10 Best Games Like Sinbad in 2022

By Sanam Nayab • Updated on November 24, 2022

Sindbad is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Indie, Stylized, Historical, Cartoony, and Puzzle video game developed and published by RAA Studios. It is a 3D sandbox platform that is inspired by A Thousand and One Arabian Nights and games like Super Mario and A Hat in Time. It explores the mystic and paranormal world of the magic lamp.

It has been such a popular game among players that so far developers have released seven parts of this game. Sinbad is truly a unique and touchy experience for its players because of this story continuation and character arc development.

Sinbad is a historical and mysterious game based on the story of “Sinbad, the Sailor.” This game follows the character of young Sinbad, who slips upon a magic lamp and gets trapped inside it. To find the secret of a paranormal land, the confused Sinbad must have to help a Genie, to overwhelm the evil jinn to regain the order within the lamp in order to escape out of it as well.


Sinbad Overview

Sinbad is an adventurous game that is played by a single player. There is a character available in the game named Sinbad. In this game, a magical carpet becomes his compatriot and he discovers the whole island with the help of that carpet as it enables him to hover all over the island.

It allows him to interact with certain objects around the surroundings. In this game, the jinn has placed an evil curse on the various places of the island. To scatter this curse or to be saved from this curse, you must have to find and gather the magic lanterns as much as possible. You explore many different and magical locations around this mysterious island.


Each area of this island tells a different story. You need to collect all the magic lanterns and other different bonus tokens or objects by following the story told before initiating the adventure in order to defeat the curse of the jinn and to return to the real world.

The core features of the game include exploring the mysterious and magical world and experiencing the cognitive abilities to solve the puzzles or hurdles during the game. This game results in boosting the cognitive approach and ability of the player by solving the mystic tasks.

List of Games Like Sinbad

No doubt, the Sinbad game is the best adventurous and mysterious game due to its amazing gameplay and is the best choice when looking for a good online game. But it does not have some features due to which its alternatives are required.

This game can only be played on the Windows 10 Operating system having a processor of Intel Core 2 with the graphics card of at least an NVIDIA GeForce 510. Because of this, players have to find alternatives to this game.

It cannot be played on mobile and it requires the best operating system, which ceases players with low end from playing it. Due to these reasons, the players find other alternatives to this game. All the alternatives serve the same features as of it but with advanced specifications.

1. Droplet: States of Matter

Droplet: States of Matter is an Action-Adventurous, Indie, Educational, First-person, Animated, and Puzzle video game developed by Karl Ast and is published by Krayfish Entertainment. This game changes between the different states of matter in the 3D platforming adventure.

It is an adventurous game that is created or generated in the universe of Periodic Table in which elements, compounds, and other scientific phenomena are epitomized. There are two characters personified in this game named “Droplet” and his sister “Molly-QL.” There are four states of matter: Water, Cloud, Ice, and Plasma, in which you can transform.

You can play this game as a duo that has the ability to transform into any of the given four states of matter. A duo explores the galaxy to intimate the missing atoms and crystals with the help of their unique abilities and with some extra help from Otto’s weather machine.

You explore the Noble Gas Kingdom, a sector of space filled with all sorts of unique environments. Water form allows for swimming and for a jack of all trades approach. Ice form enables you to freeze the surface of the liquid to walk across. Cloud form enables to jump high. And Plasma form allows for blazing the way forward through bridges. This game includes over 50 unique levels.


  • Explore Periodic Table Universe
  • Four States of Matter
  • 50 Unique Levels To Explore
  • Navigate the Noble Gas Kingdom

2. The Gecko Gods

The Gecko Gods is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Atmospheric, Historical, Natural, and Puzzle video game developed and published by Louis Waloschek. This game is an adventurous and puzzle game where you explore a mystic island as a tiny lizard. In this game, you need to fulfill or solve ancient puzzles, climb up the cliffs freely, and eat the bugs as you get your way across an island.

You can play this game as a tiny lizard that wanders around the whole island and solves the mysteries and queries of the ancient approach. A little lizard is on a mission of saving its friend. To get their friend out of the island, the lizard climbs anything, solves the ancient contraptions, and clambers through the crumbling ruins of the ruined society.


  • Explore Ancient Mysterious Island
  • Boosts your Cognitive Abilities
  • 3D Ancient Puzzler Platform

3. Widget Satchel

Widget Satchel is an Adventure, Indie, Cartoony, Action video, and Single-player game developed and published by Noble Robot. This game is an action game in which you need to get widgets to build a doodad and make mischief on a space station in the far future as Sprocket the Ferret.

You have to escape your bassinet and make your way out with the maximum stuff. It is an amazing game in which you are a sprocket, an adorable ferret in a remote space station. In this game, a ferret needs to hide his playpen and get the way to the shuttle bay with the maximum no of things.

Widget satchel is an action-packed adventure for a little thief. It includes wicked puzzles, a sparkling platform, and bundles of hidden collectibles and gadgets. You steal different gadgets and stockings by dodging the human caretakers as you trip deeper into the station.

You collect them all because you are an adorable ferret. You may lose some gadgets, but the game is not over, and no one is blocking your path to the shuttle bay. The game is only as much challenging as you want it to be.


  • Explores a Remote Space Station
  • Get Widgets
  • Build Doohickeys
  • Causes Mischief

4. Poi

Poi is a 3D Platform, Action-Adventure, Indie, Colorful, Nostalgia, and single-player video game developed and published by PolyKid Entertainment. This game is spotlighting the two kids on an adventure to reveal the mysteries of the Milky Way Globe. It discovers many unfamiliar lands, competes in challenging stages or levels, and defeats animated creatures during a journey to become a Master Explorer.

There are two kid characters in this game who are on a journey of a mysterious and exploring globe full of uncharted lands. During their journey, they came across many mind-blowing queries and most challenging levels to defeat the comical creatures that appeared on their way to be a master explorer. It discovers the world of 100+ explorer medallions.

It set the fastest times in global online boards. It gives players a mastery in jumping and rolling the hurdles and more. It enables you to listen to the original Soundtrack of Lyndon Holland. It provides customization for a bundle of devices.


  • Adventure
  • Challenge
  • Mastery
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Controller Support

5. Octarina

Octarina is an Indie, Destruction, Stylized, Physics Defying, 3D Platformer, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed by Katrin Mair, Martin Wolf, and Christopher Poschl and published by MediaCube Games and Salty Octopus Crew.

It is a destructive action game that utilizes the adhesive abilities of an octopus to jump, climb throughout the game. It causes massive destruction in the sushi factory. It explores your path to regain freedom.

It is a physics-defying puzzle game highlighting a captive little octopus who is in search of a way to escape out of the sushi factory site. In this game, you play as a little octopus imprisoned inside an aquarium. You have to find a way out of it. You explore the factory and try to open new paths by using the sticky abilities of the octopus.

There are two game modes so far: Checkpoint Race and The Floor is Lava. In Checkpoint Race game mode, the octopus needs to explore the factory and reach different checkpoints within a certain time frame. In The Floor is Lava game mode, the octopus is not allowed to touch or fall into the hot lava.


  • Exploring Physics Defying 3D Platform
  • Full Control Support
  • Two Challenging Game Modes

6. Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Open World, Metroidvania, and 2D platform Puzzle video game developed and published by Robit Games. It is an adventurous puzzle game that allows you the role of a young boy who lands on an island that is destroyed between a war of demons and a wizard. The island is a breakup of what was once a continent.

In this game, you are cast as a young boy in which you accept the mysteries of the island, travel through the oceans of the island to explore the adventure and treasure. During the game, you are provided with a hat, a parrot, and a boat that are considered as your companion.

This game is a world of exploring the mysterious quests, diverse environments with changing weather, and the Original Soundtrack of a publisher that changes with background and creates an enchanting mood.


  • Puzzle Platformer
  • Huge World to Explore
  • Meet Mysterious World Beings
  • Diverse Environments with Changing Weather
  • Original Soundtrack for Enchanting Mood

7. A Rat’s Quest – The Way Back Home

A Rat’s Quest – The Way Back Home is an Indie, Action, Adventure, 3D Platformer, and Puzzle video game developed by The Dreamerians and is published by Handy Games. It is a game that casts you as a role of the rat named Mat, a Junk dealer on his very long journey to find his way back home. This game is all about experiencing a world full of threats from a rat’s perspective while fighting and hiding on a most dangerous adventure.

Mat is a young male rat that lives with his best friend toby and other rodents among a rat’s community in a ruined basement. He is in love with a female mouse kept as a pet on the upper floor of the house. He makes his mind to become a scavenger for creeping to his beloved anyhow.

They made a plan to escape to the outside together. There exist many unlucky events where Mat finds himself alone. He has to make his way back home through a series of dangerous events. Mat will endure a world to which he is not welcome.


  • Explore A Unique World
  • Rat’s Perspective
  • Mysterious series of Unlucky Events
  • Hybrid Gameplay
  • Popcorn Movie
  • Tough as Nails

8. Munchies

Munchies is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Cartoony, 2D Platformer, and Puzzle video game developed and published by Roadside Studio. It is a game in which you help Berry Munch on the adventure of his life to collect food, fight creepy crawling creatures, and rescue a family during a good casual 2D platformer.

This game is played by a character named Berry Munch. He is on the adventure of his life to make his way back home. He has to find his way from this mysterious 2D platform where various obstacles, dozens of unique enemies, and challenges await you. You have to run, jump, climb and fly to sail all these obstacles and to defeat the evil rat boss, and reach the home safely.


  • Explore 25 Unique Levels
  • Meet 25 Unique Challenges
  • Achieve 25 Reasonable Achievements
  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Casual Gameplay
  • Almost 100 Enemies and Obstacles
  • Happy Music
  • User Friendly

9. Floppy and the Sleepy Planet

Floppy and the Sleepy Planet is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Exploration, 3D Platformer, and Puzzle video game developed and published by Broad Strokes LLC. It is a game in which you will join Floppy and Kara on their splendid adventure where you have to explore the world, help them to solve the problems of the stages, and learn hidden secrets during the adventure.

In this game, you take control of Floppy and his good friend Kara as a companion and will explore this friendly world which is filled with challenging adventures, hidden secrets and ancient gardens. Traverse is a game that is filled with entertaining adventures and challenges to delve into. It uncovers the true mystery that lies at the ear of Sleepy Planet.


  • An Entertaining and Challenging World
  • Meet Challenging Hidden Secrets
  • 3D Platformer Action Game
  • Full Control Support
  • Community Support

10. Effie

Effie is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Fantasy, Cartoony, and 3D Platformer video game developed and published by Inverge Studios. This game is a combination of classic elements like Combat, Platforming, and Puzzles with the exploration of an expanded world. It is a unique adventure in which you have to save the cities from powerful and dark evils.

In this game, a young man is delved into the adventure of galand, where he is in the quest to recover his youth as a witch cursed him with premature old age. He defeats all the creepy creatures and sinister, completes all the challenges, and solves the most complex puzzles. It relives the look and feels of the old video games.

The city is under powerful black magic, full of evils and sinister creatures. To face the evils, you are provided a magic shield that will allow you to defend yourself and the city from the evil curse. You will grow in power and skills as you fight against the evils across the red grassland.


  • Experience a Unique Adventure
  • Rune-stone Travel Companion
  • Feelings of Old School Games
  • Slow Motions

Final Words

Overall, Sinbad is the best online business game for those players who are looking for a unique story-oriented experience. This game is popular because of its adventurous and action features. The tricky nature of this game enables its players to boost their cognitive abilities. The developer and publisher of this game made it for a massive business strategy.

The game comes with adventurous and challenging features, which makes it very interesting to play. The privacy factors of this game are always working and are secured by a highly automated system. Not just Sinbad, but all of its alternatives serve the almost same features with advanced techniques and solutions.

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