13 Best Hack and Slash Games Like Sacred 3 in 2022

By Sanam Nayab • Updated on November 24, 2022

Sacred 3 is an Action, RPG, Hack and Slash, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Keen Games and published by Deep Silver. It is an arcade game for up to four players, each with skills and weapons, set in the war for Ancaria.

While playing, choose from legendary heroes with advanced skills and fight together against the rise of the evils. You will face hordes of enemies such as grimmocs, brute beasts, legions of mercenaries, and undead wizards.

After practicing, the players master special attacks, develop their character’s skills and abilities, and band together to use powerful co-op abilities and tactics.


The latest classes are chosen in all sacred series and replaced by the Safiri Warrior and Ancarian Lancer. Some of the environments and fun time from the previous game made a return, such as Castle Brave rock.

Different characters and allies have their own distinct set of active and passive skills to fight with enemies. Everyone has a small number of abilities to equip to keep the team from getting overpowered and may allow the combining of team powers to give the player additional ways to take down foes.


During the gameplay, you can level up and customize your heroes and outshine your fellow warriors. Equip the dynamic and advanced weapon spirit to empower your journey and show the world players the best. Play with game friends in online or local Multiplayer mode with other teams and beat the leaderboard.

The game’s core features include one of four legendary heroes, master in special attacks, performing powerful co-op combat art, customizing and upgrading your heroes, and more. The game needs to play on the operating system Window 8, Intel Core i5 with at least 4GB RAM, NVidia GeForce GT 640, and dedicated storage for Pc users.

List of Games Similar to Sacred 3

No doubt Sacred 3 is the best game due to its curious gameplay and wonderful daily challenges. It is the best choice when looking to find a good online Role-playing and action multiplayer game.

One of the main reasons to find Sacred 3 alternatives is that it feels like little more than a cheap mobile game. All you do is grind your way through the same levels, punching the same enemies with the same attacks, and you never feel rewarded for any of it.

The cinematics is well-produced, the graphics are okay, and the soundscape is generally decent, but when the gameplay lacks interesting mechanics and never rewards you for all the monotonous grinding.

Even if you ignore that it is supposed to be a sequel to a series of games that play completely different, the game does not become any more acceptable as its own thing either. Far better matches can be found at far lower prices, and the other options are very good because of having more interesting and playable features.

1. Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Lord of the Rings: War in the North is an Action, RPG, Hack and Slash, Single-player, and Multiplayer Video game developed by Snowblind Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

It contains narrative elements that are unique to both the novel and the films, although the unique design is based more specifically upon the movie’s look. It does not adapt the story depicted in novels and movies but instead shows a trio of adventures. It can be played as a second option to Sacred 3 with the latest features and abilities.

It has three playable characters, and before the players play any level, they must choose one of the three to control. However, they can switch at the end of each group or by loading a previously saved game and selecting a different character. Each character has its weaponry and abilities to fight against enemies and light and heavy attacks.


  • Action meets RPG
  • Co-op at its Core
  • Amazing Graphics
  • An untold Story

Download: Lord of the Rings: War in the North for Microsoft Windows

2. Gauntlet Slayer Edition

Gauntlet Slayer Edition is an Action-Adventure, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Arrowhead Games Studio and published by WB Games. It is a completely new experience.

You play as one of four distinct heroes in an intense monster-filled dungeon brawler with a combination of uniquely built and randomly generated levels to explore. Battle the endless hordes of foes as you and your friends fight for treasure and glory via both local and online co-op multiplayer. It comes as an alternative to Sacred 3 with its unique gameplay.

With four classic characters, players can scour the dungeons for gold and loot to unlock mystical Relics that grant the holder deadly new abilities. Explore on your own if you dare or play with friends, and your friends become foes as you compete to see who can claim the most kills and the most gold.


  • Discovers new Powers
  • Online and Couch Co-op Multiplayer
  • Endless Mode
  • Wave-based Coliseum Mode
  • Four Classic Characters

Download: Gauntlet Slayer Edition for Microsoft Windows | PS4

3. Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is an Action-Adventure, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Airship Syndicate and published by THQ Nordic. It tears its way through hordes of demons, angels, and everything in-between on its way to Hell and back with guns blazing and swords swinging.

Genesis gives players their first look at the world of Darksiders before the events of the original game. Furthermore, it introduces the fourth and last horseman STRIFE and Co-op gameplay in the franchise’s history. It can be placed as another option to Sacred 3 with an epic world of Darksiders to explore.

From the dawn of creation, THE COUNCIL has maintained the Balance across existence. The HORSEMEN are carrying out their orders, Nephilim who have pledged themselves to the Council and been granted immense power. However, this power came at a tragic cost: the Horsemen were ordered to use their newfound strength to wipe out the rest of their kind.


  • Blast Angels and Demons
  • Explore the Epic World
  • Experience a brand new story
  • Grow in Strength and Power

Download: Darksiders Genesis for Microsoft Windows | Nintendo Switch | Xbox One | PS4

4. Vikings – Wolves of Midgard

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard is an Action, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Games Farm and published by Kalypso Media Digital. The gameplay is similar to the diablo series in which the players create their character and can choose their character appearance, gender, and attributes.

It has several quests besides the main storyline and has an open world environment, and they can explore snowy valleys, Viking cities, ice caverns, ancient tombs, and several other places.

You can choose to run hunt missions on already completed maps where objectives are set to kill a certain number of a nominated enemy or choose raid missions in which the story is progressed. The Story missions include basic puzzles, collectibles and usually finish with a boss encounter.

Instead of gaining experience, the player collects blood which can be offered to gods in their altars. Wood and iron are the two resources needed to progress through the game because they are used to upgrade the village itself, giving you new tiers of skills and equipment.


  • The Art of Combat
  • Berserker Rage
  • The Power of Gods
  • Teamwork

Download: Vikings – Wolves of Midgard for Microsoft Windows | Xbox One | PS4

5. Fight The Dragon

Fight the Dragon is an Indie, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by 3 Sprockets. It ships with a highly flexible in-game Adventure Construction Kit that allows players to design, play and share their adventures with other players on all platforms worldwide.

The kit is designed to be as intuitive to use via a gamepad as via mouse and keyboard. Creators can sculpt and paint environments, place props, enemies, NPCs, Traps, checkpoints, and other key game elements, including hooking up basic logic systems for switches/gates and traps.

It can be used as the other best option to Sacred 3 with its unique or advanced features and amazing gameplay. It has already published over 1600 fantastic adventures, which means that you have created hundreds of hours of gameplay. The kit has many features like a great assortment of melee, a large selection of textures, and a super intuitive editor that allows rapid design.


  • In-game Adventure Construction Kit
  • Action-Packed Creation
  • Intense Dragon Fight with Dragon Loot
  • Full Gamepad and Big Picture Support

Download: Fight The Dragon for Microsoft Windows

6. DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition

DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition is an Action, Hack and Slash, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. It introduces entirely new fun levels to the refreshing gameplay vanquishing swarms of enemies with mighty warriors found in-game. In the story mode, you can immerse yourself in the vivid tales of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It is now possible to play as the mighty warrior named Lu Bu and embark on a journey that depicts his way of life.

Additionally, many new hypothetical scenarios to existing Romance of the Three Kingdoms battles have been added, new playable characters, weapons types, speed-run elements, and more. The players can play this as a second option to Sacred 3 with cool visuals and new challenges.


  • Stunning Graphics
  • Third-person Perspective
  • Customize Collaboration Skins
  • New Challenge Modes

Download: DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition for Microsoft Windows | Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | Switch


DRAGON QUEST HEROES™ II is an Action, RPG, Single-player, and multiplayer video game developed and published by Square Enix.

It is a hack-and-slash, field-roaming game that sends players on a new adventure to restore order to a once peaceful world filled with hordes of monsters and battles of epic proportions. In cooperative multiplayer, up to 4 players can band together to conquer swarms of enemies and defeat challenging boss monsters.

While playing, you have many playable characters, each with unique moves and abilities, including a host of familiar faces in the dragon quest series. Four brand new heroes must team up to defeat an unknown threat looming over the Seven Realms.

The players transform into monsters and battle as one of them to win the story. Change your vocation and play in any fighting style with a variety of magic and weapons.


  • Online Multiplayer
  • Transform into monsters
  • New World, Stories, and Adventures
  • Unique characters
  • Variety of Magic and Weapons

Download: DRAGON QUEST HEROES™ II for Microsoft Windows | PS4

8. Sacred 2 Gold

Sacred 2 Gold is an Action, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Ascaron and published by THQ Nordic. It is a second in the sacred video game series in which you experience the world of Ancaria in its full glory. While playing, defeat countless dangerous enemies, capture powerful weapons and valuable treasures and prepare yourself for the ultimate battle to become a legend.

There are two campaign path choices: Light, and Shadow and the player will select the path they want to follow at the beginning of the game. Throughout the game, the paths intersect at different points, and this choice determines the ultimate goal of their character. You may be asked to help defend a town in one direction, while in the other, you may be the person attacking the city.


  • Configure and develop one of Seven Characters
  • Collect thousands of Weapons
  • More than 500 Quests
  • An immense, seamless fantasy world

Download: Sacred 2 Gold for Microsoft Windows

9. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an Action-Adventure, Indie, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by NeocoreGames. During gameplay, the player enters a memorable gothic-noir universe filled with monsters, magic, and weird science.

Play through a refreshingly unique story, which is spiced up with the same humor and snappy dialogue. The players fight fierce battles against supernatural enemies and win the story with their diverse skills and abilities.

Customize and upgrade the character through a complicated level-up system to decide which skills and abilities are needed for the hunt. Modify your skills on the spot with a unique power-up system and learn the secrets of mystical alchemy and forge powerful items.

Build and develop your hideout and place traps to defend it from waves of terrible monsters. In the end, become the greatest monster slayer of all time while playing a cooperative multiplayer monster hunt up to four players.


  • Play in a Unique Story
  • Fight against Supernatural Foes
  • Use Special Abilities
  • Learn the Secrets
  • Built and develop Hideouts

Download: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing for Microsoft Windows | PS4 | Xbox One

10. Torchlight II

Torchlight II is an Action-Adventure, Indie, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Runic Games. It is filled to the brim with randomized levels, enemies, loot, and capturing all the flavor and excitement of the original torchlight.

The world expanded and added the features the players wanted the most, including online and LAN multiplayer. You will have a variety of play styles at your fingertips after choosing four classes. Each class can be played as either male or female, with customized cosmetic features and looks to make your hero stand out.

It supports Steam Workshop, allowing for automatic mod subscription and synchronization and the players create and share their work with the entire world. Once the primary campaign is beaten in New Game Plus mode, you can start again with the same character for a significantly greater challenge. In the end, more choices, better effects, and the pet will still make the run even more exciting.


  • Open World
  • MOD Support
  • Different Characters
  • Pets and Fishing

Download: Torchlight II for Microsoft Windows | PlayStation 4 | Switch | Xbox One

11. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an Action-Adventure, Indie, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by WOLCEN Studio. While playing, as one of the three survivors of the slaughter of Castagath that Grand Inquisitor Heimlock rescues.

You were drafted into the Army of the Purifiers at a very young age to be trained in the military academy and become perfect soldiers against the supernatural. Thanks to the unique styles and combos, the player finds their unique playstyles with a great variety of weapons.

You need to make your path throughout the 21 sub-class sections available in the Gate of Fates to customize your passives and make them fit your play style. Improve your gear by looting or crafting, gather resources to unlock rare missions, face advanced challenges for special rewards, experiment with new builds, and become the greatest achiever.


  • Free Character Development
  • Three types of Resources
  • Item Diversity
  • Skill Customization
  • Endless Replayability
  • Difficulty Modes

Download: Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem for Microsoft Windows

12. Enclave

Enclave is a third-person 3D, Action, RPG, and Single-player video game developed Starbreeze and published by Topware Interactive. It is set in a medieval fantasy realm.

Players can choose to take on the role of either a Warrior of Light or a Minion of Darkness and complete with separate and unique missions reflecting the nature of that decision.

The player uses medieval and magical weapons to fight enemies, and it includes an optional first-person mode. It can be played as an alternative to Sacred 3 with advanced playable character classes.

You can choose a character to control at the beginning of each mission, which is a very good thing. With the character selected, the player determines weapons and gear to equip for the task, and gold is required to provide all equipment. During each mission, the player collects gold and gems to increase the starting gold available at the start of each assignment.


  • Breathtaking Action Combat
  • Amazing 3D Graphics
  • 12 different playable Character Classes
  • Epic Musical Score

Download: Enclave for Microsoft Windows

13. Torchlight III

Torchlight III is an Action-Adventure, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Echtra Inc. and published by Perfect World Entertainment. It is a Dungeon crawler where the player controls a character in a high fantasy world.

From an isometric, top-down view, the player controls their character to move about the game’s world, using hack and slash with various weapons, magic spells, and skills to fight monsters. To improve their character’s abilities, they collect new items, treasures and buy and sell items in a centralized town.

It is a massively multiplayer online game with large surface levels that allow players to fight monsters that respawn over time and travel between the game’s primary dungeons. Players would have been able to party together to explore these dungeons.

Balance the overall abilities, item-based experience levels are used rather than player-based levels. There are many different ways to build the hero and maximize the damage with four unique classes and five available relic subclasses.


  • Collect Epic Gear
  • Build your Hero
  • Build and Upgrade your Fort
  • Pets are back

Download: Torchlight III for Microsoft Windows | PS4 | Switch | Xbox One

Final Words

Overall, Sacred 3 is the best adventure and RPG game, and its features are growing with every update. The game is played on random maps, and players explore new areas to fight with monsters. The player chooses the hero of his own will, and each hero has his own unique playstyle.

Keen Games, the developer, and publisher Deep Silver have made this unique game for the players who love RPG and Action games, and it comes with the best features and usage. Sacred 3 is the game with these abilities and gameplay fun; other alternatives serve very well.

To play the different options of Sacred 3, the user will require a quality fast system with the latest operating system. The best choices of Sacred 3 are Darksider genesis, Fight the Dragon, and Torchlight series.

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