15 Best Games Like Ikariam in 2022

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Ikariam is an Adventure, Role-playing, Management, and Single-player video game published by Gameforge 4D. The theme of this edition is to build up the great number of castles while playing the role of an emperor and find out the great people to rule.

Make the community better, bigger, and stronger against the enemies that are lurking to get over the resources that you have. Complete the number of strategies in the battles against the mighty rivals, and try not to fall against them as well as indulge in the PVP challenge and PVE combats.

Ikariam Overview

Ikariam is a theme-based edition in which your job is to become the leader of a clan and choose the best policies and adopt the better competitions. There are several moves, and perfect contests available to get the things in a circle and complete many objectives, and experience great survival.


During the long play, your job is to become part of a great kingdom and take advice from many ministers, counselors, and otherwise, men, control the command in the battles, and order to pull back or attack the opponents.

There are several features that are inclusive of a fantasy world, exciting battles, wealth collection, and co-operative gameplay, and alluring textures are also available. In this season, you are the leader of one of the main human races and your job would be to facilitate your public with basic and luxurious needs, take harsh decisions whenever needed, and become the merciful leader as well.


The gameplay also provides you the main adventure by going on the battles against the brutal bosses, confronting the danger in order to save your people’s lives, and trying out each and every strategy.

Also, make sure that you use the help of skillful warriors, and build stronger forts to defend the city, and to hold the war behind your walls. There are several enemies trying to take over the forts, make allies and get their help, also make sure of your availability for them whenever it’s needed.

List of Fun Games Like Ikariam

There are numerous games that may lead you to satisfy the craving of leading the clan in war-rich scenarios and take the command in action but only a few meet the criteria and theme to that of Ikariam. On daily basis, some features are updated to these seasons, and you go on play the new challenges, levels, and stages while indulging in the mentioned games.

Play heroically in the war missions, and get into the historical battles, command your enemies, and take them to victory. While playing, use various weapons, and abilities to hold the enemy attacks, make sure to counter-attack after some time and conquer the lands of enemies.

Also, your job would be to build as many forts and strongholds as you want, complete them before the rivals reach you, and explore a whole lot of places, and locations. There are hundreds of characters to take part by your side in the wars, and a variety of rewards are also added to these games. Following is a list of the best possible similar games to Ikariam.

1. Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is an Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing, and Single-player video game arranged by Plarium. The gameplay has special players around the world and you have to become one of the competitors in the gaming scenarios.

Try to build up the place where you can initiate the community, and socialize with a great number of players, choose the best moves, and try to build the forts, and citadels. In the long your job is to manage the great sources, gather people having multiple skills, and try out the ways to construct various types of villages, and populate them with amazing people.

Also, complete several challenges by holding the nerves in war, confronting the battlers and invaders, holding them behind the walls, and eliminating all the targets as well. The gameplay has been included with fantasy-based missions, ultimate choices to make decisions, and hundreds of characters are also available to help you out.


  • Point-and-Click Controls
  • Isometric Top-Down View
  • Colorful Adventures
  • Hard to Master Challenges
  • Arcade Gaming Style

2. Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall: Age of War is an Online, Real-Time Strategy, City Building, and Single-player video game ready to be played in Browsers. Throughout the season, you have to become the master of a faction who has to complete various challenges, introduce new strategies, and build the empire.

Also, there are several other tasks such as building an empire included with many forts, changing the tactics and trying out some more ways to defeat the enemies lurking to take over the lands. There are a variety of moves to follow, hundreds of helpful characters, and strategic plans to outsmart the rivals.

In the gameplay, have researched the weak spots, find out the allied forces, and crafted multiple items as well to defeat the enemies. There are several missions like tower defense, city-building challenges, and trade options are also added along with new rewards and new stages.


  • Easy to Learn Theme
  • Custom Options to Modify the Characters
  • Military Units
  • Tactical Decision Making
  • Updates and Rewards

3. FreeCiv

FreeCiv is a City Building, Strategy, Role-Playing, Management, and Single-player video game published by Zielmicha. The gameplay has the theme of playing various types of challenges, and completing dozens of challenges, making sure to adopt the new changes, and wisely making decisions.

There are several places to visit and build stronger relations with other friends, complete different campaigns, and proceed further. There are several missions that are starting from the stone age, and make sure to lead your clan towards the space age.

Try to make strategies and choose the best policies to have the best time in the great battles, confront the dangers, and defeat your rivals. During the gameplay, it’s your job to perform the best moves and define your own pathway to glory. Help your arsenal grow according to the technology, develop the technology and information technology’s field, use various in-game options and play with according to the stages.


  • Colorful World
  • Exploration
  • Empire Building
  • Turn-Based Strategy
  • Research and Civilization
  • Point-and-Click Controls

Download: FreeCiv for Android

4. The Battle for Wesnoth

The Battle for Wesnoth is a Turn-Based Strategy, Action-Adventure, Management, and Single-player video game by Wesnotch Inc. The gameplay has a specific mode in which you have to make sure of many challenges, complete dozens of fights, and take lead over the enemies.

Choose the game plan, and make sure to beat the enemies by using the great number of battlers, combat against the rivals, and take down all of them. In the gameplay, you have to build stronger walls, construct the cities, and villages, use the resources of the people, and combat against the opponents in different types of battles.

There are several oppositional characters such as gigantic monsters, hundreds of gladiators, and private knights. Complete all the challenges by using the help of your allied forces, and exchange the rewards. Choose to be against the arch-rivals, get over the intruders and let them taste the defeat in the PVP and PVE battles.


  • Turn-Based Battle
  • Retro Graphics
  • Different Corners to Explore
  • Countless Adventures
  • Top-Down Camera Angle

Download: The Battle for Wesnoth Windows | iOS | Android

5. Widelands

Widelands is an Action-Adventure, Management, Role-Playing, City-Building, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by the team. The gameplay has many roles to play but you need to choose the protagonist’s role that is the lead character throughout the season.

Embark over the quests and find out the enemies with multiple specifications, complete a number of challenges, and get ultimate rewards. In the long run, your job would be to construct the homes, and society, make the community including the people with great skills, and abilities.

There are also a number of challenges, exploration opportunities to discover new places and conquer different types of maps as well. The intruders and attackers are lurking to take you down, make the strategies, and build the citadels to pursue the victories. In other specifications, you may have to research the technologies, research against various players in online multiplayer mode, and become victorious.


  • Open World Battle
  • Ultimate Graphics with 3D Animation
  • Top-Down Perspective
  • Point-and-Click Controls
  • Thrilling Sounding System

6. TripleA

TripleA is an Action-Adventure, Combat, Strategy, Role-Playing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game produced to play online. In the line of adventure, you have to become the most valuable person and lead the commanding forces into the battlefields.

Complete various types of adventures, and take the lead to manage the combats against the brutal enemies. There are several challenges, hundreds of enemies are available to meet, and there are dozens of maps available to conquer.

Throughout the gameplay, manage to play in versus mode to testify your combatant skills against the brutal bosses, and also indulge in the competitions against the Engine in PVE gaming mode. On the other hand, there are also city-building opportunities in which you may trust the guts and try to build an empire, make it ready and try out the new strategies as well.


  • Hundreds of Characters
  • Individual Fights
  • PVP and PVE Competitions
  • Top-Down Graphics
  • Point-and-Click Controls

7. Stephino RPG

Stephino RPG is a City Building, Real-Time Strategy, Action-Adventure, MMORPG, and Single-player video game powered by Mark Jivko. The gameplay has a special storyline in which your job is to become the emperor and start creating new cities.

All through the season, there are many opportunities to use different kinds of mechanical objects like robots, and other technologies as well. Use the power, and skills of the people, gather the resources, and experience to build the community, make sure to attend the battles over the enemies and try to take all of them out of the sight.

Make policies, introduce tactics, and produce some researches in order to move forward with the world, and embark on adventures as well as get victories over the rivals. Indulge in the PVP battles and PVE competitions, defeat the pro-player in online mode, and discover new places.


  • Achievable Goal
  • Unlimited Time To Explore
  • Point-and-Click Controls
  • Management Missions
  • Role-Playing

Download: Stephino RPG for Windows

8. C-evo

C-evo is an Action-Adventure, Exploration, City Building, Management, and Single-player video game referred to play online. The gameplay makes it possible to be in the role of protagonist and start learning about the upcoming battles, confront dozens of enemies, and defeat them.

In the long run, choose the faction, and discover new resources, use them while making the strategic plans, and outsmart the rivals. Get into the competitions against the computer-oriented players or go against the online players, become the conqueror, and have some real awards as well.

Meanwhile, manage to escape from your mistakes, compete in the epic challenges, and also embark on quests to face the danger. There are different projects to take over, hundreds of characters to team up with, a variety of communities to interact with, and an opportunity to socialize with the people.


  • Online Gameplay
  • Isometric Graphics
  • HD Display
  • AI Competitions
  • Regular Updates

9. Asterix & Friends

Asterix & Friends is an Adventure, Management, City-Building, and Single-player video game arranged by gameXcite. The gameplay has a special storyline in which you have to embark on great adventures, find out the basic competitions of building the lands and surviving and proceed further accordingly.

There are dozens of adventures including the epic battles, indulging in the region-based combats, and completing all the challenging requests. Your job here is to reach from one place to another during the generation of new cities, and villages, get out all the enemies and do away with all the missions.

There are hundreds of legions to follow you, thousands of people are available to help you out, and online multiplayer pro competitors are also added to this game. Explore the given locations, and confront the endangering conditions, deal with the harsh environment while building the community and discover new lands.


  • Dozens of Players
  • Online Mode
  • Exploration
  • Thrilling Soundtracks
  • Fantasy Colorful World

Download: Asterix & Friends for Android | iOS

10. Bleach Online

Bleach Online is an Action-Adventure, MMORPG, Anime, and Single-player video game developed to play online. In the line of adventure, you are to take over the role of the commander who has been sleeping for almost thousands of years and now has awakened with no memories of the past.

You are to be sent to the human world to collect the memories back and try out the strategies to deal with the situations. There are hundreds of animated characters available, a variety of challenges to take, and a couple of journeys are lying ahead of the missions.

All you have to do is develop strongholds, indulge in the combats, and take each of the enemies down. Follow the story, and meet various types of avatars including playable and non-player ones. With the passage of gameplay, you indulge in the turn-based battles, compete with the opponents, and improve the rank and update the skills


  • Anime Style of Story
  • Isometric Display
  • Recruit the players to Team
  • PVP Battles

11. Aura Kingdom 2

Aura Kingdom 2 is a City Building, MMORPG, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game developed and published by X-Legend. The gameplay makes it possible to choose the main role and define your own path to convert your defeats into victories.

There are different jobs to perform in which you are allowed to update the war tools, and confront the enemies including monsters, and arch-rivals. During the long run, adopt various tools, and accessories, load various fighting skills and learn the use of powerful blades, and swords.

There are hundreds of locations to discover, a variety of maps to conquer, and plenty of missions are available in which you need to introduce the tactical plans to win the battles. Various game modes such as PVP and PVE competitions, online journeys, and historical wars are also added to this edition.


  • Anime Style Gameplay
  • 3D Animation
  • Realistic View
  • Different Camera Angle
  • Free-to-Play

Download: Aura Kingdom 2 for Windows | Android | iOS

12. Shodowbound

Shodowbound is an Action-Adventure, MMORPG, Fighting, Puzzle Combat, and Single-Player video game. The gameplay plots the storyline in which your job would be to get into a number of battles arrange the number of competitions.

Throughout the play, you have to choose the best policies, meet the criteria to meet up with the problems and confront the rivals as well as defeat the opponents. There are hundreds of missions, and equipment to adopt, multiple battle tools to use, and a variety of teams are also added to it.

To defeat the opposition, your job would be to deploy the strategic plans in the scenarios and fight against the ranked players in online multiplayer mode. In other gaming campaigns, there are a variety of team-based fights, and arena combats, random battles, and PVP challenges are also pampered in it, developing the strategy, and embarking on the dream quests is also part of this edition.


  • Different Battles
  • Online Gameplay
  • Guild Creation
  • Puzzle Adventure
  • Dungeons and Exploration

13. Grepolis

Grepolis is a Role-Playing, Action-Adventure, Strategy, and Single-player video game published by Inno games. The gameplay has a unique plot with the vision of playing the role of the emperor who is all set in ancient Greece and has to conquer the world.

To do so, you need to make the epic tactics, get into the empire-building state and construct various types of communities, and develop the plan to defeat the rivals. In the meantime, you have to create the forces that are favorable to you, meet the mighty allies, and confront the destructive battlers.

Compete with the basic heroes and villains, choose the real friends, and indulge in the games with playable and non-player characters like Leonidas, Andromdeda, Hercules, and Helena. Recruit the players in your team, and use various models, structures, and different kinds of spells during the war.


  • Up to 27 Units
  • Real-Time War
  • Trade Option
  • 13 Construction Building
  • Advanced Technologies

Download: Grepolis for Android

14. The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is an Empire Building, Role-playing, Management, and Single-Player video game created by Ubisoft. The theme-play of this edition is to get in the suit of a ruler who has to manage the city and its belongings while developing the whole society.

The gameplay also makes sure that you are indulged in the number of battles against the intruders, and attackers that are trying to take over the lands that you possess. Compete the enemies in various types of war, construct the communities and explore the whole new world.

Also, there are multiple maps to discover, ultimate graphical colonies to build in which you can choose the best strategy to make plans. In the meantime, there has to be some use of people’s skills, get on the adventure, and define your own fate.


  • Great Exploration
  • Isometric View
  • Online Challenges
  • Regular Updates
  • Side quests

15. The Third Age

The Third Age is an Action-Adventure, Fantasy, City Building, Management, MMORPG, and Single-player video game offered to play online. Here in this edition, you have to get in the suits of the emperor and try to take over the rivals, make additions to your territorial boundaries as well. Confront various types of danger, and indulge in the turn-based battles, move to the next challenge, and put an end to the combats.

There are different types of battles such as turn-based strategic battles in which your job would be to use the wisdom and planning to outsmart the rivals and know about their weak spots as well. Work on your strengths, and explore a great number of areas. Construct plenty of buildings, forts, and citadels, build an army to defend the palace, and choose to be victorious.


  • Easy to Understand Story
  • Isometric Theme
  • Real-Time Battles
  • Thrilling Soundtracks
  • HD Graphics

Final Words

The greatest Empire Building games are the ones that are inclusive of the different battles against the rivals and conducting victories out of them. Make sure to develop the buildings and forts in order to defend the places and central cities.

Choose a variety of products, and accessories that can help you outsmart the rivals, indulge in the great battles against the mighty bosses to conquer the lands. In the mentioned games like Ikariam, there are some factors that may be explored, ultimate places to discover, and thousands of characters are added to it as well.

While dealing with the best online games like Ikaraim, you have to make sure that you own the best policies, and the strategies are also featured in the best way, present the avatar in a positive way, and indulge in online gameplay.

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