15 Best Sites Like imgChili in 2022

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If we talk about imgChili, it is a free image hosting website that can be accessed from Windows, Linux, macOS, and the Web. On this platform, you can upload all of your images, and also these images can be shared with people whenever you want.

This influential data hosting solution provides you with all the basic services and tools that make it a stronger platform than others. You can create multiple folders to manage your images. This platform offers many advanced features that provide you with various file formats.

Moreover, this platform is very secure. It has many advanced privacy functions as well. Image editing is a hectic task because we lose endless hours of work into this tasks and it might be a tough task for some people.


But if you lose your backpack or break your laptop, you can lose all of your memories and stuff. Yet luckily, there are a lot of free hosting websites like imgchili that offer you to save your photos on them for free. If you keep your content on these websites, your content has a secure backup.

Furthermore, if you save your data on these sites, you can save much space on your computer and mobile phone so that they can work faster. This data can be accessed anywhere, anytime through your smartphone or PC, so if you want to share something, you can pick it up from the cloud and transfer it to your friends.


There can be many other tools that work the same as imgChili, e.g., SyncToy. SyncToy can automatically back up your local or network files and folders. With this tool, you can also keep a record of renamed files. There are many SyncToy Alternatives and imgChili Alternatives that can be used to create a backup of files.

These platforms provide you with many facilities like complimenting your website with interesting add-ons, just as integrated editing tools provide you online stores, or you can also access a community of shutterbugs.

List of Sites Like imgChili

There are many websites like imgChili that you can use to store your images and videos. Following is an exclusive list of the Best Free Image Hosting websites with their widespread features. The list contains almost 15 websites that are amazing in their efficiency and privacy. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. ImageShack

ImageShack is one of the best platforms for image sharing and hosting. The website allows you to upload all of your albums on this site. It is very easy for you to share them with your friends and family. You can also edit your photos on this site before sharing them with people.

This is the best place for image hosting, and it doesn’t demand much effort from you to manage your data. When we talk about ImageShack, it is not about image hosting only, but it also features many other functions. Using this site now onward will not send dull images to your friends, but this site offers you many professional tools to make your pictures better.


  • Edit photos in the cloud before sharing
  • Unlimited uploads.
  • Unlimited space.
  • Safeguard the high-resolution images

2. Photobucket

Photobucket is also an image hosting platform. It is very useful because it offers to edit as well. This platform allows you to upload your entire album, you can add effects to them, and can share it with others on social media.

More than 100 million people are using this amazing platform to save and edit their pictures in this prevailing time. The forum contains more than 10 billion images on it. You can upload your pictures and videos in all formats on this site.

Many of the Photobucket features are free to use. However, you have to pay a little according to the given pay plan for other features. At the start, all the users get 2GB of free space on this site, and then you can get 20GB and 500GB. This platform is best to store images and videos of all types.


  • One GB of storage space.
  • Ability to upload videos of up to 5 minutes.
  • 25 GB of bandwidth each month.
  • Access to Adobe Premiere Express for Web-based photo editing.
  • Option to create a personal avatar called a Meez.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the best hosting websites and is most similar to imgChili. This site has many editing tools and effects. You can easily manage your photo gallery and share these photos with your friends and on social media. This platform is web-based and offers you to organize your photo albums.

You can share your pictures with your friends and family and on social media. This free platform allows professionals and beginners to edit images with many effects. Pictures can be fixed and adjusted to filtering in a cloud-based system.

You can get this amazing platform in two versions Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor. Pixlr Express has many advanced editing features. You can add effects, overlays, borders, and much more to make your images better. Pixlr Editor is like the other photo editors that work in specific layers; it can adjust colors and transform objects.


  • Effects and Layers.
  • Color Replace and Brushes.
  • Image Retouching.
  • Filters and Object Transform.

4. Tabday

Tabday is also an online image hosting and sharing site and application. This is very similar to imgChili. The platform allows you to arrange your photos and videos according to date and time. You can upload unlimited pictures from your gallery.

Your entire photo library is secure and safe. A great feature of Tabday is that it works as cloud storage where all the users can keep their backups and share these pictures worldwide with no geographical restriction.

Tabday provides the users with organized photo albums to make sorting and finding very easy for you. You can share these entire albums with your friends. You don’t need any software or a third-party app to access everything from the cloud. Your data can be directly accessed from this platform.


  • Organize images according to the calendar.
  • No need for any third-party software.
  • Organized entire photo albums.
  • Efficient in working.

5. 500px

500px online image hosting platform is just like the imgChili website. This site allows the users to buy and sell the pictures. This site also allows you to share your photos with other people. This website can share photos and let you buy, discover, and share your data.

So this is also an online photography trading platform where users can sell their photos and their masterpieces. Photography lovers can buy these photos through 500px. This platform is known as one of the best places to save your photos. This place enables you to create your showcase to show your masterpiece to everyone. If you want to download high-quality photos, this site is good for you. License-free images are also available here.


  • Endless content to discover.
  • Take photos and win prizes.
  • Get paid for your photos.
  • Works well on iOS devices.
  • Unlimited uploads and photo effects.

6. Shutterfly

Shutterfly enables you to personalize and organize your files. This platform offers you to create gift cards because there are many tools that you can use to make cards. The website allows you to tag and share photos with other people over the internet.

Shutterfly has two important features. It enables you to create wishes cards, gift cards, quotation cards, greeting cards, and many other cards according to events and invitation cards. You can also make and share these personalized cards with your friends and family.

So if you are planning your friend’s birthday party, then create an invitation card from here. Shutterfly allows you to select a card from the directory or design your card and send it.


  • Unique personalize gift cards.
  • Send Cards and Invitations.
  • Print photos to save all moments.
  • Create Photo Books for Cherished Memories.
  • Design home decor and wall art.

7. PhotoFunia

This website is also an online image saver and editor. The platform allows you to use many advanced and professional tools available on this site. You can add frames and many effects to your photos.

PhotoFunia is a popular website because its amazing feature allows you to customize templates and permits you to add your pictures on magazines covers, coins, book pages, and much more stunning stuff is here for you.

Furthermore, a man celebrities are available on this site, so you can access their photos and set your pictures with their photographs. You can use many templates: billboards, galleries, frames, magazines, movies, books, vintage, cards, and many more templates. Then the final result can be shared with your friends and family.


  • Create Christmas cards.
  • Use your image as a poster.
  • Make a customize billboard.
  • Text on fabric.
  • Create your picture on coins.

8. SmugMug

SmugMug is known as a commercial photo hosting and sharing platform. Not only photos but also it allows to upload videos as well. This website is perfect for everyone who wants to protect their memories and want to save all their pictures as backups.

This service provides you complete privacy, that is why it is very popular. This platform supports both gallery-level and account-level passwords. It is a complete photography solution that gives you an amazing custom home for your photos.

This website lets you organize your photos, design galleries, and many elegant sites themes to select from. This will save you time and offers you many new designs to create. SmugMug also allows you to choose, purchase and download images. It provides you the opportunity to market your brand.


  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Portfolio and website building.
  • Advanced search options.
  • Easy Access from anywhere.
  • World-class Printing photo labs.

9. CamJamm

CamJamm is another image hosting website that is quite similar to imgChili. This platform allows you to upload images and videos on it. This is the easiest platform to share your photos and videos. This is one of the best platforms where you can save your albums and then share them anywhere you want.

CamJamm contains many intuitive videos and images designs. Moreover, if you want to organize and manage videos, it is very easy to use CamJamm. Many amazing features and benefits of CamJamm are you can easily share your photos on social media accounts.

Google Drive has integration with this platform. So you don’t need to worry about the safety of your data. Your pictures and videos will become a part of your Google Drive account, where all of your photos will be kept safe and secure.


  • Provides safe video sharing.
  • Many intuitive images and videos.
  • Create your photos with many effects.
  • Easy to use platform.

10. Imgur

The list comes with another fantastic image hosting website, Imgur. This platform lets you share your pictures all over the web. This site is very similar to imgChili and allows users to upload and share various images with their family members. You can splash any content to this website that you want to save.

You can share pictures of your family members, pals, or other funny images with people. This platform is unlimited fun for you. You can create your personal, hilarious memes to share with your friends. This is an American Online Image Sharing and hosting platform. It is popular due to hosting viral and trendy pictures and memes.


  • Funny Photos
  • Trending Memes
  • Geek Out With Your Pics Out
  • Viral Videos
  • Simple Interface

11. UltraIMG

UltraIMG is a website that contains unlimited storage capacity. So the user can hoard and upload complete pictures and videos to this website without any problem. You don’t need to worry about crossing the limit. But there is a 10MB file size restriction.

The main site UltraIMG hosts more than 200,000 pictures. You can use different methods to upload photographs, just like you can short the URL and upload photos in private mode. This platform can automatically resize your pictures. It can support all file formats like PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, and many others. So try to visit the website.


  • Image Sharing
  • Upload Images
  • Photo Organization
  • No Registration Required

12. TinyPic

TinyPic is another amazing image-sharing and hosting website. Photobucket owns the site. This platform enables you to upload as many pictures as you want. You can easily upload videos and photos over the internet.

So your friends and family can watch these photos and videos and admire them. The site allows you to upload images, videos, and URLs. Furthermore, you can browse pictures via a paragon container of remarkable photos.

Many categories of pictures are here, and you can select from them. If you are searching for a site like imgChili, you are at the right place. This site allows you to upload your data without any hassle like you don’t need to register on the website. This site might be the stuff that you need. Try it.


  • Upload Videos and Images
  • Without Registering For an Account
  • Share Media
  • Upload Fast and Just Easy
  • Massive Database to Explore

13. Smilebox

Smilebox is also an online platform for image hosting and sharing as well. The website allows you to create wish cards and invitation cards. You can edit your photos and videos because the site will enable you to use many effects to make your pictures more beautiful.

This is one of the incredible platforms that allow you to excellently modify your photographs with many of the design tools provided by the site and brighten your day. The power of your picture message can be enhanced by dashing and fantastic music and animations.

You can easily upload your photos and can add many cute filters to them. These pictures can be sent to your friends and family. Smilebox also allows you to make pictures according to the occasions and celebrate them with your family. Use this site and create many greeting cards for everyone to make them happy.


  • Easy to use.
  • Exclusive designs.
  • 15 Valentine’s Day templates.
  • New templates are added every month.
  • Many Customizable cards.

14. WeTransfer

We also transfer a unique platform that contains many amazing tools that bring ideas to your life. It is a simple but well-designed website. The site has a good file-sharing service for all of the artistic community. WeTransfer has many creative processes to make your pictures great.

The website includes a storytelling platform. It offers a fast slide-making tool that you will enjoy. The site has an immersive sketching app, Paper as well. This is the platform where millions of people post their photos every month. You can also upload your photos, songs, videos, documents, and other stuff.

The website features an amazing feature to organize all your pictures and videos into many boards to picture your ideas. You can easily share these boards with anyone over the internet. You can use the Chrome extension to save your data and stay in your flow.


  • Content Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Document Storage.
  • File Management.
  • File Sharing.
  • File Transfer.

15. Flickr

In older times, we used to print our photos and keep them in a physical photo album. But nowadays, the digital era has altered the expression of photography. There is an influx of photo-sharing websites that keeps your albums safe and secure so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere.

You can host and display your pictures like stuff and your amazing vacation shots here on Flicker. Flicker doesn’t have a professional interface, but photographers like it and want to showcase their talent on this website.

This website is most likely with imgchili. Flicker has a major focus on integration rather than innovation. The website allows you not only uploading of your photos but also you can share them with everyone over the internet.


  • Advanced Stats.
  • Partner Discounts.
  • Stats on your photo views.
  • Ad-free browsing and sharing on Flickr.

Final Words

There are many websites that you can use for image hosting and sharing. These sites can be used to store images and videos. These sites are called digital photo albums. Sites like imgchilli are very secure, so you can freely upload your data on these platforms. You can share these images to your social media accounts so that your friends and family can admire you and your photos.

These websites allow you to edit your photos and make them more beautiful. A website like imgChili has many tools and effects that you can apply to your picture to make them trendy. So try to visit these sites and upload your data once; you will be addicted to them soon.

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