15 Best Games Like Huniepop in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Mehwish Javed • Updated on November 24, 2022

Nowadays, people are busy with everyday work, and for most of the extra activities, they cannot find time like driving, to perform multiple jobs simultaneously. For this purpose, they have to get trained. Games are the best training source as people can get complete knowledge and practice performing multiple works simultaneously. Shooting games help people to remain focused and active as they have to perform different tasks like shooting, running, etc.

Moreover, games can help you improve your physical and mental health, like most games require different strategies and complete concentration. Like that, most of the games were played for entertainment purposes to freshen your mind, like puzzle games, tile-matching games, and many more. One of those interesting games is the Huniepop game.

Huniepop is one of the top best games with incredible features and was realized in 2015. If you are a puzzle and tile-matching game lover, you would love Huniepop games. Moreover, this game is designed for Android and iOS devices and gives you two types of games at once, i.e. tile organizing and dating entertainment. Huniepop is a type of game where you have to match the tiles and the dating simulation. In this game, you have to follow the dating adventure of different characters.


Sometimes people become fed up with playing the same games repeatedly and want some change in life. Most games like Huniepop are developed with incredible graphics and entertainment. If you want to interact with the boys or the girls while playing different puzzle games like Candy crush and want to know your partner more, then play different amazing Games like Huniepop.

List of Outstanding Games Like Huniepop

If you want to get an incredible 3D experience of puzzle games like Huniepop. Let us discuss those games in detail as they are mentioned below.


1. Kitty Powers’ MatchMaker

It is the best game among other games like Huniepop, with incredible features and an easy-to-play interface. In this game, you are a matchmaker, and you want to manage the matchmaking company. This game aims to test your skills by matching an extensive list of clients looking for a perfect date. You have to fix their dates and send them to top-class restaurants.

Moreover, you can get a cartoon-style interface in this game and guide your clients to make amazing conversations with dating partners. But you cannot get perfect graphics in this game. In addition to this, you can also change the appearance of all the characters with optional crafting gameplay. Get voice-over for PC versions, enable you to connect with Facebook to compete with friends, get extra date venues.

Release Date: September 3, 2014

Developer: Magic Notion

Genre: Dating sim, Indie game, Casual game, Simulation Game, Simulation

2. Roommates

In this game, you can get an amazing experience with 3D graphics. This game’s interface is unique compared to other Games like Huniepop, which can be worked on Android or iOS. Some people also said it to be a visual novel game with a single-player game mode in which you can choose the character of your desire, maybe male or female, it is up to you.

The game focuses on two characters; one is Anne( an adorable book-smart student), and the second is Max( a guitarist). You can share a room to share interesting stories, comedies. The mission was to plan what you have to do in schools and many more. Moreover, it provides you with the original soundtrack, simulation gameplay with a complete stats rating, and an amazing lighting experience.

Release Date: 12 Feb 2014

Developer: Winter Wolves

Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation

3. Tower Of Waifus

Another exciting game, among other games like Huniepop with an incredible interface and can be played on Android or Windows Operating Systems. The story of this game is quite simple as all the waifus are kidnapped by the Darklord’s army on Foggy peaks, and all you have to do is that you have to hit the road to get back to your tower, defeat enemies and rescue all Waifus.

Moreover, you can say it is a puzzle matching game. The gameplay of this game is unique, with different tactics. Moreover, learn magic, upgrade stats and create exciting tactics to win the game. In this game, you can also get incredible 2D live Waifus, create your tactical gameplay by learning 36+ magics, and allow you to upgrade your characters.

Release Date: 9 Apr 2021

Developer: Galart

Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy

4. Mystic Messenger

Another interesting game with amazing 3D gameplay is Mystic Messenger, among other Games like Huniepop. In this game, you get connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys and joined their secret party planning to be part of that party. Because of its story, most people love to play this game, as you can find several male characters, and you are curious to get to know about them.

You can also experience phone calls and SMS from virtual people in the game. Most of the people got impressed by the events and the storyline. Moreover, you can play this game on Android and iOS devices, and said to be the best game mostly used by girls.

Release Date: July 8, 2016

Developer: Cheritz

Genre: Visual novel

5. Puzzle Wishes

It is another best game on the list of Games like Huniepop, with the perfect storyline. The game’s story is that you are an explorer, and you found an old genie-lamp while traveling in your kingdom, and the genie told you that you have seven soul mates, not just once, and this game aims to find out all seven female characters and talk to them or go with puzzle date with them.

Generally, it combines a dating sim and actively scrolling match with a fantasy environment and many incredible levels. You have to go thorugh the 49 levels to get rewards. Also, by talking with different girls, you can easily increase the powers of puzzle pieces. If you love to play puzzle games then, you might like some games like Sinbad, as these games are more fun to play.

Release Date: Casual game, Simulation, Nudity

Developer: RhinoGearz

Genre: Casual, Simulation

6. The Flower Shop

It is said to be another best game similar to other games like Huniepop with a single-player mode. You can play it on iOS, Windows, Android, etc. The storyline of this game is a visual novel and farming mini-game, and you can select from multiple characters to enjoy it.

In this game, you have two versions: First part is the summer season, in which you have to sell crops to raise money, and the second part is the winter season, in which you have to grow plants. Moreover, you can easily play this game anywhere, anytime but keep in mind that your phone’s batteries are full to enjoy this full game-day long.

Release Date: February 1, 2010, December 8, 2011

Developer: Winter Wolves

Genre: Visual novel

7.C14 Dating

It is another interesting game with a unique interface similar to other games like Huniepop. You can get wide knowledge because you are an anthropology student and taking part in a summer internship. While completing your internship, you also have to date many male characters, and it is obvious that every character has a personality that is quite different from others. So the purpose of this game is to find out the perfect personality person you want and how to date him.

Moreover, you can play this game on Android and iOS smartphones. Most people also say that this game combines archaeology, friendship, and love through thorough study. Moreover, you can also get many other features with this game, as it provides you with amazing manga artwork and an original soundtrack.

Release Date: April 22, 2016

Developer: Winter Wolves, Ratalaika Games S.L.

Genre: Adventure game, Indie game, Casual game, Adventure

8. Celestial Crossing

It is another best game designed for PCs and gives you an attractive interface. Among other games like Huniepop for pc, you can also get the perfect storyline and visual appeal with this game. When the game gets started, you are weak, aiming to create healthy characters. You are a Hikaru player, a school student fond of playing video games and sleeping.

But suddenly, with destiny, you find yourself in a brutal elven warlock named Nerith who does not know about any concepts, laws, morals, etc. You have to learn how to live with Nerith. Furthermore, get high school students’ experience in your imagination with this game to make your game more excited. You can say that this game is the best alternative to clash royale.

Release Date: 30 Dec 2016

Developer: Touwaku Studio

Genre: Indie game, Adventure

9. Puzzle of Love

This is another game added to your games list with incredible graphics. With this app, you can get the same storyline as other games like Huniepop. The storyline of this game is simple and unique as you are a writer and you have to write a novel, and for that, you want inspiration. You have to attract more women to you to get inspired for writing your next novel.

You can suppose it to be a dating simulation game, and in addition to it, you can also play other games like solving the puzzles and moving towards the other levels. Moreover, you can also unlock more characters to get colorful combinations on the playing field. Furthermore, it also enables you to get special items and toys to match your puzzles.

Release Date: October 2018

Developer: Whee Games Limited

Genre: Puzzle

10. Heileen 3

You can consider this game among versatile games like Huniepop with the interface of pirates and sea. The gameplay of this game is just like Heileen 2, and you have to play as a character of Heileen and attract the female pirates. Along with Morgan, you have to find your missing friends. At the beginning of the game, you can also find the complete description of how to play the games.

Moreover, you can also unlock romance or profession. In addition to all this, you can play this game on Android and iOS. The basic aim of this game is to search for missing friends and reunite them all. To unlock more advanced features or activities, you must learn different skills. In addition to all other features, you can find 14 different professional endings to unlock. Also, get the bonus in wallpapers, OST, etc.

Release Date: 12 Dec 2012

Developer: Winter Wolves

Genre: Indie game, Casual game, Adventure, Simulation

11. Hatoful Boyfriend

If you are interested in avian love stories, it is an incredible game that can be played on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The gameplay of this game is unique as you can experience yourself in the world of pigeons. This game is all about imagination, as you were part of a renowned pigeon Institute with talented birds.

You will find that students’ lives are not about making academic careers by playing this game. You can also join in different activities like different imagination games and more. In your imagination, you can make pigeons your friends and become happy. You can also find this game very attractive to improve your abilities and characters as it has different hidden stories, surprises, and many more.

Release Date: 4 Sep 2014

Developer: Hato Moa, Mediatonic, Devolver Digital

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation

12. Amber’s Magic Shop

It is said to be another best game among games like Huniepop with 3D graphics. The story of this game is simple and unique and can be played on Windows operating systems. The purpose of this game is to teach you different unique strategies. You have to play the character of Domino with the mission to monitor two witches and teach them magical things.

When you train them completely, set different missions to complete and get rewards. You can find Censored and uncensored parts in this game, and we recommend you to play in the censored version, where you do not find any adult scenes. Moreover, you can also open up different mini-games in which you can build up your magic shop.

Release Date: June 8, 2017

Developer: Winter Wolves

Genre: Adventure, Simulation

13. Sengoku Rance

If you want to get an addictive game, same as games like Huniepop, within which you can get incredible graphics, you are in the right place. It is also another favorite game of people that offers loads of fun and engagement. Moreover, you can get comic gameplay that is unique and incredible. In this game, you are a warrior called Rence, and you had to defeat enemies to save the world.

But while stopping enemies from destroying the nation, his princess ran away and avoided marriage, and Rense found other girls in Japan. Moreover, you can play this game on Windows operating systems. Furthermore, you can also get 3D graphics and a unique interface with this game which can be played on Mobile phones and PCs.

Release Date: 15 July 1989

Developer: AliceSoft

Genre: Role-playing game

14. Shira Oka

ShirOKa is the best game among games like Huniepop with which you can get incredible features and anime-themed video games. This game generally aims at a Shira Oka, is a private town and the hills that have not been white for over a decade. The main gameplay of this game is that you are a loser, and you have to find out chances to change your life. You can get a high school theme in this game.

You can also play multiple mini-games and enjoy them. This game aims to make your life perfect in-game by going back in time, reliving your past, and changing all the wrong things to be right. In your imagination, you can fall in love with girls, pass your classes immediately and become that person you always wanted to be. You have to dream just as your destiny is in your hand, and you can change everything in your life.

Release Date: 2010

Developer: Okashi Studios

Genre: Dating sim, Simulation Game

15. Conception II

Conception II is one of the best engaging games among other games like Huniepop, which can be specially designed for avid game lovers. Everyone can play this game easily because it can be run on multiple devices simultaneously. The mode of this game is single-player, and you have to play as a high school student, but in addition to this, you were good in your academic career; you also have to save the community by chasing demons and defeating them.

Moreover, you have to combine start power to boost up your battle. Moreover, the Operating System this game supports is Windows, Nintendo, Xbox, etc. With this game, you can learn how to balance the activities to make a strong bond and boost your powers. By increasing your powers, you have different kids that would help you fight against enemies.

Release Date: August 22, 2013

Developer: Spike Chunsoft, Atlus

Genre: Role-playing Video Game

These all are basically games for girls through which they can kill their free time and have some fun. although, if you are a boy, you can also play these games as there is no restriction on ho can play these outstanding games and who cannot.

Final Words

If you are an avid game lover and love to play games like puzzle games with more excitement, thrill, and 3D graphics, you were in the right place. The above mentioned were a few games like Huniepop that gives you incredible gameplay. So select one of those games and enjoy. Also, share one of your favorite games with others.

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