaroid Frame App that can be used as a professional application to create your work. You can easily create real-time footage with the exceptional processing of vintage 16mm and 8mm film cameras do.

The app allows you to have extensive functionality. The application can be controlled manually through the setting option. This manual control is impressive for filmmakers and videographers.

With this application, you can quickly shoot indoor and outdoor footage. The application can reflect your best moments and many professional cinematic.

The app allows you a set of more than 70 filters. These filters comprise a profile of prevalent Kodak vintage old black-and-white version. You can do this processing manually by changing the temperature.


  • Powerful color adjustment.
  • Physical film emulation.
  • Professional shooting options.
  • Easy to use application.
  • Contains more than 70 filters.

9. Polaroid POP

This application is a part of the Polaroid line of prompt cameras and printers. These cameras use the Zink format and zero ink to print tiny scale digital photos quickly.

This app has many advantages, and it is cheaper, so you can easily create your favorite content for photo albums or videos. You can easily use your Camera to create gifs and videos too. So if you think about mobile Polaroid, you can think of this app too.

Just go and download the Polaroid POP application and see the app’s fantastic features. You can instantly print your favorite pictures from your smartphone.

Edit your photos and add many unique frames to them. The app also allows you to apply many stickers and signatures to your photos and videos. Try to use this app because it is free.


  • Amazing feature. Zoom, crop, tint, and color your images.
  • Print signed and unsigned pictures instantly.
  • Personalize your photos by adding frames.
  • Add Frames, stickers, and signature your memorable photos.

10. Polaroid Originals

No application can be said as better as the Polaroid Original application. This app is used to create unique Polaroid photos to give them an oldy goldy touch of the 80s.

The app is specially designed to get the fantastic photography you want to do. The app allows you to unlock many creative tools and options. You can use portrait mode, manual mode, self-mode, light painting mode, and many other modes.

The application lets to make impressive collages of your photos to make them a story on your Instagram account. Like this, you can get excellent feedback from your fans and friends. So don’t wait to install this application on your mobile. You will become addicted to it if you use it once.


  • Create real Polaroid pictures using the Polaroid Original.
  • Turn a digital photo into a single Polaroid picture.
  • Create a collage of two, three, four, six, or nine frames.
  • Embed a video or image to the AR feature.

11. MolyCam

MolyCam is specially designed for iPhones and iPad. This application has a retro camera effect. That can make your pictures amazing immediately. This application allows you to make your moments more precious and beautiful.

The app has a very simple editing procedure that you can quickly adapt. The app comes with many features, like you can apply filters of retro films to your pictures and videos.

Light leak effects is also a good option in this app. You can get many beautiful Polaroid Frames here and many more features. This application is considered the best Polaroid frame app, updated constantly.

It ensures you a better user experience. The app lets you do if you want to make your latest photos like the old pictures. You can easily create your photos as vintage or old-style images.


  • Provides you with a better user experience.
  • Personalize photos and add stickers
  • It contains many unique templates and features
  • Has a very user-friendly interface.
  • Easy to use tools and options

12. InstaxMini

Do you want to go back to the old era of Polaroid cam? Then you are in the right place. This app will take you to the ancient vintage times so you can set your pictures as old-style pictures. InstaxMini is an instant camera application.

This application is specially designed for Android devices. The app makes it easy for you to take a photo and get an authentic experience with an immediate Camera. On installing the app, you have to provide some information about your Camera in the form of permission.

Like your location, gallery, and contacts as well. After this, you can enjoy this application’s vast range of features and options. Many unique filters are here to create your photos greatly. The exciting thing is that you can easily change your camera type. The app supports 10 films per day.


  • App supports Android and iOS.
  • Support 10 films per day.
  • Interface is very simple and old.
  • Free to download the application.

13. Mojito

Mojito is made for remixing photos and videos to create many stories for your Instagram story. The app helps you to edit your pictures very quickly. The app contains more than 500 templates.

This fantastic application allows you to create many unique layouts and a blank canvas. You can easily customize your Instagram stories by using this application. The photos can be edited by applying stickers, texts in different fonts. You can use many brushes to write text on your photos.

Many features and templates are here to make your pictures more amazing. Mojito is a free-to-use application specially designed for storytellers. You can easily create a collage of your story by using this app. It is one of the great Polaroid Frame Apps, featuring well-designed animated templates and filters.


  • Contains many themes like travel, love, romance, memory, and others.
  • Dozens of background images like the ocean, marble, plant textures.
  • Diverse range of handwritten fonts.
  • Beautiful stickers like shapes, retro styles, and stamps.
  • Polaroid effects beautify old images.

14. Storyart

This is an Instagram story-making application. This amazing application offers you more than 200 templates to create your stories on Instagram. The application provides you with more than 400 animated templates to aid in creating amazing collages and many of the layouts for your Instagram stories. The app also allows you to make your reels as well.

You can easily customize your photos and videos to get good feedback with this app. Your video status can also be upgraded and customized with the help of this application. It is a very simple and elegant collage maker and video editor. This application is not only a good feed planer but also a story booster and Gbox as well.


  • More than Flawless Layout & Animated Templates.
  • Thousand plus Highlight Cover templates.
  • Many High-Quality Filters.
  • Multiple Tools for storytelling.

15. Polaroid Wi-Fi

The list ends with another fantastic application, and the Polaroid Wi-Fi photo frame lets to immediately show your photos and videos with great captions from anywhere. You have to download the Polaroid 3.0 Wi-Fi app.

You can easily connect the framed picture to a Wi-Fi network. You only have to link your photo with the eight-digit code, and here you go with your favorite moments like photo sharing.

The application can also sync multiple smartphones or other devices to one frame and vice versa. This app provides you a feature of sending various pictures or videos at a time through which your time can be saved. The application can hold many photos and videos in its library. Hence go and check out the app to edit your stuff.


  • Easy and free-to-use application.
  • Stay connected to people of all ages.
  • Share your high-resolution photos and videos.
  • A lot of templates and frames are here to use.

Final Words

Many applications on the Internet can be used to get Polaroid Frames. These applications can edit your videos as well as photos. This application contains many amazing features and functions. Many Polaroid Frame Editor Apps can be used to edit your stuff. So try to download these applications and enjoy your Instagram journey.