20 Best Games Like Scribblenauts in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Maria Saman • Updated on May 26, 2023

Free games like Scribblenauts, are unique and amazing to play in your free time. This fantastic game was published by the 5th cell. Its appetizing title engages the Player to play this game. This game series consists of some versions. These are designed to host some gaming platforms. The fun and the sequel of these games were released for Nintendo DS, and the Remix was unleased for Android devices and iOS. This task was done by google play and Apple App Store, respectively.

Games similar to Scribblenauts have excellent graphics and user interfaces. Scribblenauts is a puzzle series game in which you have to type names to solve the game. The surprising thing in this game is the sheer number of those direct parts. This means the player can solve the puzzles in different styles and ways. Gamers can use many ingenious and imaginative solutions to solve these puzzle series. There are many charming and challenging characters to play in this game. Many clever plot twists are here to perform.

Scribblenauts – Gameplay

Many challenges are here for the gamers to perform. You have to complete many obstacles and hurdles to complete these games similar to Scribblenauts. You have to put many names in this puzzle to solve the game correctly. Also, your time management will prove how much intelligent you are. This game has a nice storyline and gameplay.


List of Games like Scribblenauts

There are many free games like Scribblenauts. These games can be played at the place of Scribblenauts. These are the puzzles that can make your strategies very good. You have to choose between right and wrong during the gameplay of these games. These games are, no doubt, very nice to play. Most of the games contain a strange gaming world. The character has to explore his belongings. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Pikuniku

It is one of the free games like Scribblenauts unlimited. Pikuniku is absolutely an excellent puzzle game. In which you have to explore many things. This game is being played in a strange and playful world. In this game world, everything and everyone is not as happy as possible. You have to help the characters to overcome the hurdles. The Player has to make an excellent struggle to win the game. In this game, you have to uncover a great intrigue. Go and win the Adventure! So start a revolutionary fun with this amazing game.


Developers: Sectordub, Arnaud De Bock, Rémi Forcadell, Alan Zucconi, Calum Bowen

Publishers: Devolver Digital

Genres: Puzzle Game

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Linux, macOS, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Macintosh operating systems


  • Many animated adventures for all puzzle lovers.
  • The cast of characters is very charming.
  • Mode is very cooperative and exciting.
  • The game is very easy to play.

2. Crayon Physics Deluxe

It is a game similar to Scribblenauts. This is a unique 2D puzzle game that is based on physics. These games allow you to judge yourself that if your paintings and drawings suddenly turned into science fiction and physics, then how the outcomes of your graphics and illustrations would be. So this puzzle is a science fiction puzzle game. Your drawings can be automatically transformed into fundamental physics. You only have to draw something, and that thing will move automatically to produce something else.

Developers: Petri Purho, Kloonigames

Publishers: Kloonigames

Genres: Puzzle Video Games, Indie games, Casual games, Strategy game, Strategy Video Games

Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Classic Mac OS


  • Has fantastic scientific features.
  • The game is actually very easy to play and has an excellent user interface.
  • Contains more than 70 levels.
  • Provides you with an easy-to-use level editor.

3. Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time

Every level of this game is exciting. The game lets you play it by tilting the objects up and down. The Player can have control over both Amy and the doctor. While solving the puzzles, the player has to navigate two heroes. Many activating switches are used to open the puzzle. Both characters need to cooperate to take the game to an advanced level. For instance, one character opens the switch, and the other goes to the next level. The game is one of the games similar to Scribblenauts. The game is really exciting, so don’t waste your time playing other games.

Developers: Tag Games

Publishers: BBC Worldwide

Genres: Single-player Video game

Platforms: Android, iOS


  • There are many brain-twisting puzzles.
  • Seven unique locations are here to travel in space.
  • Many complex environmental challenges are here to perform.
  • The music in the game is very fantastic.

4. Dream Alone

Dream Alone is a 2D platform game. The game contains classic gameplay and deadly traps. The game has a dark storyline and unique hero abilities. In addition, the game is full of deaths, so you have to be skilled to deal with deaths and zombies. This game is an ultra-difficult classic 2D game. Here in this game, you can master your unique abilities. There are more than twenty-one hardcore levels that you have to win and achieve the award in the game.

Developers: Play2Chill

Publishers: No Gravity Games

Genres: Platform game, Puzzle Video Game, Adventure game, Indie game, Adventure

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Macintosh operating systems


  • Contains many varied game mechanics to play.
  • Has gray-style graphics and original old horror camera angles.
  • The soundtracks are lovely during the whole game.
  • The story is fascinating because of fairytales.

5. Forgotten Anne

In this game, you can assume a place where everything is forgotten and lost. All the objects like toys, socks, and letters are old and lost. These lands are called forgotten lands, and these are extremely magical. These things and objects want to be remembered by someone. The adventurous forgotten Anne is smooth and cinematic fun. It is an amazing storyline and a platform with a light puzzle game. In this game, you are the enforcer, and you have to make an order in this forgotten land. You have to make everything in order before moving to the human world. So hurry up and make it good!

Developers: ThroughLine Games

Publishers: Square Enix Collective, Hitcents, Square Enix, Chorus Worldwide, SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

Genres: Adventure game, Platform game, Puzzle Video Game, Indie game

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Macintosh operating systems


  • Provides a free demo before playing the game.
  • The graphics and sceneries are very beautiful.
  • The music played in the background is extremely amazing and melodious.
  • Allows you to explore a world full of forgotten objects.

6. Prison Escape

Prison escape is one of the epic games that can thrill you out to win the gameplay. The Player has to prove his innocence in Prison No.#1. This is a world escape game that makes you complete all the adventures and hurdles of the game. There might be your best friend and inmates who can help you get rid of the Prison. You can also fight with other gangsters to earn your respect back. Moreover, you can also dig a tunnel to make a way of escape from that cruel Prison. Now, you must be thinking that this game is amazing, which really is. So, what are you waiting for? Go, and download this game to kill your fee and boring time.

Deveopers: Sheer Studios

Publishers: Lone Artisan

Genres: Action, survival

Platforms: Microsoft Windows


  • Allows you to move freely to explore and fight in a 3D prison world
  • Makes you find out from 30 action-packed
  • The Player can perform astonishing stunts with hostage effects in live mode
  • The overall gameplay, graphics, and soundtracks are extremely amazing.

7. Etherborn

This is an amazing free puzzle game like Scribblenauts. In this game, you have to delve into a unique puzzle environment to win the game. You have to build and explore gravity-shifting structures provided in the game. The game requires you to understand the moves before taking any action. In this game, the character is a voiceless being, which is just born into a world that is waiting for your arrival. You have to go ahead to seek the purpose that makes you win the game.

Developers: Altered Matter

Publishers: Altered Matter, Iam8bit Inc., Akupara Games

Genres: Puzzle Video Game, Platform game, Indie game, Adventure game

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch


  • It is an elegant game in the world of the puzzle genre.
  • Allows you to understand gravity shifting structure.
  • There are a lot of travels and journeys to enjoy.
  • The game is based on the laws of physics and science fiction.

8. Little Big Planet 2

The story is fully featured with the latest adventures and characters. Many objectives are here to discover. The payer can collect stickers and control sack boy and sack girl. Many decoration tools are here to learn. This game focuses on simple platform gameplay. The game contains many levels to complete and explore. Many new levels are here to explore and find many objects. Players can get new experiences daily to share them with friends. So don’t wait for any other adventure. Play it now!

Developers: Media Molecule

Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment

Genres: Puzzle game

Platforms: PlayStation 3


  • The game demo contains three levels.
  • Many tools assign commands to the Player.
  • The game is very amazing in its graphics and gameplay.
  • Characters in the game are very cute and colorful.

9. Snapshot

This game is the story of the lone robot, which is lost in an open world. He is only holding his camera in his hand. This camera doesn’t have any other important thing other than the recording of many events and objects. The camera has many photos from past events, and it can also paste those pictures when time demands. You can also rotate these pictures according to the need. So download the game and explore the hidden objects.

Developers: Retro Affect

Publishers: Retro Affect

Genres: Platform game, Indie game, Casual game, Adventure

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS


  • The game contains a unique photography mechanic.
  • More than 100 levels of platforming and puzzling.
  • There are 4 latest environments to explore.
  • The game contains hand-crafted high-resolution graphics.

10. Thomas Was Alone

This game is amazing because you have to guide a group of rectangles with a series of hurdles; you must survive in every environment. This game has a very charming interface and graphics. This game doesn’t need any dollars from you, but you win the game for free. The game design is very interesting. It is a 2D platform game. It is an anti-gravity jumping game. It is undoubtedly full of fun.

Developers: Mike Bithell, Bithell Games, Curve Games, Bossa Studios, Ant Workshop

Publishers: Mike Bithell, Bithell Games, Curve Games, Bossa Studios, Ant Workshop

Genres: Puzzle game

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Xbox One, MORE


  • Allows you to beat more than 100 levels.
  • The game allows you to use many skills.
  • This game permits to acquire as many as scores.
  • Game graphics are very amazing.

11. A Monster’s Expedition

This game is very adorable and relaxing. This puzzle is an open-world puzzle. The game is full of adventures for those who love to learn about humans and other creations. The game is pretty much glorious. The puzzle is very warm and cozy. The game contains many brain teasers that can soothe your mind and thoughts. So don’t wait, just get it downloaded and enjoy playing this outstanding game.

Developers: Draknek

Publishers: Draknek, Alan Hazelden

Genres: Puzzle Video Game, Adventure game, Indie game, Strategy game, Strategy Video Game

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, tvOS, Macintosh operating systems


  • The game is one the best puzzle game.
  • The monster is here as the main character.
  • Allows the user to learn about many obstacles.
  • This game allows you to create many pathways to move further.

12. Ghost: Elisa Cameron

The game wakes you up in a cold and isolated bathroom. The character has lost all his memory of where he belongs and what to do to survive. A surveillance camera tracks every move of the character. That camera helps him find many things and objects that remind him about his belongings and the past. You have to explore everything in a dark house, which is quite a horror experience to have. So help that character to complete all the adventures to win the game.

Developers: Ocean Media LLC

Publishers: Big Fish Games, Ocean Media LLC, Gamers Digital

Genres: Puzzle Video Game, Adventure game

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Macintosh operating systems


  • A sudden ghost comes in this storyline.
  • Contains more than 50 gorgeous locations.
  • This game has many richly fantastic environments and scenes.
  • Allows you to create many objects to save your character.

13. The Pathless

This game makes you become a master of archery. You have to travel over many mysterious islands to disperse a dark curse that holds the whole world. You have to complete the adventures with a companion who is an eagle. The Player has to perform much acrobatics. You have to execute many tricks and shots. The game is very awesome that allows the Player to shoot effortlessly.

Developers: Giant Squid

Publishers: Giant Squid

Genres: Single-player video game

Platforms: PlayStation 4, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, tvOS, PlayStation 5, Macintosh Operating Systems


  • Lets you explore an open world.
  • There are many secrets and obstacles to find.
  • The Player has to travel many forests in this game.
  • The game has a dark history that you have to discover.

14. BlackHole

The game is all about a space crew stuck into a black hole. It seems like this is the end of their life. But this game allows them to escape from that black hole. Many unidentified objects are here to explore. Finally, the ship of that crew crashes on an entity. That place seems like a planet. The person who wakes up after crashing the ship is the coffee boy. Help that guy to make all things better on that planet.

Developers: FiolaSoft Studio

Publishers: FiolaSoft Studio, 1C Publishing EU

Genres: Single-player video game

Platforms: macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux


  • Contains more than 90 levels.
  • Has unique gameplay.
  • The game is completely science fiction.
  • The game has beautiful soundtracks.

15. Never Alone

In this game, the player can experience the epic journey of fox and Nuna. They both are searching for some sources for eternal life. This journey makes them threatened with their survival. All those objects and creatures are unknown to them. They both have to make it possible to complete their needs and save their life. The game is very beautiful and charming.

Developers: E-Line Media, Upper One Games

Publishers: E-Line Media

Genres: Platform game, Puzzle Video Game, Indie game, Casual game, Adventure

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PlayStation 3


  • The games allow us to have an experience of an epic journey.
  • It is an atmospheric puzzle adventure platform.
  • The game can be played by cooperation as well.
  • The game allows you to explore many environments.

16. Spirit Of The North

This game can engage you in its uniqueness. That game has no dialogue or narrative. So you only have to move and go through the hurdles and many hidden objects. Players have to breathe and wander around them to solve this puzzle. You have to hazard the meaning of a forgotten ancient civilization. The game can be played as an ordinary red fox whose amazing story. So let’s start the game to explore all the adventures.

Developers: Infuse Studio

Publishers: Infuse Studio, Merge Games

Genres: Adventure game, Indie game, Casual game, Adventure

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5


  • This game has many unique features like landscapes and Iceland.
  • Many unexplored lands are here to explore.
  • The game is unique because of no dialogue.
  • Allows you to explore many journeys in this game.

17. Closure

This multiplayer game allows you to explore many obstacles in the game. The game is based on science fiction and technology. This game is all about the dark and mysterious world of Closure. Only those things exist here that you can see. Players can phase in and out the objects by manipulating the lights of the game. You have to play this game like a strange spider.

Developers: Eyebrow Interactive, Tyler Glaiel

Publishers: Eyebrow Interactive

Genres: Puzzle Video game, Indie game, Side-scrolling

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux


  • Allows you to explore a dark and mysterious world of Closure.
  • The Player has to manipulate the lights to travel.
  • The game permits you to explore the story of three humans.
  • Overall gameplay is unique and fantastic.

18. Laytons Mystery Journey

This game is played in the heart of London as the cute female character becomes involved in an unplanned event. It is a comical and quizzical competition. The character can wander around the city and explore the obstacles. She has to complete a hero search because her father is missing and lost somewhere. You can go through the houses of parliament, and many other monuments can come to your way of explorations.

Developers: Level-5

Publishers: Level-5

Genres: Single-player video game

Platforms: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS


  • Contains a modern female character
  • Offers daily puzzles delivered directly to your mobile.
  • Many other new casts of characters are here.
  • The game allows offline gameplay after initial download.

19. The Trials

The games allow you to complete three challenging skills. This game is the test of your qualities and abilities in gaming. So be patient and play the game with your high aesthetics. There are many mysterious levels and adventures that you can enjoy exploring. You have to gather all the important objects in this game. You have to discover many areas and Iceland in this puzzle game. So don’t wait to explore them!

Developers: BLUE LIFE

Publishers: BLUE LIFE

Genres: puzzle game

Platforms: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS


  • This game is very challenging and adventurous.
  • The scenery of this game is mind-blowing.
  • The jewels that you collect make your character upgrade.
  • Overall, the gameplay is very impressive.

20. Storyteller

The game provides you with some stories from history. It lets you build your account as well. It is an amazing and charming animation. Its comic panel design allows a unique puzzle mechanic. You can play with many characters present in the game’s library. The game contains many heroes and villains to make you scared. You can use the blank canvas to change the secrets as well. The game is amazing, so play the game to win and enjoy.

Developers: Daniel Benmergui

Publishers: Annapurna Interactive

Genres: Puzzle Video Game, Adventure

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch


  • The game allows you to use many tools to make your storyline.
  • Many territories are here to visit and explore.
  • The game allows you to betray these people or together with them.
  • The overall storyline of this game is amazing.

Final Words

Games like Scribblenauts are free to play. Many puzzles games are here to play and kill your free time. These games have nice gameplay. Many obstacles and hurdles are here to explore. Every game contains a forgotten land with many objects and belongings to find and explore. Games similar to Scribblenauts are very interesting and amazing. It would help if you also tried them out.

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